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Remove my password from lists so hackers won’t be able to hack me

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India’s IT industry laid off more than 56k employees this year

Summary: “Digitisation and automation brought about disruption in traditional roles, which means that most of the IT firms found themselves reassessing the capability of the talent pool to stay market relevant,” Arun Paul, vice-president of human resources at Incedo, an IT service management company, told Quartz.

Keywords: companies, indian, jobs, employees, years

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ESP 8266 Wi-Fi Repeater with Mesh Networking

Summary: Caution: If you save a vmin value higher than the max supply voltage to flash, the repeater will immediately shutdown every time after reboot.

Keywords: set, network, default, ap, ip

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Power Prices Go Negative in Germany

Summary: And because older power plants that run on fossil fuels take a long time to ramp up and reduce electricity generation, they are not able to respond decisively enough to the shifting supply.

Keywords: power, germany, negative, prices, electricity

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A Dark Room: From Sabbatical Year to $800k

Summary: A Dark Room recently hit the #2 spot overall on Google Play (pro tip: stick to iOS, the revenue is almost an order of magnitude better).

Keywords: dark, room, year, job, time

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How I learned to program

Summary: Thanks to Leah Hanson, Lindsey Kuper, Kelley Eskridge, Jeshua Smith, Tejas Sapre, Joe Wilder, Adrien Lamarque, Maggie Zhou, Lisa Neigut, Steve McCarthy, Darius Bacon, Kaylyn Gibilterra, Sarah Ransohoff, @HamsterRaging, and “biktian” for comments/criticism/discussion.

Keywords: people, time, lot, didn, don

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DC police used sonic cannon to direct crowd flow during Women’s March

Summary: The After-Action Report provided by the DCMPD, under the header “Improvements,” contains the information that the department utilized both a D.C. National Guard Jump Team, and a Long Range Acoustical Device, better known as an LRAD .

Keywords: lrad, police, sound, hearing, loss

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Show HN: Data Prism – Weekly newsletter about data science, ML, AI and analytics

Summary: In this article, Apple gives an overview of a system architecture that learns from a user population using the differential privacy framework.

Keywords: data, year, system, number, star

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Darktable 2.4.0 released

Summary: We try to follow as good as we can by no longer limiting it to 51200 in the GUI Base curve and the highlights module now support multiple instances and use blending and masks Having the 1 key toggle between 1 and 0 stars wasn’t very popular with many people.

Keywords: panasonic, dmc, canon, darktable, eos

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Candy Japan 2017 Year in Review

Summary: While I was an exchange student I had a side income from selling comic books (by using the university post office no less) from Japan to Finland, so I emailed those past customers to see if they would be interested in subscribing to candy.

Keywords: candy, japan, japanese, year, lot

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Ex-FB exec: The dopamine-driven feedback loops are destroying how society works

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Symbols Found in Ice Age Caves Across Europe (2015)

Summary: Among the elaborate horses, bulls, bears and hunters, there are some other rather less captivating designs – small geometric motifs, etched onto the walls.

Keywords: von, petzinger, symbols, caves, years

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FreeBSD – a lesson in poor defaults

Summary: # ######################################################################### FreeBSD has a history of making “interesting” choices with regard to the version of OpenSSH they bundle in the base system, often deliberately going against upstream in the name of retaining backward compatibility or to gain perceived performance improvements.

Keywords: https, freebsd, ports, security, default

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Not Ready for Takeoff: Face Scans at Airport Departure Gates

Summary: As currently envisioned, biometric exit is limited to certain areas of specific airports, but the program may be expanded to additional privacy-invasive applications and may be made interoperable with other law enforcement agencies’ systems at the state, local, or federal level.

Keywords: dhs, face, biometric, exit, program

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Why TLS 1.3 isn’t in browsers yet

Summary: After several years of bad performance due to the client having to reconnect multiple times, the majority of the websites that did not implement version negotiation correctly fixed their servers.

Keywords: tls, version, protocol, server, client

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The Echo Dot was the best-selling product on Amazon this holiday season

Summary: Amazon’s Alexa app also topped the charts for Apple and Google Play on Christmas day, suggesting an influx of new customers setting up their devices.

Keywords: amazon, holiday, season, echo, sold

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Reading Mathematics (2002) [pdf]

Summary: [uNE($8AVDuEQ^4eHO&c%g**YbDE.X;!g%B3Yf@q2)4cci7 “’:Xia>$a%R.n)YIngO-%[h:NF4/5S+Q+#g’V2bejY*X-FGKAJD8oQ],IXE$H3so m9D7”5V@7tZq0DCgB!kMcc!SX$ZTc)QEXf]uu[KVg+;9tV)5BL;6h+“BE8>Hed..UN56oR @VK@+.2$6D!eHl.n\C2a/140.&geA1kse8H:]H>PqpcY4]=b$7’HnV?tbNB5)P2] )OV3Vlik\5(/%G2LC0O$e%puUP- _‘^!SQdf0@=];/Vt&KWCj!ZLV-ak%XgM”V;q4M2:kW(!dE=!J’nn$Lgi3S4Pu”lH :[hL]Pc+=#e(/u,9lDTYW;AcZjga\n/"CN4r$c;WhdVXdVXAX”eu3],N.;@;*_ikToCHB8(5]HpWJAq;kMmn:_r[d%TC5bm37Cp 4#XgF10P"q1H]N,FRpNulWaLP.Te_/k$(!NhKVe%TI59r>C";ZSX(QGls'?fQb7]k1nL*_dKf j0[IEq%Arj.O:(AAk=`-RJa8^D,+LL]LcKXTqQJ]?nQgpB*aJd^O%mf”ZAL*ZBFi E:>>pr8t)^89D]csJDJ4.88#i#=hb3ir?jkCA:XBD\aH’#2G\^1h8@+ca#Pl)O14 _TUj>,jgWgL’^$1k)uWnWF’$H](::lp@L’Zlu/+UFs]R=21#iQFnha(%t)Y;!/js o5*Rm%&P@/N#pH$s(b;B8(q-*W3JLHYVL[lAqENLL?OkU]CiQ’#1L#4eK>D,^.oT/ ScHa;>“t#e]Y?

Keywords: obj, endobj, stream, endstream, db

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Zerg: Boot a VM instance per request, all in under 250 ms

Summary: Due to these limitations we were unable to spawn a new instance to service your request.

Keywords: capacity, demo, limited, concurrent, instances

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My Favorite Papers of 2017

Summary: Links to the papers: An efficient bandit algorithm for realtime multivariate optimizationA Dirty Dozen: Twelve Common Metric Interpretation Pitfalls in Online Controlled ExperimentsTFX: A TensorFlow-Based Production-Scale Machine Learning PlatformLearning from Simulated and Unsupervised Images through Adversarial Training Dec 26, 2017

Keywords: paper, machine, time, learning, slot

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Machine Learning for Dummies

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Evidence of exponential speed-up in the solution of hard optimization problems?

Summary: We show empirical evidence that our solver scales linearly with the size of the problem, both in time and memory, and argue that this property derives from the collective behavior of the simulated physical circuit.

Keywords: solution, optimization, problems, hard, exponential

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Big Tech Is Going After Health Care

Summary: In the first 11 months of this year, 10 of the largest tech companies in the United States were involved in health care equity deals worth $2.7 billion, up from just $277 million for all of 2012, according to data from CB Insights, a research firm that tracks venture capital and start-ups.

Keywords: health, medical, apple, care, tech

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The state of netbooting Raspberry Pis

Summary: If you follow the tutorial for OpenFaaS on Docker Swarm or Kubernetes you can pool your resources together - CPU, RAM and disk to build a virtual cloud for running and learning about Serverless Functions - the project has gained over 8.8k stars over the last 12 months and has a thriving community.

Keywords: raspberry, rpi, network, sd, run

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Vietnam Deploys Cyber Warriors to Fight ‘Wrongful Views’

Summary: In recent years, Vietnam has opened its doors to Silicon Valley, including Alphabet Inc. That’s unlike China, which blocked Facebook, Google and Twitter Inc., paving the way for local services such as WeChat, QQ, Baidu Inc. and Weibo Corp. to flourish.

Keywords: vietnam, facebook, government, youtube, views

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We’re Going to Need More Lithium

Summary: About half the world’s reserves are in Chile, predominantly in the arid Atacama Plateau, which straddles the border with Argentina and is home to herders worried about the pollution and water shortages that tend to accompany the mining process, as well as the potential damage to sites they consider sacred.

Keywords: lithium, bloomberg, tesla, energy, finance

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The World’s Best Film School Is Free on YouTube

Summary: “It’s in the construction of a video that I understand and learn the most,” says Evan Puschak, who runs a popular channel called Nerdwriter that contains essays about everything from why The Prisoner of Azkaban is the best Harry Potter movie to a deep dissection of Donald Trump’s speech patterns .

Keywords: film, youtube, zhou, video, school

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HTML 5.2 is done, HTML 5.3 is coming

Summary: This allows for better control over potential security flaws, often reduces the cost of development, and enables more focus on the services people want to build than the platform they stand on.

Keywords: html, web, work, year, recommendation

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Hardening C/C++ Programs – Executable-Space Protection and ASLR

Summary: Unfortunately, in many popular build systems it is cumbersome to set up differing compilation options for source code that is linked into an executable or a shared library.

Keywords: shared, stack, code, executable, libraries

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What Amazon’s Alexa economy pays the people building its skills

Summary: Possible Mobile , a Seattle company owned by ad giant WPP, makes skills for $30,000 to $100,000 each, including the cost of design, engineering and quality assurance teams, said Danielle Reubenstein, the executive creative director.

Keywords: alexa, amazon, skills, developers, voice

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DARPA’s “Unhackable” Computer

Summary: Most recently, under its System Security Integrated through Hardware and Firmware ( SSITH ) program, DARPA has doled out $3.6 million to the University of Michigan for continued development of a microarchitecture that its creators say is unhackable.

Keywords: hardware, austin, darpa, morpheus, security

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Ray: A Distributed Framework for Emerging AI Applications

Summary: We empirically validate that Ray speeds up challenging benchmarks and serves as both a natural and performant fit for an emerging class of reinforcement learning applications and algorithms.

Keywords: applications, ray, distributed, ai, requirements

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Show HN: Convert your Google Slides to high-quality animated GIFs and tweet

Summary: Introduction With Tall Tweets for Google Slides, you can convert any presentation into an animated GIF and share it on Twitter!

Keywords: slides, tweet, introduction, tall, tweets

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Apple faces lawsuits after admitting it slows down aging iPhones

Summary: The problem now seen is that users over the last year could have blamed an ageing computer processor for app crashes and sluggish performance — and chose to buy a new phone — when the true cause may have been a weak battery that could have been replaced for a fraction of the cost, some of the lawsuits state.

Keywords: iphone, apple, lawsuits, battery, seek

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The Social Origins of Inventors [pdf]

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Keywords: obj, endobj, stream, endstream, hbbd

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Bitcoin is Eating Itself

Summary: The fee for spending bitcoin doesn’t depend on the amount being sent, but on the size of the transaction data.

Keywords: btc, coins, fees, worthless, coin

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A $47B Emergency-Response Network That’s Already Obsolete

Summary: We’re sitting in a conference room at the San Marcos Treatment Center, just south of Austin, Texas, a space that has witnessed countless difficult conversations between troubled children, their worried parents, and clinical therapists.

Keywords: firstnet, years, world, continue, reading

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The Origin of CAR and CDR in Lisp (2005)

Summary: (To which Iain A F Fleming replied: I have always, and still do, use car and cdr as content and forward pointer, even in C. ) According to the LISP 1.5 Programmer’s Manual ISBN 0 262 13011 4, A' andD’ stand for address' anddecrement’, as on page 36 it says:

Keywords: address, lisp, decrement, register, car

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What’s Wrong with Students?

Summary: Reprinted with Fried’s permission.I just read your article in Atlantic magazine and was blown away by the brutal honesty displayed there, especially coming from someone whose career depends on the very system being criticized.

Keywords: asked, class, fried, students, dennis

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Measuring and Disrupting Anti-Adblockers Using Differential Execution Analysis [pdf]

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Keywords: obj, stream, xڕ, tc, iej

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The Neuroscience of Intelligence: An Interview with Richard Haier

Summary: Lower intelligence is a limiting factor when it comes to education, employment, and economic success but IQ has nothing to do with dignity, friendliness, compassion, honesty and a host of other positive human attributes.

Keywords: intelligence, study, research, brain, neuroscience

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Cryptocurrency Analysis with Python – Buy and Hold

Summary: For each coin, we count the number of events and calculate mean, standard deviation, minimum, quartiles and maximum closing price.

Keywords: closing, ltc, prices, btc, eth

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Single Board Computers Introduced in 2017

Summary: The Foundation (in conjunction with Kinnier Dufort and T-Zero) has also designed a handy case for the small board that includes a short, flexible camera adapter and rubber feet so it won’t slide around on flat surfaces (sold separately).

Keywords: board, raspberry, pi, bluetooth, market

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Checklist for Plain Language

Summary: In this section

Keywords: section

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Self-Determination: The Tyranny of Freedom (2000) [pdf]

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Keywords: obj, endobj, xref, trailer, startxref

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Power Method for Approximating Eigenvalues [pdf]

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Keywords: obj, endobj, xref, trailer, startxref

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MediaTek Launches 6-in-1 Biosensor for Smartphones

Summary: While the Helio series includes the popular SoC lineup of MediaTek, the Sensio branding is a new marketing effort by the company to give more exposure to its new and future sensor business, of which the new biosensor is the first announced product.

Keywords: mediatek, biosensor, integrated, sensor, package

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What Is It Like to Be a Bee?

Summary: We might be able to imagine having webbed arms and hands, like a bat, or five eyes, like a bee, but the specific senses and abilities these animals possess are frankly inconceivable.

Keywords: consciousness, bee, bees, conscious, experience

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Evidence-Based Guidelines for Writing Questions on Stack Overflow

Summary: Objective: In this paper, we investigate how information seekers can increase the chance of eliciting a successful answer to their questions on Stack Overflow by focusing on the following actionable factors: affect, presentation quality, and time.

Keywords: questions, stack, overflow, writing, success

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The Consumerist Church of Fitness Classes

Summary: SoulCycle, for instance, paints its room with mantras that immediately subsume new riders into a collective “we” that “aspires to inspire” by way of activities like “find[ing] freedom in our sprints.” Even more than solo exercise, these classes mimic the structure of religious ritual by creating specific pockets of community.

Keywords: world, exercise, people, work, continue

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Hockney–Falco thesis

Summary: Scharf notes in his introduction (p.1); ‘In 1568 Daniele Barbaro, the Venetian writer on architecture, recommended the camera Obscura as an aid to artists: “By holding the paper steady you can trace the whole perspective outline with a pen, shade it, and delicately colour it from nature.”’

Keywords: optical, art, hockney, renaissance, falco

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Why the Shipping Forecast Is So Beloved in the UK

Summary: Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums/ Public Domain “As a former seafaring nation that has turned its back on the sea,” wrote Nic Compton in the introduction to The Shipping Forecast: A Miscellany, which was released in 2016 , “it awakens our DNA and reminds us of our not so distant (and not always proud) maritime heritage.”

Keywords: forecast, shipping, sea, fitzroy, weather

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SF engineer came to money and now wants wife to sign a post-nuptial agreement

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UK minister to tell universities to stop ‘no-platforming’ speakers

Summary: Universities could face fines for failing to uphold free speech if their student unions do not give a platform to speakers such as Germaine Greer and Peter Tatchell, the higher education minister has said.

Keywords: universities, speech, students, free, education

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An Introduction to Microservice Based Architecture Through Story – Part 2

Summary: The Rise of Kubernetes After hitting this stumbling block, Gemma was forced to research further and find a way they could automate releases in such a manner that they could reclaim this lost time and focus more on delivering key business value.

Keywords: time, team, kubernetes, gemma, service

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Intel Memory Encryption Technologies [pdf]

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Keywords: obj, endobj, stream, endstream, hbbd

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Summary: ^ Adrian Pop, David Akhvlediani, Peter Fritzson Integrated UML and Modelica System Modeling with ModelicaML in Eclipse , In Proceedings of the 11th IASTED International Conference on Software Engineering and Applications (SEA 2007), Cambridge, MA, USA ^ Håkan Lundvall and Peter Fritzson Automatic Parallelization of Object Oriented Models Executed with Inline Solvers , In Proceedings of EuroPvm/Parsim, Springer Verlag LNCS, Volume 4757, 2007 ^ EuroPVM/MPI 2007.

Keywords: modelica, model, modeling, language, simulation

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The UK’s sole refiner of gold and its biggest private vault

Summary: “Don’t sneeze,” Baird warns at one point as she shows the Guardian the full process of how trays of broken, discarded pawnbroker jewellery of varying quality are transformed into a new bar of ultra-fine gold.

Keywords: gold, baird, bars, guardian, worth

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California’s hidden homeless: workers living in cars due to property prices

Summary: Hilarious shop signs at… PICTURED: How Florida man ‘rigged a door to electrocute… Birthday girl: Gayle King gets a cake from BFF Oprah and… Wendi Deng’s Hungarian model toyboy of more than a year… Woman who had her hands chopped off with an axe by… Harrowing video shows stray dogs convulsing in agony and…

Keywords: parking, santa, barbara, program, rv

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We already know blockchain’s killer apps

Summary: Transactions that take place through dark web markets range from the relatively innocuous, like purchasing prescription drugs, all the way to hacked credential dumps, digital ransoms, firearms, and famously, assassinations .

Keywords: gold, bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, market

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Big Tech: The New Predatory Capitalism

Summary: The 1956 decree “remains one of the most unheralded contributions to economic development” in American history, wrote Peter Grindley and David Teece, “possibly far exceeding the Marshall plan in terms of wealth generation.” Even as Bell Labs’ research dropped off, the public still benefited in aggregate from the innovation the licensing unleashed, and the industry it fostered.

Keywords: google, tech, facebook, big, amazon

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Apache vs Nginx: Practical Considerations (2015)

Summary: For instance, Nginx modules can provide proxying support, compression, rate limiting, logging, rewriting, geolocation, authentication, encryption, streaming, and mail functionality.

Keywords: apache, nginx, server, content, configuration

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