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Why Am I So Lazy?

Summary: A big part of our jobs, as mature adult human beings, is figuring out who we are and what we value WITHOUT falling back on a million and one inaccurate and clumsy stories told by other people who know us about as well as a fucking squirrel knows the moon.

Keywords: lazy, feel, ve, don, afraid

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The Empathy Gap in Tech: Interview with a Software Engineer

Summary: It just makes me feel on edge and increases my overall stress levels as I expend huge amounts of cognitive energy decoding idioms and non-verbal communication…I am prone to be blunt, sometimes to the point of rudeness, which is a personality trait that tends not to sit especially well with many members of the so-called ‘neuro-typical’ or non-autistic world.

Keywords: women, autism, work, industry, gideon

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JVM Anatomy Park

Summary: “JVM Anatomy Park” is the on-going mini-post series, where every post is slated to take 5-10 minutes to read.

Keywords: single, errors, consistency, duplicates, semantic

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Npm operational incident, 6 Jan 2018

Summary: We wanted to communicate with you sooner, however, to eliminate any doubts: no malicious actors were involved in yesterday’s incident, and the security of npm users’ accounts and the integrity of these 106 packages were never jeopardized.

Keywords: npm, packages, code, incident, processes

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Show HN: A simple Go web server with logging, tracing, health check

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The $25B eigenvector (2006) [pdf]

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Regarding the Em Dash

Summary: Lee Strasberg, a founder of the Group Theatre and the great teacher of the American Method, famously advised his students never to “use”—for generating tears, etc., in a dramatic scene—personal/historical material less than seven years in the personal/historical past; otherwise, the Emotion Memory (the death of a loved one or some like event in the actor’s life that can, when evoked through recall and substitution, hurl open the floodgates, as they say, right on cue, night after night, even during a long run)—this material, being too close, as it were, might overwhelm the artist and compromise the total control required to act the part or, more to the point, act it well; might, in fact, destabilize the play; if, for instance, at the moment in a scene when it becomes necessary for Nina or Gertrude or Macduff to wipe away tears and get on with life; if, at that moment, it becomes impossible for a wailing performer to pull it together; if, in other words, the performer remains trapped in affect long after the character has moved on to dinner or the battlefield—when this happens, then you can be sure that delirious theatrical mayhem will follow.

Keywords: baldwin, high, school, em, students

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California Introduces Its Own Bill to Protect Net Neutrality

Summary: As the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) gets ready to abandon a decade of progress on net neutrality, some in Congress are considering how new legislation could fill the gap and protect users from unfair ISP practices.

Keywords: fcc, neutrality, net, internet, communications

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How the JVM compares strings on x86 using pcmpestri

Summary: Introduced in SSE4.2, pcmpestri is a member of the pcmpxstrx family of vectorized string comparison instructions.

Keywords: length, string, strings, characters, lengths

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Hacking a Google Interview (2009)

Summary: However, most of the time is devoted to topics you won’t learn in class, such as crafty bitwise logic and tricks to solving problems.

Keywords: class, topics, learn, tricks, company

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Life expectancy in America has declined for two years in a row

Summary: Lives in America are already two years shorter than the average in the OECD group of 35 rich and soon-to-be-rich countries: life expectancy is closer to Costa Rica’s and Turkey’s than to that of Britain, France and Germany.

Keywords: life, expectancy, drug, deaths, america

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How to Fix Facebook Before It Fixes Us

Summary: We had constructed a modern Maginot Line—half the world’s defense spending and cyber-hardened financial centers, all built to ward off attacks from abroad—never imagining that an enemy could infect the minds of our citizens through inventions of our own making, at minimal cost.

Keywords: facebook, platforms, google, users, people

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Browser-Wars History: MD5-Hashed Posts Declassified

Summary: Weaknesses in Webkit — some expedient shortcuts taken to boost performance or win points on specific compatibility tests, but also plain technical debt — became apparent over time.

Keywords: mozilla, webkit, gecko, time, technical

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Calling for a new approach to depression

Summary: I talked to the leading social scientists investigating these questions, and to people who have been overcoming depression in unexpected ways – from an Amish village in Indiana, to a Brazilian city that banned advertising and a laboratory in Baltimore conducting a startling wave of experiments.

Keywords: depression, people, told, depressed, feel

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The Banana As We Know It Is Dying Again

Summary: Plants grown from tissue cultures, or collections of cells incubated in a lab, won’t spread disease in this way, but the practice is more difficult and expensive and growers in southeast Asia don’t always do it.

Keywords: banana, disease, cavendish, bananas, fruit

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An 8-tube module from a 1954 IBM 705 mainframe: it’s a key debouncer

Summary: The main circuit classes were the inverter, the flip flop (which IBM called a “trigger”), diode logic, 6 the multivibrator (pulse generator), and the cathode follower (buffer).

Keywords: module, tube, ibm, vacuum, tubes

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Why Is ‘Affordable’ Housing So Expensive to Build?

Summary: While the complex provides many amenities for its residents (proximity to the BART station, a Zen garden, and sky deck), its inconceivable that we have enough resources in the public sector to build many such units.

Keywords: housing, affordable, costs, cost, build

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Building a More Secure World with the RISC-V ISA

Summary: While these two vulnerabilities are independent of the ISA, they are just the most recent examples to showcase how the devices we use and trust every day are subject to a barrage of attacks from sophisticated adversaries.

Keywords: security, processor, foundation, isa, vulnerabilities

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A Neuroscientist Explores the “Sanskrit Effect”

Summary: Most interestingly for verbal memory was that the pandits’ right hippocampus—a region of the brain that plays a vital role in both short and long-term memory—had more gray matter than controls across nearly 75 percent of this subcortical structure.

Keywords: sanskrit, memory, pandits, brain, cognitive

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Linux-insides: Linux kernel load address randomization

Summary: The find_random_virt_addr function calculates amount of virtual memory ranges that may hold kernel image and calls the kaslr_get_random_long that we already saw in a previous case when we tried to find random physical address.

Keywords: kernel, function, page, memory, address

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Ocean’s Oxygen Starts Running Low (2016)

Summary: Using an earth system modeling approach, Deutsch and scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research and the Georgia Institute of Technology mapped out changing oxygen levels across the world’s oceans through the end of the 21st century.

Keywords: oxygen, ocean, levels, research, warming

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What Are Capabilities?

Summary: I suspect it also seems like madness to lay people who haven’t drunk the conventional computer security kool aid, evidence of which is the lengths Mint has to go to in its marketing materials trying to persuade prospective customers that, no really, this is OK, trust us, please pay no attention to the elephant in the room.

Keywords: access, capability, file, system, things

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Homotopy Type Theory and Higher Inductive Types

Summary: But, more importantly, for the top mathematicians at the forefront of the (computable) mathematical frontier, higher inductive type has been an amazing basis to cleanly and elegantly approach homotopy theory from a much more direct way.

Keywords: olivegreen, navyblue, type, homotopy, floor

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Putting Apple’s iMac Pro Through the Paces

Summary: On the other hand, if you need a machine that’s solid and robust across a wide range of postproduction tasks – and you prefer the Mac operating ecosystem – then the iMac Pros are a good choice.

Keywords: pro, imac, mac, test, machines

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Magic Leap House of Cards – FSD, Waveguides, and Focus Planes

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From 200K lines of CoffeeScript to zero: making decaffeinate super-stable

Summary: ESLint now has hundreds of rules and many competing popular default configurations, Prettier is a whole new class of formatter, and TypeScript and Flow allow advanced type checking while staying true to JS.

Keywords: code, decaffeinate, coffeescript, javascript, lines

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How We Built Uber Engineering’s Highest Query per Second Service (2016)

Summary: This is important for showing users which products are available at a given location, defining areas with specific requirements such as airports, and implementing dynamic pricing in neighborhoods where lots of people are requesting rides at the same time.

Keywords: geofences, service, uber, city, data

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Why They Lost the Wheel (1973)

Summary: Everywhere else in the Middle East and North Africa the wheel disappeared, and no doubt there were people then who looked at its passing with nostalgia and at the coming of the camel as a newfangled innovation just as today there are those who do the opposite.

Keywords: camel, middle, east, camels, transport

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Doctors’ plan for war on sugar

Summary: A 2016 study – authored by the Obesity Policy Coalition and the University of Queensland’s School of Public Health – suggested a 20 per cent levy could save 1600 lives, dramatically reduce cases of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke, and raise $400 million every year.

Keywords: play, sugar, videodo, gannon, australia

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Show HN: PL/Swift – PostgreSQL Functions in Swift

Summary: PL/Swift allows you to write custom SQL functions and types for the PostgreSQL database server in the Swift programming language.

Keywords: swift, postgresql, function, lets, backend

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The Struggling Artist at 86

Summary: Continue reading the main story Mr. Falk, an art historian, curator and appraiser who has spent much of his 40-year career promoting unknown, highly accomplished artists, considered Mr. Bertschmann an unrecognized master.

Keywords: bertschmann, falk, art, harry, york

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Python 2.7 Countdown

Summary: I am hereby suggesting we make PyCon 2020 the official end-of-life date, and we throw a massive party to celebrate all that Python 2 has done for us.

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Moonlight Sonata Visualized (2012) [video]

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ROP Emporium: Learn return-oriented programming through a series of challenges

Summary: Learn to deal with badchars, characters that will not make it into process memory intact or cause other issues such as premature chain termination.

Keywords: challenge, rop, learn, chain, gadgets

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The Rise of the State Machines

Summary: What I’m missing in Redux is a way to stop the dispatching of an action based on the application’s current state without polluting the reducer with conditional logic.

Keywords: state, action, machine, states, machines

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Vim: Seven habits of effective text editing (2000)

Summary: The time you save compared with manually searching is tremendous; creating a tags file is the first thing I do when browsing a program.

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Show HN: CryptoRoulette how much is worth now $1,000 of cryptos from last year

Summary: New pull request Latest commit 4637e5a Jan 7, 2018 ciocanupdate meta

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