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How to hack a turned-off computer, or running unsigned code in Intel ME [pdf]

Summary: }ʡ\S!O4tcBO(@u+lN(“2”zBa8{BPCU`ڈ[bx|2a)( ãORֵ;綽Y^Tgyd’A޳Y?cyHƩ 9 Zf{Gx5:evֈרv:o5Rsro 2ҡ39 C*fjGR(/U#0 7m\R9gmp|QE x;p$W\BkqRD&26b–*OJN ڛ T$%x#>a j.,y#]x?B@ډ IPv”_Uf’êΛ

Keywords: obj, endobj, stream, li, nȓ

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Learning from Scratch by Thinking Fast and Slow

Summary: In current Deep Reinforcement Learning (RL) algorithms such as Policy Gradients and DQN, neural networks make action selections with no lookahead; this is analogous to System 1.

Keywords: expert, learning, apprentice, play, moves

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Airbus ready to axe A380 if fails to win Emirates deal

Summary: PARIS (Reuters) - Airbus is drawing up contingency plans to phase out production of the world’s largest jetliner, the A380 superjumbo, if it fails to win a key order from Dubai’s Emirates, three people familiar with the matter said.

Keywords: airbus, emirates, orders, airlines, production

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Operating System Design Book Series

Summary: I am grateful to help and am happy to and try to reply to every reader, but please don’t expect the next greatest and wonderful book series from this.

Keywords: books, series, grateful, book, page

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34th Chaos Communication Congress Live Streams

Summary: Next Talk (11:30): International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) – Kulturinstitutionen schaffen interoperable Schnittstellen für digitalisiertes Kulturgut

Keywords: daychange, day, talk, international, image

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No boundaries for user identities: Web trackers exploit browser login managers

Summary: birth date, age, gender, nationality, height, weight, BMI (body mass index), hair_color (black, brown, blond, auburn, chestnut, red, gray, white), eye_color (amber, blue, brown, grey, green), education, occupation, net_income, raw_income, relationship states, seek_for_gender (m, f, transman, transwoman, couple), pets, location (postcode, town, state, country), loan (type, amount, duration, overindebted), insurance (car, motorbike, home, pet, health, life), card_risk (chargeback, fraud_attempt), has_car(make, model, type, registration, model year, fuel type), tobacco, alcohol, travel (from, to, departure, return), car_hire_driver_age, hotel_stars OnAudience ( The OnAudience script is most commonly present on Polish websites, including newspapers, ISPs and online retailers.

Keywords: login, scripts, email, browser, password

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From inboxing to thought showers: how business bullshit took over

Summary: They found inspiration in a famous series of experiments conducted by psychologists in the 1920s at the Hawthorne Works, a factory complex in Illinois where tens of thousands of workers were employed by Western Electric to make telephone equipment.

Keywords: bullshit, management, people, employees, company

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A History of the Silmarils in the Fifth Age

Summary: “Tarantino” is more obscure, but it may be a reference to Tar-Atanamir , the Numenorean king who refused to die when his time came – something which must carry a lot of metaphorical associations for any elves remaining on Earth.

Keywords: maglor, silmaril, elves, marsellus, utumno

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ESP8266 ePaper WiFi Display Kit Runs for Months on a Charge

Summary: ePaper is incredibly energy efficient, requiring power only to change the display, the refresh rate is atrocious compared to television or smartphones, but seems to have been relegated to dedicated e-readers and the odd smartwatch.

Keywords: display, kit, market, started, wifi

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A pattern language for microservices

Summary: Experienced software architect, author of POJOs in Action and the creator of the original

Keywords: microservices, chris, training, learn, richardson

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Chess champion to miss Saudi Arabia tournament over women’s rights

Summary: Two years ago chess itself was the subject of religious condemnation in Saudi Arabia when senior cleric the grand mufti, Sheikh Abdulaziz al-Sheikh, said the game was forbidden in Islam because it wasted time and could lead to rivalry and gambling problems.

Keywords: chess, world, titles, muzychuk, saudi

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World’s richest 500 see their wealth increase by $1T this year

Summary: “The share of the top 1% has been on an upward path ever since [the financial crisis], passing the 2000 level in 2013 and achieving new peaks every year thereafter,” the Credit Suisse global wealth report said.

Keywords: world, wealth, richest, people, year

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My Favorite Deep Learning Papers of 2017

Summary: We used the CycleGAN approach to generate realistic synthetic training data for a recent paper of ours and the results were impressive: An additional “cycle consistency loss” is introduced that encourages an image to remain unchanged after being passed through both translation networks (i.e. forward and backward).

Keywords: paper, images, network, training, data

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Gittup, a Linux distro on top of Git

Summary: Whenever you edit source files, Tupfiles, change the configuration, pull things from git, or whatever, just run tup upd to bring everything up-to-date.

Keywords: git, tup, distribution, kernel, linux

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Building a Thermal Camera

Summary: In the hobbyist electronics market, these displays tend to come mounted on breakout PCBs with a number of other things added (resistive touch panel controller, SD card slot etc.).

Keywords: camera, thermal, display, case, flir

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Hacker News Transparency

Summary: 15810369 Faster: Absurdly fast numerical calculations in RustFaster: Fast numerical calculations in Rust 15811213 Amazon FreeRTOS IoT operating system for microcontrollersAmazon FreeRTOS – IoT operating system for microcontrollers 15811322 American Airlines Accidentally Let Too Many Pilots Take Off the HolidaysAmerican Airlines Accidentally Let Too Many Pilots Take the Holidays Off 15810268 VASSAL – Play Online Adaptations of Board GamesVassal – Online Adaptations of Board Games 15796771 Three quarters of Android apps track users with third party tools – studyThree quarters of Android apps track users with third party tools 15808340 Smarking (YC W15) Is Hiring Sr. Front End Engineer in SFSmarking (YC W15) Is Hiring a Senior Front-End Engineer in SF 15809431 Show HN: Hacker news client with story filteringShow HN: Hacker News client with story filtering 15809269 Introducing Amazon Translate – Real-Time Language TranslationAmazon Translate – Real-Time Language Translation 15806936 C++ unit testing with Qt Test – part 2 – advanced testingC++ unit testing with Qt Test, part 2: advanced testing 15808868 Amazon SageMaker - Build, train, and deploy machine learning models at scaleAmazon SageMaker – Build, train, and deploy machine learning models at scale

Keywords: amazon, testing, fast, numerical, calculations

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I realized my brain belongs to my phone

Summary: I would become mindlessly addicted to an app, checking it anytime my brain began to drift, like whenever I sensed oncoming existential dread or spent 30 seconds at a urinal.

Keywords: phone, brain, apps, app, start

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Road map to clean energy using laser beam ignition of boron-hydrogen fusion

Summary: NuckollsJ.H.Contributions to the Genesis and Progress of UCF (2007) In Inertial Confinement Nuclear Fusion: A historical Approach by its Pioneers (Guillermo Velarde and Natividad Carbintero-Santamarai eds) Foxwell & Davies (UK) p.493-507 ISBN 1-805868-10.

Keywords: laser, fusion, phys, plasma, horah

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Dustin Moskovitz pours funds into high-risk research

Summary: Gregory Timp, a biophysicist at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana, who has won $2 million to develop a technology to sequence proteins, says that the evaluation process involved rebutting each of the NIH’s critiques of his proposal and several rounds of interviews with scientist advisers.

Keywords: million, open, philanthropy, project, research

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‘Saluton’: the surprise return of Esperanto

Summary: At the charity’s headquarters at Esperanto House, there are rows of old academic tomes on the linguistics of constructed languages, but it’s the colourful translations of bestsellers and bright current affairs magazines that catch the eye.

Keywords: esperanto, language, people, learn, zamenhof

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NIST Post-Quantum Cryptography Round 1 Submissions

Summary: Chakraborty J.-C. Faugere L. Perret Classic McEliece Daniel J. Bernstein Tung Chou Tanja Lange Ingo von Maurich Rafael Misoczki Ruben Niederhagen Edoardo Persichetti Christiane Peters Peter Schwabe Nicolas Sendrier Jakub Szefer Wen Wang Compact LWE Zip File (1MB) WebsiteDongxi Liu Nan Li Jongkil Kim Surya Nepal CRYSTALS-DILITHIUM Zip File (6MB) WebsiteVadim Lyubashevsky Leo Ducas Eike Kiltz Tancrede Lepoint Peter Schwabe Gregor Seiler Damien Stehle CRYSTALS-KYBER Zip File (2MB) WebsitePeter Schwabe Roberto Avanzi Joppe Bos Leo Ducas Eike Kiltz Tancrede Lepoint Vadim Lyubashevsky John M. Schanck Gregor Seiler Damien Stehle

Keywords: zip, file, kat, files, website

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A Tech-Driven Boom Is Coming; Please Be Patient

Summary: In the past year I’ve dug into this in columns and articles and concluded there isn’t a paradox: automation hasn’t advanced nearly as far as evangelists claim, and where it has, it’s often created more jobs than…

Keywords: jobs, automation, boom, coming, patient

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Chef gives up a Michelin star, reflecting hardship of ‘the Other France’

Summary: But Montceau did have Mr. Brochot spinning about energetically in his sparkling steel kitchen, preparing a delicious specialty of preserved local Charolais beef, cut in thin strips and interlaced with Comté cheese, or succulent cod cooked on salt cakes on a bed of braised lettuce.

Keywords: brochot, years, town, chef, main

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Warren Buffett: Bitcoin Is Pure FOMO

Summary: To the surprise of nobody, billionaire investor Warren Buffett isn’t interested in bitcoin, the electronic currency that has zoomed higher in value over the past few weeks.

Keywords: bitcoin, cash, buffett, intrinsic, investors

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Google claims near-human accuracy at imitating a person speaking from text

Summary: A research paper published by Google this month—which has not been peer reviewed—details a text-to-speech system called Tacotron 2, which claims near-human accuracy at imitating audio of a person speaking from text.

Keywords: google, system, research, audio, https

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Using Go Templates

Summary: Go templates are a powerful method to customize output however you want, whether you’re creating a web page, sending an e-mail, working with Buffalo , Go-Hugo , or just using some CLI such as kubectl .

Keywords: template, data, output, templates, action

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Ixy – a userspace network driver in 1000 lines of code

Summary: Driver for Intel NICs in the ixgbe family, i.e., the 82599ES family (aka Intel X520) Less than 1000 lines of C code for a packet forwarder including the whole driver No kernel modules needed Simple API with memory management, similar to DPDK, easier to use than APIs based on a ring interface (e.g., netmap) Support for multiple device queues and multiple threads Super fast, can forward > 25 million packets per second on a single 3.0 GHz CPU core Super simple to use: no dependencies, no annoying drivers to load, bind, or manage - see step-by-step tutorial below BSD license

Keywords: driver, code, intel, ixy, simple

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Hard and Soft Skills in Tech

Summary: But if a team as a whole treats these as side things rather than as core to their success or failure, they can easily end up in the middle of a disaster: milestones missed, different groups building subtly different systems which only clash during final integration, a critical problem being ignored until it’s too late, a project being subtly sabotaged because one team actually didn’t want it to succeed, users hitting one “small” bug and revolting in horror (leading to anything from mass exodus to legal and regulatory action), slow erosion of user trust.

Keywords: people, skills, soft, hard, engineers

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LastPass’ Authenticator app is not secure

Summary: You don’t need root to access these; pre-Oreo you can use an app like Adam Szalkowski’s Activity Launcher or if you’re on Oreo you can use sika524’s QuickShortcutMaker .

Keywords: app, access, activity, lastpass, settings

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Travel, Budget Beds, and the Homeless

Summary: 1980s — After reading progressive books on hunger and homelessness (like Frances Moore Lappe’s “Food First,” Noam Chomsky’s “Manufacturing Consent,” and Arthur Simon’s “Bread for the World”), I saw how structural poverty was an almost invisible but very real by­product of American capitalism, both within our country and abroad.

Keywords: ywca, people, trinity, place, project

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Face2Face: Real-Time Face Capture and Reenactment of RGB Videos

Summary: At run time, we track facial expressions of both source and target video using a dense photometric consistency measure.

Keywords: video, target, facial, source, reenactment

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Publishers Bought Millions of Website Visits They Found Out Were Fraudulent

Summary: The audience delivery system used by these publishers was first detailed in an October BuzzFeed News investigation that revealed how subdomains on Myspace and more than 150 newspaper websites belonging to GateHouse Media generated massive amounts of fraudulent video views and ad impressions.

Keywords: traffic, screenrush, ozy, news, buzzfeed

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Passive Fingerprinting of HTTP/2 Clients [pdf]

Summary: %PDF-1.7 % 131 0 obj <> endobj 151 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<5F64841E9A884E0DA6D52CE3375ACCF7>]/Index[131 43]/Info 130 0 R/Length 104/Prev 852536/Root 132 0 R/Size 174/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream hbbdb`` "@$XDD2-ly`v"dHs +D B@ش80fH)= y%v Ng`}` ZN endstream endobj startxref 0 %%EOF 173 0 obj <>stream hbbd`adf@ aV dahh A&CdCj@m+op~,g6$wo.~Jӽ35vmV%W3 [|wxqN;e߼奭/~U* @3::4l 01| Wȸ" |YW -r$01;X012rPฃ’RGl

Keywords: obj, endobj, stream, hbbd, dhs

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Canadian open data portal

Summary: Looking for data about Government of Canada services, financials, national demographic information or high resolution maps?

Keywords: open, government, data, canada, information

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Google works with hotels to hurt travel competition

Summary: Online travel agencies like Expedia, Priceline and Travelocity have replaced brick-and-mortar agents by offering consumers more choice and convenience at a lower price.

Keywords: travel, online, consumers, million, americans

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My Internet Mea Culpa

Summary: I think that, back when I was a young impressionable Gen Xer 25 years ago, if someone had said “it will take three generations to get there, but it is humanity’s destiny, and the moral thing to do is to help it get there,” I may still have signed on.

Keywords: wrong, internet, people, thought, didn

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Classic Nintendo Games Are NP-Hard (2012)

Summary: Discussion : Three researchers (including Erik Demaine , a computer science professor at MIT famous for his work with the mathematics of origami ) recently finished a paper giving the complexity of a number of classic Nintendo games (the ones I loved to play).

Keywords: mario, games, gadget, super, player

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A Python internals adventure (2014)

Summary: You don’t have to be a C expert to get a general idea of what’s going on—I’m mostly proceeding by making educated guesses based on function names :)So, let’s grep through the CPython source code , and we’ll discover that builtin_input is a wrapper around builtin_input_impl, which is a method in bltinmodule.c.

Keywords: python, code, source, function, nose

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Neuroscientist Ben Barres has died

Summary: He and his colleagues also discovered that astrocytes cooperate with microglia — a third glial-cell type that’s become the object of much recent attention in Barres’ lab — in pruning away excess synapses during fetal and neonatal development, in essence preserving brain circuitry that’s proven itself to perform legitimate activities and clearing out the dead wood.

Keywords: barres, lab, ben, glia, cells

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The Lonely Future of Buying Stuff

Summary: That afternoon, a blinking, spider-like chunk of hardware alights on a loading dock at the Centennial fulfillment center, where a sorting robot has removed our well-traveled sneakers from a stack in aisle 28C and lined them up alongside dozens of similar boxed pairs.

Keywords: shoes, container, ship, truck, robots

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New California law allows liquor companies to pay for free rides

Summary: Current law restricts alcohol licensees from offering discounts of anything more than inconsequential value to consumers, though liquor and wine manufacturers have been temporarily allowed to pay for rides for people attending private, invitation-only events.

Keywords: alcohol, rides, bill, manufacturers, free

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Confessions of a Digital Nazi Hunter

Summary: Credit Bryan Thomas for The New York Times Like many Jewish journalists who reported on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, I spent the 2016 election being harassed by a motley crew of internet racists who coalesced around the future president.

Keywords: twitter, bot, trolls, impersonator, impostor

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Understanding image histograms with OpenCV

Summary: From the second plot we can observe that there’s a dark red peak that may correspond to the rocks and the mountains while both the green and the blue channel have a wider range of values.

Keywords: histogram, image, images, histograms, bins

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Empirical research reveals three big problems with how patents are vetted

Summary: In this world, revenue shortfalls would lead to smaller entities paying modestly higher fees than they otherwise would—a better outcome than making the patent office financially dependent on large companies.

Keywords: patent, office, patents, fee, fees

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The iPhone X

Summary: Of the numerous new technologies embedded in the iPhone X, the 120 Hz refresh rate for touch tracking is almost certainly the least important, but it really does contribute to making gestures feel like the one true way to interact with the system.

Keywords: iphone, display, apple, id, home

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WeWork is set to become the No. 1 tenant of London office space

Summary: And while there’s competition from serviced-office incumbents such as IWG’s Regus, or copycat offerings from developers like British Land Co Plc, WeWork has a strong brand, a decent product and a balance of central locations and high-value tenants.

Keywords: wework, london, brexit, office, percent

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Functional architecture is Ports and Adapters (2016)

Summary: Unless you write your entire application to execute within the IO monad, Haskell will automatically enforce the distinction, and push all communication with the external world to the edges of the system.

Keywords: function, io, haskell, pure, type

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Bitcoin is an Energy Hog

Summary: It also means making a lot of money off Bitcoin can only happen through investing in mining infrastructure in regions where electricity is super cheap.

Keywords: bitcoin, cost, energy, electricity, network

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The Second Quartile

Summary: And you will have to take endless calls from friends in the VC passing on the investment for all sorts of good reasons, but always come down to “it’s just not exciting enough to us.” You will have to talk your management team off the ledge countless times.

Keywords: quartile, investments, fund, companies, lot

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A type of semi-transparent polymer that can be mended at room temperature

Summary: Here, we report that low molecular weight polymers, when cross-linked by dense hydrogen bonds, give mechanically robust yet readily repairable materials, despite their extremely slow diffusion dynamics.

Keywords: small, polymer, broken, polymers, researchers

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How to start with CP/M (2014)

Summary: “ImageDisk is a program that runs on a PC and can backup and restore complete [*.IMD files of disk] images of most soft-sector formats, including mixed density, odd sector numbering, differently formatter tracks etc.

Keywords: web, system, disk, bios, hardware

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Watson Personal Assistant Beta

Summary: Devices can provide input or output for the end users and process environmental data received from sensors to create contextual knowledge for the assistant.

Keywords: assistant, create, developers, watson, assistants

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Consciousness: Where Are Words?

Summary: If we take things slowly and simply observe what happens as we learn to speak and think, you’ll see that, once again, there’s no need to posit the entity you call “a thought in the head.”

Keywords: words, experience, objects, language, manzotti

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DO Installer – An installer for getting apps running quickly on DigitalOcean

Summary: Find an app that has an app.yml file on GitHub ( here is an example) and click the “Install on DigitalOcean” button in the README, or paste the project URL below:

Keywords: digitalocean, install, app, click, button

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Big Banks Are All Over Blockchain

Summary: It’s easy to see the attraction blockchain holds for big banks like Deutsche, UBS and Santander: Combining shared databases and cryptography, the technology offers multiple parties simultaneous access to a constantly updated digital ledger that cannot be altered.

Keywords: banks, blockchain, digital, bank, technology

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Show HN: Ad Revenue Prediction Tool for Side Projects

Summary: Major Display Networks: Google AdSense is the market leader in this space, providing brands and merchants with an affordable way to run quality advertising on smaller websites.

Keywords: advertising, revenue, ad, site, traffic

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FCC approves first wireless power at a distance charging system

Summary: This differs from the resonant induction method that the Pi wireless charging system relies upon and offers a greater range than the Belkin and Mophie chargers that require physical contact with the device.

Keywords: devices, wattup, transmitter, energous, wireless

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Bitcoin Is Evil (2013)

Summary: Placing a ceiling on the value of gold is mining technology, and the prospect that if its price gets out of whack for long on the upside a great deal more of it will be created.

Keywords: bitcoin, positive, economics, make, dollar

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Men Resist Green Behavior as Un-Manly

Summary: In fact, a previous study suggests that men find it to be more difficult than women to choose between masculine and feminine versions of everyday food and household items and will usually change their preferences to be more manly when allowed time to think about their decisions.

Keywords: men, green, feminine, masculine, women

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When Orson Welles Interviewed Andy Kaufman (1982)

Summary: Kaufman had shown up wearing a neck brace, an accessory signifying the end of his stint as a professional wrestler, one of the many inexplicable but somehow compelling choices in a short career that blurred the lines between comedy, performance art, and life itself.

Keywords: kaufman, welles, man, latka, life

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Scrolling on the Amiga

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Livestreams from 34th Chaos Communication Congress

Summary: Next Talk (11:30): International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) – Kulturinstitutionen schaffen interoperable Schnittstellen für digitalisiertes Kulturgut

Keywords: daychange, day, talk, international, image

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