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An Experimental Course on Operating Systems

Summary: If you don’t have a machine that runs Linux, we recommend installing Ubuntu LTS or Fedora on a secondary partition.

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Tea if by sea, cha if by land: Why the world only has two words for tea

Summary: The map demonstrates two different eras of globalization in action: the millenia-old overland spread of goods and ideas westward from ancient China, and the 400-year-old influence of Asian culture on the seafaring Europeans of the age of exploration.

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New DHS policy on demands for passwords to travelers’ electronic devices

Summary: If you intend to post some of your photos or descriptions of events on social media, your documents and digital materials are covered by the Privacy Protection Act — but only if the officers conducting the search or seizure know that the device contains privileged information.

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Harvard Study Shows Why Big Telecom Is Terrified of Community-Run Broadband

Summary: For those outraged by the Trump administration’s attempt to kill net neutrality (and soon all remaining oversight of the nation’s entrenched monopolies) building or supporting local broadband networks is one practical avenue for retaliation.

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Facebook Overhauls News Feed to Focus on What Friends and Family Share

Summary: The social network wants to reduce what Mr. Zuckerberg called “passive content” — videos and articles that ask little more of the viewer than to sit back and watch or read — so that users’ time on the site was well spent.

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Mothers who regret having children are speaking out

Summary: Discussing maternal regret raises ethical dilemmas but is necessary, says Andrea O’Reilly, a professor at York University’s School of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies and the author of 18 books on motherhood: “I understand the protection of children, but if you completely enforce that you have no mother voices telling their story, and you don’t want that either.”

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Dogecoin’s inventor looks to the past for insight into the future

Summary: Despite these events, huge sums of venture capital continued to pour into fresh cryptocurrency companies backed only by buzzword-laden websites and lacking any discernible business model .

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Advice for First Time Founders

Summary: I remember clearly a large, famous fund saying “maybe we want to do the whole round” – I immediately emailed our YC partners and said “we can stop fundraising, we’ve found our lead!” They quickly reminded me that unless you have a termsheet, the deal isn’t remotely done.

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Intel Security Issue Update: Addressing Reboot Issues

Summary: Navin Shenoy is executive vice president and general manager of the Data Center Group at Intel Corporation.

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Things you must know before you can understand Meltdown as a developer

Summary: Instead of accessing single-byte (probe[c]), meltdown multiples the memory addresses by 4096 to make sure that the code accessess a specific cache line.

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MacBook Pro? No

Summary: I don’t expect a Matias Tactile Pro, but I could do with a Magic Keyboard and I’ll take the extra thickness in return for a usable primary input method.

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Social Media: Making Us Dumber?

Summary: The neo-Nazi Daily Stormer website ran an article headlined, in part, “Harvard Jew Professor Admits the Alt-Right Is Right About Everything.” A tweet of the video published by the self-described “Right-Wing Rabble-Rouser” Alex Witoslawski got hundreds of retweets, including one from the white-nationalist leader Richard Spencer.

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DNSFS – Store files in others’ DNS resolver caches

Summary: As much as I like FUSE I found that due to modern assumptions of desktop linux it’s impractical to use it for high latency backends, which DNSFS would be since its data rate is very low (but still faster than a floppy disk!).

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One model to learn them all

Summary: The encoder, mixer and decoder are structurally similar to previous fully convolutional sequence models, but use different computational blocks.

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How Oprah Winfrey Helped Create Our Irrational, Pseudoscientific Fantasyland

Summary: The various fantasies she has promoted on all her media platforms—her daily TV show with its 12 million devoted viewers, her magazine, her website, her cable channel—aren’t as dangerous as Donald Trump’s mainstreaming of false conspiracy theories, but for three decades she has had a major role in encouraging Americans to abandon reason and science in favor of the wishful and imaginary.

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Firefox bullshit removal

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How to Think Like a Medieval Monk (2017)

Summary: Pioneers of hydraulic engineering and large-scale agriculture, the white monks described their spiritual transformation in just the same way, creating fertile fields in the garden of their souls, plucking out vices like weeds and watering their flowering virtues with tears of grace.

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How to sleep a million years (2013)

Summary: In fact, fluxcapacitor is intended for similar scenarios - to make network protocol tests run faster.

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Online shopping in Africa doesn’t work because of shipping and billing forms

Summary: It turns out the reason why a click on users’ web browser doesn’t exactly translate into an actual sale is really simple — the shipping and billing information form.

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Show HN: Bato – A Filipino Programming Language

Summary: Kung mayroon kang ekspresyon na gusto mong masunod kahit ano pa ang kahihinatnan nito, gumamit ng mga sumusunod

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Rat poison from pot farms is poisoning owls, study finds

Summary: Former Press Secretary Sean Spicer said that there would be greater enforcement of federal marijuana laws by the Justice Department, helmed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions (shown here).

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Wood gas vehicles: firewood in the fuel tank

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Why is the ocean salty?

Summary: By some estimates, if the salt in the ocean could be removed and spread evenly over the Earth’s land surface it would form a layer more than 500 feet thick, about the height of a 40-story office building.

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A Security Issue in Intel’s Active Management Technology

Summary: AMT is Intel’s proprietary solution for remote access monitoring and maintenance of corporate-grade personal computers, created to allow IT departments or managed service providers to better control their device fleets.

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How to Interview Entry Level Software Engineers

Summary: The ability to think through a problem logically A solid understanding of basic imperative programming and data structures in some language (primitives, arrays, hash tables, loops, if statements)

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H3: A Hexagonal Hierarchical Geospatial Indexing System

Summary: Please open issues to discuss large features or changes which would break compatibility, before submitting pull requests.

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Kotlin: The Problem with null

Summary: Yes, it will help with the documentation and IDE inspections, not only with the Kotlin usage, but if you have a billion of public methods in a huge framework without any particular knowledge if a return value or an argument can be null … The situation becomes even worse with non-library and non-open source projects with deadlines and priorities.

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Visualizing Meltdown on AWS

Summary: While we noticed moderate bumps in CPU during the patch deploy window, roughly 4%, as shown in the first chart below, the impressive change was the drop in packet rates sent from our Kafka brokers.

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Fifty Years of Shannon Theory (1998) [pdf]

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Ex-Google Employee’s Memo Says Executives Shut Down Pro-Diversity Discussions

Summary: According to the document, Google’s executives and HR team discouraged conversations about diversity—even when those discussions were intended to help promote diversity and inclusion within the company—because, as one senior vice president put it, they fail to “support a wide variety of viewpoints.”

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A proof-of-concept system for counter-surveillance against spy drones

Summary: Rigging your house—or body—with blinking LEDs or smart film panels would ask a lot of the average drone-wary civilian, notes Peter Singer, an author and fellow at the New America Foundation who focuses on military and security technology.

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Real World Crypto 2018

Summary: Yasemin Acar (Leibniz University Hannover)

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‘The desire to have a child never goes away’: The Involuntarily Childless

Summary: Day has described some of them in her post, Fifty Ways Not to Be a Mother , “but I could easily go up to 100,” she says – the list includes “being single and unable to find a suitable relationship from your mid-30s onwards” and “having your ovaries damaged by chemotherapy”.

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The browser “Brave” loads major news sites 2x – 8x faster

Summary: Even if you have an unlimited mobile data plan or browse exclusively on desktop, you end up paying because your information and time have value (see how Brave guards both below).

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Create mixed reality models in PowerShell

Summary: .obj (as in object ) is the trusty old geometry definition format that nearly every 3D software can interpret, including Blender, Unity, and new Windows 10 built-in apps like Paint 3D and Mixed Reality Viewer.

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The Stress of Remote Working

Summary: To summarize, the main problem for me is to feel like a text processing machine, receiving mails, Jira tickets and chat messages as input and writing code as output, without the human interactions needed to make it more meaningful.

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Intel Security Issue Update: Initial Performance Data Results for Client Systems

Summary: To best ensure the security of our customers’ data, Intel is working hard with the industry to develop and distribute software and firmware mitigations for the exploit methods disclosed by Google Project Zero (also known as “Spectre” and “Meltdown”).

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Summary: These basic parts are combined into two main higher level structures, locks and balances, and suffice to create all necessary combinatorial and sequential logic required for a Turing-complete computational system.

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Mr. Amazon Steps Out

Summary: On Friday, Mr. Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie, made public their $33 million donation to a nonprofit that provides college scholarships to so-called Dreamers, young immigrants brought to the United States illegally as children.

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Why I’m suing Google

Summary: I wouldn’t want this suit to give people a bad opinion of Googlers, but, honestly, they brought this on themselves for tolerating the hatred, racism and misandry of a small but vocal and organized subgroup who want to use Google as a vehicle of social change rather than as a vehicle of delivering excellent service and products to their customers.

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IoT Sensors Monitor a 1,400-Kilometer Canal in China

Summary: Photo: Construction and Administration Bureau of South-to-North Water Diversion Middle Route Project The Smart Gateway transmits data from the individual sensors to one of the 47 regional branch servers, such as this control room in Yishui North, Hebei Province.

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Kraken down 24 hours on system upgrade

Summary: Investigating - We are currently experiencing delays with deposits for several crypto currencies, including XBT, ETH, LTC, XRP, XLM and ZEC.

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A Blue Sky in Beijing? It’s Not a Fluke, Says Greenpeace

Summary: “Local governments need to strengthen pollution controls to further cut emissions and make sure they reach their goals on air quality improvement,” the ministry was quoted as saying in China Daily .

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The Widow, the Bank, and the $8B Verdict

Summary: Jo Hopper is sitting in her lawyer’s office in North Dallas, slowly, calmly telling the story of how she believes the nation’s largest bank tried to take away her home and her possessions, and destroy the relationship she had with her stepchildren.

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The Death of a Civil Servant

Summary: Discussed: Cambridge Secret Societies, Complicated Smells, Boot Dealers, Poetry about Fairies, Freud’s Theory of the Uncanny, Virginia Woolf, Western Lordlings, Peter Pan, Flying Ships, Death-Proof Elves, Missionary Ladies, Trotting Knights, Murdering Beethoven, The League of Nations,The Antiquarian Revival, J. K. Rowling, Sexless Marriages

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Programming Notes for Professionals books

Summary: Entity Framework Notes for Professionals book

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