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Aaron, 5 years later

Summary: If we start seeing it as someone else’s responsibility to do this work and it’s our job just to go home and pop some popcorn and curl up on the couch to watch Transformers, well then next time, they might just win.

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India has a hole where its middle class should be

Summary: The great swell of middle-class jobs that China created as it became the workshop to the world is not to be found in India, because turning small businesses into productive large ones is made nigh-on impossible by bureaucracy.

Keywords: india, middle, indians, class, income

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What Really Happened with Vista: An Insider’s Retrospective

Summary: As if the competitive forces weren’t enough, this was also the time when armies of engineers and program managers spent countless hours, days, weeks, and months with representatives from the DOJ and corporate lawyers, documenting existing APIs from previous releases in order to comply with the government’s antitrust rulings.

Keywords: windows, release, team, years, security

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iOS 11 Security [pdf]

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Alert About Missile Bound for Hawaii Was Sent in Error, Officials Say

Summary: An electronic sign reading “Missile alert in error: There is no threat” on a highway in Hawaii.Credit Anthony Quintano/Civil Beat In Washington, Lindsay Walters, a deputy press secretary, said that President Trump had been informed of the events.

Keywords: alert, hawaii, missile, nuclear, people

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Meltdown patch reduces mkfile(8) throughput to less than 13 on OS X

Summary: Using large buffers to minimize the number of sys calls and presumably effectively eliminates the meltdown penalty shows the maximum throughput with APFS to be reduced by about 20% compared to before, to 1.6GBs.

Keywords: mkfile, sizes, meltdown, large, throughput

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Cloud companies consider Intel rivals after security flaws found

Summary: SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Some of Intel Corp’s ( INTC.O ) data center customers, whose thousands of computers run cloud networks, are exploring using microchips from the market leader’s rivals to build new infrastructure after the discovery of security flaws affecting most chips.

Keywords: intel, chips, arm, performance, cloud

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Microsoft cURLs too

Summary: Installing curl yourself on Windows still requires some skill and knowledge and on places like stackoverflow , there are many questions and users showing how it can be problematic.

Keywords: curl, windows, build, microsoft, support

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Decapitated Worms Regrow Heads, Keep Old Memories

Summary: When they remember this surface, they will rapidly approach a piece of liver to eat it, as opposed to spending much time circling around the dish to get the lay of the land,” Levin said.

Keywords: worms, heads, memories, memory, regrow

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Inside One of America’s Last Pencil Factories

Summary: Payne conveys the incidental beauty of functional machines: strange architectures of chains, conveyor belts, glue pots, metal discs and gears thick with generations of grease.

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Vitamins for convicts could save taxpayers’ money

Summary: It would save significant money on health care expenses, thereby making the taxpayers happy to spend the 15 cents per day it would cost to provide each inmate with a multivitamin each meal .

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Deep image reconstruction from human brain activity [pdf]

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As labor pool shrinks, prison time is less of a hiring hurdle

Summary: Amy Glaser, a senior vice president for Adecco, a staffing firm, said that especially during the recent holiday season, there was a surge in demand for warehouse workers, creating opportunities for people who might have struggled to find work earlier in the economic recovery.

Keywords: workers, labor, people, unemployment, forseth

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Making a cross-platform mobile game in Reason/OCaml

Summary: Getting there required lots of fiddling with cross-compilers and build systems, and so I made a tool that will take away much of the pain involved, so you can get started immediately and get your game into the world.

Keywords: run, npm, build, android, ios

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S80186: 16-bit 80186 compatible IP core

Summary: There are a wide range of development tools available including OpenWatcom, GCC and NASM, and the core can run existing operating systems such as MS-DOS and FreeDOS.

Keywords: core, reference, fpga, compatible, designs

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Understanding the state of Artificial Intelligence academic research (2016)

Summary: Interestingly enough, on Pharmacology, Toxicology and Pharmaceutics the research falls short, probably this is going to be the next step once we crack the secrets of the human genome, and we’ll start looking at how to fix diseases.

Keywords: ai, research, publications, graph, function

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Your Mind Is Eight-Dimensional – How Algebraic Topology Is Unlocking [video]

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Classical Data Structures That Can Outperform Learned Indexes

Summary: by Peter Bailis, Kai Sheng Tai, Pratiksha Thaker, and Matei Zaharia 11 Jan 2018There’s recently been a lot of excitement about a new proposal from authors at Google: to replace conventional indexing data structures like B-trees and hash maps by instead fitting a neural network to the dataset.

Keywords: hash, table, cuckoo, data, learned

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N64 object software renderer in 512 lines

Summary: Gel (Graphical Emulation Layer) is an N64-like software renderer written in 512 lines.

Keywords: jan, latest, commit, bit, gel

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UK’s Open Banking to Launch on 13 January

Summary: It is tasked with delivering the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), data structures and security architectures that will enable developers to harness technology, making it easy and safe for individuals and SMEs to share the financial information held by their banks with third parties.

Keywords: banking, open, uk, financial, services

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Explanation of DAICOs

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Brain Cells Share Information with Virus-Like Capsules

Summary: I heard about Barnard because today he and his colleagues published a meta-analysis in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association: Internal Medicine that confirmed a very promising health benefit of being a vegetarian: an enviably lower blood pressure than your omnivorous friends.

Keywords: arc, genes, shepherd, hawaii, reading

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How “Exit Traps” Can Make Bash Scripts More Robust and Reliable

Summary: Another scenario: Imagine you are automating some system administration task, requiring you to temporarily stop a server… and you want to be dead certain it starts again at the end, even if there is some runtime error.

Keywords: script, exit, instance, make, server

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Can you get 32 level grayscale out of an E-ink display?

Summary: A quick research shows that all current commercial E-ink devices have a maximum grayscale level of 16.

Keywords: grayscale, lut, frame, table, color

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Uber’s Payment to a Hacker, and the Fallout

Summary: While many corporations were for years blissfully unaware of hackers penetrating their systems, Uber and others recruited former law enforcement and intelligence analysts and installed layers of technical defenses and password security.

Keywords: uber, security, company, emails, hacker

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Activating circadian clock reduces brain cancer without side effects in mice

Summary: In 2012, a group led by Thomas P. Burris, then at Scripps Research Institute Florida and now at St. Louis University, designed and synthesized SR9009 and SR9011 to activate REV-ERB receptors ( Nature 2012, DOI: 10.1038/nature11030 ).

Keywords: cancer, circadian, cells, compounds, clock

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The sound of space-filling curves

Summary: Changes in relative volume of the voices and instrumentation (decaying versus sustained notes) are used to emphasize or suppress sketches for certain values of k in certain sections of the sound track.

Keywords: curve, track, sound, voice, voices

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Reading disks from 1988 in 2018

Summary: Apparently there exists no bootable disk image of Apple Writer II for DOS 3.3 out there—every single version I found failed to boot on Virtual II—so I had to try some other techniques.

Keywords: apple, disk, ii, disks, files

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False ballistic missile alert spreads panic in Hawaii

Summary: A NORAD spokesman told BuzzFeed News’ David Mack they are “trying to figure out where this came from or how it started” and assured that “there is absolutely no incoming ballistic missile threat to Hawaii right now.” Per White House pool reports, Trump was out on a golf course when the alert was sent.

Keywords: alert, hawaii, threat, missile, false

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Show HN: Simple Pascal interpreter written in Swift

Summary: When you build the SPI project in the workspace you will get command line utility that can run any Pascal program given as argument, as shown in the GIF at the top of this README.

Keywords: dec, pascal, interpreter, playground, program

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More than 94% of net new electricity capacity in the USA from renewables in 2017

Summary: For more electric vehicle, autonomous transport and clean technology news , make sure to follow us on Twitter , Newsletter , RSS or Facebook to get our latest articles.

Keywords: solar, power, wind, capacity, renewables

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MakerDAO’s “DAI” stablecoin is breaking, as predicted

Summary: if you didn’t spend enough time to understand this point, you end up saying incorrect things like “[issuing DAI] is insane, because it would be easier for the user to simply go to Coinbase and sell his Ether for actual dollars, and he’d have $50 worth of Eth left over” – selling ether directly for fiat or DAI, and opening a CDP, expose you to completely different “risk profiles” (margin long vs closing a regular long position).

Keywords: dai, stablecoin, ether, market, price

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Lessons for software developers from 1970s mainframe programming

Summary: The input might be pulling in academic records from hard disk or tape , applying some sort of criteria (such as, “is in collegiate sports AND is not maintaining a 2.0 grade point average”), and then printing off a report for the college dean.

Keywords: code, data, time, mainframe, cloud

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Modern JavaScript Explained for Dinosaurs

Summary: A big part of CommonJS was its specification for modules, which would finally allow JavaScript to import and export code across files like most programming languages, without resorting to global variables.

Keywords: javascript, file, webpack, npm, command

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Kraken Goes Down for 40 Hours, Drawing Mt. Gox Comparisons

Summary: “We are still working to track down an elusive bug which is holding up launch,” Kraken, which had a daily volume of $762 million just before it went down, wrote in its most recent update, though it emphasized: “All funds remain secure.”

Keywords: kraken, time, hours, company, bitcoin

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XCPng: libre XenServer

Summary: Olivier Lambert (from Xen Orchestra project) John Else Nick Couchman Jon Sands Mike Hidalgo

Keywords: driver, xenserver, build, iso, estimated

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Feed Extinguisher: Removes FeedBurner from RSS feeds

Summary: Over time it has become less maintained and I guess we’ll eventually reach a point where Google decides that few enough people care about their feeds breaking so it’s okay to turn off.

Keywords: feed, feedburner, extinguisher, version, website

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Translate screenshot into HTML using neural networks

Summary: In the provided models, we’ll teach a neural network how to code a basic a HTML and CSS website based on a picture of a design mockup.

Keywords: neural, network, code, design, html

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