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Many packages suddenly disappeared

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Things I Wish I’d Known About Bash

Summary: Here I’ve focussed on the things that either confused me or increased my power and productivity in bash significantly, and tried to communicate them (as in my book) in a way that emphasises getting the understanding right.

Keywords: bash, command, output, code, lot

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CPU Usage Differences After Applying Meltdown Patch at Epic Games

Summary: This affect about 99% of the hardware in the world including the consoles, smartphone, tablet, PCs, etc.To explain the Meltdown and Specter’s effect, it’s actually something quite simple to do: You know the processor is basically the “task handler” of everything in your PC/Console/Tablet,etc.

Keywords: processor, data, raw, process, encrypted

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WDMyCloud Multiple Vulnerabilities

Summary: Vendor : Western Digital Product : WDMyCloud Version : <= 2.30.165 Website :

Keywords: western, website, digital, vendor, version

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Harvesting credit card numbers and passwords from websites

Summary: Even if some studious little pen tester clears cookies and local storage constantly, I only send these requests intermittently (about one in seven times, lightly randomised — the ideal trouble-shooting-insanity-inducing frequency).

Keywords: code, send, don, page, npm

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Meltdown and Spectre Linux kernel status

Summary: As this backport is very different from the mainline version that is in 4.14 and 4.15, there are different bugs happening, right now we know of some VDSO issues that are getting worked on, and some odd virtual machine setups are reporting strange errors, but those are the minority at the moment, and should not stop you from upgrading at all right now.

Keywords: kernel, patches, merged, issues, stable

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Leaving htop running freezes macOS High Sierra

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Docker for Mac with Kubernetes

Summary: Then use the Docker for Mac menu to create, view, or navigate directly to your Cloud resources, including organizations , repositories , and swarms .

Keywords: docker, mac, kubernetes, directory, containers

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“Deep Learning has outlived its usefulness as a buzz-phrase”

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WebGL2 Fundamentals

Summary: They are entirely new, discarding the old out of date ideas and bringing you to a full understanding of what WebGL really is and how it really works.

Keywords: articles, date, webgl, bringing, full

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Meltdown, aka “Dear Intel, you suck”

Summary: com [ Download message RAW ] So, yes, we the OpenBSD developers are not totally asleep and a handful of us are working out how to deal with Intel’s fuck-up aka the Meltdown attack.

Keywords: list, prev, guenther, thread, openbsd

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The Extraordinary Life of Nikola Tesla

Summary: Tesla scaled great heights to bring lightning down to earth, yet his rare cast of mind and uncommon habits eventually led to his downfall, leaving him nearly penniless and alone.

Keywords: tesla, claimed, company, edison, power

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Convenient End-To-End Encryption for E-Mail

Summary: Autocrypt is a specification that allows e-mail clients to negotiate end-to-end encryption, transparently piggybacking on plaintext e-mails.

Keywords: autocrypt, encryption, specification, programs, mail

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Modern Linux in an ancient PC

Summary: Disconnect CD-ROM drive as primary slave Replace the CF card as I thought it was faulty Recompiling the Linux kernel many times with different SATA/PATA options in case I chose the incorrect one.

Keywords: pc, linux, modern, gentoo, ancient

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Increased amygdala responses after psilocybin for treatment-resistant depression

Summary: During this renascent period, impressive results have been found for the treatment of depression ( Carhart-Harris et al., 2016 ; Osório et al., 2015 ), end of life anxiety ( Gasser et al., 2014a ; Griffiths et al., 2016 ; Grob et al., 2011 ; Ross et al., 2016 ), obsessive compulsive disorder ( Moreno et al., 2006 ) and addiction ( Bogenschutz and Johnson, 2016 ).

Keywords: psilocybin, amygdala, depression, responses, emotional

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How Tier 2 cloud vendors banded together to cope with Spectre and Meltdown

Summary: Banding together with the folks at Scaleway, OVH and others has allowed us to short circuit a painfully slow game of telephone and provide our customers with as much detail as possible as they try to understand where and how their systems may be vulnerable,” Nathan Goulding, Packet’s SVP of engineering explained.

Keywords: information, companies, cloud, vendors, scaleway

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Show HN: Eel – a simple Python library for making little HTML GUI applications

Summary: Return values While we want to think of our code as comprising a single application, the Python interpreter and the browser window run in separate processes.

Keywords: python, side, eel, javascript, code

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Full-Text Search in Django with PostgreSQL

Summary: not having any extra dependencies not doing very complex searches managing all the components easily avoiding data synchronization between different systems having PostgreSQL already in the stack operating in a Python-only environment

Keywords: search, django, postgresql, version, support

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Astronaut John Young Has Died

Summary: Charles M. Duke, Jr./NASA John Young, who was one of NASA’s most experienced astronauts and the first to fly in space six times, including a moon landing, died on Friday after complications from pneumonia.

Keywords: young, space, nasa, john, astronaut

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A Love Letter to Plain Text

Summary: It’s a little weird because of annoying floating point issues, and honestly this script is a hack, but it was far easier than submitting a patch to add advanced math support to the templating engine (and likely have it rejected.)

Keywords: post, posts, words, blog, book

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Border Search of Electronic Devices – CBP Directive [pdf]

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Show HN: detecting cache latency inside a Web browser

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Australia’s first electric aircraft has begun test flights

Summary: Australia’s first electric aircraft has begun test flights at Perth’s Jandakot Airport, amid hopes the plane will be flying to nearby Rottnest Island within months.

Keywords: plane, electric, engine, batteries, aircraft

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Miiverse archive recovers 17TB of social mirth after Nintendo’s shutdown

Summary: The entire Archiverse archives are posted under an open source license, free for mirroring or even personal download if you want to perform a deep, offline analysis.

Keywords: online, virtual, game, ecology, miiverse

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Kernel Side-Channel Attacks

Summary: Red Hat is taking a proactive position that favors security over performance, while allowing users the flexibility to assess their own environment and make appropriate tradeoffs through selectively enabling and disabling the various mitigations.

Keywords: hat, linux, enterprise, red, update

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Against the synchronous society

Summary: For example, synchronous buying of presents means that retailers have to overstock their wares in run-up to major holidays, say, Christmas, and, worse even, have to offload all the Baylis and Harding soap sets at fire sale prices starting at about dinnertime on the 24th December.

Keywords: people, time, work, day, holidays

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New York City in 1993 in HD – DTheater DVHS Demo Tape [video]

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Deep Learning: A Critical Appraisal [pdf]

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Bleve: full-text search and indexing for Go

Summary: Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Persian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Sorani, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish

Keywords: facet, bleve, query, text, search

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Python decorators they don’t tell you about

Summary: 8eeb104 Oct 13, 2017 hchasestevensFix header sizes

Keywords: file, invalid, reload, header, contributors

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Reservoir computing using dynamic memristors for temporal information processing

Summary: Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, 48109, USA Chao Du , Fuxi Cai , Mohammed A. Zidan , Wen Ma , Seung Hwan Lee & Wei D. Lu

Keywords: reservoir, system, memristor, input, rc

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x64dbg: An open-source x64/x32 debugger for Windows

Summary: Apr 4, 2017 .editorconfigPROJECT: added .editorconfig Jun 18, 2016 .gitignorePROJECT: update AStyleWhore (renamed to AStyleHelper) Nov 4, 2017 .gitmodulesPROJECT: shallow clone of deps to save bandwidth Dec 3, 2017 CODE_OF_CONDUCT.mdPROJECT: add code of conduct Oct 23, 2017 CONTRIBUTING.mdPROJECT: Add pull request documentation Oct 23, 2017 LICENSE”x64_dbg”->“x64dbg” + added Nukem Apr 9, 2015 README.mdPROJECT: added sourceforge badge Aug 10, 2017 build.batPROJECT: AStyle Oct 9, 2017 clean.batGUI+PROJECT: “build” -> “gui_build” Nov 8, 2015 format.batPROJECT: update AStyleWhore (renamed to AStyleHelper) Nov 4, 2017 install.batPROJECT: install script Aug 4, 2014 maketranslatetemplate.batPROJECT: minimize maketranslatetemplate.bat Sep 8, 2016 release.batGUI: deprecate local help file + fixed release script Aug 1, 2017 setenv.batPROJECT: updated dependencies + setenv.bat to reflect the wiki Aug 25, 2017 setupdeps.batPROJECT: batch file to setup dependencies Jul 29, 2017 x64dbg.slnRenamed Capstone -> Zydis Oct 9, 2017 x64dbg_scheme.vsdPROJECT: sceme -> scheme Nov 7, 2015

Keywords: oct, code, nov, added, view

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Eye Strain from LED Backlighting in MacBook Pro (2008)

Summary: To work around this limitation, designers use a technique called pulse width modulation to mimic the appearance of lower intensity light coming out of the LED.

Keywords: response, macbook, pm, led, pro

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Show HN: Terminal, a sandboxed command-line interface for iOS

Summary: New pull request Latest commit 8279fd4 Jan 6, 2018 louisdhAdd Pods folder

Keywords: jan, folder, dependencies, license, pods

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Neural Networks, Types, and Functional Programming (2015)

Summary: Beyond that, I’m not really the right person to explore a lot of the directions this suggests – for example, one of the obvious things to do is to analyze neural networks from a homotopy type theory perspective, but I don’t have the relevant background.

Keywords: neural, deep, learning, networks, functional

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V7/x86 – x86 port of Unix V7

Summary: Also included are a custom UNIX-style x86 assembler, an ACK-based C compiler, and several key early UCB software components such as the C shell, the editors ex and vi , and the pager more .

Keywords: port, version, code, pc, source

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Robust and Efficient Elimination of Cache and Timing Side Channels (2015)

Summary: A popular strategy for defending against all classes of these attacks is to modify the implementation so that the timing and cache access patterns of every hardware instruction is independent of the secret inputs.

Keywords: timing, cache, solution, attacks, channels

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Drawing simple generative organics with L-systems

Summary: Today we’ll take a brief break from technical diagramming to talk about something fun: drawing simple generative tree-like structures with Lua using a concept called an L-system.

Keywords: turtle, commands, simple, drawing, directions

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Killing Off Wasabi (2015)

Summary: In 2011, Ted Unangst proposed “Project Soy Sauce”, a combination of .NET Reflector and Perl scripts to turn the Wasabi binary output into nearly-readable C# source code.

Keywords: wasabi, code, fogbugz, generator, php

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Elitzur–Vaidman bomb tester

Summary: But, like the radioactive material in the box with Schrödinger’s famous cat, upon its encounter with the half-silvered mirror at the beginning of the experiment, the photon, paradoxically does and does not interact with the bomb.

Keywords: photon, bomb, live, path, mirror

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