As of January, 2018 this site only gets links from Hacker News. At the end of each day it will:

  1. Get all links that scored above 50 points
  2. Get one sentence summary for every link, when possible
  3. Get five most relevant keywords for every link, when possible
  4. Add links to the original post and Hacker News discussion
  5. Add statistics about number of up-votes and comments

There is a lot of good content that gets posted on Hacker News. Curated lists are great, but they are subject to personal preferences of the maintainers. Front page of Hacker News is great, but it varies too much depending on the time of day.

The idea behind this site is to preserve daily snapshot of the best content posted to Hacker News. Summary and keywords are there to provide a better signal, when title alone is not descriptive enough.

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