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A letter about Google AMP

Summary: Entendemos el problema de que las páginas Web sean lentas para cargarse, en comparación a otras tecnologías propietarias como Facebook Instant Articles y Apple News.

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Meltdown Proof-of-Concept

Summary: Meltdown by Lipp, Schwarz, Gruss, Prescher, Haas, Mangard, Kocher, Genkin, Yarom, and Hamburg

Keywords: physical, demo, memory, run, meltdown

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The day I accidentally killed a little boy

Summary: I could be in the middle of a conversation, washing the dishes, or doing the grocery shopping, and all of a sudden I would be visualising this child flying through the air after I hit him, or a puddle of blood on the road - horrible images.

Keywords: people, brian, accident, thought, day

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Legends of the Ancient Web (2017)

Summary: So-called “radio waves” are invisible, transmit energy, easily penetrate matter, including stone walls and human bodies, and can be heard hundreds or even thousands of kilometers away if you prepare the right occult configuration of metal wires.

Keywords: radio, people, time, technology, war

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Browserling goes viral with cheap phone users trying to use WhatsApp

Summary: It turns out users in India can’t easily make online USD purchases with credit or debit cards as it requires a special bank permission.

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James Dolan, co-creator of SecureDrop, has died

Summary: In January 2013, Aaron Swartz himself committed suicide as the US government was attempting to prosecute him for violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act related to allegedly copying academic articles from JSTOR.

Keywords: securedrop, james, project, security, fpf

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Building for the Blockchain

Summary: We spoke to Ben Yu of Stream , who described this as a new opportunity for developers: “There is extremely low-hanging fruit in making the field more accessible, and a lot of technical infrastructure needs to be built up to bring blockchain from 1994, in internet terms, to 2017.”

Keywords: blockchain, developers, ethereum, paradigm, protocol

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Intel CEO’s Stock Sales May Warrant SEC Examination

Summary: Intel Corp. Chief Executive Officer Brian Krzanich’s sale of a chunk of company stock in the fourth quarter of last year has prompted questions about the transaction’s timing because it happened after the discovery that modern processors are vulnerable to hackers.

Keywords: shares, intel, sale, plan, krzanich

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What Spectre and Meltdown Mean for WebKit

Summary: In order to make this class’s type checks sound under Spectre, we can simply move Foo’s fields out into a data struct pointed to by a uniquely poisoned pointer:

Keywords: spectre, webkit, meltdown, security, javascript

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Apple’s privacy feature costs ad companies millions

Summary: Internet advertising firms are losing hundreds of millions of dollars following the introduction of a new privacy feature from Apple that prevents users from being tracked around the web.

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Introduction to reverse engineering and assembly

Summary: All that being said, the satisfaction you get when you finish reverse engineering some piece of code, when you finally understand how it works and can reproduce its functionality with open source software of your own, cannot be described with words.

Keywords: function, instruction, code, eax, address

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Birth Order Effects Exist and Are Strong

Summary: And some of the seminal work disproving birth order was done by Judith Rich Harris, an intellectual hero of mine who profoundly shaped my worldview with her book The Nurture Assumption .

Keywords: order, birth, people, children, effect

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Tim Sweeney on the First Version of the Unreal Editor

Summary: So, the very first thing I did when I started building the Unreal Editor was creating a black background with the blue / red on it – copying Maya – and I wrote a line drawing routine and had 3D wireframe outlines for all the objects going around.

Keywords: unreal, game, tools, editor, time

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Ftfy – fix Unicode that’s broken in various ways

Summary: Paste in some unicode text that appears to be broken and this tool will use the ftfy Python library to try and fix it.

Keywords: ftfy, appears, fix, library, tool

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Speech and Language Processing, 3rd ed. draft (2017)

Summary: ]6: Naive Bayes Classification and Sentiment NB [ pptx ] [ pdf ] Sentiment [ pptx ] [ pdf ] [new in this edition]7: Logistic Regression 8: Neural Nets and Neural Language Models 9: Hidden Markov Models [Ch.

Keywords: ed, ch, pdf, pptx, edition

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How JavaScript works: an overview of the engine, runtime and call stack (2017)

Summary: SessionStack records everything in your web apps: all DOM changes, user interactions, JavaScript exceptions, stack traces, failed network requests, and debug messages.

Keywords: stack, javascript, call, code, engine

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Toapi – Let any web site provide APIs

Summary: While lightweight and easy to use, Flask’s built-in server is not suitable for production as it doesn’t scale well and by default serves only one request at a time.

Keywords: app, toapi, flask, running, deploy

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Introducing the new SourceForge

Summary: One of SourceForge’s main strengths has always been our ability to empower open source software developers to reach a huge amount of potential users through our powerful discovery and distribution capabilities.

Keywords: sourceforge, project, source, open, github

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Slack is down

Summary: We’re extremely sorry for the disruption to your workday and will be conducting a thorough postmortem to understand and prevent this from happening in the future.

Keywords: workspaces, connectivity, issues, clear, news

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What it’s like to be on the board of a Fortune 500 company

Summary: After each board meeting, we’ll have an executive session where we have a chance to tell the chairman or chairwoman about topics we didn’t address today that were on our mind.

Keywords: board, ceo, company, meeting, ll

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A Cryptocurrency Website Changes Its Data, and $100B in Market Value Vanishes

Summary: A website called on Monday removed data from some South Korean exchanges from its price quotes for a range of virtual currencies including bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple’s XRP.

Keywords: website, south, price, quotes, cryptocurrencies

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Tesla’s New York Gigafactory Kicks Off Solar Roof Production

Summary: Manufacturing of the photovoltaic glass tiles began last month at a factory in Buffalo built with backing from New York State, the company said in an email Tuesday.

Keywords: tesla, solar, shingles, roof, bromley

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A Vast, 430-Year-Old World Map

Summary: Once assembled, the map shows a lush, highly personalized take on the world, with a surprisingly large collection of real and fantasy beasts carousing and cavorting on land and sea.

Keywords: world, map, monte, rumsey, time

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Microsoft disables Windows Update when Meltdown/Spectre registry key isn’t set

Summary: Except they aren’t setting the registry key for compatibility — almost all of them claim because they don’t want to risk blue screening a system, in case the customer also has other antivirus software installed.

Keywords: antivirus, security, vendors, key, registry

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Kodak shares up as it announces KODAKCoin cryptocurrency

Summary: WENN Digital’s live operational copyright infringement management system is delivering revenues to photographers worldwide today and will form Phase 1 of the KODAKOne platform.

Keywords: kodak, photographers, platform, kodakone, digital

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TempleOS creator Terry Davis is homeless and living in a van

Summary: tl;dr : deeply delusional STEMsperg and former redditeur who blames black CIA agents for all his problems is living on the streets and being egged on by a bunch of 4channers.

Keywords: drama, terry, god, set, mental

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How the Scripto App Became a Fixture of Late-Night Comedy News

Summary: He had joined the staff at the suggestion of the tech writer and software consultant Paul Ford— like Foster , an occasional contributor to The New Yorker —who had recently responded to a vague Reddit listing: “ ‘The Colbert Report’ is looking for programmers.”

Keywords: scripto, show, foster, colbert, tabs

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Xerox Alto’s 3 Mb/s Ethernet: Building a Gateway with a BeagleBone

Summary: The next problem was that when I used Copydisk to copy a disk pack from the Alto to the BeagleBone, a dropped packet caused the network to lock up after a couple minutes.

Keywords: alto, ethernet, network, board, beaglebone

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WPA3 Wifi Security Protocol Announced

Summary: Two of the features will deliver robust protections even when users choose passwords that fall short of typical complexity recommendations, and will simplify the process of configuring security for devices that have limited or no display interface.

Keywords: security, alliance, certified, protections, devices

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Intel CEO: Patches will come to 90% of chips in the next week

Summary: — Ferrari North America will be using Intel’s Xeon processors and the neonTM framework to transcode, identify objects and events, and stream the experience to fans, and provide additional stats around that.

Keywords: intel, industry, security, company, chip

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When Does Work Actually Get Done?

Summary: We analyzed data from Priceonomics customer Redbooth , a project management software company, to see when people were actually creating and completing their work tasks.

Keywords: tasks, work, day, week, complete

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Introducing the new Google Search Console

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Rubbish (2002)

Summary: We stack the crate beside a pair of white children’s socks, a broken pen, the stub of an Excalibur 1066 cigar, burnt toast, a freezer bag of date bars, orange peel, coffee grounds, a cork, an empty film canister(no weed–we checked), eggshells, Q tips, tissue paper and copious quantities of goo.

Keywords: trash, police, garbage, chief, privacy

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Show HN: Hooks Data API – Realtime Data about Thousands of Topics Over Webhooks

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Confidential metrics for Snapchat features

Summary: Perhaps in an effort to combat these low numbers, it was recently reported that Snapchat has hired Rahul Chopra, former senior vice president and global head of video at News Corp, to potentially launch a new product called “Stories Everywhere.”

Keywords: snapchat, users, app, discover, company

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CPUs: information leak using speculative execution (2017)

Summary: WRITEUP 59.9 KB ViewDownload writeup_files.tar 130 KB Download

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Study suggests sugar alternative contributing to C. diff epidemic

Summary: But it might surprise you to learn that, over the past 15 years or so, some makers of ice cream and many other processed foods—from pasta to ground beef products—have changed their recipes to swap out some of the table sugar (sucrose) with a sweetening/texturizing ingredient called trehalose that depresses the freezing point of food.

Keywords: trehalose, diff, strains, britton, study

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Git Exercises

Summary: Made with for git by Wojciech Frącz and Jacek Dajda at AGH University of Science and Technology

Keywords: technology, made, dajda, wojciech, git

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An array of eight SN76489 sound chips playable via USB MIDI

Summary: This is an array of eight SN76489 sound chips playable via USB MIDI, for a total of 32 hardware channels.

Keywords: channel, midi, chip, semitones, channels

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China wants an orderly exit from Bitcoin mining

Summary: A growing number of private owners of hydropower plants in the two regions have begun to operate mining machines themselves as the price of bitcoin has surged, Du Jun, founder of Node Capital, a Beijing-based venture-capital firm focusing on the blockchain industry, told Quartz prior to news of the latest crackdown.

Keywords: mining, bitcoin, document, local, miners

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SpaceX payload code-named Zuma failed to reach orbit after Sunday launch

Summary: ET An expensive, highly classified U.S. spy satellite is presumed to be a total loss after it failed to reach orbit atop a Space Exploration Technologies Corp. rocket on Sunday, according to industry and government officials.

Keywords: officials, satellite, mission, believed, spy

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Improving URLs for AMP Pages

Summary: We embarked on a multi-month long effort, and today we finally feel confident that we found a solution: As recommended by the W3C TAG , we intend to implement a new version of AMP Cache serving based on the emerging Web Packaging standard .

Keywords: amp, web, google, urls, pages

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SpaceX says its rocket performed exactly as intended in Zuma launch

Summary: It sounds like the information gap that exists by necessity around this launch because of its classified nature is causing issues with accurately determining the ultimate status of the Zuma payload, and what might have occurred after SpaceX was forced to cease reporting mission progress because of the terms of the contract.

Keywords: statement, spacex, payload, launch, stage

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Rails and Revenue: Building a Screencast Business

Summary: I subscribe to several mailing lists, like Ramit Sethi’s, simply to watch the content and learn how his style of email marketing turns into millions of dollars in revenue for them.

Keywords: gorails, rails, content, customers, courses

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Facebook Dives into Home Device Market with Video Chat Product Named “Portal”

Summary: The Broad Impact of Intel’s Chip Issues

Keywords: cannabis, liam, neeson, intel, impact

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Breezy: Forking Bazaar

Summary: For the moment, we are using the Bazaar mailing list and the #bzr IRC channel for any discussions and status updates around Breezy.

Keywords: bazaar, breezy, plugins, fork, bundling

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Network Effects Manual

Summary: Roads, trains, electricity, sewage, natural gas, cable and broadband internet are examples of businesses with physical direct network effects.

Keywords: network, nfx, effects, data, people

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Show HN: – a fake data modeler

Summary: generating mock application data in test environments validating the usefulness of statistical techniques creating synthetic datasets for performance tuning databases

Keywords: jan, initial, import, json, data

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Capsule Network tutorial with clean readable code in Pytorch

Summary: New pull request Latest commit ef447da Dec 27, 2017 higgsfieldfc

Keywords: dec, capsule, latest, commit, blog

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Why Leaf Shutter Lenses Matter (2013)

Summary: Capturing a sharp action photo of a model’s blowing hair, a twirling wedding dress, or water droplets will be more difficult to obtain outside of a studio environment due to the ambient light.

Keywords: shutter, leaf, power, lens, flash

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“Upvote If [Coinbase] Wire Withdrawal Still Missing”

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NOAA kicks off 2018 with massive supercomputer upgrade

Summary: “Having more computing speed and capacity positions us to collect and process even more data from our newest satellites — GOES-East, NOAA-20 and GOES-S — to meet the growing information and decision-support needs of our emergency management partners, the weather industry and the public.”

Keywords: weather, noaa, models, forecasts, upgrade

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Julian Assange’s stay in London embassy untenable, says Ecuador

Summary: WikiLeaks’ publications have included hundreds of thousands of US army war logs and state department diplomatic cables and more recently emails from the Democratic National Committee during the run-up to the 2016 US presidential election.

Keywords: assange, embassy, wikileaks, arrest, united

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Jamie Dimon: I ‘Regret’ Calling Bitcoin a Fraud

Summary: In an interview with Fox Business on Tuesday morning, Mr. Dimon said “I regret making” an earlier comment in which he said the digital currency was a fraud.

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Control-C handling in Python and Trio

Summary: We started out discussing the two basic strategies Python programs can use to handle control-C: the easy and mostly effective default of getting a KeyboardInterrupt raised at some arbitrary location, and the more difficult and fragile but also potentially safer option of installing a custom handler and then implementing some sort of hand-off chain to make sure that it promptly triggers some kind of clean shutdown logic.

Keywords: keyboardinterrupt, python, code, trio, signal

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