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IOHIDeous OS X Local Kernel Vulnerability

Summary: (Actually writing a 64-bit pointer in 32-bit chunks is normally a bad idea when that value is continuously used, but given that the kernel’s __TEXT segment is a lot smaller than 0x100000000 , we can once more leave the top 32 bits untouched and just swap out the bottom half, which happens in a single step.)

Keywords: memory, kernel, evg, address, bytes

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A wall of lava lamps helps encrypt the internet

Summary: As the lava lamps bubble and swirl, a video camera on the ceiling monitors their unpredictable changes and connects the footage to a computer, which converts the randomness into a virtually unhackable code.

Keywords: lava, lamps, cloudflare, code, wall

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Some excerpts from recent Alan Kay emails

Summary: But there’s no question that Parc would have failed if Bob Taylor hadn’t forced Xerox to sign a legal agreement that they had to keep their hands completely off – in all ways – whatever we decided to do for the first 5 years.

Keywords: people, funding, golden, make, funders

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Three Years on Google App Engine

Summary: So far, I do not know a platform which comes close to GAE’s full package: log management, mail delivery, scaling, memcache, image manipulation, distributed Cron jobs, load balancing, version management, task queue, search, performance analysis, cloud debugging, content delivery network - and that is not even mentioning auxiliary services that have popped up on Google’s cloud in the meantime like SQL, BigQuery, file storage… the list goes on.

Keywords: app, google, engine, application, request

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Job Hunt

Summary: I completely re-did my resume, applying the tips I got so far, put a lot of effort into polishing my LinkedIn profile, asked for a couple more recommendations from former colleagues and invested more time into the cover letters.

Keywords: companies, asked, interview, company, experience

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Ethereum Foundation Releases Alpha Casper Proof of Stake Testnet

Summary: Ordered List- [ ] Todo List Blockquote > Blockquote Bold font Bold font Italics font Italics font Strikethrough Strikethrough19 th 19^th^H 2 OH~2~O Inserted text ++Inserted text++Marked text==Marked text== Link link textImage!

Keywords: note, list, refresh, user, state

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Tiny, weird online communities made a comeback in 2017

Summary: And there’s the kids who are bending major platforms to their will, having their fun on Instagram but circumventing the intended use by making “finstagrams,” separate, strange accounts that aren’t tied to the Facebook social graph and therefore let users post weirder, funnier content they wouldn’t share to everyone they know.

Keywords: internet, year, people, community, niche

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You are listening to San Francisco

Summary: Photo San Francisco by TenSafeFrog

Keywords: radio, stream, provided, photo, san

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Towards a bra-free Instagram experience

Summary: Facebook thinks I like fitness and yoga, unsurprisingly, but this experience feels more like there’s a secret box checked off somewhere, and it reads “user’s main hobbies are (1) hoarding spandex leggings, and (2) calorie deprivation.”

Keywords: ve, instagram, women, content, bras

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Quick Tips for Fast Code on the JVM

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AI-assisted fake porn are being used by people on Reddit for self-completion

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Vandals smash beehives, killing 500k bees

Summary: Justin and Tori Engelhardt of Iowa’s Wild Hill Honey discovered the smashed beehives on Thursday, December 28, when they went out in the morning to check on the bees.

Keywords: bees, honey, engelhardt, business, wild

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Copy-on-write friendly Python garbage collection

Summary: Blue: is no-GC; Red: auto-GC Thanks to Jiahao Li, Matt Page, David Callahan, Carl S. Shapiro, and Chenyang Wu for their discussions and contributions to the COW-friendly Python garbage collection.

Keywords: memory, gc, python, objects, collection

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Statistical Computing for Scientists and Engineers

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To Serve Man, with Software

Summary: Community Engineering Report with Kim Crayton Developer on Fire with Dave Rael Dorm Room Tycoon with William ChannerSoftware is easy to change, but people … aren’t.

Keywords: software, people, time, season, world

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How Hotmail changed Microsoft and email

Summary: Despite pressure to immediately move the code to Windows, DeMello said, “There were a lot of things that we were poking at—from security to memory management, and all the way to the TCP networking stack itself—that we were comparing—’this is what we get from Unix, this is what we’re getting from NT and this is why we can’t migrate yet.’

Keywords: hotmail, microsoft, windows, demello, email

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What sugar does to your brain

Summary: The University of Sydney’s Dr Kieron Rooney once did a quick study – largely for a lark – on a small group of people who signed up to a popular quit sugar diet.

Keywords: sugar, professor, hippocampus, diet, brain

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The Pixelbook is being used to test Google’s Fuchsia OS

Summary: A page about installing Fuchsia on the Google Pixelbook was recently added , which explains the process of placing the laptop in developer mode and booting from a USB drive.

Keywords: pst, jan, dec, google, devices

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Testing Microservices the sane way

Summary: We had two services on the backend — a gevent based API server and some asynchronous Python background workers which had a tangle of gnarly native dependencies including the C++ boost library which, if memory serves me right, was compiled from scratch every time a new Vagrant box got spun up.

Keywords: testing, test, service, tests, unit

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Engineers Create Stable Plasma Ring in Open Air

Summary: As such, Morteza (Mory) Gharib (PhD ‘83), the Hans W. Liepmann Professor of Aeronautics and Bioinspired Engineering at Caltech, says he was surprised when he and his team were able to generate a stable ring of plasma in open air using just a stream of water and a crystal plate.

Keywords: plasma, water, ring, stable, crystal

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The One Product You Should Buy Online: Eyeglasses

Summary: Zenni also is the only one of the four vendors with a UV “blue blockers” lens coating option, designed to reduce irritation from staring at a smartphone, computer screen or TV for long hours.

Keywords: frames, glasses, lens, online, lenses

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Guys, unless you are really hot you are just wasting your time on Tinder

Summary: This number is low due to a combination of factors including females that don’t regularly use the site, fake profiles, intimidation, and some variation in what the pickiest women find attractive.

Keywords: tinder, economy, data, wealth, men

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A basic income experiment in Kenya

Summary: source Chris Weller/Business Insider In the 13 months since GiveDirectly began its experiment, Owiti and his fellow villagers have slowly and quietly been disproving the biggest misconception about basic income - that people who receive free money will stop working and waste the cash on vices like gambling, drugs, or alcohol.

Keywords: people, money, basic, income, insider

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Show HN: Order pizza with random toppings

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Testing techniques in Go

Summary: Also when swapping two underlying systems you don’t have to write (many) additional tests and it provides confidence that doing so won’t break your application.

Keywords: package, test, interface, testing, tests

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Pen Plotter Art and Algorithms

Summary: However, the machine is very well suited to programmatic and algorithmic line art, as it can run for hours at a time and produce incredibly detailed outputs that would be too tedious to illustrate by hand.

Keywords: pen, print, code, plotter, points

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RAM-less Buffers

Summary: This sort of makes the title of this post a misnomer but the kernel also saves our registers on context switch so RAM cannot be completely avoided.

Keywords: registers, xmm, register, buffer, offset

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Serverless Computing in 2018

Summary: Parallels With The Unity Game Engine When I was just getting started I ultimately believed that I could do everything from the physics and gameplay side to the AI and graphics rendering systems.

Keywords: serverless, developers, game, computing, aws

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Why people believe others’ social lives are richer than their own

Summary: We show that this bias holds across multiple populations (college students, MTurk respondents, shoppers at a local mall, and participants from a large, income-stratified online panel), correlates strongly with well-being, and is particularly acute for social activities (e.g., the number of parties one attends or proximity to the “inner circle” of one’s social sphere).

Keywords: social, people, lives, research, show

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Wav2letter: Automatic Speech Recognition Toolkit from Facebook AI Research

Summary: The original authors of this implementation are Ronan Collobert, Christian Puhrsch, Gabriel Synnaeve, Neil Zeghidour, and Vitaliy Liptchinsky.

Keywords: model, kenlm, language, models, run

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The CIA’s Insectothopter

Summary: Researchers at Draper , in Cambridge, Mass., and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at Janelia Farm are genetically modifying real dragonflies so that their nervous systems respond to pulses of light, and then equipping the insects with a backpack of electronics.

Keywords: dragonfly, cia, insectothopter, dragonflies, museum

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Spotting Field Sabotage in Meetings (2011)

Summary: I’m sure none of it was deliberate, but it didn’t half bring this to mind – The Simple Sabotage Field Manual published in 1944 by a CIA predecessor, the OSS (Office of Strategic Services).

Keywords: sabotage, people, practice, field, meetings

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Terminal: How the airport came to embody our national psychosis

Summary: But that was only a reminder of all the ways in which the airport has become a symbol and a stage: for the related and unrelated detentions of visitors, immigrants, and American citizens; for flare-ups over dress, language, and skin color; for increasing stratification by class; for massive delays borne of computer failures; for that dangerous hunch that America ain’t what it used to be; and for the aggrieved knowledge that it isn’t all it could be.

Keywords: airport, airports, security, international, american

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Not only is it possible to beat Google, it could happen sooner than we think

Summary: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” Google has consistently maintained a majority market share in the search engine space, despite having much more negative press than Microsoft, in recent times.

Keywords: google, search, user, strategy, engine

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Smalltalk’s Productivity

Summary: C — 26,273 Fortran — 22,394 JavaScript — 15,929 Forth — 14,636 Haxe — 14,636 Lisp — 14,636 C++ — 12,697 Go — 12,697 Java — 12,697 PHP — 12,697 Python — 12,697 C# — 12,309 Dart — 11,620 F# — 11,312 Ruby — 11,312 Erlang — 10,758 Elixir — 9,845 Haskell — 9,845 Julia — 9,465 Perl — 9,465 Delphi — 8,289 Objective-C — 7,848 Visual Basic — 7,848 Eiffel — 7,156 Smalltalk — 6,879

Keywords: smalltalk, javascript, productivity, java, python

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Summary: Working with the Natural Resources Defense Council, Wildaid, China Wildlife Conservation Association, and the China-based SEE Foundation, an environmental NGO, there will be posters, videos, and articles spread across traditional and social media outlets telling people to protect endangered elephants by respecting the law and saying “no to ivory.”

Keywords: ivory, china, ban, legal, chinese

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130M-year-old nest of dinosaur eggs discovered in China

Summary: Palaeontologists believe that the Jiangxi province was populated with a large number of dinosaurs as researchers continue to find more prehistoric fossils in the region - Representational imageSTR/AFP/Getty Images

Keywords: eggs, dinosaurs, find, area, jiangxi

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DHS weighs major change to H-1B foreign tech worker visa program

Summary: “This would be a major catastrophic development as many people have been waiting in line for green cards for over a decade, have U.S. citizen children, own a home,” said Leon Fresco, who served as a deputy assistant attorney general for the Justice Department in the Obama administration who now represent H-1B workers.

Keywords: workers, american, visas, visa, holders

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Keynesian Economics Is Hot Again

Summary: To the growing list of famous mainstream macroeconomists who have publicly criticized their discipline, add another: In a recent essay , Lawrence Christiano of Northwestern University argues that the Great Recession was an “earthquake” that dramatically changed how researchers think about the U.S. economy.

Keywords: economists, great, recession, keynesian, christiano

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Telegram shuts down major Iranian anti government channel

Summary: A problem was encountered trying to load the page.

Keywords: problem, encountered, load, page, retry

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Humans are Liars

Summary: Humans are really great in adapting to existing organizational deficits and turning them to something which they can operate in with the least amount of energy necessary.

Keywords: humans, goals, great, workplace, culture

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How Do You Vote? 50M Google Images Give a Clue

Summary: By pulling the vehicles’ makes, models and years from the images, and then linking that information with other data sources, the project was able to predict factors like pollution and voting patterns at the neighborhood level.

Keywords: data, research, project, cars, stanford

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When volcanic ash stopped a Jumbo at 37000 feet (2010)

Summary: Needing time to calmly consider his options, Capt Moody used autopilot to put the plane into a gentle descent, and instructed his first officer to issue a mayday call.

Keywords: moody, flight, capt, engines, ash

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How Feynman Approached Fermat’s Last Theorem

Summary: There are countless anecdotes that show Feynman’s genius, from his ability as an undergrad at MIT to use his own methods to solve seemingly untreatable integrals to coming up with his own derivation of the Schrödinger equation as a grad student in Princeton.

Keywords: feynman, probability, integer, equation, fermat

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Unfiltered Fervor: The Rush to Get Off the Water Grid

Summary: Talk like Mr. Singh’s disturbs Dr. Donald Hensrud, the director of the Healthy Living Program at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. What the raw-water partisans see as dangers, he says, are important safety measures.

Keywords: water, spring, people, raw, live

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ISP protester’s problem solved by police called to remove him from store

Summary: The festive season seems to have come to an abrupt halt in Britain, where a number of surveys point to a deteriorating outlook amid growing uncertainty over Brexit.

Keywords: play, dooley, videodo, telstra, store

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The 3DO: The birth of my cynicism

Summary: It’s true that on the extremely narrow axis of interactivity that I’m generally interested in - strategy games - I do think videogames are a little bit stuck in the mud (which is what a lot of my theory work is intended to help out with).

Keywords: games, people, things, videogames, game

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Tracking down the roots of “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” (2012)

Summary: He shared with me his memories of the “super” word — which he recalled learning in a different form when he and his brother were at Camp Equinunk in northeastern Pennsylvania in the summer of 1937 — as well as the other inventive wordplay that the Shermans developed for the Disney movie songbook, like “ Fortuosity ” from The Happiest Millionaire and “ Gratifaction ” from Tom Sawyer .

Keywords: word, disney, judge, super, tamony

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The Robots Are Coming and Sweden Is Fine

Summary: Continue reading the main story A 2016 study by the World Economic Forum surveyed 15 major economies that collectively hold two-thirds of the global work force — about 1.86 billion workers — concluding that the rise of robots and artificial intelligence will destroy a net 5.1 million jobs by 2020.

Keywords: jobs, sweden, robots, swedish, boliden

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Under ‘Kenyan Time,’ You’re Expected To Arrive, Oh, Whenever

Summary: The more Kenya folds itself into the global economy through trade ties, business dealings and donor-funded projects with countries such as the U.S. and China, the more its citizens will have to conform to the clock-obsessed culture beyond its borders.

Keywords: time, kenyans, kenyan, kenya, hours

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Reverse Engineering “Star Wars: Yoda Stories” (2014)

Summary: At a minimum, I now have access to a totally rad and exhaustive set of weird looking Star Wars sprites, and I hope that you’ve learned something interesting about reverse engineering data file formats for old computer games!

Keywords: data, game, bytes, file, section

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UK threatens to tax Facebook and Google if they dont do more to combat extremism

Summary: In an interview with The Sunday Times newspaper , Wallace said that law enforcement and security services were being forced to spend hundreds of millions of pounds extra to keep Britain safe because of what he characterised as an insufficient response from the tech sector.

Keywords: wallace, companies, government, tech, security

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