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Curry spice turmeric boosts memory by nearly 30%, eases depression, study finds

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People leave managers, not companies

Summary: Candid feedback could be motivating for a seasoned engineer looking to step up to the next level, but crippling for a recent hire who’s finding it hard to settle in.

Keywords: team, feedback, managers, people, manager

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ActivityPub: decentralized social networking protocol

Summary: In particular, thanks to: Aaron Parecki, AJ Jordan, Benjamin Goering, Caleb Langeslag, Elsa Balderrama, elf Pavlik, Eugen Rochko, Erik Wilde, Jason Robinson, Manu Sporny, Michael Vogel, Mike Macgirvin, nightpool, Puck Meerburg, Sandro Hawke, Sarven Capadisli, Tantek Çelik, and Yuri Volkov.

Keywords: activity, server, object, actor, collection

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NSA Deletes “Honesty” and “Openness” from Core Values

Summary: Top photo: Adm. Mike Rogers, director of the National Security Agency, testifies about the Fiscal Year 2018 budget request for U.S. Cyber Command during a House Armed Services Committee hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., on May 23, 2017.

Keywords: agency, nsa, website, mission, security

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How to solve most NLP problems: a step-by-step guide

Summary: While Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) are mainly known for their performance on image data, they have been providing excellent results on text related tasks, and are usually much quicker to train than most complex NLP approaches (e.g. LSTMs and Encoder/Decoder architectures).

Keywords: words, model, data, sentence, word

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The new microcode from Intel and AMD adds three new features

Summary: The early part of the series adds the new feature bits and detects whenit can turn KPTI off on non-Meltdown-vulnerable Intel CPUs, and alsosupports the IBPB barrier that we need to make retpoline complete.

Keywords: ibrs, kernel, retpoline, skylake, ibpb

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Apple, in Sign of Health Ambitions, Adds Medical Records Feature for iPhone

Summary: In the latest indication of Apple’s growing ambitions in the digital health market, the tech giant on Wednesday unveiled a new feature that would allow users to automatically download and see parts of their medical records on their iPhones.

Keywords: health, apple, medical, feature, iphone

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Commission fines Qualcomm €997 million for abuse of dominant market position

Summary: Then as today, Apple was a key customer for LTE baseband chipsets, being an important maker of smartphones and tablets with a premium brand image worldwide.

Keywords: qualcomm, apple, market, baseband, lte

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Mary Lee Berners-Lee has died

Summary: In 1951 she returned to the UK and successfully answered an advertisement in the journal Nature for mathematicians to train as computer programmers at the electrical engineering firm, Ferranti, in Manchester.

Keywords: ferranti, computer, mary, world, lee

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Why we transitioned from Medium back to our own blog

Summary: That’s a big kick from the SEO side of things as it tells Google that your original post is the main one and should be given preference in search results.

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Scientists In Alaska Find Mammoth Amounts Of Carbon In The Warming Permafrost

Summary: In northern Alaska, the temperature at some permafrost sites has risen by more than 4 degrees Fahrenheit since the 1980s, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported in November.

Keywords: permafrost, carbon, tunnel, kate, douglas

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The Google Lunar X Prize’s Race to the Moon Is Over. Nobody Won

Summary: “The existence of the prize has been and will continue to be, an important part of the history of humanity’s permanent return to the moon,” he wrote in an opinion piece in the current issue of Space News.

Keywords: moon, prize, competition, end, announced

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Burger King Has an Opinion on Net Neutrality

Summary: “Must watch,” tweeted Hawaii Democratic Senator Brian Schatz, who has criticized Federal Communications Commission Republicans for their December vote to eliminate rules forbidding broadband providers such as AT&T Inc. and Comcast Corp. from blocking or slowing web traffic.

Keywords: king, neutrality, burger, net, rules

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Why I left Google to join Grab

Summary: If you look at the heat map of tech opportunities in the greater Seattle area, from the lukewarm (Niantic, OfferUp) to the warm (Facebook, Amazon) to the hot (SpaceX, small startups), then Grab is a huge green ball of flame just about blasting your face off.

Keywords: grab, google, food, years, uber

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Show HN: RetroClip – Instant Replay for Your Mac

Summary: This works OK, but it has two downsides: first, we have to lock whenever doing a save operation until we’ve had a chance to duplicate the queue and increment the retain counts on all of the sample buffers within it, and second, keeping thousands of these variably sized things scattered around turns the heap into swiss cheese after a while.

Keywords: retroclip, cursor, video, window, server

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Building a Lightroom PC

Summary: That means I don’t care quite enough to use a pricey 10-bit Nvidia Quadro graphics card paired to a 10-bit professional monitor with internal LUTs for calibration with great homogeneity and extremely high color accuracy across the board like some of the NEC PA MultiSync models or Eizo ColorEdge displays .

Keywords: lightroom, windows, time, ram, color

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7-Zip: Multiple Memory Corruptions via RAR and ZIP

Summary: This ensures very quick allocation and a low memory usage, but it also allows an attacker to control the out of bound read to structures within this pool very reliably and independently of the system’s heap implementation.

Keywords: code, ppmd, model, symbol, array

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Ted Nelson on What Modern Programmers Can Learn from the Past [video]

Summary: We’re entering a period when the possibilities and dangers of computing are looming large in our minds, thanks to the explosion of machine learning, debates over the governance of the Internet, the impacts of automation, and unexpected weaknesses revealed by the Spectre and Meltdown hardware bugs.

Keywords: nelson, computing, web, personal, world

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How I review code

Summary: The main motivation for this was colocation to our image store (S3) and the ability to automatically scale our instance count up and down, depending on time of day (our traffic pattern is heavily cyclic over a 24h window).

Keywords: tumblr, php, gif, resizing, summer

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Earthsea – A Rival to Tolkien and George RR Martin (2015)

Summary: Each section of the novel is a stage in “Ged’s Progress”: from a village lout called Duny in Ten Alders, “wild, a thriving weed, a tall, quick boy, loud and proud and full of temper”, to an impatient apprentice at Re Albi, hungry for power for its own sake, to a brash student on Roke prone to inverted snobbery, to a chastened survivor on Low Torning and Pendor, to a guest in a trap on wintry Osskil, to a fugitive returning to Gont, and finally to a hunter going to his own death.

Keywords: earthsea, ged, le, guin, wizard

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Zstandard – Real-time data compression algorithm

Summary: ### The case for Small Data compression Previous charts provide results applicable to typical file and stream scenarios (several MB).

Keywords: https, compression, http, speed, data

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Developer Skills Report

Summary: Talent Attraction If you look at any typical career page for technology job descriptions, hiring managers commonly highlight tech stack, mission statement, and perks to entice developers to apply.

Keywords: developers, languages, learn, hiring, employers

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Fake celebrity porn is blowing up on Reddit, thanks to artificial intelligence

Summary: The top scene features a digitally regressed Princess Leia from Rogue One, while the face in the bottom is a deepfake created using AI-assisted algorithms and a “visually similar actress.” Image: Derpfakes The implications of this technology are immense.

Keywords: face, deepfakes, swapping, video, users

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It’s Surprising How Much Small Teams Can Get Done [audio]

Summary: The transcript is on the way.

Keywords: teams, classdojosubscribetranscript, chaudhary, sam, surprising

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The Eve programming language project is winding down

Summary: Hidden fieldsSearch for groups or messages

Keywords: hidden, fieldssearch, groups, messages

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Steve Yegge Quits, Saying Google Is 100% Competitor Focused

Summary: In it, he called Google’s attempt at a social network “a prime example of our complete failure to understand platforms from the very highest levels of executive leadership.”

Keywords: google, company, wrote, yegge, service

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Show HN: PonziCoin, a transparent, decentralized Ponzi Scheme you can trust

Summary: Learn More Invest in the Blockchain Buy PonziCoin tokens (symbol: SEC) from the Smart Contract with ETH at the current price.

Keywords: money, buy, contract, price, tokens

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The Neuroscience of Changing Your Mind

Summary: The revelations may help scientists unravel certain aspects of addictive behaviors and understand why accidents like falls grow increasingly common as we age, according to the Johns Hopkins team.

Keywords: brain, involved, decision, findings, dot

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PeerTube – Federated video streaming platform using P2P directly in the browser

Summary: If a user uploads a video, the server seeds it and sends its followers some metadata (name, short description, torrent URI…).

Keywords: jan, video, server, api, configuration

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Nuclear Commission Approves a Safety Aspect of NuScale Power’s Advanced Reactor

Summary: This validation brings us another step closer to achieving our mission of delivering scalable advanced nuclear technology to produce the electricity, process heat, and clean water needed to improve the quality of life for people around the world”.

Keywords: nuscale, power, nuclear, design, safety

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Non-Convex Optimization for Machine Learning

Summary: On the other hand, direct approaches to non-convex optimization have met with resounding success in several domains and remain the methods of choice for the practitioner, as they frequently outperform relaxation-based techniques - popular heuristics include projected gradient descent and alternating minimization.

Keywords: optimization, problems, learning, models, monograph

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The Era of Quantum Computing Is Here. Outlook: Cloudy

Summary: The number of logic operations you can carry out during that fleeting moment depends on how quickly the quantum gates can be switched — if this time is too slow, it really doesn’t matter how many qubits you have at your disposal.

Keywords: quantum, qubits, computing, classical, computers

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Introducing Chronicle, a new Alphabet business dedicated to cybersecurity

Summary: We’ll have our own contracts and data policies with our customers, while at the same time having the benefit of being able to consult the world-class experts in machine learning and cloud computing (among many other topics) that reside in other parts of Alphabet.

Keywords: security, years, data, teams, cybersecurity

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Front (YC S14) Raises $66M

Summary: “I decided that I wanted to raise money, I scheduled 11 partner meetings over a single week,” co-founder and CEO Mathilde Collin told me.

Keywords: front, collin, email, emails, million

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How to Emulate a Raspberry Pi (Raspbian Jessie) on Mac OS X

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Timescale raises $16M from Benchmark, NEA, Two Sigma Ventures

Summary: Today we are excited to announce that Timescale has raised $12.4M in a Series A financing led by Benchmark , with participation from NEA , Two Sigma Ventures , and prominent angels, including the CEOs/founders of Hortonworks , Cloudflare , Data Domain , Nicira , Barefoot Networks , Grand Central Tech , Right Media , Moat , Segment , and Cockroach Labs .

Keywords: data, database, postgres, timescaledb, machines

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The accidental HFT firm

Summary: A huge asset manager with a large team may be able to get some value out of rolling their own algorithms and DMA platform so they can trade more aggressively and frequently, just as floundering HFTs look further out on their time horizon.

Keywords: market, data, trading, time, krx

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Isso – a commenting server similar to Disqus

Summary: New pull request Latest commit 2b56963 Jan 20, 2018 blatinierfix pyflakes error, make travis happy

Keywords: python, jan, travis, jul, sep

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Acne Vulgaris: A Disease of Western Civilization (2002)

Summary: Both the Aché and Kitavan diets are composed of minimally processed plant and animal foods and are virtually devoid of typical Western carbohydrates that yield high glycemic loads that may acutely 35 or chronically 36 , 37 elevate insulin levels ( Table 1 ).

Keywords: acne, google, scholarcrossref, growth, insulin

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Allocation is cheap in .NET until it is not

Summary: Zeroing it in advance has an important advantage of warming CPU cache before accessing from our application code.

Keywords: allocation, size, mov, object, rax

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Advice for Aspiring Writers

Summary: Every post doesn’t have to be your magnum opus, but don’t hit publish unless it’s worth somebody’s time.

Keywords: don, ve, writing, reader, read

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The salacious Middle Ages

Summary: A man who wished to avoid sex while maintaining his physical wellbeing would be well advised to fast regularly, and to eat a diet that consisted primarily of the cold foods and drinks that ‘impede, repress and thicken semen and extinguish lust’.

Keywords: sexual, medical, medieval, sex, celibacy

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Unsafe Zig Is Safer Than Unsafe Rust

Summary: It’s a nasty bug, because besides being an easy mistake to make, on some architectures it will only cause mysterious slowness, while on others it can cause an illegal instruction exception on the CPU.

Keywords: alignment, behavior, undefined, code, zig

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SpaceX performs static fire test on Falcon Heavy

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Building blocks of Amazon ECS

Summary: An ECS cluster is a grouping of (container) instances* (or tasks in Fargate) that lie within a single region, but can span multiple Availability Zones – it’s even a good idea for redundancy.

Keywords: ecs, task, containers, container, run

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What’s new in Swift 4.1

Summary: The introduction of conditional conformance has enabled the Swift team to take out a fair amount of code while also promoting stability, and automatic Equatable and Hashable support will definitely make our lives easier.

Keywords: swift, equatable, conformance, code, conditional

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CSS Gridish

Summary: Until Edge and Safari support display: subgrid , it will be difficult for you to write semantic HTML with CSS Grid Layout.

Keywords: grid, css, support, legacy, layout

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Low-Level Thinking in High-Level Shading Languages (2013) [pdf]

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Weaponising Information: Enter an Age of Unbridled Hyperconnectivity

Summary: Largely free riding on the back of a metastasizing global cyber superstructure, actors are increasingly weaponizing information, disinformation, and popular disaffection in order to bypass the traditional defenses of target states and institutions.

Keywords: information, strategic, risk, army, war

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GE Woes Deepen as SEC Investigation Throws Wrench in Turnaround

Summary: The Securities and Exchange Commission is looking at the accounting practices related to a review of a GE insurance business as well as “revenue recognition and controls for long-term service agreements” in the power-equipment unit, Chief Financial Officer Jamie Miller said Wednesday.

Keywords: ge, company, percent, business, week

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“This Is Serious”: Facebook Begins Its Downward Spiral

Summary: As Tim Wu, a professor at Columbia Law School and former senior adviser to the Federal Trade Commission, told me recently , Facebook is in real potential trouble of running into regulatory hazards, either at home or abroad.

Keywords: facebook, zuckerberg, people, company, social

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After Bitcoin Futures, Watch Out for Crypto Repos

Summary: ET A former Goldman Sachs banker plans to launch a digital currency platform that will make it easier for investors to short one cryptocurrency against another, potentially bringing the nascent market one step closer to the financial mainstream.

Keywords: plans, digital, launch, goldman, cryptocurrency

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Audio Adversarial Examples: Targeted Attacks on Speech-To-Text

Summary: Abstract: We construct targeted audio adversarial examples on automatic speech recognition.

Keywords: audio, examples, adversarial, rate, targeted

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AMD Reassembles the Radeon Technologies Group

Summary: And as you might expect for someone hired for AMD’s top GPU engineering post, Wang has a long history in the graphics industry, working for SGI before joining ArtX and going through the ArtX-to-ATI-to-AMD acquisition chain.

Keywords: amd, business, rtg, engineering, wang

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80’s kids started programming at an earlier age than today’s millennials

Summary: That generation was lucky enough to be born at the start of the home computing revolution, when machines bearing the logos of Acorn and Commodore first entered the living rooms of ordinary people.

Keywords: started, hackerrank, programming, computers, back

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$PHP = ;

Summary: Legitimate asynchronous programming Get consistent, easy to use function parameter ordering for standard lib functions Build your own React TODO MVC app boilerplate Server-side rendering with a front end in-browser framework Create your own memory leaks Make whitespace significant Leak data between requests Solve world hunger Program in JavaScript Tell people you’re a PHP developer

Keywords: php, developer, node, ecosystem, developers

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