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Signal partners with Microsoft to bring end-to-end encryption to Skype

Summary: We’re going to continue our efforts to advance the state of the art for frictionless private communication, in our own app and in others.

Keywords: signal, private, skype, protocol, microsoft

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Protecting Google Cloud customers without impacting performance

Summary: But as we disclosed last week, Project Zero discovered techniques that can circumvent these protections in some cases, allowing one application to read the private memory of another, potentially exposing sensitive information.

Keywords: cloud, google, vulnerabilities, performance, infrastructure

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Dropbox Files Confidentially for U.S. IPO

Summary: A share sale by San Francisco-based Dropbox, one of a closely watched group of high-profile private tech companies with multibillion-dollar valuations, would follow Snap Inc.’s disappointing step into the public markets.

Keywords: dropbox, company, people, ipo, public

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YC Bio

Summary: The first area we’re going to focus on is healthspan and age-related disease—we think there’s an enormous opportunity to help people live healthier for longer, and that it could be one of the best ways to address our healthcare crisis.

Keywords: companies, yc, bio, ll, ve

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House Votes to Renew Surveillance Law, Rejecting New Privacy Limits

Summary: President Trump posted his tweet shortly after a Fox News legal analyst appealed directly to him during a Thursday morning segment about the upcoming House vote.Credit Tom Brenner/The New York Times Representative Justin Amash, the Republican of Michigan who sponsored the privacy measures, expressed disappointment but vowed to keep fighting.

Keywords: house, surveillance, intelligence, bill, privacy

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Pineapple Fund Offers $4M Matching Grant to MAPS for MDMA Research

Summary: Cryptocurrency philanthropist hopes to inspire others to complete funding for Phase 3 clinical trials of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD CONTACT: Brad Burge, Director of Strategic Communications, MAPSThis email address is being protected from spambots.

Keywords: maps, trials, million, cryptocurrency, phase

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Stellar Protocol: A Federated Model for Internet-Level Consensus (2016) [pdf]

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Buried Ice Water Discovered on Mars

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GitHub down

Summary: Encourage teams to work together while limiting access to those who need it with granular permissions and authentication through SAML/SSO and LDAP.

Keywords: github, maintainer, work, security, signed

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Spectre and the end of langsec

Summary: Spectre shows us that the building blocks provided to us by Intel, ARM, and all the rest are no longer “small parts understood entirely”; that instead now we have to do “basic science” on our CPUs and memory hierarchies to know what they do.

Keywords: language, spectre, semantics, work, approach

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MoneyGram Signs Deal to Work with Currency Startup Ripple

Summary: ET MoneyGram International Inc. signed on to run a pilot program testing XRP, a digital currency created by San Francisco startup Ripple, in its payments network, the companies said Thursday.

Keywords: moneygram, ripple, xrp, currency, companies

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The Brutal Lifecycle of JavaScript Frameworks

Summary: Thousands of developers adopt it into their new projects, blog posts are written, Stack Overflow questions are asked and answered, and then a newer (and even more revolutionary) framework pops up to usurp the throne.

Keywords: frameworks, developers, framework, angular, react

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‘Hypatia’ Stone Contains Compounds Not Found in the Solar System

Summary: “Even more unusual, the matrix contains a high amount of very specific carbon compounds, called polyaromatic hydrocarbons, or PAH, a major component of interstellar dust, which existed even before our solar system was formed,” says Kramers.

Keywords: hypatia, stone, solar, rock, system

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South Korea justice ministry prepares to ban cryptocurrency trading

Summary: South Korean financial authorities had previously said they are inspecting six local banks that offer virtual currency accounts to institutions, amid concerns the increasing use of such assets could lead to a surge in crime.

Keywords: virtual, south, korea, trading, exchanges

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What the Four Color Theorem Can Teach Us About Writing Software

Summary: My main takeaway from this exercise has been that a good way to manage the complexity of a codebase is to use objects that present an API on top of a group of others.

Keywords: graph, colors, complexity, color, nodes

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Chinese Workers Abandon Silicon Valley for Riches Back Home

Summary: His bet paid off: his popular English teaching app Liulishuo or LingoChamp raised $100 million in July, putting him in the growing ranks of successful Silicon Valley alumni lured back to China by the promise of a brighter future.

Keywords: chinese, china, valley, home, engineers

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Cory Doctorow: Persuasion, Adaptation, and the Arms Race for Your Attention

Summary: Not everyone has this reaction, of course: people in the fifth or sixth sigma of slot-machine susceptibility go out and buy adult diapers and gloves to prevent blisters, mortgage their houses, raid their kids’ college funds, and hock their mothers’ wedding rings.

Keywords: zynga, farmville, paperclips, slots, attentional

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Writing a C Compiler, Part 5

Summary: That means the behavior here is undefined, so you can technically handle this however you want – fail, continue silently, issue a HALT AND CATCH FIRE instruction.

Keywords: variable, stack, function, return, statement

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How Neglecting Minorities in Medical Research Has Led to Deadly Outcomes

Summary: In contrast, African-American, Latino, Pacific Islander and Native American minority groups are often left out due to a lack of insurance, the absence of a physician with knowledge of such studies, and inaccessibility to major research facilities, such as Stanford, Sloan Kettering, MD Anderson, or the Mayo Clinic.

Keywords: research, medical, percent, clinical, minorities

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Turning brain signals into useful information

Summary: And although computational neuroscientists can piggyback on broader advances in the field of machine learning, from facial recognition to autonomous cars, the noisiness of neural data presents a particular challenge.

Keywords: brain, neural, data, algorithms, speech

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Attack of the Week: Group Messaging in WhatsApp and Signal

Summary: If all you want is the TL;DR, here’s the headline finding: due to flaws in both Signal and WhatsApp (which I single out because I use them), it’s theoretically possible forstrangers to add themselves to an encrypted group chat.

Keywords: group, signal, whatsapp, member, add

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Filecoin 2017 Q4 Update

Summary: While the Filecoin Sale was the first use of that framework, we formally launched the SAFT Project in October - a collaboration between Protocol Labs, Cooley, and many other token creators, legal experts, and investors.

Keywords: filecoin, ipfs, team, community, protocol

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The Google Brain Team – Looking Back on 2017

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Elizabeth Warren’s bill would fine the next Equifax for data breach

Summary: If passed into law, the bill would give the US Federal Trade Commission the authority to inspect the companies that collect vast amounts of financial data on consumers to make sure they’re protecting that information.

Keywords: data, bill, equifax, credit, breach

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Show HN: TensorFlow-Resources – Organized and Useful Resources about TensorFlow

Summary: A deep learning is of great interest these days, the crucial necessity for rapid and optimized implementation of the algorithms and designing architectures is the software environment.

Keywords: tensorflow, resources, request, project, pull

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Making tab switching faster in Firefox with tab warming

Summary: For many cases, I don’t actually think tab warming will be very noticeable; in my experience, we’re able to render and upload the layers 2 for most sites quickly enough for the difference to be negligible.

Keywords: tab, warming, switch, firefox, layers

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The problem of game developers receiving abusive messages

Summary: Secondly most indies don’t make mass market games that appeal to the broadest cross section of players, and that include every feature under the sun.

Keywords: abuse, people, game, games, developers

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Huawei’s CEO going off-script to rage at US carriers was the best speech of CES

Summary: Richard Yu, the CEO of Huawei’s consumer products division, just spent a solid hour mumbling his way through an awkwardly scripted presentation of the Mate 10 Pro for the US market.

Keywords: huawei, yu, carriers, big, carrier

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Samsung is the latest OEM to unlock FM chips in new phones

Summary: In the wake of Hurricane Harvey,Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai issued a public statement calling on the wireless industry to activate these dormant FM chips to assist in emergency situations.

Keywords: fm, chips, samsung, headphones, radio

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Google managers kept blacklists of conservative employees

Summary: Whether expressing anti-diversity sentiments at a workplace is a protected “conservative viewpoint” or, rather, a form of bigotry that actually creates a hostile environment is at the heart of the case – and it reflects a broader debate gripping the country under the divisive presidency of Donald Trump.

Keywords: lawsuit, google, employees, conservative, conservatives

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Teslasuit – full body haptic VR suit

Summary: 14 Motion capture sensors On-board data processing Offline animation recording Compatible with MotionBuilder, Unreal Engine, Unity 3D The suit’s climate control system provides the user with extra realistic immersive sensations.

Keywords: system, motion, sensations, capture, haptic

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Post-mortem of this weekend’s NPM incident

Summary: Working with Smyte , we have developed systems to analyze package contents as they are published, as well as flag users with problematic posting habits or associations with previously detected spam.

Keywords: packages, package, spam, npm, user

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Unskilled and Unaware of It (1999) [pdf]

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Update Regarding ACME TLS-SNI and Shared Hosting Infrastructure

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Two suns? No, it’s a supernova drawn 6,000 years ago, say scientists

Summary: According to a study published in the Indian Journal of History of Science, the Kashmir rock drawings may be the oldest depiction of a supernova, the final explosion of a dying star, ever discovered.

Keywords: supernova, vahia, kashmir, sky, oldest

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A simple makefile is a unicorn

Summary: As an example of a slightly more advanced feature, cross compilation is not supported at all.These are all things you can add to this supposedly super simple Makefile, but the result will be a multi-hundred (thousand?)

Keywords: simple, build, makefile, support, objs

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Detecting Spectre and Meltdown Using Hardware Performance Counters

Summary: Given the impact and technical challenge inherent within these vulnerabilities, we quickly dove into the details to investigate potential detection and prevention strategies to ensure the Endgame product is robust against these new kinds of hardware attacks.

Keywords: branch, cache, spectre, attack, attacks

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Two genes in Chromosomes 13 and 14, linked to Homosexuality

Summary: Alan R. Sanders 1 , 2 , Gary W. Beecham 3 , Shengru Guo 3 , Khytam Dawood 4 , Gerulf Rieger 5 , Judith A. Badner 6 , Elliot S. Gershon 2 , Ritesha S. Krishnappa 7 , Alana B. Kolundzija 8 , Jubao Duan 1 , 2 , MGS Collaboration , Pablo V. Gejman 1 , 2 , J. Michael Bailey 9 & Eden R. Martin 3

Keywords: sexual, orientation, male, association, men

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Millennials Strike Back: An Esoteric Reading of the Last Jedi

Summary: The original Star Wars films (Episodes IV-VI) celebrated the revolutions of the 1960s and 1970s, which the boomers believed had led to a more peaceful, enlightened, and improved universe.

Keywords: boomers, jedi, kylo, order, luke

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Simcoin – A Docker-Based Blockchain Simulation Framework

Summary: Blocks and transactions are created by sending respective commands over RPC to the nodes according to a pre-configured simulation scenario.

Keywords: simulation, host, check, make, dec

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Using Yelp Data to Predict Restaurant Closure

Summary: The most challenging part of this project was to build the right dataset that contained current information about restaurants that existed at some point in the past and to engineer predictive features.

Keywords: restaurants, restaurant, yelp, model, open

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Uber’s Secret Tool for Keeping the Cops in the Dark

Summary: When the call came in, staffers quickly remotely logged off every computer in the Montreal office, making it practically impossible for the authorities to retrieve the company records they’d obtained a warrant to collect.

Keywords: uber, ripley, people, offices, police

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Neural Style Transfer for Musical Melodies

Summary: In the absence of pre-trained models capable of successfully learning features to distinguish between pitch progressions and rhythms of monophonic melodies, we first introduce an extremely simple approach to style transfer for music.

Keywords: style, music, pitch, transfer, duration

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Peter Thiel submits bid for Gawker

Summary: NEW YORK (Reuters) - Venture capitalist Peter Thiel has made an offer for Gawker, hoping to overcome legal hurdles and rival bidders for the online news site the billionaire helped shutter by funding litigation against it, people familiar with the matter said on Thursday.

Keywords: thiel, gawker, site, bid, court

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States Push Back After Net Neutrality Repeal

Summary: State Representative Norma Smith, a Republican who introduced the other bill in Washington, said net neutrality was an important safeguard for small businesses that might not be able to pay internet service companies for fast speeds.

Keywords: state, net, neutrality, states, internet

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OpenSSL wins the Levchin prize

Summary: Today I have had great pleasure in attending the Real World Crypto 2018 conference in Zürich in order to receive the Levchin prize on behalf of the OpenSSL team.

Keywords: team, community, prize, openssl, real

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The Making of Apple’s Emoji

Summary: In other words, I sat next to one of the best iconographers, got to pick his brain until I could kick off my training wheels, all the while exchanging stories of our time growing up in South Florida including our trips to ‘Pollo Tropical’ in the search of amazing plantains.

Keywords: emoji, raymond, design, apple, friendship

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Why dolphins are deep thinkers (2003)

Summary: Another dolphin mimicked the scraping of the pool’s observation window by a diver, even copying the sound of the air-demand valve of the scuba gear while releasing a stream of bubbles from his blowhole.

Keywords: dolphins, dolphin, fish, bottlenose, humans

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SAFE Network: a decentralized data storage and communications network

Summary: Rather than using data centers and servers which are prone to data theft and surveillance, the SAFE Network uses advanced peer-to-peer technology that joins together the spare computing capacity of all SAFE users, creating a global network.

Keywords: safe, network, users, apps, computing

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Learning Tree-Based Deep Model for Recommender Systems

Summary: Meanwhile, finding candidates from the entire corpus brings more novelty than content-based approaches like item-based collaborative filtering.Moreover, in this paper, we show that the tree structure can also act to refine user interests distribution, to benefit both training and prediction.

Keywords: tree, user, interests, based, model

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Études for Elixir

Summary: sorted by: RelevanceAuthor(s)Title returning 5102050100 values at a time.

Keywords: title, sorted, returning, relevanceauthor, values

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Does Brexit end not with a bang but a whimper?

Summary: The fact that the Brexiters will still be agitating for a more pronounced break from Europe will be one reason why the UK will stiff suffer in economic terms (albeit much less than with No Deal), and this will be increased if we are no longer in the Single Market for services.

Keywords: uk, deal, eu, brexit, brexiters

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Poverty, segregation persist in U.S. schools, report says

Summary: WASHINGTON — Too often, low-income, black and Latino students end up in schools with crumbling walls, old textbooks and unqualified teachers, according to a report released Thursday by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.

Keywords: schools, funding, education, districts, money

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YouTube Drops Online Star Logan Paul from Premium Advertising

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Why the Job Search Sucks

Summary: Having my time wasted is one of my chief pet peeves and it’s an unavoidable part of the job search…falling in love with a product and/or company only to later be rejected, dismissed, and ignored is a soul-crushing exercise, one that we subject ourselves to because we quite literally don’t have a choice.

Keywords: time, people, companies, experience, job

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Takeaways from KotlinConf 2017

Summary: Excitement for Kotlin in our office has never been higher than in November when the Android engineering team packed our bags and headed out west to San Francisco to catch KotlinConf , the first conference dedicated to the language.

Keywords: kotlin, android, java, sea, developers

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Bitcoin is no long the only game in crypto-currency town

Summary: Kodak, the archetypal victim of digital disruption, wants to jump on the crypto-wagon: on January 9th it announced that it will launch a coin to allow photographers to charge for their works.

Keywords: bitcoin, coin, capitalisation, ripple, called

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HodlFeed – a Cryptocurrency Newsfeed

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Inmates can no longer receive book donations. They have to buy them

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FBI Hacker Says Apple Are ‘Jerks’ and ‘Evil Geniuses’ for Encrypting iPhones

Summary: On Wednesday, at the the International Conference on Cyber Security in Manhattan, FBI forensic expert Stephen Flatley lashed out at Apple, calling the company “jerks,” and “evil geniuses” for making his and his colleagues’ investigative work harder.

Keywords: apple, flatley, fbi, harder, cellebrite

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Rousseau: Meditations of a Solitary Walker (2016)

Summary: Photograph: [Public Domain] Wikimedia Commons Rousseau laments the scorn and criticism that has been lavished upon him, which has led him to seek refuge far away from the vagaries of civilization and return, as far as is possible at least, to the life harking back to the “noble savage”, the idealized conceptual state of uncivilized man, symbolizing innate goodness, uncorrupted by the ways of the world.

Keywords: life, rousseau, time, world, walk

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Show HN: Making a bike route of every road in Atlanta

Summary: Several years ago, Concrete Jungle had a small project with the US Forest Service to survey the fruit trees growing in several low-income Atlanta neighborhoods: West End, Castleberry Hill, English Ave, Vine City, and Mechanicsville.

Keywords: road, atlanta, node, nodes, problem

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William James and the philosophy of pragmatism

Summary: Delivering the two-volume manuscript of The Principles of Psychology to his impatient publisher, James attached a note, which read, “No one could be more disgusted than I at the sight of the book.” Fellow academics quickly recognized a monumental work that combined laboratory research with introspective insights.

Keywords: james, psychology, life, pragmatism, william

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Cierge – passwordless authentication

Summary: This ensures users can’t use unverified emails, and makes it hard for an intruder to completely take ownership of an account.

Keywords: cierge, password, email, logins, user

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