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The growing body of evidence that digital distraction is damaging our minds

Summary: What these people say – and what their research shows – is that smartphones are causing real damage to our minds and relationships, measurable in seconds shaved off the average attention span, reduced brain power, declines in work-life balance and hours less of family time.

Keywords: smartphones, people, smartphone, attention, time

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Finding a CPU Design Bug in the Xbox 360

Summary: The recent reveal of Meltdown and Spectre reminded me of the time I found a related design bug in the Xbox 360 CPU – a newly added instruction whose mere existence was dangerous.

Keywords: cpu, cache, memory, instruction, xdcbt

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Losing Faith in the State, Some Mexican Towns Quietly Break Away

Summary: Unofficially, the mayor reports to the farm owners, who predetermined his election by ensuring he was the only viable candidate, according to Falko Ernst and Romain Le Cour Grandmaison, security researchers who study Tancítaro.

Keywords: police, tancítaro, mexico, neza, monterrey

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James Damore has filed a class action lawsuit against Google

Summary: In a press conference this afternoon, Damore’s attorney, Harmeet Dhillon, a California representative for the Republican National Committee, elaborated more on the very lengthy complaint and argued that her current clients are far from alone.

Keywords: google, damore, lawsuit, employees, company

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Apple shareholders push for study of phone addiction in children

Summary: “There is a growing body of evidence that, for at least some of the most frequent young users, this may be having unintentional negative consequences,” according to the letter from the investors, who combined own about $2 billion in Apple shares.

Keywords: apple, parental, letter, smartphones, growing

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Net Neutrality to Get U.S. Senate Vote as Democrats Force Issue

Summary: The Democrats, led by Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey, are using a vehicle known as a Congressional Review Act, or CRA, which is essentially an official form of disapproval of the FCC’s action.

Keywords: vote, rules, neutrality, cra, net

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Beginner’s guide to longevity research

Summary: Part of the below might be outdated (companies sometimes take a long time to update on trial progress), but it’s an interesting representation of the number of things in play that have a non-zero chance of having some impact on lifespan (would guess it to be pretty small in almost all cases though).

Keywords: mice, lifespan, http, aging, cell

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Useful Mental Models (2016)

Summary: The outside view only requires you ask “what kind of person does sincerely believing this stuff turn you into?” Corollary: You can usually predict correctness of arguments by evaluating superficial attributes of the people making them.

Keywords: corollary, people, observation, utility, probability

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Exercise Alters Our Microbiome

Summary: The scientists found that the animals with gut bugs from the runners were better able to resist and heal tissue damage and tamp down inflammation than those whose microbes had come from sedentary mice.

Keywords: exercise, scientists, microbes, study, volunteers

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Stanford paper says rent control is driving up cost of housing in San Francisco

Summary: According to the urban design think tank SPUR, about 45 percent of SF’s housing stock—roughly 172,000 units in 2014—are presently rent controlled, although the city itself keeps no official tally.

Keywords: rent, control, san, tenants, francisco

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Google Pay

Summary: Google Pay is already available on Airbnb, Dice, Fandango, HungryHouse, Instacart, and other apps and websites you love.

Keywords: google, pay, ll, online, bringing

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Telegram plans multi-billion dollar ICO for chat cryptocurrency

Summary: Adopting a homegrown cryptocurrency could give Telegram’s payment system enormous independence from any government or bank — something Co-founder and CEO Pavel Durov is known to covet after investors took over his last company, Russian social network VK.

Keywords: telegram, ton, cryptocurrency, durov, services

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Albert Hofmann discovers the effects of LSD (1943)

Summary: Exercising extreme caution, I began the planned series of experiments with the smallest quantity that could be expected to produce some effect, considering the activity of the ergot alkaloids known at the time: namely, 0.25 mg (one thousandth of a gram) of lysergic acid diethylamide tartrate.

Keywords: condition, world, lsd, substance, experience

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Feature comparison of ack, ag, git-grep, GNU grep and ripgrep

Summary: Searching ackaggit-grepGNU greprgIgnore case‑i ‑‑ignore‑caseSmart case searching (case-insensitive unless the pattern contains a capital letter)‑S ‑‑smart‑case‑S ‑‑smart‑case‑S ‑‑smart‑caseRe-enable case-sensitive search over case-insensitve or smart-case search‑I‑s ‑‑case‑sensitive‑s ‑‑case‑sensitiveMatch whole words‑w ‑‑word‑regexpInvert match‑v ‑‑invert‑matchMatch entire line only‑x ‑‑line‑regexp‑x ‑‑line‑regexpSpecify pattern explicitly‑‑match‑e‑e ‑‑regexp‑e ‑‑regexpRead patterns from a file‑f‑f ‑‑file‑f ‑‑fileSpecify multiple patterns with boolean expressions‑‑and ‑‑or ‑‑not ‑‑all‑matchMatch patterns across newlines‑‑[no‑]multilinePrint specific lines‑‑lines Regular expressions ackaggit-grepGNU greprgUse fixed strings, not regular expressions, for a literal match‑Q ‑‑literal‑Q ‑‑literal ‑F ‑‑fixed‑strings‑F ‑‑fixed‑strings‑F ‑‑fixed‑strings ‑‑fixed‑regexp‑F ‑‑fixed‑stringsUse basic regular expressions‑G ‑‑basic‑regexp‑G ‑‑basic‑regexpUse extended regular expressions‑E ‑‑extended‑regexp‑E ‑‑extended‑regexpUse Perl (or Perl-compatible) regular expressions(always)‑P ‑‑perl‑regexp‑P ‑‑perl‑regexp (experimental) Search output ackaggit-grepGNU greprgPrint only filenames that contain matches‑l ‑‑files‑with‑matchesPrint only filenames that do not contain matches‑L ‑‑files‑without‑match‑L ‑‑files‑without‑match‑L ‑‑files‑without‑match‑L ‑‑files‑without‑match‑‑files‑without‑matchShow only the part of a line that matched‑o‑o ‑‑only‑matching‑o ‑‑only‑matching‑o ‑‑only‑matchingSpecify output for each line match‑‑output‑r ‑‑replacePrint the filename for each match‑H ‑‑with‑filename‑‑[no‑]filename‑H‑H ‑‑with‑filename‑H ‑‑with‑filenameSuppress the prefixing filename on output‑h ‑‑no‑filename‑‑no‑filename‑h‑h ‑‑no‑filename‑‑no‑filenamePrint paths relative to the project top directory‑‑full‑namePrefix the line number to matching lines‑‑[no‑]numbers‑n ‑‑line‑number‑n ‑‑line‑number‑n ‑‑line‑numberSuppress line numbers‑‑no‑numbers‑N ‑‑no‑line‑numberPrint a heading of each file’s name before its matches‑‑[no‑]heading‑H ‑‑[no‑]heading‑‑heading‑‑[no‑]headingSpecify filename to show for matches on STDIN‑‑labelShow the column number of the first match‑‑[no‑]column‑‑columnPrint lines of context after matches‑A ‑‑afterPrint lines of context before matches‑B ‑‑beforePrint lines of context before and after matches‑C ‑‑contextShow number of lines matching per file‑c ‑‑countPrint null byte as separator between filenames‑‑print0‑0 ‑‑null ‑‑print0‑z ‑‑null‑Z ‑‑null‑0 ‑‑nullStop searching in each file after NUM matches‑m ‑‑max‑count‑m ‑‑max‑count‑m ‑‑max‑count‑m ‑‑max‑countStop searching after one match of any kind‑1Print the byte offset within the file before each line‑b ‑‑byte‑offset ‑u ‑‑unix‑byte‑offsetsSuppress error messages about nonexistent or unreadable files‑s‑‑silent‑s‑‑no‑messagesLimit length of output lines‑W‑M ‑‑max‑columnsDo not output matched lines‑q ‑‑quiet‑q ‑‑quiet ‑‑silent‑q ‑‑quietPrint stats (files scanned, time taken, etc.

Keywords: files, file, output, search, lines

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Ultimate Oldschool PC Font Pack

Summary: It was inspired by similar efforts that cover other vintage machines: classic system fonts from the Amiga, C64, Apple II, Mac, ZX Spectrum, Atari 8-bit/ST etc.

Keywords: fonts, font, unicode, windows, truetype

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Casting a $20M Mirror for the World’s Largest Telescope [video]

Summary: The sheer size of the glass, the nanometer precision of its curves, its carefully calculated optics, and the adaptive software required to run it make this a task of herculean proportions.

Keywords: mirror, telescope, glass, mirrors, giant

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Ibuprofen alters human testicular physiology

Summary: Previous studies have shown that long-term fetal exposure to acetaminophen and acetylsalicylic acid in mice and rats targets primordial germ cell proliferation by blocking RNA synthesis and thus leads to reduced follicle reservoir and subsequent decreased fertility in adulthood ( 44⇓ – 46 ).

Keywords: ibuprofen, cells, fig, expression, testis

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Go’s hidden pragmas

Summary: If you wanted to write a small bit of glue code in assembly, like the bytes , md5 , or syscall package, anything you passed to it would be forced to allocated on the heap even if you knew that it doesn’t.

Keywords: stack, compiler, function, pragmas, code

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CEO of porn cryptocurrency disappears with investor money

Summary: Because of their volatility and lack of regulation, Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Jay Clayton in December voiced his concern about Main Street investors jumping into ICOs with dreams of making a fortune.

Keywords: investors, lucas, fmtokens, million, market

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Psychological and psychiatric terms to avoid

Summary: Thanks in part to the success of direct-to-consumer marketing campaigns by drug companies, the notion that major depression and allied disorders are caused by a “chemical imbalance” of neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and norepinephrine, has become a virtual truism in the eyes of the public ( France et al., 2007 ; Deacon and Baird, 2009 ).

Keywords: cross, ref, pubmed, term, psychol

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Beijing bets on facial recognition in a big drive for total surveillance

Summary: It will use facial recognition and artificial intelligence to analyze and understand the mountain of incoming video evidence; to track suspects, spot suspicious behaviors and even predict crime; to coordinate the work of emergency services; and to monitor the comings and goings of the country’s 1.4 billion people, official documents and security industry reports show.

Keywords: china, people, surveillance, beijing, police

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Azure Functions vs. AWS Lambda – Scaling Face Off

Summary: In Microsoft’s case some of the languages supported on the v1 Azure Functions runtime, the one tested here (v2 is in preview and has serious performance issues with .NET Core ), are experimental and documented as having scale problems but C# (which runs under full framework .NET) is not one of them.

Keywords: azure, aws, time, functions, serverless

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Under River, Outside Time: The Woolwich Foot Tunnel Anomaly

Summary: Biggest problem was making sure that if anyone from head office came down it wouldn’t look like he was sending people home ten minutes after they logged on – although that’s exactly what he was doing.

Keywords: tunnel, time, woolwich, river, walk

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Vintage 1980s DOS inspired Twitter Bootstrap theme

Summary: Note: For the progressive animation to work you may need to set this stanza in your regular CSS: body { visibility: hidden } .

Keywords: sep, animation, jul, zip, default

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PCID is now a critical performance/security feature on x86

Summary: My one word reaction to the simple code snippets showing “remote sensing” of protected data values was “Wow”.However, in examining both the various fixes rolled out in actual Linux distros over the past few days and doing some very informal surveying of environments I have access to, I discovered that the PCID processor feature, which used to be a virtual no-op, is now a performance AND security critical item.

Keywords: pcid, table, tlb, context, feature

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GoPro quits the drone business

Summary: They’ll be the company’s fourth round of job cuts since 2016, and will reduce its global headcount from 1,254 employees to “fewer than 1,000.” This restructuring will cost tens of millions of dollars, the firm estimates.

Keywords: gopro, company, karma, market, drone

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What does code readability mean?

Summary: By analogy, plenty of people find reading Homer, Shakespeare, or Nabokov difficult and challenging, but we don’t say “ Macbeth is unreadable.” We understand that the problem lies with the reader.

Keywords: code, understand, programmers, don, write

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Things I did wrong as a professor (2016)

Summary: I worked hard to build collaborations with the medical community to use sensor networks for things like disaster triage and monitoring patients with Parkinson’s Disease .

Keywords: time, projects, harvard, professor, google

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HTC’s Vive Pro will add more pixels to an otherwise familiar-looking VR system

Summary: Meanwhile, the Pro’s official description hints at an updated “VR chaperone” system, which could benefit from the new pair of front-facing cameras to better map a user’s surroundings.

Keywords: vive, htc, pro, headset, resolution

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Snow shovelling can kill

Summary: The correlation was true regardless of the patient’s age, the presence or absence of cardiovascular risk like high blood pressure or other health conditions.

Keywords: heart, snow, shovelling, attack, attacks

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Psychedelic stickers that interfere with AI image recognition

Summary: Taking advantage of that fact, researchers have created a wonderful attack on image recognition systems that uses specially printed stickers that are so interesting to the AI that it completely fails to see anything else.

Keywords: systems, system, picture, image, small

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The Spice of Life

Summary: But that ended after the 18th century when the Dutch and the British took control of the most important spice-growing regions in Asia – Bengal, the Malabar Coast, Sri Lanka, Sumatra, Java and particularly the Moluccas or Spice Islands.

Keywords: pepper, food, spices, black, spice

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Red Dawn in Lapland

Summary: Yet the glaciated landscape in this part of Lapland and along the border areas to the south is marked by rolling, thickly forested hills intercut with rivers, bogs, lakes, and tiny ponds created when chunks of receding glacier broke off and melted in place.

Keywords: finland, finnish, war, finns, winter

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“Toward the Year 2018”, a speculative book from 1968

Summary: But Oettinger, a veteran of U.S. intelligence-panel work on information overload, was no Utopian: his essay is titled “Electronics May Revolutionize Education, But Is Unlikely to Solve Problems of Human Frailty.” He’s particularly skeptical of how well governments would adapt to this mega-Memex: “Putting broad-band communications, picture telephones, and instant computerized retrieval in the hands of such an organization is like feeding pastry to a fat man.” It is “much too optimistic” to assume that these same technologies would entail the ability to use them wisely.

Keywords: year, future, conference, waskow, predicts

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DeepTriage: Exploring the Effectiveness of Deep Learning for Bug Triaging

Summary: Create the data matrix and labels required for the deep learning model training and softmax classifier as follows:

Keywords: model, classifier, implementation, deep, data

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Goodbye iPod, and Thanks for All the Tunes

Summary: After nearly 16 years on the market, more than 400 million units sold, and one Cupertino company launched into the stratosphere on its back, Apple quietly pulled the iPod Nano and Shuffle out of its virtual stores today.

Keywords: ipod, music, apple, time, playlists

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The cryptocurrency bubble is strangling innovation?

Summary: Parker Thompson of AngelList argues that fee-free decentralized apps are the only ones which might possibly succeed in consumer markets, and I think he’s right, but that raises the question of how you prioritize and prevent spam blockchain transactions in the absence of fees.

Keywords: ethereum, bubble, tokens, transaction, fees

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Show HN: HyperLogLog intersections

Summary: New pull request Latest commit 4c6d38c Jan 8, 2018 seiflotfycompare the whole register and not just the lz

Keywords: cardinality, max, jan, commit, bit

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Flowsheets Visualizations

Summary: I’m using it to explore visual and interactive design principles that will help programmers understand what their programs are doing as they make them.

Keywords: flowsheets, make, programs, programmers, real

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Dogecoin just broke $2B

Summary: “The most significant contributing cause for altcoins to rise so parabolically is owing to the perception of ‘cheap’ coins,” Dave Chapman, managing director at Hong Kong -based commodities and digital assets trading house Octagon Strategy, told CNBC.

Keywords: billion, market, dogecoin, bitcoin, cryptocurrencies

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How the Sausage Gets Made: The Hidden Work of Content

Summary: Many creative, brilliant people worked ridiculous hours to create a gorgeous experience for which they rightly earned an award, and the images of local cuisine made up only a small slice of the site’s data.

Keywords: content, team, site, work, data

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The Casio AL-1000

Summary: Masakatsu Ara, Casio’s submanager for new product development, says the low price is possible partly because of the magnetic core registers.

Keywords: registers, memory, casio, digits, core

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Intel Core with Radeon RX Vega M Graphics Launched: HP, Dell, and Intel NUC

Summary: Today’s official launch builds on the platform announcement made late last year , with added additional specifications, confirmation of the feature set, and a series of new products based on Intel with Radeon Graphics are set to be announced this week at CES from Dell, HP, and Intel’s own NUC.

Keywords: intel, graphics, radeon, mhz, processor

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The first corned beef sandwich in space (1965)

Summary: 01 52 26 Gus Grissom Key moment The first corned beef sandwich in space: What is it?

Keywords: grissom, gus, young, john, canary

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iCloud Drive can strip metadata from documents

Summary: Items in iCloud Drive containing any of those xattrs retain those no matter which version of macOS they are viewed from, or the file copied from.

Keywords: icloud, file, drive, sierra, xattrs

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Canva becomes Australia’s only privately backed tech startup to be valued at $1B

Summary: According to Canva’s website, the service has more than 10 million users upload photos or select stock images and use preset filters and fonts to customize designs.

Keywords: million, canva, technology, startup, billion

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Superconductivity offers tantalising changes from electricity to transport

Summary: To illustrate the possibilities, the American Physical Society invites you to imagine a shop assistant asking “regular or superconducting?” when you walk into a hardware store to buy wire.

Keywords: superconducting, hydrogen, superconductivity, resistance, superconductors

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Shoe company tricks people into swiping Instagram ad with fake strand of hair

Summary: A cunning Chinese company has received both props and scoffs for a devious Instagram Stories advertisement featuring a fake strand of hair over some heavily discounted sneakers.

Keywords: company, instagram, ad, ni, kaiwei

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‘It Can’t Be True’ – Inside the Semiconductor Industry’s Meltdown

Summary: At Black Hat USA, a major cybersecurity conference in Las Vegas, in August 2016 a team from Graz Technical University presented their research from earlier in the year on a way to prevent attacks against the kernel memory of Intel chips.

Keywords: intel, researchers, graz, team, fogh

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Western Digital My Cloud drives have a built-in backdoor

Summary: Specially crafted HTML image and iFrame tags can be used on websites to make requests to devices on a local network using predictable host names.

Keywords: cloud, western, digital, access, network

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Bitcoin is teaching libertarians everything they don’t know about economics

Summary: If you listen to bitcoin’s biggest backers, it’s supposed to be our gleaming future, one where we can make money just by holding it, move it anywhere in the world for free, and no longer have to depend on banks or governments to do the right thing.

Keywords: bitcoin, money, system, thing, trust

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The Intel 80x86 Process Architecture: Pitfalls for Secure Systems (1995) [pdf]

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Vixen: A PV-in-HVM shim

Summary: Xen Project is a trademark of The Linux Foundation.

Keywords: linux, foundation, project, trademark, xen

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