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The mysterious case of the Linux Page Table Isolation patches

  • I don’t really care much for security issues normally, but I adore a little intrigue, and it seems anyone who would normally write about these topics is either somehow very busy, or already knows the details and isn’t talking, which leaves me with a few hours on New Years’ Day to go digging for as much information about this mystery as I could piece together.

Keywords: memory, address, virtual, kernel, code

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Zero-Width Characters: Invisibly fingerprinting text

  • However, differences in dashes (en, em, and hyphens), quotes (straight vs curly), word spelling (color vs colour), and the number of spaces after sentence endings could probably go undetected due to their frequent use in real text.

Keywords: text, characters, documents, character, fingerprinting

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Norwegian Student Takes Secret Street Photos In The 1890s

  • “It was a round flat canister hidden under the vest with the lens sticking out through a buttonhole,” he told St. Hallvard Journal in 1942.

Keywords: størmer, carl, time, camera, photo

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SQL Keys in Depth

  • PostgreSQL cannot trust that most OS/filesystem/disk configurations will enforce atomicity, so the database saves the entire state of a newly modified disk page to the write-ahead log for use in restoration after a potential crash.

Keywords: keys, key, artificial, table, natural

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Clang runs in the browser and compiles C++ to WebAssembly

  • clang-format: Reboot

Keywords: reboot, compilesavereboot, runreboot

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Show HN: A game my 12-year-old daughter wrote

  • 3 o’clock is the strange puzzle game where you try to figure out who or what killed the Canderwalt family.

Keywords: game, happened, click, strange, puzzle

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What Could Have Entered the Public Domain on January 1, 2018

  • Salinger, Franny and Zooey John Howard Griffin, Black Like Me Irving Stone, The Agony and the Ecstasy Muriel Spark, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie Robert A. Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land William S. Burroughs, The Soft Machine Norton Juster, The Phantom Tollbooth Roald Dahl, James and the Giant Peach

Keywords: copyright, works, public, domain, books

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Former Google and Facebook execs are sounding alarms about the power of tech

  • Among his pearls of wisdom is one both simple and chilling: “For new behaviours to really take hold, they must occur often.” But on close inspection, even he sounds somewhat ambivalent: last April, at something called the Habit Summit, he told his audience that at home he had installed a device that cut off the internet at a set time every day.

Keywords: facebook, people, world, time, internet

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Welcome to Linux Journal 2.0

  • They’re also all about Linux and the rest of the modern portfolio of allied concerns: privacy, crypto, freedom, personal agency, rewriting the rules of business and government around all of those, and having fun with constructive hacking of all kinds.

Keywords: linux, journal, committed, years, support

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Lensless camera creates detailed 3-D images without scanning

  • In fact, using random bumps in privacy glass stickers, Scotch tape or plastic conference badge holders, allowed the researchers to improve on traditional light field camera capabilities by using compressed sensing to avoid the typical loss of resolution that comes with microlens arrays.

Keywords: camera, imaging, diffusercam, image, waller

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Why is writing mathematical proofs more fault-proof than writing code? (2011)

  • You are honestly comparing apples and oranges here.

Keywords: proofs, program, proof, code, computer

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Common Gotchas in Go

  • Note that for some demented reason, we decided to make all the animals in the zoo have 999 legs.

Keywords: variadic, function, fix, range, argument

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Questions to ask yourself when writing tests

  • This is a reason for developers to be quite close to client contact, be involved in design decisions or at least have as much contextual information as possible before starting to code.

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So Close

  • David Candaux is a mastermind of elite Swiss watch making and I wanted his immense engineering talent with intertwined gears and minuscule drivetrains to vet the design of the innovative transmission system at the heart of the hardware that became the Otto digital home lock.

Keywords: otto, team, experience, product, engineering

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AI and Deep Learning in 2017 – A Year in Review

  • Researchers do not always release their code, forget to put important details into the finished paper, use slightly different evaluation procedures, or overfit to the dataset by repeatedly optimizing hyperparameters on the same splits.

Keywords: learning, year, reinforcement, deep, researchers

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2018 Is the Last Year of America’s Public Domain Drought

  • In New Zealand and Canada, published works by artists who died in 1967—Rene Magritte, Dorothy Parker, John Coltrane, and many others —have entered the public domain; Kiwis and Canadians can now freely distribute, perform, and remix a wealth of painting, writing, and music.

Keywords: public, domain, works, years, year

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The Failed War on Drugs

  • But even as restricting supply has failed to curb abuse, aggressive policing has led to thousands of young drug users filling American prisons, where they learn how to become real criminals.

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Generating inspirational quotes with Markov chains

  • For instance in one of my favorite TV shows, Rick and Morty, there is a character called Abradolf Lincler who is a mix of Abraham Lincoln and Adolf Hitler.

Keywords: eat, markov, model, sentences, word

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GNU/Linux local username triggers Steam VAC ban


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A Real-Time Mario Kart AI Using CNNs, Offline Search, and Dagger

  • New pull request Latest commit b2f1d3a Jan 1, 2018 rameshvarunUpdate

Keywords: jun, demo, play, latest, commit

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OpenTracing: A vendor-neutral open standard for distributed network tracing

  • Tracer Jaeger

Keywords: tracer, jaeger, dropwizard, motan

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Alibaba’s UC Browser is dominating in Asian markets with lower-end smartphones

  • ET JAKARTA, Indonesia—A mobile browser rarely used in the West has outflanked Google’s Chrome in some of Asia’s fastest-growing markets, giving owner Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. an advantage in the race among technology giants to capture the next generation of internet users.

Keywords: browser, google, asia, markets, alibaba

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What’s hidden in the hidden layers? (1989) [pdf]


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Chirpss – Hear and see people visiting or leaving your website

  • This project was crafted by , a UI design studio trusted by ambitious internet startups.

Keywords: website, bookmarklet, hear, people, visiting

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If We Can Put a Man on the Moon, Why Can’t We Put a Man on the Moon?

  • ET NASA’s current plans for returning astronauts to the moon aren’t affordable and likely won’t produce sustainable, long-term economic benefits, according to an independent research study commissioned by the agency.

Keywords: moon, put, man, produce, updated

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Show your work: The new terms for trust in journalism

  • For my final post in what has been a devastating — but also inspiring — year for the public service press, I will try to summarize what is involved when transparency becomes the primary means of trust production.

Keywords: news, transparency, work, don, story

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India’s TCS Faces U.S. Trial in Anti-American Bias Case

  • TCS, Asia’s largest software maker, and Infosys Ltd. , a rival Indian outsourcing firm facing a similar lawsuit in Milwaukee, have both been squeezed by the Trump administration to hire more Americans on U.S. soil.

Keywords: tcs, company, workers, years, california

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Playing with Lasp and CRDTs

  • Yesterday I had some time and played a little bit with it, and thanks to the help from @cmeik and @vitorenesduarte I got some code running and understood some things.

Keywords: set, element, add, type, counter

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Diabetes drug ‘significantly reverses memory loss’ in mice with Alzheimer’s

  • Previous studies have shown that the incretin hormones glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) and glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (GIP) that have anti-diabetic properties show very promising effects in animal models of AD.

Keywords: ad, ta, reduced, receptor, drug

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A Third of Antidepressants Are Prescribed for Something Else

  • Each week, we publish a feature on an aspect of biology or medicine that affects our lives, our health or our society; we tell stories with real depth about the ideas, trends and people that drive contemporary life sciences.

Keywords: antidepressants, pain, drug, bupropion, drugs

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Design of a low-level C++ template SIMD library [pdf]


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Practical Examples in Data Oriented Design (2013) [pdf]


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Is abstraction overrated in programming? Chess, interviews and OOP

  • These are typically non naive solutions to specific problems without any of the generalized abstractions that trained programmers learn and can tend to go around applying in a knee jerk kind of way.

Keywords: moves, bitboard, size, chess, tree

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ToySMT – simple SMT solver under 1500 SLOC of pure C

  • It parses input SMT-LIB file (see “tests” and “examples”), constructs digital circuit, which is then converted to CNF form using Tseitin transformations.

Keywords: dec, counting, examples, commit, solver

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Adrenalin driver breaks Command & Conquer games

  • john007 Dec 22, 2017 8:27 AM ( in response to yogald ) We even created a mod that removes all “Superweapons” and modified the Ai to build massive base’s which is a completely different way of playing this game its Epic.

Keywords: driver, games, command, conquer, adrenalin

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How to Know Everything About Everything: Laura Riding’s Letters to an 8-Year-Old

  • With great simplicity and unpretentious sincerity, both comprehensible and enchanting as much to this particular little girl as to any child or even any wakeful grownup at all, Riding addresses some of the most elemental questions of existence — how to live a life of creativity and integrity, why praise and prestige are corrosive objects of success, and above all what it means to be oneself.

Keywords: people, good, make, riding, person

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Esperanto exits stealth mode, aims at AI with a 4,096-core 7nm RISC-V monster

  • ET-Graphics is a graphics solution that is based on RISC-V. Esperanto has designed a shader compiler which generates RISC-V instructions and is capable of distributing the workload over a large set of cores.

Keywords: esperanto, cores, core, ditzel, designed

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In the time you spend on social media each year, you could read 200 books

  • Charles publishes The Open Circle , a free weekly newsletter to over 10,000 readers where he deconstructs high-achievers and shares exclusive lessons from his own learning experiments.

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Chemists provide theoretical interpretation to understand chemical reactions

  • Credit: University of New Mexico In a lot of ways, understanding quantum mechanical equations in an effort to predict what will happen between reactants such as atoms and molecules resulting in complex phenomena in chemistry can be exhausting, and mind boggling to many.

Keywords: quantum, reaction, guo, state, transition

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Wilderness of Mirrors

  • The Counterintelligence Staff, created in 1954, had been headed for 20 years by James Jesus Angleton, a legendary spy who deployed the techniques of literary criticism learned at Yale to find deep patterns and hidden meanings in the records of KGB operations against the West.

Keywords: angleton, cia, cram, soviet, kgb

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Show HN: Read My Book Notes

  • Rating: 610 Authors: Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan, Al Switzler Isbn: 0071771328

Keywords: rating, isbn, author, power, art

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Dubai Billionaire’s Tech Startup Takes on Amazon

  • ET DUBAI—Around the time Mohamed Alabbar launched his $1 billion e-commerce firm Noon, the Dubai billionaire gave his employees a piece of advice: If you want to go home at 5 p.m. each day, don’t work for me.

Keywords: dubai, billionaire, startup, alabbar, work

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Welcome to Pleistocene Park

  • As we can see from the irritable id that manifests itself in his tweets, Trump believes that he has been an exceptionally successful president, who deserves credit for the absence of deaths from plane crashes, a soaring stock market, and a tax cut rammed through on a completely partisan basis by a Republican majority that has thirsted for little else for decades.

Keywords: nikita, park, pleistocene, arctic, sergey

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Effects of One Year of Space Travel on the Human Body (2016)

  • As we can see from the irritable id that manifests itself in his tweets, Trump believes that he has been an exceptionally successful president, who deserves credit for the absence of deaths from plane crashes, a soaring stock market, and a tax cut rammed through on a completely partisan basis by a Republican majority that has thirsted for little else for decades.

Keywords: trump, year, days, president, continue

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All shared Google Photos are open to the public

  • My biggest complain with Google Photos is that it offers me a UI to email private links (think passwords) to other people, without alerting me about potential security risk .

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