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Linus Torvalds: “Somebody is pushing complete garbage for unclear reasons.”

Summary: > Certainly it’s a nasty hack, but hey â the world was on fire and in the > end we didn’t have to just turn the datacentres off and go back to goat > farming, so it’s not all bad.

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Montana becomes first state to implement net neutrality after FCC repeal

Summary: The contents of this site are ©2018 Capitol Hill Publishing Corp., a subsidiary of News Communications, Inc.

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“Get Out of Jail Free” Cards in New York

Summary: It’s important for me to get in touch with shield [ omitted ] and ask him why he felt it necessary to say “I’m not even going to look at that” to my PBA card and proceed [sic] to write a speeding ticket on the Bronx River Parkway yesterday afternoon to my fukking WIFE!!!!!!!!!!!

Keywords: cards, officer, card, gold, police

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Elixir on Google Cloud Platform and App Engine

Summary: It equips you with insight into the health, performance, and availability of cloud-powered applications, enabling you to find and fix issues faster.

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SpaceX can’t test fire its Falcon Heavy rocket due to the government shutdown

Summary: Efforts in Congress have paved the way for the government to open as soon as Tuesday, which means Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station could also return to active status soon.

Keywords: spacex, rocket, heavy, falcon, test

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How to Study: A Brief Guide

Summary: Pressley, Michael, & El-Dinary, Pamela Beard (1992), “Memory Strategy Instruction that promotes Good Information Processing”, in Douglas J. Herrmann, Herbert Weingartner, Alan Searleman, & Cathy McEvoy (eds.

Keywords: reading, read, sentence, slow, understand

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Thousands of Turks accused of using Bylock app despite never having used it

Summary: Months later, with no progress in his case, Demir’s wife found social media messages Aktaş, Beşikçi and Peksayar had been spreading, telling potential victims they may be able to clear their names.

Keywords: bylock, beşikçi, accused, app, people

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Netflix is now worth more than $100B

Summary: The company said it added more than 8 million new subscribers total after already setting pretty robust targets for the fourth quarter this year, giving it a healthy push as it crossed the $100 billion mark after the report came out this afternoon.

Keywords: billion, company, netflix, content, million

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20 Years of LWN

Summary: Back in mid-1997, your editor (Jonathan Corbet) and Liz Coolbaugh were engaged in a long-running discussion on how to trade our nice, stable, reliably paying jobs for a life of uncertainty, poverty, and around-the-clock work.

Keywords: community, lwn, linux, part, work

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Why is Rust difficult?

Summary: One of the problems why I found Rust hard to learn was that it looked similar to other imperative languages on one side, but introduced a lot of novel concepts.

Keywords: language, rust, languages, time, makes

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219 days of postmarketOS

Summary: Despite not being a smartphone or tablet, this next device is still right at home in this section: @dee-gomma managed to run and demonstrate basic functionality of pmbootstrap on a 32 bit “postmarket PC”, check out his instructions if you still own such an old computer and feel adventurous.

Keywords: devices, device, postmarketos, kernel, work

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PyTorch, a year in

Summary: This community is so active and fast-moving, we had our first pytorch-probabilistic-programming meetup at NIPS 2017 with Fritz Obermeyer, Noah Goodman, Jan-Willem van de Meent, Brooks Paige, Dustin Tran and 22 additional attendees discussing how to make the world bayesian.

Keywords: pytorch, research, package, released, framework

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Turning Down a Blockchain Job Offer

Summary: Companies are doing initial coin offerings (ICOs), giving out their own cryptotoken to public investors, circumventing a proper IPO process.

Keywords: blockchain, job, cryptocurrencies, work, offer

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One Bitcoin miner is buying 20,000 16nm wafers from TSMC per month

Summary: Gamers have to suffer from low availability and extremely high pricing in the retail channel, and now we’re seeing that the larger players are going straight to the source by contracting TSMC to make their in-house ASICs using the latest process technology.We already touched on this a couple of days ago, but here’s an interesting tweet from ARKInvest that shows just how large the crypto business is for TSMC.

Keywords: tsmc, bitmain, quarter, cryptocurrency, business

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Once seniors are too old to drive, our transportation system fails them

Summary: “A lot of things that make you not a competent driver aren’t serious enough disabilities to qualify,” Sandra Rosenbloom , author of a recent Urban Institute report on transportation for seniors, told the New York Times .

Keywords: seniors, paratransit, people, drive, transportation

Full article on | 245 Points and 215 Comments removes “fast” and “low fees” from Bitcoin description page

Summary: dc50a7e update network descriptions to be more accurate / less open to interp…

Keywords: accurate, jlopp, update, open, descriptions

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BeyondCorp: How Google Ditched VPNs for Remote Employee Access

Summary: It is probably already owned,” added Max Saltonstall , a Google program manager for corporate engineering, who also participated in the presentation.

Keywords: network, google, security, approach, device

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German Union Steps Up Fight for ‘Modern’ 28-Hour Workweek

Summary: BERLIN — Germany’s largest union is bracing for a combative start to the new year as it presses demands for a 28-hour working week, warning employers to expect mass strikes in the battle for a better work-life balance.

Keywords: metall, ig, employers, work, week

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New Zealand startup successfully launches rocket

Summary: “Rocket Lab is a small start-up, a few people and a dream— it really shows what can happen in the modern day space area,” Australian National University astrophysicist Brad Tucker said.

Keywords: launch, rocket, space, australia, satellites

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Y Combinator is accepting applications for S18

Summary: About 11 weeks in, we organize an event called Demo Day at which the startups present to a carefully selected, invite-only audience.

Keywords: fund, companies, company, startups, founders

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Sugar lobby paid scientists to blur sugar’s role in heart disease (2016)

Summary: New report highlights battle by the industry to counter sugar’s negative health effects, and the cushy relationship between food companies and researchers

Keywords: sugar, disease, heart, review, research

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Blizzard games were vulnerable to DNS rebinding attack

Summary: The obvious flaw in this scheme is that the blacklist needs to be complete and maintained, so I expect it will break in future or for users on unusual browsers.

Keywords: data, db, xref, align, solution

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The U.S. will impose duties on solar equipment and washing machines made abroad

Summary: The administration already decided to pull the U.S. out of the Paris Agreement on climate change, sought to roll back Obama-era regulations on power plant-emissions and signed sweeping tax reforms that constrained financing for solar and wind.

Keywords: solar, tariffs, percent, energy, trump

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China, Unhampered by Rules, Races Ahead in Gene-Editing Trials

Summary: ET HANGZHOU, China—In a hospital west of Shanghai, Wu Shixiu since March has been trying to treat cancer patients using a promising new gene-editing tool.

Keywords: china, tool, trials, wu, treat

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How to tame the tech titans

Summary: Just as America drew up sophisticated rules about intellectual property in the 19th century, so it needs a new set of laws to govern the ownership and exchange of data, with the aim of giving solid rights to individuals.

Keywords: google, facebook, amazon, tech, data

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Fourier transforms of images (2017)

Summary: The centre point represents the (0,0) wave – a flat plane with no ripples – and its intensity (its brightness in colour in the grey scale) is the average value of the pixels in the image.

Keywords: wave, waves, fourier, image, transform

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Flicks – A unit of time defined in C++

Summary: Many people contributed and refined the unit, including Dan Goldman, Pascal Pincosy, Simon Eves, Kearsley Higgins, Francisco De La Torre, Benjy Feen, Eric Landreneau and Sebastian Sylwan, among others.

Keywords: flicks, frame, fps, commit, jan

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Experiences with running PostgreSQL on Kubernetes

Summary: DBAs are the operators right now and the intelligence that humans possess and the decision making process that they can take with the analysis of the state - you have to build something really, really sophisticated to replicate a good DBA team.

Keywords: kubernetes, postgres, data, abe, replication

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Private landowners blocking access to public lands in the American West

Summary: According to a study from the Center for Western Priorities, 4m acres of public lands in the Rocky Mountain West (Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and New Mexico) are considered “landlocked”, blocked off by private landowners who control adjacent properties or roadways.

Keywords: public, montana, land, access, private

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My Forgotten Language: the brain can lose and reclaim an abandoned mother tongue

Summary: Monika Schmid, a linguist at the University of Essex and a leading expert on language loss, gives me another explanation: It’s always easier to listen than to produce.

Keywords: language, tamil, age, speaking, time

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Decades of movie poster history go online

Summary: The collection encompasses upwards of 10,000 posters and spans decades: from when the film industry was just beginning to compete with vaudeville acts in the 1920s to the rise of the modern megaplex and drive-in theaters in the 1970s.

Keywords: collection, poster, posters, online, movie

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Experiments reveal faculty preference for women on STEM tenure track (2014)

Summary: Here we report five hiring experiments in which faculty evaluated hypothetical female and male applicants, using systematically varied profiles disguising identical scholarship, for assistant professorships in biology, engineering, economics, and psychology.

Keywords: faculty, women, mothers, applicants, preferred

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What happens when you grep the file you’ve redirected grep to?

Summary: line buffered characters are saved up until a newline is output or input is read from any stream attached to a terminal device (typically stdin).

Keywords: grep, read, file, write, buffer

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Coinbase booked $1B in revenue last year, has told hovering VCs to back off

Summary: The six-year-old company crossed $1 billion in revenue last year, Recode has learned from industry sources, a tremendous rise fueled by layman interest in both bitcoin and competing virtual currencies that users can buy and sell through the app.

Keywords: company, coinbase, bitcoin, investors, recode

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Scammers Using Fake News to Screw with Bitcoin Investors

Summary: Despite his infamy (he founded one of the most successful antivirus software companies ever, fled from Belize police in 2012 after being wanted for questioning in the death of his neighbor, and ran for president in 2016), McAfee is still viewed by some as a cryptocurrency sage; he was touting bitcoin as the currency of the future long before its recent gains.

Keywords: bitcoin, pump, facebook, news, cryptocurrency

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Microsoft’s PowerShell Core Offers Cross-Platform Automation

Summary: But the general availability of PowerShell Core 6 for Windows, macOS and Linux doesn’t just mean Microsoft’s solution for managing the heterogeneous mix of systems now common in business is ready to use in production.

Keywords: powershell, windows, core, linux, microsoft

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Worked for 52 Years, Still Running: 1912 C-T 4WD Electric Truck

Summary: Current Bid: $14,000 Ends in:

Keywords: bid, ends, current

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Facebook to Let Users Rank Credibility of News

Summary: “It is absolutely a positive move to start to try to separate the wheat from the chaff in terms of reputation and use brands as proxies for trust,” said Jason Kint, the chief executive of Digital Content Next, a trade group that represents entertainment and news organizations, including The New York Times.

Keywords: news, facebook, asked, trust, sources

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Faster R-CNN: Down the rabbit hole of modern object detection

Summary: Complete Faster R-CNN architecture The input images are represented as \mathit{Height} \times \mathit{Width} \times \mathit{Depth} tensors (multidimensional arrays), which are passed through a pre-trained CNN up until an intermediate layer, ending up with a convolutional feature map.

Keywords: convolutional, proposals, anchors, image, object

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Artist Nan Goldin​ takes on the billionaire family behind OxyContin

Summary: After Goldin’s article in Art Forum, Arthur’s daughter, Elizabeth Sackler, wrote a letter to the periodical, which will go online on 1 February, noting that her father’s one-third stake in Purdue was sold by his estate to his brothers shortly after his death and that neither she nor her children have “benefited in any way” from it, or from the sale of OxyContin.

Keywords: goldin, oxycontin, family, sackler, rehab

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Dr. Seuss’ arms race allegory

Summary: In fact, Senge argues that most children are taught just the opposite — how to break apart problems, instead of how to connect the dots and see related issues as part of a bigger picture.

Keywords: book, butter, systems, side, nuclear

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The Evolution of Pleasure and Pain

Summary: Following Oliver Sacks, Antonio Damasio may be the neuroscientist whose popular books have done the most to inform readers about the biological machinery in our heads, how it generates thoughts and emotions, creates a self to cling to, and a sense of transcendence to escape by.

Keywords: brain, systems, feelings, life, nervous

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Candy Wrappers Are Listening (2014)

Summary: Davis is a Ph.D. candidate at MIT, and his group’s image processing algorithm can turn everyday objects into visual microphones—deciphering the tiny vibrations they undergo as captured on video.

Keywords: sound, davis, objects, video, camera

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Root Cause of Reboot Issue Identified; Updated Guidance

Summary: Navin Shenoy is executive vice president and general manager of the Data Center Group at Intel Corporation.

Keywords: intel, partners, customers, updated, solution

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The Melancholy of Don Bluth (2017)

Summary: Meg Shields February 14, 2017 Editor’s PicksMovies

Keywords: picksmovies, pictures, editor, don, melancholy

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Amazon’s surveillance-powered no-checkout convenience store

Summary: The images captured from these cameras are sent to a central processing unit (for lack of a better term, not knowing exactly what it is), which does the real work of quickly and accurately identifying different people in the store and objects being picked up or held.

Keywords: amazon, store, system, camera, cameras

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More than 10 percent of $3.7B raised in ICOs has been stolen

Summary: NEW YORK (Reuters) - More than 10 percent of funds raised through “initial coin offerings” are lost or stolen in hacker attacks, according to new research by Ernst & Young that delves into the risks of investing in cryptocurrency projects online.

Keywords: icos, projects, research, blockchain, percent

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Show HN: Peer-to-peer chat example built with JavaScript IPFS

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Netflix plans to spend $8B to make its library 50 percent original by 2018

Summary: Netflix last month debuted its very first original anime series, the quirky Neo Yokio , with Jaden Smith lending his voice to Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig’s bizarre blend of Eastern, Western, and online culture.

Keywords: netflix, billion, anime, original, company

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Biotech booms in China

Summary: Ray Stevens, a chemist renowned for determining the crystal structures of the body’s receptors, which are important for identifying drug targets, can recall the exact moment he decided to trade sunny California for Shanghai, uprooting his school-age children and wife.

Keywords: china, biotech, chinese, drug, industry

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Putting Ancient Recipes on the Plate

Summary: Monaco, who chronicles her adventures and research in ancient food on her blog, Tavola Mediterranea , helped document features there related to eating—from a restaurant to a small peasant kitchen to altars where animals were sacrificed.

Keywords: monaco, ancient, food, pompeii, quadratus

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Universities Are Becoming Hedge Funds with Schools Attached (2016)

Summary: In practice, however, hedge funds are alternative investment vehicles that tend to be housed offshore to avoid oversight and taxes, which means they are largely unregulated, face minimal disclosure requirements, and can engage in all sorts of risky bets and market manipulations.

Keywords: hedge, funds, public, university, endowment

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Waymo heads to Atlanta to test its self-driving cars

Summary: We are thrilled to welcome Waymo to our state because fully self-driving vehicle technology holds tremendous potential to improve road safety, and we are proud Georgia is paving the way for the future of transportation.

Keywords: testing, waymo, metro, autonomous, atlanta

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Fossil Discoveries Challenge Ideas About Earth’s Start

Summary: In addition, moon-orbiting probes like the Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) spacecraft and the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter have found around 100 previously unknown craters , including a spike in impacts as early as 4.3 billion years ago.

Keywords: years, life, earth, billion, ago

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Isomorphic Go

Summary: Isomorphic Go makes it possible to share parts of the application codebase, between the client and the server, allowing you to reuse code and avoid repetition.

Keywords: language, isomorphic, programming, web, server

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The iOS Economy, Updated

Summary: Apps are the biggest component of Apple services and helped that segment gross over $57 billion in 2017, passing Fortune 100 level (net of developer payments).

Keywords: app, ios, store, apps, billion

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People Keeping Mold-A-Rama Alive

Summary: In Jones’s Mold-A-Rama warehouse, rows of repurposed Cheese Ball jars are full of clear plastic pellets mixed with dyes that melt together to create the vibrantly colored molds.Glennon says the internet has played an important role in Mold-A-Rama’s continued popularity, with rare molds selling for hundreds of dollars online.

Keywords: molds, jones, machines, plastic, machine

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Posse of SF police with battering ram sent to arrest architect for iPhone theft

Summary: On one recent morning, Rick Garcia and his wife Shannon Knuth woke up to a posse of San Francisco police officers at their front door.

Keywords: police, garcia, knuth, san, francisco

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Show HN: HTML5 webcam pics to email with motion detection

Summary: Requirements This works with up-to-date Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Opera browsers on Windows, Mac, and Android.

Keywords: phone, app, pictures, motion, camera

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6 alternative (and better) uses for blockchain

Summary: Walmart is working with Tsinghua University in Beijing and IBM, to monitor how and where pork moves within China and Australia’s largest mining company, BHP Billiton is tracking mineral analysis performed by those outside its business.

Keywords: blockchain, end, monitor, information, identity

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Richest 1% took 82% of new global wealth last year, report says

Summary: And data at the end of December compiled by Bloomberg showed that the richest people on the planet added $1 trillion to their collective wealth in 2017 – more than four times the previous year’s gains – thanks to a surge in stock prices.

Keywords: oxfam, wealth, world, people, average

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82% of Wealth Created in 2017 Went to the top 1%, says Oxfam

Summary: The report, titled “Reward Work, Not Wealth”, revealed how the global economy enabled a wealthy elite to accumulate vast fortunes while hundreds of millions of people are struggling to survive on poverty pay.

Keywords: wealth, oxfam, workers, global, billionaires

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The Eastern Corner of Siberia Is the Coldest Inhabited Place on Earth

Summary: Photo: APSiberia is geographical shorthand for “very cold.” But even by Siberian standards, what’s happening in the eastern Siberia hamlet of Oymyakon right now is ridiculous—and itbegs the question of just what the heck makes this part of the world so freaking cold.

Keywords: cold, oymyakon, weather, siberia, winter

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