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The Death of Microservice Madness in 2018

Summary: There are many cases where great efforts have been made to adopt microservice patterns without necessarily understanding how the costs and benefits will apply to the specifics of the problem at hand.

Keywords: services, service, microservices, system, hard

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A summary of what quantitative trading firms do

Summary: The companies that are still competitive in arbitrage have one of 3 advantages: Scale: To determine that some complex option or futures spread products are mispriced relative to a set of others, nontrivial calculations must be performed, including the fee per leg, and then the hedged position has to be held and margined until expiry.

Keywords: trading, market, trade, data, order

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The city I write this in protected its name, so I am not allowed to use it

Summary: Since this “solution” is not a part of the law, this text is not published on a Facebook page, and since me, as a civilian, am mentioned only twice in a legally-binding decision, that means that I am not allowed to show the word Sarajevo without facing possible legal consequences.

Keywords: city, sarajevo, article, facebook, decision

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Brushing up on operating systems and C programming

Summary: Given that many software engineering generalists today work in higher level languages, I find that pattern of behavior to be common.

Keywords: programming, systems, operating, os, concepts

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Org-Mode for Visual Studio Code

Summary: Launch VS Code Quick Open (Linux / Windows: ctrl + P ; Mac: cmd + P ) and type ext install org-mode .

Keywords: org, mode, code, extension, todo

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Fellow Engineers: This is where your money comes from

Summary: Recently I saw some rather surprising conversations on Reddit’s /r/cscareerquestions which is generally a great place to talk through different CS Career issues people are having and try to help out.

Keywords: customers, money, paid, lot, paying

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Inside Amazon Go

Summary: CreditKyle Johnson for The New York TimesThere were a little over 3.5 million cashiers in the United States in 2016 — and some of their jobs may be in jeopardy if the technology behind Amazon Go eventually spreads.

Keywords: amazon, store, york, technology, johnson

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Guide to JavaScript Frameworks

Summary: Reflex is a functional reactive UI library that is heavily inspired by (pretty much is a port of) elm and it’s amazingly simple yet powerful architecture where “flux” in react terms is simply a byproduct of a pattern.

Keywords: react, library, resources, additional, framework

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Reverse Engineering a Mysterious UDP Stream in My Hotel (2016)

Summary: At first, I suspected that the data might be a television stream for the TVs, but the packet length seemed too small, even for a single video frame.

Keywords: packets, data, bytes, packet, audio

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Why is only half of Mars magnetized?

Summary: More recently, a suite of papers published in Nature gave credence to the idea that the crustal dichotomy formed as a result of a truly gigantic, oblique impact that blasted away a massive chunk of the crust of the northern hemisphere, and that this happened very early in Mars’ history ( I’ve written about this before ).

Keywords: mars, magnetic, field, map, hemisphere

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Why you can’t buy a high-end graphics card at Best Buy

Summary: One big difference from the US or Saudi Arabia, he said, is that electric utilities don’t allow mining in residential buildings—so miners generally have their rigs shipped directly to commercial hosting facilities.

Keywords: graphics, cards, mining, card, freilich

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Dvxk: A Vulkan-Based D3D11 Implementation for Linux with Wine

Summary: New pull request Latest commit 05f0008 Jan 21, 2018 doitsujin[hud] Changed vertex buffer format …

Keywords: jan, dxvk, shader, general, hud

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The Rise of German Board Games

Summary: While it took more than a decade for that game to gain a cultural foothold, there seems to be no going back: Much in the way that Cold War–era American beer connoisseurs gravitated to the higher quality and vastly larger variety offered by European imports in the era before stateside microbrews took off, players who’d become bored with the likes of Monopoly and Scrabble started to note the inventive new titles coming out of Germany.

Keywords: games, game, board, people, reading

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Donald Knuth turns 80, seeks problem-solvers for The Art of Computer Programming

Summary: “in several noteworthy cases, nobody has yet pointed out any errors…” Knuth writes on his site, adding “I fear that the most probable hypothesis is that nobody has been sufficiently motivated to check these things out carefully as yet.”

Keywords: knuth, writes, art, problems, programming

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Redox OS Crash Challenge

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Surfers three times more likely to have antibiotic-resistant bacteria in guts

Summary: They estimated that over 2.5 million water sports sessions occurred in England and Wales in 2015 which involved ingestion of E. coli bacteria harbouring these mobile resistance genes.

Keywords: bacteria, surfers, water, antibiotic, resistance

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Show HN: 2D multiplayer battle royale game

Summary: The deadly red zone will move in from the sides of the map and deal increasingly greater damage if you stand in it.

Keywords: item, map, pubg, loot, items

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Show HN: On-disk B+ tree for Python 3

Summary: Big caches prevent the expensive operation of creating Python objects from raw pages but use more memory

Keywords: tree, order, bplustree, keys, values

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Mobile Device Management invades privacy

Summary: Privacy is even an issue for security administrators - while many IT leaders want the same freedom to access corporate data from personal devices 40% chose not to participate in the very mobile policies they were helping their organisations enforce .

Keywords: phone, mdm, personal, organization, privacy

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Yacob and Amo: African precursors to Enlightenment thinkers

Summary: As the story usually goes, the Enlightenment began with René Descartes’s Discourse on the Method (1637), continuing on through John Locke, Isaac Newton, David Hume, Voltaire and Kant for around one and a half centuries, and ending with the French Revolution of 1789, or perhaps with the Reign of Terror in 1793.

Keywords: amo, yacob, enlightenment, philosophy, mind

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More Things I Wish I’d Known About Bash

Summary: You can also assign directly with ${VAR: = defaultval} (equals sign, not dash) but note that this won’t work with positional variables in scripts or functions.

Keywords: bash, set, string, note, scripts

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Low-Latency Video Processing Using Thousands of Tiny Threads [pdf]

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I am a roboticist in a cheese factory

Summary: I completed my BA in linguistics (from University of California, Santa Cruz) in 2013 with a primary focus on the theoretical side of syntax and semantics.

Keywords: cheese, robots, process, factory, machine

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Chemotherapy, Then and Now

Summary: Sidney Farber, as part of a government drug screening program, and in collaboration with Harriet Kilte, discovered methotrexate and found it effective on children with leukemia.

Keywords: survival, cancer, months, chemotherapy, drugs

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A Simple Compiler in JavaScript

Summary: */consteval=ast=> {constopAcMap= {sum:args=>args.reduce((a, b) => a + b, 0),sub:args=>args.reduce((a, b) => a - b),div:args=>args.reduce((a, b) => a / b),mul:args=>args.reduce((a, b) => a * b, 1) };if (ast.type=== Num) returnast.val;return opAcMapast.val;};/* # Code generator Alternatively, instead of interpreting the AST, we can translate it to another language.

Keywords: sum, ast, type, tokens, input

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United States v. Microsoft Corp

Summary: 2nd Circuit.Jan 11 2018 Brief amici curiae of Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie e.V., Deutscher Industrie- und Handelskammertag e.V., Ibec clg, Konfederacja Lewiatan, and Mouvement des Enterprises de France filed.

Keywords: filed, jan, amicus, curiae, submitted

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Replace Skype with Discord for Better Audio Quality and Web-Based Interviews

Summary: We started using Discord back in November for Mac Geek Gab 685 and listener Kyle’s unsolicited email comment says it best: “I’m writing to ask you please, don’t change anything !

Keywords: discord, audio, channel, ll, guests

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Inside Moscow’s Metro

Summary: When Stalin and the Communist Party’s Central Committee, the Bolsheviks, launched the development, it became a symbol of architectural prowess that was unequaled in civil engineering at that time.

Keywords: bizet, didier, station, moscow, metro

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Help Recover Climate Data from Old Ship Logs

Summary: Help scientists recover Arctic and worldwide weather observations recorded in ship’s logs since the mid-19th century.

Keywords: arctic, scientists, ship, recorded, results

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How to write a CHIP-8 interpreter

Summary: These days however I’m more focussed on providing support to emulator projects of recent consoles such as: PCSX2 (Sony Playstation 2), Dolphin-emu (Nintendo Gamecube and Wii) and nullDC (Sega Dreamcast).

Keywords: opcode, memory, set, system, emulator

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Canary Releases in Practice

Summary: On the other hand of the spectrum, you would look at all the metrics exposed by the service (CPU, latency, memory usage, GC pauses, business logic errors, downstream dependencies, cache hits and misses, timeouts, connection errors…).

Keywords: canary, cluster, metrics, canaries, errors

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Game consoles are doing better than ever

Summary: Put it all together, and it’s hard to believe that the collective wisdom just a few years ago expected consoles to slowly wither away in light of competition from casual mobile games and commoditized PC hardware.

Keywords: market, consoles, console, percent, hardware

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Year in Pixels

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The reviewer’s fallacy: when critics aren’t critical enough

Summary: In a 2012 Slate piece called “ Against Enthusiasm ,” Jacob Silverman wrote, “if you spend time in the literary Twitter- or blogospheres, you’ll be positively besieged by amiability, by a relentless enthusiasm that might have you believing that all new books are wonderful and that every writer is every other writer’s biggest fan.” Careerist contrarians who try to stand out from the crowd by cynically ginning up unpopular hence eye-catching opinions: “ Daddy’s Home 2 is the second coming of Molière,” or “ Lady Bird is an exercise in tedium and self-regard.” (If you suspect that a particular movie critic is guilty of premeditated contrarianism, you can check his or her standing on Gizmodo UK’s number-crunched list of 367 current and former movie reviewers, ranked by how much they are in line with their peers.)

Keywords: critics, reviewer, good, books, read

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The Joys of Victimhood (1989)

Summary: Although it was never their intention to do so, they make the contemporary joys of victimhood -the assumption of moral superiority, the spread of guilt and bad feeling, the shifting of responsibility for one’s own destiny onto others or the “system” or society at large - seem rather dreary, if not pathetic.

Keywords: victims, victim, victimhood, people, guilt

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Linear Regression A Tale of a Transform

Summary: Interestingly, Python has a very powerful symbolic math library called SymPy that will let us do all calculation like we do them with pen and paper.

Keywords: data, line, error, cost, values

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Why Is Bitcoin Valuable?

Summary: In an autocratic regime, the winning coalition is likely to be a group of a dozen or fewer individuals, like the city council members in Bell or the warlords that help a dictator maintain power.

Keywords: selectorate, bitcoin, censorship, bell, winning

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Chipmakers Rally in Talent War

Summary: “This is personal for me because it’s my story,” he continued, recounting how his father brought home an early chip made at Western Electric as the brains for a U.S. missile.

Keywords: industry, durn, dream, today, applied

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Fuzzing TCP servers

Summary: What is more, there’s no guarantee of total success here, as identifying every piece of code which can touch/parse user-supplied HTTP headers, POST content, HTTP/2 streams, or data passed to CGI scripts can easily take weeks, if not months.Even if I personally support the very idea of testing small and well-specified APIs first, the fact that that those fuzzing setups for TCP servers don’t exist yet, or are fairly incomplete in terms of covered attack surface, makes such end-to-end fuzz-testing quite valuable tool.

Keywords: tcp, fuzzing, honggfuzz, servers, httpd

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The Anti-Bamboozler: Early writings of H. L. Mencken

Summary: But whether he was lambasting Coleman L. Blease, a now-forgotten South Carolina demagogue, or the ham-handed J. Harry Preston, then the mayor of Baltimore, Mencken’s takedowns of particular politicos affirmed his general principle—namely, that the political culture he witnessed was an “endless saturnalia of bunk, of bluff, of stupidity, of insincerity, of false virtue, of nonsense, of pretense, of sophistry, of paralogy, of bamboozlement, of actorial posturing, of strident wind music, of empty words—even, at times, of downright fraud.”

Keywords: mencken, free, joshi, lance, saturnalia

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User succumbs to a seizure in virtual reality while other players can only watch

Summary: “This is also being shared for the purpose of analyzing and documenting the nature of this occurrence and the reactions of bystanders in Virtual Reality which is an unprecedented situation.” Rogue Shadow VR says he caught up with the player afterwards on Steam, and that he is doing better now.

Keywords: shadow, rogue, vr, player, players

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Lab meat to transform meat industry in 2021

Summary: A consumer analyst at GlobalData, Chris Lo notes that the new products will not be ready to enter the market until 2021.

Keywords: meat, memphis, meats, world, ceo

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Google Is Eating Apple’s Ecosystem for Lunch

Summary: If you use Carplay on a daily basis, you’re forced to use Apple Maps (I’ll tell you about how it misdirected us to Yosemite another time) — while Android Auto lets you do whatever you like, and arguably is much more functional, while offering proper freedom of choice to the end user.

Keywords: google, home, apple, photos, app

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Choosing between programming in the kernel or in user space

Summary: Novel computer architectures such as the work on Capabilities carried out in the CHERI project, developed at SRI International and the University of Cambridge, might also make it possible to decompose software for safety and retain a high level of performance in the overall system, but again, that has yet to be proven in a real deployment of the technology.

Keywords: system, space, user, kernel, programming

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Norway as a destination for tech founders

Summary: CLOSE More Options

Keywords: close, options

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Nuclio: Serverless for Real-Time and Data-Driven Applications

Summary: Use functions to rapidly develop a mobile or web application backend (UI, dashboards, chatbots), or custom APIs and services for external consumers.

Keywords: data, run, nuclio, functions, local

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How Duolingo achieved a 50:50 gender ratio for new software engineer hires

Summary: Given the current widespread conversation around diversity and inclusion in the workplace (and especially in the tech industry), we wanted to share the external and internal process changes that helped us achieve this goal.

Keywords: duolingo, women, hiring, gender, female

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Code alignment issues

Summary: The case with aligned basic blocks has the following layout: It has good level of DSB utilization as well as the amount of cycles when uops were not delivered to the back-end is very low.

Keywords: dsb, code, uops, decode, stream

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Reverse Engineering the TEC-06 Serial Protocol

Summary: With a bit of fiddling around (setting proper trigger levels with this thing is far from easy), I found something on the wires that looked very much like a TTL serial protocol (high and low voltages to mark data).

Keywords: serial, data, baud, voltage, software

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A Handmade Executable File (2015)

Summary: Make a Windows program by stuffing bytes into a buffer and writing it to disk: no compiler, no assembler, no linker, no nothing!

Keywords: section, header, data, bytes, file

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