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Firefox’s new streaming and tiering compiler

Summary: People call WebAssembly a game changer because it makes it possible to run code on the web faster.

Keywords: code, compiler, webassembly, faster, compiling

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System Bus Radio: Transmits AM radio on computers without transmitting hardware

Summary: Please mail with your results (including make and model of all equipment involved) or edit this file directly and create a pull request.

Keywords: radio, antenna, equipment, work, frequency

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Who the Hell Uses Onion Juice?

Summary: The other day I was leafing through a vintage edition of The Fannie Farmer Boston Cooking School Cookbook looking for American chop suey (a story for another time), when my eye fell on a recipe with an ingredient list that included a “few drops onion juice” — and suddenly I was a child again, poking around in my grandmother’s kitchen.

Keywords: onion, juice, kitchen, howard, bottle

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BitConnect Closes Exchange as States Warn of Unregulated Sales

Summary: BitConnect said it’s closing the company’s cryptocurrency exchange and lending operation after receiving two cease-and-desist letters from state authorities for the unauthorized sale of securities and suffering from denial-of-service attacks.

Keywords: securities, states, authorities, exchange, bitconnect

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Apple plans new U.S. campus, to pay $38B in foreign cash taxes

Summary: Additional reporting by Sonam Rai, Pushkala Aripaka, Muvija M. and Laharee Chatterjee in Bengaluru, Karen Pierog in Chicago and Nick Brown in New York; Editing by Peter Henderson, Richard Chang and Leslie Adler

Keywords: apple, billion, tax, states, campus

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Microsoft MakeCode

Summary: Microsoft MakeCode brings computer science to life for all students with fun projects, immediate results, and both block and text editors for learners at different levels.

Keywords: microsoft, makecode, brings, editors, block

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Elixir v1.6 released: code formatter, dynamic supervisors, and more

Summary: While the formatter will correctly handle long lines and complex expressions, refactoring the code by breaking those into variables or smaller functions as you format them will lead to overall cleaner and more readable codebases.

Keywords: code, elixir, mix, module, formatter

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Nintendo Labo Official Site

Summary: Add fun designs to your Toy-Con creations with stickers, tape, and stencils.

Keywords: stencils, stickers, fun, tape, creations

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Summary: close the DOH easy handles return the address data to the initial transfer that needed it, and continue

Keywords: doh, resolver, dns, server, easy

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Datomic Cloud

Summary: Datomic Cloud is a new product intended for greenfield development on AWS.

Keywords: datomic, cloud, aws, integrated, release

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Indefinite solitary confinement in Canadian prisons ruled unconstitutional

Summary: The BCCLA and other intervenors argued that the sections of the Corrections and Conditional Release Act governing the practice of administrative segregation “permit indeterminate and prolonged solitary confinement” which has “significant adverse effects on the physical, psychological and social health of inmates.”

Keywords: segregation, confinement, administrative, solitary, leask

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Changes to the YouTube Partner Program

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Turning Soybeans into Diesel Fuel Is Costing Billions

Summary: Two environmental groups — ActionAid USA and Mighty Earth — just released a report connecting America’s biodiesel demands directly to deforestation in Argentina.

Keywords: biodiesel, fuel, argentina, soybeans, law

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Sudden savant syndrome, in which exceptional abilities emerge after brain injury

Summary: From Daniel Tammet, who can perform mind-boggling mathematical calculations at stupendous speed, to Gottfried Mind, the “Cat Raphael”, who drew the animal with an astonishing level of realism, so-called “autistic savants” can have superhuman skills to rival those of the Renaissance polymaths.

Keywords: brain, muybridge, left, people, creativity

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Google IT Support Professional Certificate

Summary: Need-based scholarships, funded by grants, will be offered through leading nonprofits focused on underrepresented communities including Year Up, Per Scholas, Goodwill, Student Veterans of America, and Upwardly Global.

Keywords: support, program, google, people, certificate

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So You Want to Compete with Steam

Summary: Given that Itch’s stuff is all open source , if I get even one hint that you’ve decided to roll your own entire pipeline from scratch, I’m gonna call up your investors and your parents to tell them you’ve got a deadly case of Not Invented Here Syndrome and recommend immediate quarantine.

Keywords: steam, games, developers, money, itch

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Some thoughts on Spectre and Meltdown

Summary: As such, it’s important to consider what information could be revealed: Even if you’re not working on top secret plans for responding to a ballistic missile attack, you’ve probably accessed password-protected websites (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, perhaps your online banking…) and possibly entered your credit card details somewhere today.

Keywords: information, code, side, attacks, passport

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Nintendo Labo: make, play, and discover

Summary: Nintendo of Europe is not responsible for the content or security of the site you are about to visit.

Keywords: nintendo, europe, site, leave, content

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Cloud AutoML: Making AI accessible to every business

Summary: We showed how modern machine learning services, i.e., APIs —including Vision , Speech , NLP , Translation and Dialogflow —could be built upon pre-trained models to bring unmatched scale and speed to business applications.

Keywords: cloud, automl, ai, google, models

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Fast base64 encoding and decoding

Summary: We found that, in the end, you could speed up the problem by a factor of ten and use about 0.2 cycles per byte on recent Intel processors using vector instructions.

Keywords: data, web, binary, byte, code

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Go Is a Great Fit for Lambda

Summary: Along with the languages normal strengths – incredible runtime speed, an amazing concurrency story, a great batteries-included standard library, and the fastest edit-compile-debug loop in the business – Go’s stability and ease of deployment is going to make it a tremendous addition to the Lambda platform.

Keywords: lambda, stability, core, function, languages

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No One Wants Used Clothes Anymore

Summary: Located 55 miles north of Delhi, the dusty city of 450,000 has served as the world’s largest recycler of woolen garments for at least two decades, becoming a crucial outlet for the $4 billion used-clothing trade.

Keywords: panipat, clothes, mills, made, blankets

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SPAs are harder and always will be (2013)

Summary: In a traditional web app, modifiable data in the browser tier is limited to a single set of HTML form field values and that’s all you ever need to synchronize.

Keywords: data, web, tier, customer, app

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California bullet train cost surges by $2.8B

Summary: Brown did not address the new cost estimate, but said in a news release about Kelly, “Brian has ably led the California State Transportation Agency since its inception and is uniquely qualified to move the nation’s first high-speed rail project forward.”

Keywords: cost, project, kelly, costs, rail

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Your company can increase voter turnout: make Election Day a company holiday

Summary: In 1845, when we rode horses and buggies, and before Florida, California, and Texas were states or slavery had been abolished, Congress needed to pick a time for Americans to vote.

Keywords: day, election, holiday, employees, vote

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The Woman Behind Two Men and a Truck

Summary: Colleagues made fun of her ambition, but when Sheets was passed up for a promotion, she left her steady paycheck, fought the competition in town, and turned Two Men and a Truck into a franchise company with locations in 40 states, Canada, the U.K., and Ireland.

Keywords: truck, moving, company, men, people

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MIT 6.S094: Deep Learning for Self-Driving Cars

Summary: This class is an introduction to the practice of deep learning through the applied theme of building a self-driving car.

Keywords: lecture, learning, video, slides, deep

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Long-Term Consequences of Spectre and Its Mitigations

Summary: I think “safe” languages like Rust should generalize the idea behind Webkit’s mitigations: require that speculatively executed code adhere to the memory safety constraints imposed by the type system.

Keywords: code, mitigations, variant, software, spectre

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Some thoughts on security after ten years of Qmail 1.0

Summary: Some of the techniques recommended include ensuring data flow is explicit (designing large portions of qmail to run in separate processes connected through pipelines made much of qmail’s internal data flow easier to see for example), simplifying integer semantics (using big integers and regular arithmetic rather than the conventional modular arithmetic), and factoring code in order to make it easier to test error cases.

Keywords: code, security, software, bugs, qmail

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How a 22-Year-Old Discovered Meltdown and Spectre

Summary: Interviews with Horn and people who know him show how a combination of dogged determination and a powerful mind helped him stumble upon features and flaws that have been around for over a decade but had gone undetected, leaving most personal computers, internet servers and smartphones exposed to potential hacking.

Keywords: horn, computer, google, security, heiderich

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Why code that never goes wrong can still be wrong

Summary: It may never fail, but the reasoning for why the code should work has a hole: what should have been a simple argument of reading an array now depends on complex assumptions about the compiler and memory layout, as well as a whole-program check that that byte is always 0.

Keywords: level, code, memory, program, reasoning

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Ex-CIA Officer Suspected of Compromising Chinese Informants Is Arrested

Summary: As the agency began losing assets in China, it was not clear at first that the losses were systematic, but as the disappearances mounted, the American intelligence community eventually realized it had a major problem.

Keywords: lee, agency, officials, states, united

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Show HN: Genact – A nonsense activity generator

Summary: If you want to add a cool module just implement it, lint it with clippy and make a pull request with a screenshot.

Keywords: jan, cargo, run, version, note

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How to Measure the Working Set Size on Linux

Summary: I say dangerous, since that approach can inject considerable latency to the application, over one second of paused time, which will play havoc with performance (kill TCP window sizes, timeout other operations) and may well change the system under test.

Keywords: wss, memory, page, idle, referenced

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Google ditches Ubuntu for Debian for internal engineering environment

Summary: Though Ubuntu has a huge number of clients in servers, cloud, and remains the biggest distro for the limited PC market, the loss of a paying customer the size of Google won’t go unnoticed.

Keywords: google, ubuntu, debian, company, distro

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Cloudflare Access: Like BeyondCorp, but You Don’t Have to Be at Google to Use It

Summary: Access is powered by Cloudflare’s global network of 120+ data centers offering adequate redundancy and DDoS protection and proximity to wherever your employees or corporate office might be.

Keywords: access, cloudflare, application, vpn, network

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Summary: TWiT is seeking a relief including a preliminary and permanent injunction that orders Twitter to stop using the mark in connection with the distribution of audio and video content, and “any and all profits derived from the unlawful acts.”

Keywords: twitter, twit, lawsuit, video, williams

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Instruction explosion in Guile

Summary: One of the goals of instruction explosion was that by breaking the operation into a number of smaller, more orthogonal parts, native code generation would be easier, because the compiler would only have to know about those small bits.

Keywords: compiler, loop, instruction, code, bytevector

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NeoPG – an opiniated fork of GnuPG 2

Summary: I gave a lightning talk about NeoPG at the 34c3 and talked to some people in the community.

Keywords: neopg, explains, article, single, daemons

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Superheroes don’t work 90-hour weeks

Summary: Gemma Godfrey, chief executive of investment management company Moola, says: “Workers in Germany, for example, could actually stop working on a Thursday and yet still produce more than we do.

Keywords: hours, work, staff, week, company

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Cryptocurrency bloodbath continues as Bitcoin falls below $10,000

Summary: Bitcoin fell below the psychologically significant level of $10,000 on Wednesday morning, marking a second day of double-digit declines for the virtual currency.

Keywords: bitcoin, price, worth, investors, peak

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Predicting Death for Better End-Of-Life Care

Summary: ”We could build a predictive model using routinely collected operational data in the healthcare setting, as opposed to a carefully designed experimental study,” says Anand Avati , a PhD candidate in computer science at the AI Lab of Stanford University.

Keywords: care, patients, stanford, learning, palliative

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Do You Have the Right to Plead Not Guilty When Your Lawyer Disagrees?

Summary: But as the prosecutor would soon explain to the jury, that defense was legally unavailable to McCoy because Louisiana allows a diminished capacity argument only if the defendant has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.

Keywords: mccoy, client, lawyer, death, penalty

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Lithium chloride kills a honey bee parasite by a systemic mode of action

Summary: The results supported the findings of the previous study and demonstrated significant miticidal effects for LiCl concentrations as low as 2 mM at which a substantial increase in mite mortality ( P < 0.001, log-rank test; Supplementary Table S2 ) was shown.

Keywords: bees, lithium, mm, varroa, licl

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Classic RAND Papers

Summary: Williams’ December 26, 1950 memo to RAND staff built the case for a system of closed courts or patios — which led him to the theory of regular lattices, with average distances between points shown in a two-element matrix.

Keywords: rand, published, war, concepts, discusses

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A new grad SDE makes 2x more in SF than Toronto after tax and COL

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Bitcoin and Ethereum tumble after renewed fears of regulatory crackdown

Summary: That means it has attracted a range of backers, from libertarian monetarists who enjoy the idea of a currency with no inflation and no central bank, to drug dealers who like the fact that it is hard (but not impossible) to trace a bitcoin transaction back to a physical person.

Keywords: bitcoin, trading, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrencies, digital

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Blocking via an Unsolvable CAPTCHA

Summary: The foregoing disclosure provides illustration and description, but is not intended to be exhaustive or to limit the implementations to the precise form disclosed.

Keywords: device, security, attacker, unsolvable, request

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Show HN: Datasette Publish – Turn CSVs into a SQLite-Backed JSON API

Summary: You will need an account with Zeit , a web hosting provider, which you can create by entering your email address on the next page after clicking “Get started”.

Keywords: datasette, web, started, examples, zeit

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Your recruiter is not your friend

Summary: But you’re not playing a volume game—you’ll only interview with a few companies at a time—and it’s no big deal for you to invest a few more hours in an opportunity that doesn’t pan out.

Keywords: salary, commission, don, house, recruiter

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Bitcoin drops below $10K after three days of cryptocurrency correction

Summary: Two days ago, we reported on rumors that some Asian countries were moving to regulate the cryptocurrency trading and mining industry, but there hasn’t really been any concrete news on this front yet.

Keywords: cryptocurrency, days, percent, ago, bitcoin

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Google’s Project Fi now caps data bills at $60

Summary: With its new ‘bill protection’ feature, Project Fi users who use more than 6 GB of data in any given month will never pay more than $60 for that (plus the standard $20 for unlimited talk and text).

Keywords: data, google, unlimited, pay, fi

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Using page speed in mobile search ranking

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Kotlin 1.2.20 released

Summary: ), Yoshinori Isogai , Kenji Tomita , Kirill Rakhman , Sergey Ryabov , Alexey Belkov , Michal Bendowski , AdamMc331 , Andre Perkins , Andrey Mischenko , Artem Zinnatullin , Chris Povirk , Denis Vnukov , Dereck Bridie , Ilya Zorin , Jake Wharton , Joscha Alisch , Kartik Patodi , AJ Alt , Ramon Wirsch , Vladimir Kasatkin , Yusuke Hosonuma , a2kaido , scache .

Keywords: kotlin, style, plugin, code, build

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Starting an ISP is hard (2016)

Summary: Our Fibre support teams are equipped with multiple expensive fiber splicing machines and OTDRs , to help them fix problems as soon as possible.

Keywords: expensive, upstream, isp, power, business

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Rethinking front-end error reporting

Summary: UI glitches, slow performance, broken interfaces, and even confusing UX all negatively affect user happiness and your bottom line.

Keywords: user, issues, logrocket, errors, users

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Machine Learning-Based End-To-End CRISPR/Cas9 Guide Design

Summary: John G. Doench * , Nicolo Fusi * , Meagan Sullender * , Mudra Hegde * , Emma W. Vaimberg * , Katherine F. Donovan, Ian Smith, Zuzana Tothova, Craig Wilen , Robert Orchard , Herbert W. Virgin, Jennifer Listgarten * , David E. Root .

Keywords: cite, design, jennifer, jan, author

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Summary: First (below) and second (right) syllables No second syllable -do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-si/-tiDo-no, not, neither, nor(past)I, meyou [sg]heself, oneselfone, someoneotherRe-and, as well asmy, mine(pluperfect)your, yours [sg]hisour, oursyour, yours [pl]theirMi-or, or evenfor, in order to/thatwho, which (rel pron), that (conj)(future)whose, of whichwell (adv)here/there is, beholdgood evening/nightFa-towhat?with, jointlythis, that(conditional)why, for what reasongood, tasty, delectablemuch, very, extremelySol-ifbutin, withinwrong, ill (adv)because(imperative)perpetually, always, without end, without ceasingthank, thanksLa-thenothing, no one, nobodybyhere, therebadnever, at no time(present participle)ofSi-/Ti-yes, okay, gladly, agreedthe same (thing)each, everygood morning/afternoonlittle, scarcelymister, siryoung man, bachelor(passive participle)* Feminine versions are formed by stressing the last syllable.

Keywords: solresol, words, syllables, edit, syllable

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Teaching an Almost 40-year Old Unix about Backspace

Summary: I could simulate a line printer, but neither did V7 ship with the LP11 driver (apparently by mistake), nor did I feel like copy/pasting a long lpr program in – a simple cat(1) to /dev/lp would just generate fairly garbled output.

Keywords: character, del, erase, defaults, stty

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Women would lose $4.6B in earned tips if ‘tip stealing’ rule is finalized

Summary: For further details on factors (1)–(2), see Sylvia Allegretto and David Cooper, Twenty-Three Years and Still Waiting for Change: Why It’s Time to Give Tipped Workers the Regular Minimum Wage , Economic Policy Institute, July 10, 2014.

Keywords: workers, tips, tipped, rule, employers

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Measuring the Tendency of CNNs to Learn Surface Statistical Regularities

Summary: Thus we provide quantitative evidence supporting the hypothesis that deep CNNs tend to learn surface statistical regularities in the dataset rather than higher-level abstract concepts.

Keywords: cnns, dataset, surface, learn, statistical

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CodeReddit – Reddit that looks like code

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Cooking the Books: Optimizing Purchase and Use of Ingredients

Summary: The real mark of culinary excellence (in my humble opinion) is how efficiently one can buy ingredients to make as many of the recipes as possible in one shopping trip.

Keywords: ingredients, recipes, curve, ordering, popularity

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2017 and the Rebirth of Cyberpunk

Summary: This is a holdover from the expressionist movement , a visual style that holds its worldview as a waking nightmare and is most notably seen in Fritz Lang’s Metropolis , a film that, despite being the better part of a century in age, contains science fiction elements that endure to this day–such as simulacra, imposing corporate towers, and rampant industrialization.

Keywords: cyberpunk, wave, future, runner, blade

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A Life Hearing Voices: How I Manage Auditory Hallucinations

Summary: Stress or difficulty surrounding unmanaged voice hearing can lead to a diagnosis of depression and anxiety, but once the auditory hallucinations are better managed, these other issues can lessen or disappear.

Keywords: voices, shanika, people, hearing, explains

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How Bitcoin Compares to History’s Big Bubbles

Summary: Bitcoin’s recent wobbles have given fresh urgency to a question that’s gripped market observers for much of the past year: Will the cryptocurrency go down as one of history’s most infamous bubbles, alongside tulipmania and the dot-com craze?

Keywords: bitcoin, grantham, bubbles, cryptocurrency, market

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Serverless Architectures Security Guide

Summary: Increased attack surface: serverless functions consume data from a wide range of event sources such as HTTP APIs, message queues, cloud storage, IoT device communications and so forth.

Keywords: serverless, security, architectures, applications, services

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