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Google Memory Loss

Summary: Things like 10+-year-old mu­sic re­views that are nev­er up­dat­ed, no longer ac­cept com­ments, are light­ly if at all linked-to out­side their own site, and rarely if ev­er visited… well, let’s face it, Google’s not go­ing to be sell­ing many ads next to search re­sults that turn them up.

Keywords: google, find, page, web, proof

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Researchers find that one person likely drove Bitcoin from $150 to $1,000

Summary: Researchers Neil Gandal, JT Hamrick, Tyler Moore, and Tali Oberman have written a fascinating paper on Bitcoin price manipulation.

Keywords: bitcoin, trading, manipulation, mt, gox

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Yuzu – Nintendo Switch Emulator

Summary: yuzu can boot some games, to varying degrees of success, but does not implement any of the necessary GPU features to render 3D graphics.

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Bill and Melinda Gates Are Paying Off Nigeria’s $76M Debt to Japan

Summary: As some leaders are increasing their focus on issues solely within their own borders, Bill and Melinda Gates continue to show the importance of looking outward — and they’ve demonstrated this yet again by announcing they will settle Nigeria’s $76 million debt to Japan.

Keywords: gates, polio, bill, nigeria, world

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Pick strong consistency whenever possible

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Community-Owned Fiber Networks: Value Leaders in America

Summary: We also found that almost all community-owned FTTH networks offered prices that were clear and unchanging, whereas private ISPs typically charged initial low promotional or “teaser” rates that later sharply rose, usually after 12 months.

Keywords: service, prices, broadband, advertised, ftth

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How I Shipped Six Side Projects in 2017

Summary: While I love these kind of Sci-Fi UIs, which is what immediately caught my attention, I thought, what if I could build a “host profile” of anyone based on their MBTI traits?

Keywords: sheetcake, ve, people, neti, version

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LGPL violation/Missing references to Ethereumj project

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Rents dropping significantly across the Seattle area after new construction

Summary: For more than a decade, The Seattle Times, other media organizations and official sources like city governments have relied on two competing landlord survey groups for information on the local rental market: Apartment Insights Washington, and Dupre + Scott.

Keywords: apartments, seattle, apartment, rents, percent

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Leaflet – A JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps

Summary: To get the new release, update your dependencies in your favorite package manager, or check the downloads page .

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The British Once Built a 1,100-Mile Hedge Through the Middle of India

Summary: It grew along the Inland Customs Line, a bureaucratic barrier that the British created to impose a high salt tax on the people living on one side of the line—the relatively saltless one.

Keywords: hedge, british, india, moxham, line

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California has the highest poverty rate in the USA

Summary: A Harvard University study found evidence that “higher minimum wages increase overall exit rates for restaurants” in the Bay Area, where more than a dozen cities and counties, including San Francisco, have changed their minimum-wage ordinances in the last five years.

Keywords: california, state, poverty, welfare, caption

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Summary: Our results are consistent with the theory that decriminalisation of the production and distribution of marijuana leads to a reduction in violent crime in markets that are traditionally controlled by Mexican drug trafficking organisations.

Keywords: crime, marijuana, border, reduction, trafficking

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Uber remotely locked down offices during police raids, shutting off computers

Summary: When the call came in, staffers quickly remotely logged off every computer in the Montreal office, making it practically impossible for the authorities to retrieve the company records they’d obtained a warrant to collect.

Keywords: uber, police, computers, sensitive, companies

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Chinese Text Project

Summary: Support for these has been added to the dictionary section of the site; to view these characters, please install the latest version of the Hanazono font .

Keywords: chinese, site, characters, font, support

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AWS Lambda Releases Go Support

Summary: New pull request Latest commit 28a6e9f Jan 15, 2018 bmoffattadd Gopkg.toml

Keywords: oct, jan, internal, licenses, commit

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PostGraphile Instant GraphQL API for PostgreSQL Database

Summary: By using our look-ahead feature your code can know what’s coming and make sure it requests the correct fields ahead of time, leading to fewer round-trips and higher performance.

Keywords: graphql, api, database, graphile, apis

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When your manager isn’t supporting you, develop a manager crew

Summary: Your manager should be kept up to date on where the challenges in your world stand, and though it’s easier to just keep an absent boss in the dark, you’ll miss out on getting credit for taking care of yourself and solving some problems.

Keywords: manager, support, ve, experience, coach

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Airbus A380, Once the Future of Aviation, May Cease Production

Summary: The admission by John Leahy, the company’s chief operating officer, was the latest indication that Airbus miscalculated more than two decades ago when it bet that clogged runways would create demand for larger planes that could deliver more people with fewer landing slots.

Keywords: airbus, planes, monday, company, year

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Digital Minimalism for the Working Hacker

Summary: Some combination of these influences—an interest in an experimental weaning off from syntax highlighting, a vague association with the UNIX Shangri-La of a bygone time and place, and an aesthetic kinship with a text editor that I loved but with whom I would just would never make it work—led me to the acme-colors theme for Vim.

Keywords: emacs, web, browser, vi, text

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How do plutonium-powered pacemakers work?

Summary: I had planned to publish a long article today detailing the difficulties of gathering enough plutonium from pacemakers to make a bomb, but now I think I might have to rewrite it as a comedy. ]

Keywords: plutonium, wire, atomic, number, pacemakers

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Alibaba neural network defeats human in global reading test

Summary: The Chinese tech giant’s research unit, Institute of Data Science of Technologies (IDST), said it had developed a deep-learning model that attained a score of 82.44 in Exact Match on the Stanford Question Answering Dataset (Squad).

Keywords: alibaba, squad, score, microsoft, model

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Modern network load balancing and proxying

Summary: In recent years, this topology has been popularized as the “service mesh.” The idea behind the sidecar proxy is that at the cost of a slight latency penalty via hopping to a different process, all of the benefits of the embedded library approach can be obtained without any programming language lock-in.

Keywords: load, balancer, balancing, balancers, backend

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Requiring secure contexts for all new features

Summary: Everyone involved in standards development is strongly encouraged to advocate requiring secure contexts for all new features on behalf of Mozilla.

Keywords: contexts, secure, features, requiring, feature

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City-owned Internet services offer cheaper and more transparent pricing

Summary: “We focused specifically on 40 community networks on the ILSR’s list that offer fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) service—as opposed to service from DSL, coaxial cable, or hybrid technology,” the study said.

Keywords: service, data, private, pricing, municipal

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When the Soviet Union Paid Pepsi in Warships

Summary: Among other marketing strategies, it launched a giant, replica Pepsi can up to the Mir space station for a commercial, and erected two iconic billboards over bustling Pushkin Square in Moscow.

Keywords: pepsi, soviet, american, union, khrushchev

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Sussman anomaly

Summary: Sussman (and his supervisor, Marvin Minsky ) believed that intelligence requires a list of exceptions or tricks, and developed a modular planning system for “debugging” plans.

Keywords: atop, goal, problem, move, planning

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California does not have the highest poverty rate in the USA

Summary: That’s according to the Census Bureau’s Supplemental Poverty Measure, which factors in the cost of housing, food, utilities and clothing, and which includes noncash government assistance as a form of income.

Keywords: california, state, high, housing, welfare

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Origins of the Sicilian Mafia: The Market for Lemons

Summary: La maffia nei suoi fattori e nelle sue manifestazioni: studio sulle classi pericolose della Sicilia.

Keywords: mafia, cambridge, press, della, sicilia

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City of Barcelona moving away from proprietary software

Summary: With the new open-source strategy, Barcelona’s City Council aims to avoid spending large amounts of money on licence-based software and to reduce its dependence on proprietary suppliers through contracts that in some cases have been closed for decades.

Keywords: city, software, public, barcelona, money

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Proof of burn: An alternative method for distributed consensus

Summary: The fraction of fees they’d collect if they did that would be just like the “dividend” as I called it above - it would be like explicit remurrage, except instead of being automatic, it would require each holder’s active participation (i.e. they couldn’t just go to sleep, unless they left some sort of “trusted bot” running and using their private keys to sign their stream of bitcoin days destroyed).

Keywords: burning, mining, real, proof, time

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Decentralization in Bitcoin and Ethereum

Summary: Higher allocated bandwidth indicates that the maximum blocksize can be increased without impacting orphan rates, which in turn affect decentralization.

Keywords: bitcoin, ethereum, nodes, miners, blocks

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The No More Ransom Project

Summary: Nevertheless, it is sometimes possible to help infected users to regain access to their encrypted files or locked systems, without having to pay.

Keywords: locked, decrypt, data, infected, users

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Simone Giertz makes a living creating shitty robots (2016) [video]

Summary: They fail miserably at waking her up , brushing her teeth and making her breakfas t. The 25-year-old Swedish robot enthusiast has parlayed their failures into a very successful YouTube channel , and full-time job.

Keywords: robots, video, routine, channel, enthusiast

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Apple health data used in murder trial

Summary: The suspect - identified by a hair found at the scene of the crime - refused to provide police with the PIN code to his phone so investigating officers turned to an unnamed cyber-forensics firm in Munich, which broke into the device.

Keywords: police, data, app, health, climbing

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Tips for moving into management [audio]

Summary: Ilya Pesahovsky is an experienced director of engineering with a demonstrated history of working in the AdTech and Cyber Security industries.

Keywords: ilya, management, manager, show, pesahovsky

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Vitalik Buterin Has Left VC Firm Fenbushi Capital

Summary: Buterin is working on with Joseph Poon, the author of the Lightning Network for Bitcoin, and is involved in Sharding and Casper which are two other technologies designed to tackle the scalability problem.

Keywords: buterin, ethereum, fenbushi, space, year

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What Happens When Doctors Only Take Cash (2017)

Summary: Since taking office, President Donald Trump has signed an Executive Order instructing the Department of Health and Human Services to begin weakening Obamacare, while standing by his previous promise that any replacement plan will allow Americans with pre-existing conditions to access affordable insurance.

Keywords: care, center, villa, surgery, oklahoma

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Antique BeOS Content by Scot Hacker (2011)

Summary: I have first-hand experience tring to harvest enough revenue from the Internet to pay operating costs, and fully support Byte’s decision to move to a subscription model.

Keywords: content, beos, site, byte, archives

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Some thoughts on equity compensation

Summary: I don’t have any specific recommendations to make on this topic except that Boards should be thinking way more deeply and creatively about this issue than we are.

Keywords: equity, companies, employees, compensation, years

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On being an Engineering Manager

Summary: I am particularly proud of hiring a world class team this year: Anders Ha , Serg Dort , David Rodrigues , Diego Petrucci , Michael Brown and Wagner Truppel .

Keywords: manager, people, team, code, engineering

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Inside Telegram’s ambitious $1.2B ICO to create the next Ethereum

Summary: The product roadmap reflects that and the big launches won’t happen until later this year (the Telegram wallet) and early 2019, when the TON-based economy goes live, which means there are no major clues as to when the public component of the token sale opens.

Keywords: telegram, ton, sale, services, million

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The Oversimplification of Results and Hard Work

Summary: Please keep an eye on our talent portal as surely, there will be a job that is better suited for you soon” This kind of thing went on until my graduation, where I knew that for some of the interviews I was being called in only as a dummy, because there is a rule here that even if someone internally is employed for a position, companies have to appear to consider non-employees according to the union laws.

Keywords: work, hard, company, job, interviews

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Intel AMT flaw allows credential bypass

Summary: F-Secure’s security experts have participated in more European cyber crime scene investigations than any other company in the market, and its products are sold all over the world by over 200 broadband and mobile operators and thousands of resellers.

Keywords: amt, access, security, attacker, password

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Oil Shell: Success with Aboriginal, Alpine, and Debian Linux

Summary: In summary, I tested OSH on a diverse set of shell scripts found in the wild, and fixed what was necessary to make them run.

Keywords: shell, osh, scripts, linux, abuild

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Backdoor Found in Lenovo RackSwitch and BladeCenter

Summary: Lenovo says the backdoor affects only RackSwitch and BladeCenter switches running ENOS (Enterprise Network Operating System).

Keywords: backdoor, lenovo, switches, firmware, security

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Handling 1M Requests per Minute with Go (2015)

Summary: It’s not everyday that you have a cluster of only 4 machines, that are probably much less powerful than my current MacBook Pro, handling POST requests writing to an Amazon S3 bucket 1 million times every minute.

Keywords: requests, workers, web, queue, ruby

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The best way of looking at the brain is from within

Summary: Ken Shepard is a professor of electrical and biomedical engineering at Columbia University; his lab is a recipient of DARPA funds, and is aiming to build a device that could eventually help blind people with an intact visual cortex to see by stimulating precisely the right neurons in order to produce images inside their brains.

Keywords: brain, neurons, data, tissue, dr

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Bitcoin Miners on Track to Use More Electricity Than All of Argentina

Summary: The global power needed to create cryptocurrencies this year could rival the entire electricity consumption of Argentina and be a growth driver for renewable energy producers from the U.S. to China.

Keywords: power, energy, global, ashworth, consumption

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British supermarket chickens show record level of antibiotic-resistant superbugs

Summary: More than a year ago, for instance, in response to separate data on the spread of campylobacter among chickens, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, and the European Food Safety Authority, advised: “Given the high levels of resistance to fluoroquinolones in broilers [chickens bred for meat], and the assessment that a large proportion of human campylobacteriosis infections comes from the handling, preparation and consumption of broiler meat, this is a compelling example of how antimicrobial resistance in food and animals may impact the availability of effective antimicrobial agents for treating severe human campylobacter infections.”

Keywords: antibiotics, campylobacter, resistance, chickens, resistant

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Gosh Darn Function Pointers

Summary: If you find yourself needing syntax not listed here, it is likely that a typedef would make your code more readable.Like the site, but wish it had a racier URL?

Keywords: parametertypes, function, returntype, typedef, static

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Free Ebooks and Compilations

Summary: We’ve compiled insights from O’Reilly authors, editors, and speakers, so you can dive deep into the latest in technology and business.

Keywords: ebooks, free, web, business, development

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Show HN: VNote, a fresh Markdown note-taking app

Summary: Syntax highlights for Code Blocks in both edit and read mode.

Keywords: mode, images, edit, read, outline

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An AI for AI: New Algorithm Poised to Fuel Scientific Discovery

Summary: “MENNDL is about saving people time and making scientific discovery happen faster,” said Steven Young , a research scientist who’s part of ORNL’s Nature Inspired Machine Learning team.

Keywords: learning, scientists, menndl, neural, deep

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Theoretical Impediments to Machine Learning with Seven Sparks from Causality

Summary: Abstract: Current machine learning systems operate, almost exclusively, in a statistical, or model-free mode, which entails severe theoretical limits on their power and performance.

Keywords: learning, systems, machine, causal, theoretical

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Buffered Channels in Go: Tips and Tricks

Summary: We have extensive experience in creating and running production grade Go-based software solutions.

Keywords: channels, closed, queue, buffered, reads

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One year old raises $112M Series A to build autonomous car future

Summary: So for , which was founded a little more than a year ago in late 2016 by James Peng and Tiancheng Lou, the company decided to go crazy big, announcing today that it has closed on an $112 million Series A venture capital round to pursue their vision of a complete autonomous car solution, putting them almost instantly into the upper strata of competitors in the space.

Keywords: autonomous, capital, peng, car, cars

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Going gray for smartphone addiction

Summary: Set up your whitelist and Go Gray will automatically turn off grayscale mode for certain apps.

Keywords: grayscale, mode, apps, set, taking

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Why Hasn’t the World Been Destroyed in a Nuclear War Yet?

Summary: Yet each time they had an opportunity to make good on those threats—to launch a crushing response to an apparent attack or mercilessly exploit a weakness, as many armchair analysts recommended—something held them back: a disobedient soldier, a circumspect engineer, an optimistic leader.

Keywords: nuclear, war, cold, world, soviet

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Big Bets on A.I. Open a New Frontier for Chip Start-Ups

Summary: has reopened questions around how to build computers,” said Bill Coughran, who helped oversee the global infrastructure at Google for several years and is now a partner at Sequoia, the Silicon Valley venture capital firm.

Keywords: chips, chip, neural, data, networks

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Facebook’s Adam Mosseri on Why You’ll See Less Video, More from Friends

Summary: Facebook on Thursday announced sweeping changes to the way it plans to manage the newsfeed, the front door to the service for its 2 billion monthly users.

Keywords: content, people, news, newsfeed, lot

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