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NASA’s IMAGE satellite, lost since 2005, is alive

Summary: Over the past week the station has been dedicated to an S-band scan looking for new targets and refreshing the frequency list, triggered by the recent launch of the mysterious ZUMA mission.

Keywords: image, data, spacecraft, side, mission

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How to Run Your Own Mail Server (2017)

Summary: After doing some basic security and spam checks (like prohibiting unauthorized relaying and ensuring the other side has valid DNS records in place), Postfix will accept the message for delivery.

Keywords: mail, server, email, dovecot, postfix

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Extensions in Firefox 59

Summary: Thank you to everyone who had a part in getting it to Beta, especially volunteer contributors Andre Garzia , Tim Nguyen , Oriol Brufau , Javier Serrano Polo , Kevin Jones , Tushar Arora , Martin Giger , Peter Snyder , Lukas Jung .

Keywords: firefox, tab, api, tabs, proxy

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How to Slice a Bagel into Two Linked Halves (2009)

Summary: After doing this, one can better appreciate the stone carving of Keizo Ushio , who makes analogous cuts in granite to produce monumental sculpture.

Keywords: bagel, cut, line, axis, surface

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3,500 Occult Manuscripts Will Be Digitized and Made Freely Available Online

Summary: The generous gift will enable the Ritman to digitize thousands of “pre-1900 texts on alchemy, astrology, magic, and theosophy,” reports Thu-Huong Ha at Quartz , including the Corpus Hermeticum (1472), “the source work on Hermetic wisdom”; Giordano Bruno’s Spaccio de la bestia trionfante (1584); and “the first printed version of the tree of life (1516): A graphic representation of the sefirot, the 10 virtues of God according to the Kabbalah.”

Keywords: ritman, library, brown, books, borges

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George Soros: Facebook and Google are a menace to society

Summary: In addition to skewing democracy, social media companies “deceive their users by manipulating their attention and directing it towards their own commercial purposes” and “deliberately engineer addiction to the services they provide”.

Keywords: companies, social, consequences, media, facebook

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Building an AlphaZero AI using Python and Keras

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Moving efficiently in the CLI

Summary: If you plan on using them, please bear in mind that these keyboard shorcuts depend on quite a number of things: the Unix distribution that you’re using, your shell, your own configuration quirks… so YMMV.

Keywords: shorcuts, keyboard, number, moving, found

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Tokyo-based cryptocurrency exchange hacked, losing $530M: NHK

Summary: The exchange has already reported the incident to the police and to Japan’s Financial Services Agency, NHK said.

Keywords: reported, coincheck, nhk, worth, million

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Mozilla Is Hiring a Developer to Work on Thunderbird Full-Time

Summary: The Thunderbird Council, who lead the community effort, has begun hiring contractors through Mozilla in support of this venture and to guarantee that all vital services are provided in a reliable fashion.

Keywords: thunderbird, mozilla, software, project, work

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Dark Site Finder: tracking light pollution to find locations for stargazing

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How and why I run my own DNS servers

Summary: I can do what I like with these domains: set up any number of subdomains, try my hand at secure mail techniques, experiment with obscure DNS records and so on.

Keywords: dns, set, ip, domain, servers

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Ad campaign runs cryptocurrency miners while unwitting users watch videos

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Dutch intelligence first to alert U.S. about Russian hack of Democratic Party

Summary: After being alerted to this by the Dutch intelligence chiefs, it took the Americans over 24 hours to avert the Russian attack, after a digital clash which, years later, at a discussion forum in Aspen, the Deputy Director of the NSA would refer to as hand-to-hand combat .

Keywords: intelligence, dutch, bear, russian, services

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The Dirty War Over Diversity Inside Google

Summary: After Damore’s memo became public in August, a Breitbart headline screamed, “Google’s Social Justice Warriors Create Wrongthink Blacklists.” Earlier this month, James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas posted surreptitious video of Twitter employees discussing the company’s moderation policies.

Keywords: google, employees, diversity, damore, internal

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I miss blogrolls

Summary: And how many indie bloggers have simply stopped writing because the internet overlords didn’t deem their content worthy of Big Algorithm?

Keywords: find, content, network, social, people

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Graham’s Number Is Too Big to Tell How Big It Is

Summary: I was going to write an April Fool’s Day post with the title “Mathematicians Declare Graham’s Number Equal to Infinity.”

Keywords: number, graham, digits, big, notation

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The UX of AI

Summary: The latter takes an incredibly long time to build and instrument (and is far less agile or adaptive than traditional software development, so it’s more costly to swing and miss), while the former affords you genuine insights into the way people will derive value and utility from your (theoretical) product.

Keywords: camera, ml, ai, human, time

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How to Hack a Turned-Off Computer, or Running Unsigned Code in Intel ME

Summary: However, ME still allows some interaction with the user: Local communication interface (HECI) Network (vPro only) Host memory (UMA) Firmware SPI layout Internal file system

Keywords: intel, access, system, vulnerability, file

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You Can’t Fire Equifax, but Your Employer Can

Summary: In the wake of the payroll unit breach that Mr. Krebs reported on, which resulted from thieves using personal information from affected employees to reset their passwords, the University of Louisville stopped doing business with the Equifax service.

Keywords: equifax, work, number, credit, data

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Find and analyze any reachable server and device on the internet

Summary: We regularly probe every public IP address and popular domain names, curate and enrich the resulting data, and make it intelligible through an interactive search engine and API.Enterprises use Censys to understand their network attack surfaces.

Keywords: security, censys, data, network, understand

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A minimalist guide to tmux

Summary: Let’s say you’re using vim to edit code on a remote computer using ssh , and you want to open a new terminal tab to start a development server.

Keywords: tmux, panes, commands, session, terminal

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A practitioner’s guide to reading programming languages papers

Summary: If Jane Austen were to have written a book about type systems, she’d probably have called it “Progress and Preservation.” (Actually, I think you could write lots of interesting essays under that title!).

Keywords: type, term, semantics, terms, rules

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Webpack 4 Beta released

Summary: In addition, webpack now has dropped Node v4 support, allowing us to add a considerable amount of newer ES6 syntax and data structures, also optimized by V8.

Keywords: webpack, module, default, features, support

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Warren Miller, Ski Bum Turned Filmmaker, Dies at 93

Summary: Mr. Miller continued to write a weekly column about the outdoors for several small newspapers in the West and served as honorary director of skiing at the Yellowstone Club in Big Sky, Mont., an exclusive enclave whose members have included Bill Gates and former Vice President Dan Quayle.

Keywords: miller, films, ski, company, skiing

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Why it costs so much to be poor in America

Summary: Some are pretty easy to resolve: a modest legal protection; a little policy tweak; or a chief executive deciding the people who clean his office, tidy his hotel room and serve his lunch do not need to be penalized for the amount of money in their bank accounts.

Keywords: pay, work, bank, fees, families

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Interactive GPU Programming, Part 1: Hello CUDA

Summary: Thanks to the recent highly publicized deep learning and artificial intelligence advances, everyone has heard about Nvidia’s CUDA - an environment and set of C++ oriented tools that transform your GPU card into a sort of a desktop supercomputer.

Keywords: gpu, cuda, memory, code, clojure

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Show HN: Interactive Ansible Tutorial

Summary: ContainerContainer PortHost Porthost0.example.org80 $HOSTPORT_BASE host1.example.org80 $HOSTPORT_BASE+1 host2.example.org80 $HOSTPORT_BASE+2 host0.example.org8080 $HOSTPORT_BASE+3 host1.example.org30000 $HOSTPORT_BASE+4 host2.example.org443 $HOSTPORT_BASE+5HOSTPORT_BASE is set to 42726 by default and can be changed while starting the tutorial (in case any of the consecutive 6 ports is not available) as follows:

Keywords: sep, tutorial, containers, ansible, docker

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Ransomware as a Service

Summary: Besides the classic sites where you can order drugs and all kind of counterfeited material, I discovered an interesting website which offers a service to create your own ransomware!

Keywords: file, ransomware, pe, files, address

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Previously Unknown Warhol Works Discovered on Floppy Disks from 1985 (2014)

Summary: Through its Hillman Photography Initiative, which serves as an incubator for innovative thinking about the photographic image, the Carnegie Museum of Art produced “Trapped: Andy Warhol’s Amiga Experiments,” a documentary short film about the Warhol/Amiga recovery project.

Keywords: warhol, andy, museum, carnegie, arts

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Why Tesla’s autopilot can’t see a stopped firetruck

Summary: This surprisingly non-deadly debacle also raises a technical question: How is it possible that one of the most advanced driving systems on the planet doesn’t see a freaking fire truck, dead ahead?

Keywords: car, systems, volvo, driving, vehicle

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Tensorflow 1.5.0

Summary: @a7744hsc, Abhi Agg, @admcrae, Adriano Carmezim, Aki Sukegawa, Alex Kendall, Alexander Rosenberg Johansen, @amcrae, Amlan Kar, Andre Simpelo, Andreas Eberle, Andrew Hundt, Arnaud Lenglet, @b0noI , Balachander Ramachandran, Ben Barsdell, Ben Guidarelli, Benjamin Mularczyk, Burness Duan, @c0g, Changming Sun, @chanis, Corey Wharton, Dan J, Daniel Trebbien, Darren Garvey, David Brailovsky, David Jones, Di Zeng, @djangopeng, Dr. Kashif Rasul, @drag0, Fabrizio (Misto) Milo, FabríCio Ceschin, @fp, @ghedeon, @guschmue , Gökçen Eraslan, Haosdent Huang, Haroen Viaene, Harold Cooper, Henrik Holst, @hoangmit, Ivan Ukhov, Javier Dehesa, Jingtian Peng, Jithin Odattu, Joan Pastor, Johan Mathe, Johannes Mayer, Jongwook Choi, Justus Schwabedal, Kai Wolf, Kamil Hryniewicz, Kamran Amini, Karen Brems, Karl Lattimer, @kborer, Ken Shirriff, Kevin Rose, Larissa Laich, Laurent Mazare, Leonard Lee, Liang-Chi Hsieh, Liangliang He, Luke Iwanski, Marek Kolodziej, Moustafa Alzantot, @mrqianjinsi, @nagachika, Neil Han, Nick Meehan, Niels Ole Salscheider, Nikhil Mishra, @nschuc, Ondrej Skopek, OndřEj Filip, @oscardpan, Pablo Moyano, Przemyslaw Tredak, @qitaishui, @quarazy, @raix852, Philipp Helo, Sam Abrahams, @sriramramesh, Till Hoffmann, Tushar Soni, @tvn, @tyfkda, Uwe Schmidt, Victor Villas, Vit Stepanovs, Vladislav Gubarev, @wujingyue, Xuesong Yang, Yi Liu, Yilei Yang, @youyou3, Yuan (Terry) Tang, Yuming Wang, Zafar Takhirov, @zhongyuk, Ziming Dong, @guotong1988

Keywords: added, support, add, api, tensorflow

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If you multitask, so will your team

Summary: You’ve been given this precious opportunity to lead by example — by asking challenging questions, watching the reactions of the folks in the room, deciding which feedback to give to whom and when, and of course devoting the proper amount of mental energy to the problem at hand.

Keywords: ve, meeting, team, email, opportunity

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Study produces 3D images that float

Summary: So far Smalley and his student researchers have 3D-light-printed several tiny images: a butterfly, a prism, the stretch-Y BYU logo, rings that wrap around an arm and an individual in a lab coat crouched in a position similar to Princess Leia as she begins her projected message.

Keywords: image, smalley, volumetric, images, particle

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In China, consumers are becoming more anxious about data privacy

Summary: Ms Xu’s fate sparked an impassioned debate in China about data privacy because the scammer, Chen Wenhui, had paid a hacker for stealing her personal details.

Keywords: data, china, information, privacy, personal

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Linux Driver Management 1.0 Released

Summary: The net result is such that we’re able to provide hotplug capabilites in the session that will allow the OS to dynamically offer the user the opportunity to install drivers and/or packages in response to plugging in a new mouse or Yubikey, for example.

Keywords: devices, ldm, yubikey, driver, provide

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Hawaii “button pusher” refusing to cooperate with FCC, internal investigators

Summary: “We are quite pleased with the level of cooperation we have received from the leadership of the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency thus far,” Lisa Fowlkes, the FCC’s Homeland Security Bureau chief, testified today at a Senate hearing on the missile alert incident.

Keywords: missile, hawaii, agency, emergency, employee

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Tesla employees say Gigafactory problems worse than known

Summary: “The implication that Tesla would ever deliver a car with a hazardous battery is absolutely inaccurate, contrary to all evidence, and detached from reality,” the spokesperson wrote in an email to CNBC.

Keywords: tesla, model, production, cells, company

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Using Self-Organizing Maps to Solve the Traveling Salesman Problem

Summary: The Traveling Salesman Problem is a well known challenge in Computer Science: it consists on finding the shortest route possible that traverses all cities in a given map only once.

Keywords: cities, technique, map, optimal, neighborhood

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Google experiments in local news with an app called Bulletin

Summary: On the site, Google explains that Bulletin is a lightweight app for telling stories, capturing photos and videoclips from your phone, and then publishing them straight to the web – without having to create a blog or build a website yourself.

Keywords: google, news, bulletin, local, website

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How JavaScript works: The building blocks of Web Workers

Summary: In the process of identifying and describing the core elements, we also share some rules of thumb we use when building SessionStack , a lightweight JavaScript application that has to be robust and highly-performant to help users see and reproduce their web app defects real-time.

Keywords: workers, web, worker, javascript, ui

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What gig workers can learn from romance writers

Summary: While economists and labor scholars wring their hands over the rise of the precarious gig economy , these freelancers have developed innovative business practices over the past four decades that have set them up for success in the digital era.

Keywords: writers, romance, authors, advice, newcomers

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Show HN: – Add screen sharing to any iOS or Android mobile app

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‘Space graffiti’: astronomers angry over launch of fake star into sky

Summary: Rocket Lab said the Humanity Star was supposed to be a “reminder to all on Earth about our fragile place in the universe”, and the company’s chief executive and founder, Peter Beck, said the sphere would “create a shared experience for everyone on the planet”.

Keywords: rocket, star, lab, humanity, sphere

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Great founders lead with product strategy

Summary: Regardless of how smart your team is, unless they have a shared understanding about what they’re trying to accomplish, they won’t be able to make uniform enough decisions to deliver an earth shattering business.

Keywords: team, product, problem, time, option

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U.S trade body backs Bombardier against Boeing

Summary: The decision will also help Bombardier sell the CSeries in the United States by removing “a huge amount of uncertainty,” at a time when its Brazilian rival Embraer is bringing its new E190-E2 jet to market, a source familiar with the Canadian plane and train maker’s thinking said.

Keywords: boeing, bombardier, trade, cseries, decision

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Beyond Biohazard: Why Danger Symbols Can’t Last Forever

Summary: Linguist Thomas Sebeok, for instance, proposed creating an atomic priesthood, where an exclusive political group would use its own rituals and myths to preserve knowledge of radioactive areas, like a church.

Keywords: symbols, people, symbol, warning, designers

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Apple in 2017: Report Card

Summary: The panelists who voted were: Steven Aquino, Marco Arment, Leah Becerra, Shawn Blanc, Serenity Caldwell, Jeff Carlson, Josh Centers, Peter Cohen, Alexandra Cox, Matt Deatherage, Jessica Dennis, Dr. Drang, Michael E. Cohen, Adam Engst, Tonya Engst, Glenn Fleishman, Dan Frakes, Lex Friedman, Rob Griffiths, Stephen Hackett, Dave Hamilton, Myke Hurley, Andy Ihnatko, Shahid Kamal Ahmad, Joe Kissell, Rick LePage, Casey Liss, Merlin Mann, Kirk McElhearn, Carolina Milanesi, Rich Mogull, John Moltz, Dan Moren, Dan Provost, Rene Ritchie, Lisa Schmeiser, Brent Simmons, Aleen Simms, John Siracusa, David Smith, David Sparks, Fraser Speirs, James T. Green, Brett Terpstra, James Thomson, Michael Tsai, Federico Viticci, Gabe Weatherhead, and a couple of people who preferred to remain anonymous.

Keywords: apple, wrote, year, ipad, score

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Show HN: A radically more scalable alternative to Bayesian Optimization

Summary: Simple’s runtime performance, combined with its superior sample efficiency in high dimensions, allows the algorithm to easily scale to problems featuring large numbers of design variables.

Keywords: optimization, simple, bayesian, objective, sample

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Tesla’s Elon Musk May Have Boldest Pay Plan in Corporate History

Summary: If Mr. Musk succeeds in hitting some of his benchmarks, it would also mean that the company’s employees, including those who work on the factory floor, who get paid in both cash and stock, could become wealthy.

Keywords: musk, tesla, company, billion, shares

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Apple rejects Puffin Browser on iOS

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Ariane rocket suffers from rare launch anomaly

Summary: Image copyrightArianespaceImage caption Arianespace CEO Stéphane Israël and his team lost contact nine minutes into the flight One of the satellites that was onboard is owned by Luxembourg-based operator SES; the other belongs to UAE, Abu Dhabi-based Yahsat.

Keywords: rocket, ariane, orbit, flight, kourou

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Privacy-preserving sentence semantic similarity

Summary: Thanks to the recent developments in techniques such as FHE ( Fully Homomorphic Encryption ), Oblivious Transfer , Garbled Circuits , problems like that started to get practical for real-life usage and they are being nowadays being used by many companies in applications such as information exchange, secure location, advertisement, satellite orbit collision avoidance, etc.

Keywords: sentence, embeddings, alice, computation, bob

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Bitcoin drug deals could haunt people for years

Summary: But one group of researchers wants to remind you of yet another reason to rue that transaction: If you weren’t particularly careful in how you spent your cryptocurrency, the evidence of that drug deal may still be hanging around in plain view of law enforcement, even years after the Silk Road was torn off the dark web.

Keywords: bitcoin, transactions, addresses, researchers, dark

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Apple Expands California Self-Driving Test Fleet to 27 Cars

Summary: Those efforts, known as Project Titan, were pared back in 2016 from earlier ambitious plans to build an entire vehicle after headcount and costs spiraled.

Keywords: vehicles, california, autonomous, apple, cars

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Identifying a SaaS Market That Machine Learning Can Address

Summary: Whether it’s automating responses to inbound sales queries, identifying expense reports for audit, or surfacing anomalies in data, machine learning improves workflow software.

Keywords: machine, learning, saas, data, workflow

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Dutch agencies provide crucial intel about Russia’s interference in US elections

Summary: Cookies van derde partijen maken daarnaast mogelijk dat u informatie kunt delen via social media zoals Twitter en Facebook.

Keywords: en, te, cookies, van, om

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