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NSA’s top talent is leaving because of low pay, flagging morale, unpopular reorg

  • Although the departure rates are low, compared with attrition levels in the civilian technology industry, and although the agency is filling its vacancies, most new personnel lack the experience of those who have left, said one senior intelligence official, who like others spoke on the condition of anonymity to offer candid insights about the secretive organization.

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Linux page table isolation is not needed on AMD processors

  • The AMD microarchitecturedoes not allow memory references, including speculative references, thataccess higher privileged data when running in a lesser privileged modewhen that access would result in a page fault.Disable page table isolation by default on AMD processors by not settingthe X86_BUG_CPU_INSECURE feature, which controls whether X86_FEATURE_PTIis set.

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Serious Intel CPU bugs (2016)

  • If, buried deep in our infrastructure, we have a bit of code running at DPC that’s vulnerable to slowdown because of some kind of hash collision, someone will find and exploit that, even if it takes a long and obscure sequence of events to make it happen.

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  • Wixen, an exclusive licensee of songs such as “Free Fallin” by Tom Petty, “Light My Fire” by the Doors, “(Girl We Got a) Good Thing” by Weezer and works of singers such as Stevie Nicks, is seeking damages worth at least $1.6 billion along with injunctive relief.

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Show HN: Sapper.js – towards a better web app framework

  • While it’s true that citing ‘ecosystem’ as the main reason to choose a tool is a sign that you’re stuck on a local maximum, apt to be marooned by the rising waters of progress, it’s still a major point in favour of incumbents.

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Basecamp doesn’t employ anyone in SF, but now we pay everyone as though all did

  • I’ve been listening to Adam Smith’s 1776 classic on the Wealth of Nations , and just passed through the chapter on how the market is set by masters trying to get away with paying the least possible, and workers trying to press for the maximum possible.

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Mapzen Shutdown


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ASCIIFlow Infinity

  • New Drawing

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Using Java 9 Modularization to Ship Zero-Dependency Apps

  • AppRaw SizeCompressed with 7-zip cli 21.7 MB10.8 MB gui 45.8 MB29.1 MBThis is on a Windows machine, with a 64-bit JRE (Linux sizes are a bit larger, but still roughly proportionate).

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Why the U.S. Spends So Much More Than Other Nations on Health Care

  • The study, also written by Gerard Anderson, Peter Hussey and Varduhi Petrosyan, found thatpeople in the United States typically use about the same amount of health care as peoplein other wealthy countries do, but pay a lot more for it.

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Stimulus: A modest JavaScript framework for the HTML you already have

  • Stimulus pairs beautifully with Turbolinks to provide a complete solution for fast, compelling applications with a minimal amount of effort.

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Silicon Valley’s Secretive, Orgiastic Side

  • The invite requested “glamazon adventurer, safari chic and jungle tribal attire.” Ironically, the gathering was held just a week after sexual-harassment allegations against Binary Capital co-founder Justin Caldbeck had been reported, but that didn’t seem to discourage certain guests from indulging in heavy petting in the open.

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Physicists Uncover Geometric ‘Theory Space’

  • As condensed matter physicists were just discovering, when materials that are completely different at the microscopic level are tuned to the critical points at which they undergo phase transitions, they suddenly exhibit the same behaviors and can be described by the exact same handful of numbers.

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As Flow of Foreign Students Wanes, U.S. Universities Feel the Sting

  • Officials said that other reasons for the decline in enrollment include increased competition from schools in other countries, cuts in scholarship programs in Saudi Arabia and Brazil, and a currency crisis in India caused when the government decided to swap widely used notes for new bills.

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Apple acquires Buddybuild

  • We’re excited to share that the buddybuild team has joined the Xcode engineering group at Apple to build amazing developer tools for the entire iOS community.

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Dude, you broke the future

  • Large corporations such as Zynga (Farmville) exist solely because of it; free-to-use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are dominant precisely because they are structured to reward frequent interaction and to generate emotional responses (not necessarily positive emotions—anger and hatred are just as good when it comes to directing eyeballs towards advertisers).

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A swarm of submarine drones will scour the depths for MH370

  • Seabed Constructor will reach the starting-point of the search, about 35°S off the coast of Western Australia, on or about January 17th, her crew having conducted a few final tests and calibrations of the HUGIN system en route, using remote-controlled robots to place dummy debris on the sea floor in order to see if the subs can find it.

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After Equifax breach, anger but no action in Congress

  • But if the Equifax breach — which featured basic security failures, allegations of insider trading and possible attempts to prevent consumers from suing the company — didn’t do the trick, some aren’t sure what will.

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Pepper’s Cone: An Inexpensive Do-It-Yourself 3D Display

  • This provides a very simple way of interactively examining a 3D scene for a fraction of the cost of alternative volumetric or light field displays and doesn’t require the use of special glasses.

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How Atlassian Built a $10B Growth Engine

  • 2016: To build itself out into an even more ubiquitous tool provider and help companies maintain their software, Atlassian acquired Statuspage , which allows businesses to keep users updated about the status of their online services.

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Robust Client-Side JavaScript

  • These features are abused to create a unique “fingerprint” and an extensive profile of the user: visited sites, search terms, purchase history, interests; also age, gender, location, marital status, profession, income, ethnicity, political views, etc.

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Google used a tax loophole to shelter $19.2B

  • View

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Computer Science I [pdf]


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Initial Performance Benchmarks of Linux’s x86 Security Changes

  • The Intel CPU issue comes down to leaking information about the kernel memory to user-space, but the full scope isn’t public yet until the bug’s embargo, but it’s expected to be a doozy in the data center / cloud deployments.

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Post-apocalyptic life in American health care

  • They call the agencies to try to find out what the regulations are supposed to mean, and they spend hours on hold, are transferred from one official to another and back, and eventually get directed to a .gov web site that says “program not implemented yet.” Then they make something up, and hope that when the government sues Anthem, they don’t get blamed for it personally.

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Genetic Study Supports Carbohydrate-Insulin Model of Obesity

  • Ultimately, we will likely find that the truth is more complicated than expected, with important variations (based in part on biological differences) that determine an individual’s optimal diet for obesity treatment, chronic disease prevention and longevity.

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IP address errors lead to wrongful arrests

  • Police have been increasingly making errors in IP address resolution, according to a letter presented by the Interception of Communications Commissioner (IOCCO), Sir Stanley Burnton, to accompany his annual report to the prime minister.

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The Criminal Underworld Is Dropping Bitcoin for Monero

  • The European Union’s law-enforcement agency, Europol, raised alarms three months ago, writing in a report that “other cryptocurrencies such as monero, ethereum and Zcash are gaining popularity within the digital underground.” Online extortionists, who use ransomware to lock victims’ computers until they fork over a payment, have begun demanding those currencies instead.

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How the Å came to be

  • Olof Persson — a clergyman, writer, judge, and major contributor to the Protestant reformation in Sweden, perhaps better known by his Latin moniker Olavus Petri — assigned Richolff to print Een nyttwgh wnderwijsning om menniskiones fall , in part based on Martin Luther’s Betbüchlein from 1522.

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FCC is still editing the net neutrality repeal order

  • Still, the absence of a final order nearly three weeks after the vote “seems a little more remarkable [because] Chairman Pai has gone so far out of his way to praise himself for transparency, speed, and quantity in his orders—apparently in the belief that he gets a gold star for releasing as many decisions as possible, as fast as possible, no matter how bad they are for the public,” Wood said.

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Founders Fund Makes Bet on Bitcoin

  • Founders Fund, the venture-capital firm co-founded by Peter Thiel, has amassed hundreds of millions of dollars of the volatile cryptocurrency, people familiar with the matter said.

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A.I. And Big Data Could Power a New War on Poverty?

  • Third, a concerted effort to drag education and job training and matching into the 21st century ought to remove the reliance of a substantial portion of the population on government programs designed to assist struggling Americans.

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Scammers gaming India’s overcrowded job market

  • For thousands who end up at scam call centres in cities across India , impersonating tax officers, loan agents, Apple executives or cut-rate Viagra manufacturers, the job provides the thrill of cracking the code of American emotions.

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The Eccentric, Relentless Deal-Making of Masayoshi Son

  • As he lined up a roster of big backers—Saudi Arabia’s crown prince and Apple’s Tim Cook among them—for SoftBank’s planned $100 billion Vision Fund, Son took stakes in scores of businesses engaged in a dizzying array of activities: ride-hailing, chip-making, office-sharing, satellite-building, robot-making, even indoor kale-farming.

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The Legacy of the Mississippi Delta Chinese

  • As the group gets busy chopping and sauteing in the kitchen, Gilroy heads outside and starts tossing fried rice in a gigantic wok nestled into a super-hot, custom burner stand.

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The Curious Life of an Extra

  • Full of rooms of gleaming equipment, quiet chambers where mice slumber, and a series of airy work spaces united by a spiraling staircase, it’s a place where tremendous resources are focused on the question of why, exactly, living things sleep.

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Getting started with microservices and kubernetes

  • This is where Kubernetes comes in — it orchestrates the life and times of individual Docker containers, giving us the primitives we need to construct robust and scalable systems.

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GPG and me (2015)

  • As Matthew Green has noted , “poking through an OpenPGP implementation is like visiting a museum of 1990s crypto.” The protocol reflects layers of cruft built up over the 20 years that it took for cryptography (and software engineering) to really come of age, and the fundamental architecture of PGP also leaves no room for now critical concepts like forward secrecy .

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Show HN: Mask R-CNN Neural Network for Mapping Sport Fields in OpenStreetMap

  • The goal is to test the Mask R-CNN neural network algorithm and improve OpenStreetMap by adding high quality baseball, soccer, tennis, football, and basketball fields to the map.

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Fix All Conflicts: Easy-To-use CUI for Fixing Git Conflicts

  • The movement controls have been derived from both the world of gamers (WASD) and VIM users (HJKL).

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Intel’s CEO Just Sold a Lot of Stock

  • However, there were two transactions that Krzanich reported in that Form 4 filing that I thought were more notable than typical stock option exercises and subsequent share sales.

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Home and hotel – Switching from macOS to Ubuntu on a Dell XPS 13 laptop

  • Every time I plug in my headphones, there is some white noise and I have to run a command line tool alsamixer to get rid of it.

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RaiBlocks: A Feeless Distributed Cryptocurrency Network [pdf]


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SuperMeat raises $3M for lab-grown chicken

  • “This partnership [with PHW] will enable us to bring to market a revolutionary new generation of tasty, sustainable meat products throughout Europe and beyond,” added SuperMeat cofounder and CEO Ido Savir.

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Intel with Radeon RX Vega Graphics: Core I7-8809G with 3.1 GHz Base, 100W TDP

  • We’ve added unique software drivers and interfaces to this semi-custom discrete GPU that coordinate information among all three elements of the platform.’

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Cracking the Mondrian Code

  • Georges Vantongerloo, a Belgian painter and sculptor who was also a founding member of the De Stijl movement, in 1922 and 1923 took measurements of Mondrian’s paintings and made equations based on certain calculations, ultimately producing hundreds of pages of data to explain or describe how the images came to be.

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Chisel: Constructing Hardware in a Scala Embedded Language


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Amazon Will Buy Target This Year, Gene Munster Predicts

  • “Target is the ideal offline partner for Amazon for two reasons, shared demographic and manageable but comprehensive store count,” Munster wrote, noting both companies focus on mothers and families.

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Serial Swatter Bragged He Hit 100 Schools, 10 Homes

  • The arrest came just hours after SWAuTistic allegedly called the Wichita police claiming he was a local man who’d just shot his father in the head and was holding the rest of his family hostage.

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The Mastermind Behind Chase’s Sapphire Reserve Card Sets Her Sights on Banking

  • They weren’t interested in their father’s credit card.” So the 52-year-old executive and her team embarked on a listening tour in living rooms and coffee shops across America to find out what millennials wanted out of a premium card.

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