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Waze Carpool

Summary: Every day, millions of drivers in thousands of cities use Waze to get around.

Keywords: traffic, people, day, millions, seats

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Senator asks FBI director to name the cryptographers who support backdoors

Summary: During his January 9th speech at the International Conference on Cyber Security in New York, Wray called the prevalence of encryption an “urgent public safety issue” and said it had prevented law enforcement from accessing some 7,800 devices in the last fiscal year.

Keywords: wray, encryption, wyden, speech, security

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Former employees say Lyft staffers spied on passengers

Summary: It struck a settlement with Uber where the startup agreed to limit access to designated employees using multi-factor authentication, establish someone to supervise privacy of the system and audit usage of it.

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It’s About Time for Time Series Databases

Summary: And while they are by no means alone in this market, the open source TimescaleDB that they let loose on the world last summer is getting traction and on the rise, in part because of the growing popularity of the PostgreSQL database engine that it overlays with time series capabilities and enhanced scalability.

Keywords: database, data, scale, time, series

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Why I left Google (HN search results)

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Surviving 75 hours alone in the ocean

Summary: In a recent issue of the journal Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine , a team of researchers led by physiologist Heather Massey of the University of Portsmouth in the UK take a closer look at what happened next: Hewitt’s progressive deterioration over the next four days and three nights, how he survived, and what took place after his eventual rescue.

Keywords: water, hewitt, degrees, cold, diving

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2018 Stellar roadmap

Summary: At the end of 2017 we recruited a veteran team, with a substantial track record of product and marketing success, to build a front-end for Stellar’s inherent decentralized exchange.

Keywords: stellar, network, sdex, lightning, exchange

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Why social media bosses don’t use social media

Summary: From Chris Marcellino – one of the inventors of Apple’s system for push notifications, who quit the industry to train as a neurosurgeon – to Loren Britcher – who created the pull-to-refresh motion that turns so many apps into miniature one-armed-bandits and is now devoting his time to building a house in New Jersey – many of the workers at the coalface of interface design have had second thoughts.

Keywords: facebook, people, social, time, back

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Robinhood Crypto – Invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Summary: Before using margin, customers must determine whether this type of trading strategy is right for them given their specific investment objectives, experience, risk tolerance, and financial situation.

Keywords: robinhood, financial, trading, cryptocurrency, crypto

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DNA seen through the eyes of a coder (2017)

Summary: Genes are not there to cause diseases Human Molecular Genetics, second edition by Tom Strachan and Andrew P. ReadNeatly fills the gap between ‘primary literature’ (ie, peer reviewed academic magazines and papers) and introductory textbooks.

Keywords: dna, code, genome, cell, genes

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Some obscure C features

Summary: The entire describe call will be expanded into this (with added newlines and indentation for clarity; the actual preprocessor would put it all on one line):

Keywords: macro, function, code, preprocessor, describe

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Google doesn’t necessarily need innovation

Summary: For instance they waited years too long to get into both the Cloud and Social spaces, showing a kind of institutional blindness, which wouldn’t be a problem if they would “go to the ground” more often.

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How a fix in Go 1.9 sped up our Gitaly service by 30x

Summary: We expect the migration effort to be completed by the beginning of April at which point all Git operations in the GitLab application will use the service and we’ll be able to decommission NFS infrastructure.

Keywords: gitaly, process, processes, git, service

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An update on Redis Streams development

Summary: blog comments powered by

Keywords: development, streams, redis, update, powered

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YC Series A Program

Summary: We don’t yet have enough data to quantify the impact of what we’re doing, but our early anecdotal evidence – seen through speed of process and quality of outcome – is significant and positive.

Keywords: companies, ve, time, yc, investors

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The Founder’s Guide To Selling Your Company (2014)

Summary: When a sufficiently high-up decision maker decides he/she wants to buy your startup, he/she will attempt to meet with you constantly and put time pressure on you, so as to prevent you from shopping the deal and getting a better offer.

Keywords: acquirer, company, startup, term, acquisition

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9-5 Is Out. Try the 1-6 Instead

Summary: CLOSE More Options

Keywords: close, options

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Summary: Image copyrightGetty ImagesImage caption Grumpy Cat is thought to have earned millions in endorsement and advertising deals They also alleged that the owners had told them Tardar Sauce was set to star in a film alongside Hollywood actors Will Ferrell and Jack Black, something that did not happen.

Keywords: cat, owners, image, grumpy, company

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Deep-copying in JavaScript

Summary: The nice thing about structured cloning is that it handles cyclic objects and supports a wide set of built-in types .

Keywords: object, copy, function, create, clone

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Mayor quits FCC committee, says it favors ISPs over the public interest

Summary: The problem “became particularly apparent at our most recent meeting in Washington, DC,” San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo told FCC Chairman Ajit Pai in his resignation letter .

Keywords: broadband, code, industry, group, model

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Conflict vs. Mistake

Summary: When conflict theorists criticize democracy, it’s because it doesn’t give enough power to the average person – special interests can buy elections, or convince representatives to betray campaign promises in exchange for cash.

Keywords: theorists, people, conflict, mistake, good

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The U.S. Can No Longer Hide from Its Deep Poverty Problem

Summary: Money spent by and for fellow citizens, either individually or collectively, is subject to democratic evaluation by both donors and recipients, who can see the effects and who can show their approval or disapproval in the voting booth.

Keywords: poor, united, states, poverty, people

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Tinder’s lack of encryption allows spying

Summary: Even if all they wanted to do was to freak you out, you’d expect Tinder to make that as good as impossible by sending all its traffic via HTTPS, short for Secure HTTP.

Keywords: tinder, images, mobile, app, people

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gRPC-Go Engineering Practices

Summary: To resolve this, we made a concerted effort to either merge or close all of those PRs, and we now hold weekly meetings to review the status of every active PR to prevent the situation from reoccurring.

Keywords: grpc, issues, open, prs, source

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Why is setState asynchronous?

Summary: Imagine that without any writing any coordination code yourself, you could choose to show a spinner if the update took more than a certain threshold (e.g. a second), and otherwise let React perform a seamless transition when the async dependencies of the whole new subtree are satisfied .

Keywords: state, immediately, don, updates, react

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Code Less, Think More… Incrementally

Summary: And listen to your customers.— An excerpt from “The Cathedral And The Bazaar,” 1999 If you always start to build a big task from the beginning without incremental development in mind, you’re very likely to get stuck.

Keywords: build, step, car, user, builds

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Jawbone of Earliest Modern Human Out of Africa Discovered in Israeli Cave

Summary: “What I was surprised by was how well this new discovery fits into the new picture that’s emerging of the evolution of Homo sapiens,” said Julia Galway-Witham, a research assistant at the Natural History Museum in London who wrote an accompanying perspective article .

Keywords: modern, found, jawbone, africa, university

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Digital marketing: a free curriculum

Summary: You’ll conclude the learning path with a capstone project that will have you build a marketing plan for the product or company you chose to promote in the beginning.

Keywords: digital, marketing, ll, career, path

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Mistakes in time

Summary: Over the last few years, I’ve tried to set up new projects for myself built around reasonable near and long term goals to make sure I’m getting the sort of dopamine hits I clearly need to keep going.

Keywords: time, learning, great, started, camera

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In Japan, there’s an industry devoted to cleaning up after people who died alone

Summary: The 200-square-foot apartment was overflowing with the detritus of a lonely life: instant-noodle bowls and soft-drink bottles, empty coffee cans, cigarette butts in ashtrays, dozens of lighters, months’ worth of newspapers, clothes in disheveled piles.

Keywords: hiroaki, apartment, people, cleaning, lonely

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Ultraslow radio for decentralized global digital communication (2013)

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Citus and pg_partman: Creating a scalable time series database on Postgres

Summary: Over time we found big benefits in further enhancing the features around hash-based partitioning which enabled us to add richer SQL support, transactions , foreign keys, and more.

Keywords: partitioning, time, data, postgres, partitions

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Algorithmic decision making and the cost of fairness (2017)

Summary: The unconstrained algorithm thus maximizes public safety while also satisfying one important understanding of equality: that all individuals are held to the same standard, irrespective of race.

Keywords: fairness, defendants, algorithms, algorithmic, gmt

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CNN Is Closing Down Beme, YouTube Star Casey Neistat’s Video Company

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The Humanity Star

Summary: No matter where you are in the world, rich or in poverty, in conflict or at peace, everyone will be able to see the bright, blinking Humanity Star orbiting Earth in the night sky.

Keywords: humanity, star, species, planet, lives

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Update on Pocket and Firefox Integration

Summary: When Mozilla and Pocket joined forces less than a year ago, we said that together we will work to provide people everywhere with the tools to discover and access high-quality web content across platforms and silos, for a safer, empowered, independent online experience.

Keywords: content, web, pocket, firefox, privacy

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Blockchain Stocks Collapse by 40% to 90%

Summary: LBCC, at the time a failing beverage-maker called Long Island Iced Tea, got its shares to rocket by 360% from $2.06 on December 18 to $9.49 a few days later by announcing that it would change its name and ticker symbol.

Keywords: shares, peak, blockchain, december, trading

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Breaking Into an Information Security Career

Summary: ICMP/Ping does is portless don’t fall for that trick question Know in at least small detail what happens on the network side when you go to Problem solving and analyzing is a MAJOR part of infosec.

Keywords: don, ll, learn, information, make

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Tips for Application Performance (2015)

Summary: NGINX Plus also has session draining , which stops new connections while existing tasks complete, and a slow start capability, allowing a recovered server to come up to speed within a load‑balanced group.

Keywords: performance, server, application, nginx, web

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Summary: Interestingly, Google didn’t even catch on and flag the site as being hacked in the search results, although the pages were indexed… and the injected content and links were there since Aug 2016.

Keywords: site, google, plugin, client, files

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Keeping “Free Law” Free

Summary: FLP also proposed to upload litigation materials to IA in only machine-readable formats compressed into enormous multi-gigabyte tarballs, ending the human-readable individual HTML files that have for years made it easy for normal users with standard web browsers to see court records.

Keywords: recap, documents, flp, public, users

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How big cats hunt zebras and impalas, and how these prey flee their predators

Summary: In the new study, led by Alan Wilson, a professor of locomotor biomechanics at the Royal Veterinary College in London, researchers captured thousands of high-speed runs by fitting five cheetahs, seven impalas, nine lions and seven zebras with custom collars that could record each animal’s location, speed, acceleration, deceleration and turning performance many times per second.

Keywords: cheetahs, wilson, impalas, running, speed

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Open Letter to the Airbnb Community About Building a 21st Century Company

Summary: We are instituting many actions to begin to put this ideal into practice, starting on February 22, where we’ll be announcing the next chapter to empower a host-led world with some substantial improvements to our service that set us up for an infinite time horizon.

Keywords: airbnb, company, world, companies, vision

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Kotlin and linear programming

Summary: More succinctly, when you hear a business problem that includes objectives that say “minimize”, “maximize”, or simply find a solution that’s “feasible”, linear programming should come right out of your tool kit.

Keywords: number, programming, slots, linear, letter

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Dutch intelligence agency spied on Russian hacking group

Summary: AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - The Dutch intelligence agency AIVD spied on the Russian group believed to be behind the hack of the Democratic Party ahead of U.S. elections, local media reported on Thursday.

Keywords: intelligence, russian, aivd, group, agency

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Apple prepares macOS users for discontinuation of 32-bit app support

Summary: The next release of macOS after High Sierra will begin to restrict 32-bit apps and will feature “aggressive” warnings about the coming change.

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AI Learning How to Play Pong in RealTime – PyTorch

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Something doesn’t ad up about America’s advertising market

Summary: In the analogue era the rule of thumb was that ads could comprise no more than 33-50% of TV or radio programming, or of a magazine’s pages, says Rishad Tobaccowala, of Publicis, an advertising firm.

Keywords: advertising, firms, ad, ads, digital

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Netflix is down

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Summary: As noted by the Interactive Games & Entertainment Association’s Jonny Roses on Twitter , that means the original decision and $2.4 million fine will be put on hold until the High Court moves forward with the appeal, or rejects it outright.

Keywords: valve, consumer, court, appeal, law

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