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Spamnesty – A Bot to waste spammers’ time

Summary: That way, the spammer will start talking to a bot, and hopefully waste some time there instead of spending it on a real victim.

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LAPD arrests man on suspicion of making deadly swatting call to Wichita police

Summary: Barriss is accused of reporting a fake homicide and hostage situation to the Wichita Police Department just after 6:15 p.m. Thursday.

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The Long-Term Stock Exchange Comes to Life

Summary: Through brand new listing standards, software tools, and advocacy, we’re reinventing the public company experience with novel approaches to executive compensation, shareholder voting, disclosure practices, board and stakeholder policies, and community governance.

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Good books for deep hacks

Summary: Really understanding how images are encoded and how to efficiently use open source editing tools would provide a lot of power for designing beautiful and usable documentation and ornamentation.

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Facebook Is Deleting Accounts at the Direction of the US and Israeli Governments

Summary: To put it mildly, Kadyrov — who is given free rein to rule the province in exchange for ultimate loyalty to Moscow — is the opposite of a sympathetic figure: He has been credibly accused of a wide range of horrific human rights violations, from the imprisonment and torture of LGBTs to the kidnapping and killing of dissidents.

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Path to a free self-taught education in Computer Science

Summary: Pay attention to emerging technologies in the world of software development: Explore the actor model through Elixir , a new functional programming language for the web based on the battle-tested Erlang Virtual Machine!

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First 100 miles on my E-Bike

Summary: I ended up finding this Sheldon Brown method on youtube that worked wonders ( link ) The battery case didn’t fit onto the water bottle mount so had to buy another bracket to offset its position.

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Creating believable crowds in Planet Coaster

Summary: That involved reading lots of research papers, studying techniques and analyzing the feasibility of each one, taking into account scalability, memory usage and CPU performance.

Keywords: flow, crowd, system, guests, simulation

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Much Assembly Required: Assembly Programming Game

Summary: In its current state, players can walk around the game universe and collect Biomass blobs & Iron/copper ore using the online code editor.

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‘Nigerian Prince’ Email Scammer Arrested in Louisiana

Summary: Michael Neu (WWL-TV video screenshot)Following an 18-month investigation, a man said to have served as the go-between for an international team of scammers running an elaborate “Nigerian prince” email scheme has been arrested in Slidell, La.

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Probability and Statistics Cookbook [pdf]

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People Walked Differently in Medieval Times

Summary: While limited by these constraints, the Mirror still manages to perform important journalism: In 2012, for example, an investigation conducted by paper editor Matt Gretz discovered that Minnesota lawmakers had taken $1.2 million in profits from the Stillwater prison canteen to balance out budget cuts in 2011.

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Coming Soon: Machine-Checked Proofs in Everyday Development

Summary: I will give a cosmological overview of this field, answering the FAQs that seem to stand in the way of practicality; and I will illustrate the principles with examples from projects that you can clone from GitHub today, covering the computing stack from digital hardware design to cryptographic software and applications.

Keywords: proofs, code, hardware, software, activities

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How Taiwan transformed its health care system

Summary: Less than 25 years ago, Taiwan had a patchwork system that included insurance provided for those who worked privately or for the government, or for trade associations involving farmers or fishermen.

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Nepal bans solo climbers from Mount Everest

Summary: The new safety regulations also prohibit double amputee and blind climbers from attempting to reach the summit of the world’s highest peak without a valid medical certificate.

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“Did you copy/paste the info? Facebook seems to read all pasteboard data”

Summary: CloseCloseCloseCloseCloseCountryCodeFor customers ofUnited States40404(any)Canada21212(any)United Kingdom86444Vodafone, Orange, 3, O2Brazil40404Nextel, TIMHaiti40404Digicel, VoilaIreland51210Vodafone, O2India53000Bharti Airtel, Videocon, RelianceIndonesia89887AXIS, 3, Telkomsel, Indosat, XL AxiataItaly4880804Wind3424486444Vodafone » See SMS short codes for other countries

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How to scam and get 67k all 5 Star reviews on the app store

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Are all BSDs created equally? A survey of BSD kernel vulnerabilities [video]

Summary: In this presentation I start off asking the question „How come there are only a handful of BSD security kernel bugs advisories released every year?“ and then proceed to try and look at some data from several sources.

Keywords: bsd, bugs, kernel, presentation, data

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iPhone 6 slows down by 28% after just 4 months use

Summary: But when we ran Geek Bench – which is a cross platform benchmarking tool – we saw some startling results.

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Introduction to RAW-sockets [pdf]

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How to draw oscilloscope lines with WebGL

Summary: Since varyings are interpolated linearly for the fragment shader, we get the point coordinates in required frame of reference for free.

Keywords: point, segment, oscilloscope, beam, intensity

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Summary: TripAdvisor Reviews Analyzed

Keywords: tripadvisor, reviews, analyzed

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How to make a rain on a windshield shader in ShaderToy [video]

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The Benefits of Economic Expansions Are Increasingly Going to the Richest

Summary: “Conventional fiscal fine-tuning measures ensure that when government increases its total demand for goods and services, it first improves the conditions of the skilled, employable, highly educated, and relatively highly-paid wage and salary workers,” she wrote.

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Stanford scholar gets six-figure settlement from James Joyce Estate (2009)

Summary: Shloss’ suit was championed by the Stanford Law School Center for Internet and Society’s Fair Use Project, with the assistance of attorneys from Howard Rice Nemerovski Canady Falk & Rabkin and Keker & Van Nest of San Francisco, and Doerner, Saunders, Daniel & Anderson of Tulsa, Okla.

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26k blockchain projects launched in 2016, 92% are now dead

Summary: The report further claimed that organizations specializing in blockchain are “a positive differentiator” as 15 percent of the projects developed by them remain active.

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Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science

Summary: I would be very grateful if you post them as an issue or pull request in the GitHub repository where I am maintaining the source files for these notes.

Keywords: notes, theoretical, computer, science, introduction

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Brittleness comes from “One Thing”

Summary: You can’t just hire three more fantastic developers to create a robust engineering team, and you can’t just snap your fingers and find three new efficient, productive marketing channels.

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Fitbit Firmware Modifications and Data Extraction [video]

Summary: In our talk, we demonstrate new attacks including wireless malware flashing on trackers as well as “unlocking” the trackers to work independent from the Fitbit cloud.

Keywords: fitbit, trackers, security, data, fitness

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Bluetooth Low Energy WarDriving 101

Summary: 1x CSR 4.0 bluetooth adapter 1x Raspberry Pi 2 model B with a acrylic case (running Raspbian) 1x Powerbank

Keywords: range, meter, dongle, devices, device

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A history of S_IFMT

Summary: SymbolOctalBitsType S_IFLNK1200001010 Symbolic link S_IFSOCK1400001100 Socket Something interesting (to me) about how this layout has come about is that, if you twiddle the bits a little, you can end up with a reasonably chronological numbering of the types.

Keywords: bits, file, bit, edition, unix

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The Data That Threatened to Break Physics

Summary: The idea was for CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Geneva, to produce a beam of muon neutrinos aimed at a detector buried deep beneath Italy’s Gran Sasso Mountain range, 454 miles away.

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The curious case of high blood pressure around the world

Summary: More recently, studies have implicated early-life nutrition and exposure to lead, air pollution and noise as things that may push blood pressure up later in life.

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ReCurta: Our goal is to build the first Curta calculator since 1972

Summary: New pull request Latest commit 3745dfc Feb 25, 2016 daekenAdded rendered drawings to build parts script.

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India’s millions of new Internet users are falling for fake news

Summary: Many fake news stories appear to support India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party and its right-wing Hindu nationalist agenda, said Jency Jacob, managing editor for, a fact-checking website.

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Cleanup at the slaughterhouse

Summary: J. Larry Stine, the Wimberly Lawson partner in charge of the poultry litigation, says that in preventing OSHA from conducting broad inspections, his clients “are asserting their rights under the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures.” Putting boxes on the heads of inspectors, he says, is “a little hyperbole to illustrate the point.”

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Docker is Dead


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How to test a random number generator (2010)

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Bitcoin: Update network descriptions to be more accurate

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Mathematical picture language program

Summary: In constructive quantum field theory, extensive analysis is performed through estimating Feynman diagram pictures in terms of subdiagrams; this may use a pictorial Schwarz inequality, or some more sophisticated operator norm.

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The Human Cost of the Ghost Economy

Summary: One altered resume later I joined a temp agency and became the biggest ghost of them all, a member of America’s invisible workforce: people who ship goods for big box stores like Wal-Mart or Marshalls, sort recyclables for Waste Management, fulfill online orders for Nike, bottle rum for Bacardi.

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Advances in Pre-Training Distributed Word Representations

Summary: Abstract: Many Natural Language Processing applications nowadays rely on pre-trained word representations estimated from large text corpora such as news collections, Wikipedia and Web Crawl.

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San Francisco’s Skyline, Now Inescapably Transformed by Tech

Summary: One commentator at the time exclaimed, “From the summit of every hill as one views the city it rivets the attention of the spectator, reminding him forcibly of the story of the giant holding an army of pygmies at bay.”

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Whole of England to be mapped with lasers

Summary: Under plans unveiled by the government agency, aircraft equipped with laser scanners will map all 130,000 sq km of the country in 3D, including rivers, fields and national parks, by 2020.

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