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Mozilla Files Suit Against FCC to Protect Net Neutrality

Summary: In particular, we filed our petition today because we believe the recent FCC decision violates both federal law as well as harms internet users and innovators.

Keywords: internet, neutrality, net, federal, order

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Start Your Own ISP

Summary: This guide is focused on the very earliest stages of starting a WISP - determining feasibility up through connecting the first few customers.

Keywords: guide, step, internet, wireless, wisp

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The screen that set off the ballistic missile alert on Saturday

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Crooked Style Sheeding – Webpage tracking using only CSS

Summary: In combination with the :valid selector, the browser will request our tracking site, when the pattern regex is matched by input:

Keywords: browser, user, css, detection, font

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How Automakers Invented the Crime of “Jaywalking”

Summary: Some of the campaigns also ridiculed kids who didn’t follow the rules — in 1925, for instance, hundreds of Detroit school children watched the “trial” of a 12-year-old who’d crossed a street unsafely, and, as Norton writes , a jury of his peers sentenced him to clean chalkboards for a week.

Keywords: traffic, pedestrians, city, jaywalking, streets

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Luna 1.0 Beta is out

Summary: Luna is a data processing and visualization environment built on a principle that people need an immediate connection to what they are building.

Keywords: luna, data, components, processing, built

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Announcing Go Support for AWS Lambda

Summary: AWS CodeStar lets you quickly launch development projects that include a sample application, source control and release automation.

Keywords: lambda, application, function, aws, pipeline

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Jitsi: Open-Source Video Conferencing

Summary: September 28, 2017A good number of you have been setting up Jitsi Meet with authentication regardless of the fact that merely making sense of our tutorial on the subject is a notable act of heroism (anyone interested in writing a better one?).

Keywords: jitsi, video, meet, secure, projects

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Twirp: A new RPC framework for Go

Summary: And Twirp takes a minimalist approach (the server is just a http.Handler, the client is nothing special), grpc-go is practically overflowing with ambitious add-ons and extras, from a load balancing library to a name resolution framework to let you plug in your own DNS alternative, if that’s your thing.

Keywords: twirp, service, http, grpc, code

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Bitcoin Fall Extends to 25% as Fears of Crackdown Linger

Summary: “We’ve heard reports that South Korea, China and Japan have considered a shared approach, a path, to regulation,” ETX’s Wilson said, also citing a challenge to digital coins from a bill in the U.S Senate.

Keywords: percent, trading, bitcoin, market, kim

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An open source GitHub-like platform as an alternative for AWS Lambda

Summary: .circleciFixing circleci integration (#66) Dec 13, 2017 backendFix typos in docs (#113) Jan 16, 2018 docsFix typos in docs (#113) Jan 16, 2018 e2eIncreasing timeout values to prevent protractor flakiness (#69) Dec 15, 2017 srcProject settings page implemented.

Keywords: dec, nov, integration, jan, github

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The Public Domain Starts Growing Again Next Year

Summary: All year EFF has observed them advancing their plans around the world to weaken or eliminate the legal protections that have enabled the operation of platforms as diverse as YouTube, the Internet Archive, Reddit, Medium, and…

Keywords: copyright, taking, week, policy, court

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MIT 6.S094: Deep Learning

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Impatience: The Pitfall of Every Ambitious Person

Summary: “The greatest impediment to creativity is your impatience, the almost inevitable desire to hurry up the process, express something, and make a splash.”

Keywords: work, time, life, people, things

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It can all go to zero

Summary: I don’t want to make money on short-term financial trades, but rather by helping create new things over the long-term.

Keywords: things, stock, don, cryptocurrencies, market

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Memo: Foxconn cost to Wisconsin nearing $4.5B

Summary: Hintz said the figures validate Democratic lawmakers’ predictions that the cost of the project to the public would exceed the $3 billion amount originally cited by Walker and his state jobs agency, Wisconsin Economic Development Corp.

Keywords: foxconn, state, million, project, memo

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Thunderbird Starts Working on Improving Its Interface

Summary: As a result, the mockups stirred some lively conversation on social media sites like Reddit and few other places on the Web, including OMGUbuntu , Antyweb or the Thunderbird Twitter .

Keywords: thunderbird, version, users, redesign, theme

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Beyond the Bitcoin bubble

Summary: And the celebrities and others who promote them on their social-media channels in an effort to enrich themselves are behaving badly and possibly violating securities laws.” Arguably the most striking thing about the surge of interest in I.C.O.s — and in existing currencies like Bitcoin or Ether — is how much financial speculation has already gravitated to platforms that have effectively zero adoption among ordinary consumers.

Keywords: identity, bitcoin, facebook, system, internet

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Convert React JavaScript Code to TypeScript with Proper Typing

Summary: Proxies PropTypes to React.Component generic type and removes PropTypes Provides state typing for React.Component based on initial state and setState() calls in the component Hoist large interfaces for props and state out of React.Component into declared types Convert functional components with PropTypes property to TypeScript and uses propTypes to generate function type declaration

Keywords: jun, type, jul, test, case

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Lyft says nearly 250K of its passengers ditched a personal car in 2017

Summary: Lyft is making some especially strong claims regarding its impact on car ownership trends: In 2017 alone, it said that almost a quarter of a million passengers on its platform dropped owning a personal vehicle, due to the availability of ridesharing specifically.

Keywords: million, year, percent, lyft, passengers

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The brains of jazz and classical pianists work differently

Summary: “Indeed, in the jazz pianists we found neural evidence for this flexibility in planning harmonies when playing the piano”, states Roberta Bianco, first author of the study.

Keywords: pianists, classical, jazz, brain, piano

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The Design of Software is a Thing Apart

Summary: At the extreme, I’ve seen a very experienced programmer write tests like assert(MSG_CODE_UPLOAD_COMPLETE == 12), which, given that these constants are meant to encapsulate knowledge, kinda defeats the point of having them in the first place.

Keywords: code, design, test, module, tests

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The worst distractions are the ones we love

Summary: James recalls a great story from Warren Buffett’s personal pilot, Mike Flint, who asked the billionaire investor how to prioritize his career goals.

Keywords: james, day, work, time, important

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Can (a ==1 && a== 2 && a==3) ever evaluate to true?

Summary: If you take advantage of how == works , you could simply create an object with a custom toString (or valueOf) function that changes what it returns each time it is used such that it satisfies all three conditions.

Keywords: answered, ago, code, hours, yesterday

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Black Death ‘spread by humans not rats’

Summary: Prof Stenseth said the study was primarily of historical interest - using modern understanding of disease to unpick what had happened during one of the most devastating pandemics in human history.

Keywords: spread, black, disease, death, stenseth

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Prisma – An open-source GraphQL API layer for your database

Summary: In combination with prisma-bindings , it enables a straightforward implementation of your resolvers by simply delegating the execution of incoming queries to the underlying Prisma API.

Keywords: graphql, prisma, api, started, database

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Goldman Sachs Report Explores Use of Bitcoin as Currency

Summary: In September 2017, Jamie Dimon, the CEOof JP Morgan Chase, publicly criticized bitcoin and called it a “fraud.” It was only a few days before the Goldman Sachs report, however, that he softened his stance on the subject during an interview with FOX Business .

Keywords: bitcoin, report, sachs, currency, goldman

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It Was Bad UX, not a “Wrong Button” in Hawaii

Summary: Pushing the “wrong button” was the explanation provided in an official timeline for that false warning that scared the devil out of people in Hawaii on Saturday morning alerting them to an incoming ballistic missile that never was.

Keywords: hawaii, warning, missile, false, state

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Microsoft and the UWP for Enterprise Delusion

Summary: I’ve done everything — literally everything — from coding up high-performance custom controls that run directly on the render thread (no dispatchers or XAML there), to taking crash dumps from traders production machines in order to investigate multi-threaded deadlocks — been there — done that many, many times.

Keywords: desktop, apps, uwp, enterprise, microsoft

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BlackRock’s Message: Contribute to Society, or Risk Losing Our Support

Summary: In a candid assessment of what’s happening in the business world — and perhaps taking a veiled shot at Washington at the same time — Mr. Fink wrote that he is seeing “many governments failing to prepare for the future, on issues ranging from retirement and infrastructure to automation and worker retraining.” He added, “As a result, society increasingly is turning to the private sector and asking that companies respond to broader societal challenges.”

Keywords: companies, fink, blackrock, wrote, activist

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Our Ambitious Plan to Make Insecure PHP Software a Thing of the Past

Summary: Updating Stack Exchange websites and Wiki articles has a positive effect on the likelihood of developers being exposed to good security practices out of the gate, but it isn’t enough.

Keywords: php, security, blog, community, post

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Leap: An Online Community for Women

Summary: Special thank you to Amy Buechler, Kat Manalac, Domonique Fines, Adora Cheung and Stephanie Simon for being my first users, and providing great feedback, advice and contributions to the community along the way.

Keywords: women, community, yc, leap, ve

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America’s Fastest Spy Plane May Be Back and Hypersonic

Summary: In fact, executives discussed the program’s status to such an extent last June that defense reporter Tyler Rogoway called it “highly peculiar.” (His article carried the headline “What’s the Deal with Lockheed’s Gabbing About the Secretive Hypersonic SR-72?”)

Keywords: hypersonic, aircraft, lockheed, banion, engine

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How America Fractured in 1968

Summary: View in Times Machine NYTIMES July 29 Pope Paul VI upheld the Roman Catholic Church’s prohibition on all artificial means of contraception, including birth control pills and condoms

Keywords: times, machine, view, nytimes, president

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Windows 10 could have synced email, contacts, calendars with all major providers

Summary: There are underlying CalDAV and CardDAV sync engines (Evolution Data Server, Akonadi) that power them but the user interface only expose two–three providers like Google and Yahoo!

Keywords: windows, open, microsoft, providers, standards

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Do we really need a new BGP?

Summary: If you can get this pair of ‘things people really care about’ into your head, the BGP best-path process, and much of the routing that goes on in the DFZ, makes a lot more sense.

Keywords: bgp, path, policy, metrics, routing

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Were the Cuban sonic attack victims actually poisoned?

Summary: The group (along with three Canadians) were all suffering from an odd combination of symptoms: “hearing loss, dizziness, headache, fatigue, cognitive issues, and difficulty sleeping,” Secretary of State Rex Tillerson ticked off in an official statement .

Keywords: brain, matter, hearing, white, victims

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China builds ‘world’s biggest air purifier’ and it seems to be working

Summary: What was previously thought to be the largest smog tower in China was built last year by Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde at 798, a creative park in Beijing.

Keywords: tower, air, cao, smog, xian

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What Makes the Hardest Equations in Physics So Difficult?

Summary: Mathematicians worry about this kind of scenario: You’re running the equations, and after some finite amount of time, they tell you a particle in the fluid is moving infinitely fast.

Keywords: equations, flow, fluid, describe, turbulence

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Mono and WebAssembly – Updates on Static Compilation

Summary: As part of the effort we have been pursuing two strategies; one that uses the new Mono IL interpreter to run managed code at runtime, and one that uses full static (AOT) compilation to create one .wasm file that can be executed natively by the browser.

Keywords: webassembly, code, mono, runtime, llvm

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Cryptocurrencies are collapsing

Summary: #NameSymbolMarket CapPriceCirculating SupplyVolume (24h)% 1h% 24h% 7d 1 BTCBitcoin BTC $172,723,733,455 $10275.80 16,808,787$17,411,500,000 3.15%-10.68%-29.47% 2 ETHEthereum ETH $87,226,119,352 $898.86 97,040,397$7,883,890,000 4.07%-14.96%-31.48% 3 XRPRipple XRP $40,022,183,221 $1.03 38,739,142,811 * $5,790,220,000 5.16%-17.91%-47.57% 4 BCHBitcoin Cash BCH $26,147,591,880 $1545.64 16,917,000$1,399,100,000 2.85%-18.08%-43.72% 5 ADACardano ADA $13,522,522,910 $0.521560 25,927,070,538 * $1,372,150,000 5.38%-13.85%-31.71% 6 LTCLitecoin LTC $9,085,080,600 $165.78 54,800,708$1,387,520,000 4.72%-14.63%-32.94% 7 NEONEO NEO $7,764,055,000 $119.45 65,000,000 * $1,333,430,000 5.68%-15.28%-2.49% 8 XEMNEM XEM $7,344,836,999 $0.816093 8,999,999,999 * $158,483,000 4.53%-21.23%-43.46% 9 XLMStellar XLM $6,641,502,320 $0.371224 17,890,821,498 * $398,670,000 7.54%-17.17%-32.78% 10 MIOTAIOTA MIOTA $6,617,366,721 $2.38 2,779,530,283 * $251,129,000 5.57%-15.93%-34.87% 11 DASHDash DASH $5,680,674,888 $726.07 7,823,899$206,784,000 5.97%-8.34%-33.15% 12 EOSEOS EOS $5,446,703,868 $8.94 609,484,832 * $1,430,020,000 5.45%-15.47%-17.55% 13 XMRMonero XMR $4,361,040,656 $279.31 15,613,845$192,648,000 3.08%-14.37%-30.06% 14 TRXTRON TRX $4,212,000,155 $0.064063 65,748,192,475 * $878,169,000 21.35%14.30%-45.38% 15 BTGBitcoin Gold BTG $2,816,829,422 $167.97 16,770,036$328,838,000 3.75%-17.65%-28.95% 16 ETCEthereum Classic ETC $2,590,697,967 $26.12 99,189,012$594,480,000 3.97%-15.64%-30.77% 17 ICXICON ICX $2,327,828,856 $6.13 380,045,004 * $87,281,600 5.68%-19.90%-44.46% 18 QTUMQtum QTUM $2,327,288,409 $31.53 73,814,684 * $915,786,000 3.07%-18.86%-40.16% 19 LSKLisk LSK $2,139,201,104 $18.27 117,102,284 * $99,385,800 5.05%-18.23%-36.91% 20 XRBRaiBlocks XRB $1,781,969,346 $13.37 133,248,289 * $19,892,000 2.97%-17.45%-53.54% 21 USDTTether USDT $1,643,737,563 $1.02 1,618,090,823 * $5,328,560,000 -0.04%-1.09%1.28% 22 OMGOmiseGO OMG $1,556,914,234 $15.26 102,042,552 * $102,969,000 7.25%-14.72%-34.20% 23 SCSiacoin SC $1,373,031,963 $0.043733 31,396,146,174$212,168,000 6.01%12.04%-36.22% 24 ZECZcash ZEC $1,337,683,413 $434.55 3,078,319$176,566,000 2.34%-16.37%-37.19% 25 PPTPopulous PPT $1,270,203,928 $34.33 37,004,027 * $3,242,980 5.81%-12.99%-33.40% 26 ARDRArdor ARDR $1,250,277,838 $1.25 998,999,495 * $3,836,480 9.89%-28.58%-17.75% 27 STRATStratis STRAT $1,235,247,389 $12.51 98,704,504 * $50,084,300 5.83%-15.06%-33.13% 28 VENVeChain VEN $1,158,811,427 $4.18 277,162,633 * $119,378,000 3.59%-19.46%-29.68% 29 BNBBinance Coin BNB $1,153,473,494 $11.65 99,014,000 * $235,048,000 3.10%-16.73%-30.07% 30 XVGVerge XVG $1,053,562,894 $0.071802 14,673,210,064$110,784,000 5.46%-18.64%-57.46% 31 BCNBytecoin BCN $1,025,818,316 $0.005585 183,668,563,898$9,885,010 5.24%-14.87%-49.63% 32 SNTStatus SNT $895,547,930 $0.258047 3,470,483,788 * $1,238,060,000 5.84%-16.36%-34.37% 33 STEEMSteem STEEM $842,459,695 $3.41 247,007,097 * $25,212,100 5.38%-12.31%-35.32% 34 SMARTSmartCash SMART $840,435,239 $1.40 598,306,558$1,821,800 20.23%59.71%276.16% 35 WAVESWaves WAVES $770,578,000 $7.71 100,000,000 * $42,872,600 4.29%-7.92%-37.50% 36 BTSBitShares BTS $726,283,025 $0.278565 2,607,230,000 * $106,960,000 3.01%-27.30%-55.59% 37 KCSKuCoin Shares KCS $721,834,118 $7.93 91,043,076 * $11,765,900 0.88%-30.94%-58.77% 38 DOGEDogecoin DOGE $701,272,603 $0.006216 112,816,798,328$56,597,700 3.21%-17.20%-51.71% 39 ZRX0x ZRX $654,740,733 $1.32 495,643,974 * $38,713,100 3.03%-10.27%-38.85% 40 REPAugur REP $595,756,700 $54.16 11,000,000 * $21,046,000 4.46%-19.82%-40.66% 41 DRGNDragonchain DRGN $590,523,461 $2.48 238,421,940 * $6,729,510 -0.03%-12.77%-45.61% 42 VERIVeritaseum VERI $565,195,586 $277.51 2,036,645 * $555,277 4.66%-12.99%-39.30% 43 ETNElectroneum ETN $562,815,642 $0.095823 5,873,522,840$7,863,920 0.61%-19.89%-37.76% 44 KMDKomodo KMD $519,258,334 $4.99 104,006,845$10,808,900 3.49%-14.97%-39.30% 45 SALTSALT SALT $511,412,997 $7.19 71,105,824 * $15,297,600 4.96%-11.16%-44.71% 46 DGBDigiByte DGB $502,656,277 $0.051762 9,710,856,680$30,542,700 4.71%-13.99%-52.84% 47 QASHQASH QASH $492,968,000 $1.41 350,000,000 * $28,537,900 3.79%-16.76%-22.48% 48 DCRDecred DCR $487,735,870 $74.18 6,575,094$3,476,250 5.05%-13.04%-34.09% 49 ARKArk ARK $484,501,772 $4.94 97,981,284 * $9,757,380 1.37%-13.01%-51.17% 50 PIVXPIVX PIVX $482,780,774 $8.72 55,378,930 * $10,230,800 4.51%-1.73%-32.35% 51 GNTGolem GNT $477,247,085 $0.572059 834,262,000 * $16,157,300 3.92%-17.15%-39.22% 52 DCNDentacoin DCN $475,577,682 $0.001462 325,190,215,376 * $2,641,520 1.47%-12.27%-63.99% 53 GASGas GAS $463,360,031 $48.65 9,524,672 * $36,413,000 3.60%-23.31%-12.74% 54 HSRHshare HSR $418,830,602 $9.85 42,509,437$111,864,000 4.51%-21.51%-50.01% 55 WTCWalton WTC $417,151,544 $16.75 24,898,178 * $40,218,300 3.92%-19.31%-6.09% 56 ETHOSEthos ETHOS $413,466,464 $5.48 75,405,089 * $12,010,900 0.73%-16.46%-40.20% 57 BATBasic Attenti…

Keywords: vol, low, coin, token, network

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Jon Skeet earns 1mm rep on Stack Overflow

Summary: Those of you who are highly engaged with the Stack Overflow community probably have a general idea of a) who Jon Skeet is and b) exactly how amazing and ridiculous this statement is, but just to make sure we are all on the same page, let’s dig a little deeper.

Keywords: jon, skeet, overflow, stack, answers

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DNA Testing Botched My Family’s Heritage

Summary: “It’s just statistical noise that happens to coincide with this cool story.”A big problem is that many of us have a basic misunderstanding of what exactly we’re reading when Ancestry or 23andMe or National Geographic sends us colorful infographics about how British or Irish or Scandinavian we are.

Keywords: dna, test, ancestry, people, percent

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Anthony Levandowski Faces New Claims of Stealing

Summary: She reports a great variety of details, including dozens of overheard names, the license-plate numbers of cars she observed at a Levandowski property, and an extensive list of the BDSM gear she claims he kept in his bedroom.

Keywords: levandowski, wong, complaint, uber, waymo

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The MacBook Air: A Decade’s Worth of Legacy

Summary: A decade ago, we entered the current era of notebook design when Steve Jobs pulled the future out of an envelope.

Keywords: macbook, time, apple, air, weight

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Sketch Design System 1.0

Summary: - Sketch Template File- Instructions & Documentation- Free Regular Updates- Color Palette- Typography- Buttons- Text Fields - Inputs- Alerts- Notifications- Progress Bars- UI Icons- and more!

Keywords: design, symbols, style, sketch, brand

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Guaranteed Minimum Agriculture: Why Basic Jobs Might Fare Better Than UBI

Summary: The title is not an accident, let your mind wander well beyond stock photo visions of job stimulus programs (a few guys with yellow vests and hard hats building roads and bridges and “infrastructure.”) To do this right, we need to greatly expand our idea of what we can fund.

Keywords: basic, jobs, ubi, people, work

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Show HN: Bistro – A light-weight column-oriented data processing engine

Summary: An advantage of COM is that it does not use such operations as join and group-by which are known to be error-prone, difficult to comprehend, require high expertise and might be inefficient when applied to analytical data processing workloads.

Keywords: column, columns, table, data, output

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Summary: The experiment compared player reactions to two combat games, one that used ‘ragdoll physics’ to create realistic character behaviour and one that did not, in an animated world that nevertheless looked real.

Keywords: game, games, players, realism, violent

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Dropbox Developer Terms and Conditions

Summary: Either party may bring a lawsuit in the federal or state courts of San Francisco County, California solely for injunctive relief to stop unauthorized use or abuse of the DBX Platform, breach of Section 5, or infringement of intellectual property rights without first engaging in the informal dispute notice process described above.

Keywords: developer, dropbox, dbx, platform, terms

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Show HN: HardyPress – Use WordPress as a static site generator

Summary: Get started now We have 20 locations around the world that utilize SSD technology; this enables us to deliver your website to visitors within milliseconds.

Keywords: website, static, hardypress, wordpress, support

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Summary: Cortesi [48] has pointed out the lack of certain terms for mathematics and geometry (although this demand may now be disputed as the current set of Lojban vocabulary does actually allow speakers to express such notions as steradian ( stero ), trigonometric tangent ( tanjo ), multiplicative inverse ( fa’i ), matrix transpose ( re’a ) among a number of other kinds of operators or metric units).

Keywords: lojban, language, la, words, edit

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Membarrier system call performance and the future of Userspace RCU on Linux

Summary: Traditionally, synchronization algorithms are implemented using pairs of memory barriers, either explicitly for RCU, or implicitly by lock-prefixed atomic instruction for reader-writer locks on Intel.

Keywords: membarrier, call, system, rcu, memory

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Kazakhstan Cheers New Alphabet, Except for All Those Apostrophes

Summary: Kazakhstan even had intelligence reports, according to experts familiar with the matter, that the Russian Parliament was preparing a statement praising Mr. Nazarbayev as a great statesman and pleading with him to preserve Cyrillic so as to cement his legacy as a leader who has kept the peace among different ethnic groups.

Keywords: kazakh, president, latin, nazarbayev, russian

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A password for the Hawaii emergency agency was hiding in a public photo

Summary: Since then, people have discovered that a photo taken in Hawaii’s Emergency Management Agency for a news article in July includes a sticky note with a password.

Keywords: agency, photo, hawaii, alert, note

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Why do I do this to myself? Bob’s first predictions for 2018 – I, Cringely

Summary: But I was stuck and have found since that by being deliberately vague and putting a fair amount of thought into this stuff I’ve been able to keep my long-term stats at about 70 percent correct.

Keywords: prediction, microsoft, cloud, year, windows

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QISKit: A software development kit for writing quantum computing programs

Summary: Ismail Yunus Akhalwaya, Jim Challenger, Andrew Cross, Vincent Dwyer, Mark Everitt, Ismael Faro, Jay Gambetta, Juan Gomez, Yunho Maeng, Paco Martin, Antonio Mezzacapo, Diego Moreda, Jesus Perez, Russell Rundle, Todd Tilma, John Smolin, Erick Winston, Chris Wood.

Keywords: quantum, qiskit, token, api, ibm

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Did Ken, Ritchie and Brian choose wrong with NUL-terminated text strings? (2011)

Summary: We learn from our mistakes, so let me say for the record, before somebody comes up with a catchy but totally misleading Internet headline for this article, that there is absolutely no way Ken, Dennis, and Brian could have foreseen the full consequences of their choice some 30 years ago, and they disclaimed all warranties back then.

Keywords: string, strings, length, address, byte

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Too Much Music: A Failed Experiment in Dedicated Listening

Summary: I want to hear not only Nigerian disco outsider Steve Monite’s irresistibly bizarre “Only You,” but also the unlikely marriage of gnarly garage fuzz and samba that is “Hey Mina” by The Jones and the darkly funky nuclear cautionary tale of “Last Chance to Dance” by Afrikan Dreamland.

Keywords: music, album, time, listening, week

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Bitcoin, Ethereum and almost every other cryptocurrency is plunging

Summary: According to , a site that is quickly becoming the go-to price checker, just one of the top 100 highest valued cryptocurrencies isn’t in the red over the past 24 hours.

Keywords: crypto, bitcoin, price, drop, percent

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CS229 Materials (Autumn 2017)

Summary: New pull request Latest commit 7517148 Jan 15, 2018 econtiAdd read me

Keywords: jan, commit, latest, read, autumn

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