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Intel Has a Big Problem

Summary: The feature’s vulnerabilities were discussed at conferences and in academic papers but were considered merely theoretical until last spring, when Jann Horn , a 22-year-old researcher in Google ’s elite cybersecurity division, succeeded in reading private data from the secure area.

Keywords: intel, company, chips, krzanich, meltdown

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Learn FFmpeg the hard way

Summary: We’ll start with a quick lesson about what is video, audio, codec and container and then we’ll go to a crash course on how to use FFmpeg command line and finally we’ll write code, feel free to skip directly tothe section

Keywords: video, pts, ffmpeg, codec, audio

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Training Your Brain So That You Don’t Need Reading Glasses (2017)

Summary: Similar training is an effective component in treating amblyopia , also called “ lazy eye ,” which is the most frequent cause of vision loss in infants and children, affecting 3 percent of the population .

Keywords: training, brain, eye, glassesoff, vision

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Relativ – A VR headset that you can build yourself for $100

Summary: With my best friends, Jonas Ceccon and Gabriel Combe , and my math teacher Jerome Dieudonne (we call him Sensei) we built our own VR headset for $100.

Keywords: vr, headset, gabriel, build, maxime

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NSA deleted surveillance data it pledged to preserve

Summary: Asked why the Electronic Frontier Foundation hasn’t publicized the episode, Greene said his group was waiting for the NSA to turn over data that the plaintiffs in the suits have demanded before considering next steps regarding the spy agency’s failure to maintain the records it said it was keeping.

Keywords: nsa, data, court, agency, content

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JS things I didn’t know existed

Summary: Shout out to Mozilla for the new MDN site, looks much nicer in my opinion - I spent way longer than I thought reading through it.

Keywords: js, operator, void, comma, mdn

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A prime number whose binary representation looks like a giraffe

Summary: Actually, back to the case of base 10, to be perfectly precise, there are also two numbers with these last digits also which are prime, that is 2 and 5 themselves.

Keywords: number, prime, digit, digits, significant

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Blockchains from a Distributed Computing Perspective [pdf]

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British 15-year-old gained access to intelligence, pretending to be head of CIA

Summary: Gamble taunted his victims online, released personal information, bombarded them with calls and messages, downloaded pornography onto their computers and took control of their iPads and TV screens, a court heard.

Keywords: access, mr, gamble, intelligence, calls

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Stream and Go: News feeds for 300M users, built on RocksDB and Raft

Summary: Stream API Keevo Real time & Firehose Analytics Personalization & Machine learning Site & Dashboard Async Workers

Keywords: stream, performance, cassandra, python, rocksdb

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Advanced Distributed Systems

Summary: Md Tanvir Al Amin, Shen Li, Muntasir Raihan Rahman, Panindra Tumkur Seetharamu, Shiguang Wang, Tarek F. Abdelzaher, Indranil Gupta, Mudhakar Srivatsa, Raghu K Ganti, Reaz Ahmed, Hieu Le.

Keywords: indranil, gupta, proc, papers, systems

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Switzerland “Should Become the Crypto-Nation” Says Minister

Summary: UK, which alone in Europe can stand to Germany or France, might be in a weak position due to their Brexit negotiations, but Britain has seen their Fintech industry boom and has championed it fully, so their civil service might live up to their reputation of astute.

Keywords: crypto, pm, january, switzerland, minister

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MiniZinc: free and open-source constraint modeling language

Summary: Connect with us

Keywords: connect

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Paul Bocuse, Celebrated French Chef, Dies at 91

Summary: Following the lead of Fernand Point, the spiritual father of nouvelle cuisine and a mentor to many of its pioneers, Mr. Bocuse shaped a style of cooking at the Auberge du Pont de Collonges, his three-star restaurant near Lyon, that stressed fresh ingredients, lighter sauces, unusual flavor combinations and relentless innovation that, in his case, rested on a solid mastery of classic technique.

Keywords: bocuse, restaurant, paul, french, cooking

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BMW’s Apple CarPlay annual fee is next-level gouging

Summary: In speaking with multiple sources at various manufacturers who offer cars with Apple CarPlay and/or Android Auto, I was quickly able to confirm that such fees, at least right now, do not exist.

Keywords: free, carplay, bmw, apple, fee

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I Was a Bank Robber Until I Read Kant

Summary: Employees were under strict orders to co-operate, and the police would usually allow you plenty of time to get the job done—no point trapping a bunch of teenage sociopaths inside a bank full of potential hostages.

Keywords: kant, time, life, father, critique

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Command Line Heroes Podcast

Summary: Command Line Heroes tells the epic true tales of how developers, programmers, hackers, geeks, and open source rebels are revolutionizing the technology landscape.

Keywords: geeks, epic, command, hackers, revolutionizing

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PostgreSQL 10: Partitions of partitions

Summary: Also, it’s important to note other RDBMSs have implemented basic partitioning before Postgres - namely, MySQL (and derivatives).

Keywords: partition, feature, table, partitioning, list

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C as an intermediate language (2012)

Summary: This can be used to pretty-print high-level data structures such as dynamic objects (if you’re lucky and your design matches gdb’s view of things – I found a lot of devil in the details.)

Keywords: language, stack, code, compiler, work

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Greeks are abandoning cigarettes in record numbers

Summary: But if role models are in short supply in a country where even the health minister is prone to light up, recent studies have also shown a dramatic shift in attitudes towards tobacco.

Keywords: greeks, smoking, greece, smokers, tobacco

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Show HN: Hyperfine – a command-line benchmarking tool

Summary: New pull request Latest commit a08581e Jan 20, 2018 sharkdpAdd Ubuntu install instructions

Keywords: jan, hyperfine, run, benchmark, command

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Linear regression by hand

Summary: We can walk through a real-data example using mtcars , an automobile-themed dataset built into R. Regressing fuel economy (mpg) on weight (wt) and number of cylinders (cyl),

Keywords: prime, matrix, linear, regression, estimates

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Rejoiner: Unified GraphQL schema from gRPC microservices

Summary: Make gRPC calls to microservices which can be implemented in any language Load protobuf messages directly from storage Perform arbitrary logic to produce the result

Keywords: graphql, schema, message, proto, query

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Clinical trial finds blood-plasma infusions for Alzheimer’s safe, promising

Summary: Alkahest has stated in a news release that based on the safety profile and signals of efficacy seen in the PLASMA trial, it is planning to advance the clinical development of a next-generation, proprietary plasma-derived product for the treatment of mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease.

Keywords: participants, infusions, plasma, trial, caregivers

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The curious star appeal of Jordan Peterson

Summary: From his teaching, speeches, writing and interviews, it is clear that Peterson has made one of the most unpopular but vital realisations of our time: that we are creating a generation of men who (especially if they don’t belong to any ‘minority’ group) are without hope, foundation or purpose.

Keywords: people, peterson, young, audience, back

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Building a Website with C++

Summary: You can adapt these techniques quite easily to a virtual or dedicated server or Amazon EC2 instance with a few simple modifications to the Apache configuration.

Keywords: program, library, variables, code, website

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WebAssembly and Rust: performance analysis

Summary: There is nothing preventing the browser’s JavaScript engine from breaking a job down into multiple threads to improve performance, however this currently is not an option for WebAssembly.

Keywords: webassembly, javascript, performance, code, browser

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Show HN: Low cost CO₂ monitoring (your office) with Prometheus and Go

Summary: Since humans are sensitive to temperature and CO₂ level, we were now able to optimize HVAC settings in our office (Well, we mainly complained to our facility management).

Keywords: jan, prometheus, makefile, dep, co₂

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The Amazon worker: paid £18,000 a year to shift 250 items an hour

Summary: Amazon worker Aaron Callaway: ‘My main interaction is with the robots.’ Photograph: Graeme Robertson for the Guardian If I’ve learned anything from doing this job, it’s that money can’t replace time.

Keywords: work, week, ve, money, don

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Best ways to kill your startup

Summary: — Tom La Vecchia, founder of New Theory Magazine and Podcast Hiring too quickly because you think you’re going to grow.

Keywords: startup, people, mistakes, game, starting

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Network Latencies and Speed of Light

Summary: Going even further along the “money is no object” scale, and edging a teensy bit into Bond Villain territory, we can upgrade our signal velocity to full light speed and also get rid of pesky detours like the curvature of the Earth by digging a perfectly straight tunnel between the two points, keeping a vacuum inside (not strictly necessary, but might as well while we’re at it) and then establishing a really high-powered microwave link; it would have to be to make it along a distance of a few thousand kilometers, given beam divergence.

Keywords: network, fiber, link, distance, speed

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GG-flip: simplest and most efficient ways to flip the sign of a number

Summary: Donald Knuth described in one of his TAOCP books that flipping the sign of a number is one of the hardest problems in Computer Science.

Keywords: flip, gg, library, sign, code

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How PayPal Shares Your Data

Summary: What kind of data does PayPal share with third parties?

Keywords: data, paypal, kind, parties, share

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Drug lords make billions smuggling gold to Miami

Summary: Last March, federal prosecutors in Miami charged Granda, his boss, Samer Barrage, and another NTR trader, Renato Rodriguez, with money laundering, saying the three men bought $3.6 billion of illegal gold from criminal groups in Latin America.

Keywords: gold, ntr, miami, mining, colombia

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Supreme Court Takes Up Internet Sales Tax Conundrum

Summary: Thus, … a publisher who included a subscription card in three issues of its magazine, a vendor whose radio advertisements were heard in North Dakota on three occasions, and a corporation whose telephone sales force made three calls into the State, all would be subject to the collection duty.

Keywords: tax, state, sales, dakota, south

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Malicious Chrome extension is next to impossible to manually remove

Summary: A half hour before this post was to go live, James Oppenheim, an editor of a review site for children’s games, emailed to report yet another malicious extension that remained in the Chrome Store, despite his attempts to get it removed.

Keywords: chrome, extension, google, extensions, malicious

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California Police Chiefs Misrepresent License Plate Privacy Bill

Summary: This simple privacy measure would create an opportunity for drivers to protect sensitive information about their travel and whereabouts from mass collection by law enforcement and private data brokers.

Keywords: plate, vehicle, cover, law, license

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2017 Homicide Rates in Latin America and the Carribean

Summary: However, as InSight Crime chronicled this year following an extensive investigation in Guatemala, room for improvement remains, as the country’s faulty collection and analysis of homicide data does not allow for an accurate assessment of the root causes of violence, which would enable authorities to fine-tune their security policies.

Keywords: homicide, rate, murder, security, year

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The London Time Machine

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Serverless Golang API with AWS Lambda

Summary: The application uses a serverless Lambda function written in Go to discover new movies by genres — using the free TMDb API .

Keywords: aws, lambda, api, function, create

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Show HN: Turn a source image into an animated party emoji

Summary: New pull request Latest commit bd78f8d Jan 20, 2018 scotchfieldAdds a reference to the party heart emoji

Keywords: jan, emoji, party, information, heart

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Declassified documents show three Mexican presidents worked for the CIA

Summary: “Es sabido, desde Inside the Company , el libro de Philip Agee, que Luis Echeverría Álvarez trabajaba con y para la CIA.

Keywords: de, la, el, en, los

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Michael Phelps Says He Contemplated Suicide After 2012 Olympics

Summary: The MMQB’s Jacob Feldman shares the NFL’s best stories and biggest news (plus an opinion or two) every weekday.

Keywords: sports, inbox, personalized, nfl, videos

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Hyperloop costs and challenges undermine pinned hopes

Summary: Image copyrightVirginImage caption Virgin Hyperloop One appointed Sir Richard Branson as its chairman in December I tried to bring him back to earth by explaining how long it took to build infrastructure projects like Britain’s HS2 high-speed rail line from London to Birmingham.

Keywords: hyperloop, project, heathrow, make, maglev

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Voice-matching technology was developed by MIT/Lincoln Labs under NSA contract [pdf]

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Mental Overload Detection with Respiration Variability Spectrogram

Summary: For future work, there is a possibility to try data augmentation, combining facial features from a different but similar dataset, and developing a complete app that will include region-of-interest detection, extraction of spectrogram representing breathing variability and classifying it using the deep model in an everyday situation.

Keywords: mental, breathing, load, dataset, spectrograms

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