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Strava heatmap can be used to locate military bases

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With teen mental health deteriorating over five years, there’s a likely culprit

Summary: But some vulnerable teens who would otherwise not have had mental health issues may have slipped into depression due to too much screen time, not enough face-to-face social interaction, inadequate sleep or a combination of all three.

Keywords: time, teens, suicide, depression, online

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Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad has died

Summary: Ikea started in 1943 and now has 389 stores worldwide The name comes from Mr Kamprad’s initials (IK), together with the name of the farm he grew up on - Elmtaryd (E) - and the nearby village Agunnaryd (A) The company’s retail sales totalled 36.4bn euros ($43bn, £30bn) in 2016 Its flat-pack furniture became iconic both for its affordability and for its picture-based assembly instructions

Keywords: kamprad, mr, ikea, company, swedish

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I think I found a Mac kernel bug?

Summary: Some amazing early adopters tried out the branch and reported that it froze their computer (Activity Monitor stopped working, they couldn’t open new terminals, etc).

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Intel Warned Chinese Companies of Chip Flaws Before U.S. Government

Summary: The decision raises concerns, security researchers said, as it potentially could have allowed information about the chip flaws, dubbed Spectre and Meltdown, to fall into the hands of the Chinese government before being publicly divulged.

Keywords: flaws, companies, government, chinese, security

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After Surgery in Germany, I Wanted Vicodin, Not Herbal Tea

Summary: The hardest part of my recovery was lingering in bed, or on the sofa, feeling the discomfort and boredom as time ticked by slowly.

Keywords: pain, body, tea, didn, pills

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‘Jackpotting’ Attacks Hit U.S. ATMs

Summary: The Secret Service alert explains that the attackers typically use an endoscope — a slender, flexible instrument traditionally used in medicine to give physicians a look inside the human body — to locate the internal portion of the cash machine where they can attach a cord that allows them to sync their laptop with the ATM’s computer.

Keywords: atm, attacks, atms, cash, alert

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ICE is about to start tracking license plates across the US

Summary: “Knowing the previous locations of a vehicle can help determine the whereabouts of subjects of criminal investigations or priority aliens to facilitate their interdiction and removal,” an official privacy assessment explains.

Keywords: ice, license, vigilant, plate, contract

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Introduction to OS Abstractions Using Plan 9 from Bell Labs (2007) [pdf]

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Show HN: How to store a set of four 5-bit values in one 16-bit value

Summary: Note that even for values > 5 bits, we can still use this trick if the rest of the data is moved to match the sorted order.

Keywords: values, jan, bits, numbers, trick

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Three months of content moderation for Facebook in Berlin

Summary: Berlin, draining well-educated multilingual cheap labor from all over the world, has recently developed, as I would learn, as new center for Facebook content moderation, as the German government toughened the legislation against hate speech.

Keywords: content, social, facebook, media, working

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Boring Flamethrower

Summary: -Fire extinguisher sold separately (for exorbitant amounts of money)-Taxes and shipping will be added at checkout-Additional customs fees may apply for international orders because of laws-International customers can receive a full refund if not happy with said fees-Before shipping, aspiring flamethrower aficionados will be sent a terms and conditions rhyme for review and acceptance-Starts shipping in spring-May not be used on Boring Company decorative lacquered hay bales or Boring Company dockside munitions warehouses Buy an overpriced Boring Company fire extinguisher!

Keywords: boring, company, shipping, extinguisher, buy

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Exploring what loneliness does to the human body

Summary: Chronic inflammation is “one of the major fertilizers” for many of the illnesses associated with loneliness, including heart disease, cancer and neurodegenerative disorders, says Dr. Steve Cole, a genomics researcher at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Keywords: loneliness, people, social, lonely, inflammation

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Hacker101: A free class for web security

Summary: If you’re new to security, we recommend the former; this provides a guided path through the content and covers more than just individual bugs.

Keywords: jan, hackerlicious, security, missing, watch

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OverTheWire: Wargames to learn and practice security concepts

Summary: The wargames offered by the OverTheWire community can help you to learn and practice security concepts in the form of fun-filled games.

Keywords: game, ssh, page, port, wargames

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An island that switches countries every six months

Summary: Image copyrightGetty ImagesImage caption The border was not always peaceful - here, journalist Raymond Walker dashes across the bridge with a baby during the Spanish Civil War These days, the mayors of Irun and Hendaye meet about a dozen times a year to discuss issues like water quality and fishing rights.

Keywords: island, spanish, french, spain, river

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Elephants Are Scared of Bees

Summary: Or maybe the elephants simply have different behavioral responses, the way people from one culture might laugh if they’re nervous and those from another might fidget or talk fast, said John Poulsen, a tropical ecologist and assistant professor at Duke University, who has helped conduct similar elephant-bee research.

Keywords: elephants, bees, king, farmers, asian

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How Old School C Programmers Process Arguments

Summary: This snippet is part of a larger program called find that searches text for patterns, but the details aren’t important.

Keywords: string, program, argv, character, argc

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Distribution vs. Innovation

Summary: But — and this is what I call the TiVo problem — that doesn’t normally work out well, and if you look at your cable box today (with a generic DVR function, I would bet, built-in), you know how this story ends.

Keywords: tivo, comcast, product, cable, deal

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Pebble is dead and hardware buttons are going with it

Summary: The aphorism “Easy enough to do with your eyes closed ,” simply doesn’t apply to our technology anymore, because no matter how intuitive the operating system, the very nature of the hardware demands your full visual attention.

Keywords: pebble, physical, buttons, smartwatch, hardware

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Progressive web apps are coming to iOS 11.3: Cupertino, we have a problem

Summary: After the surprise yesterday from a tweet from Ricky Mondello and then the Safari 11.1 beta Release Notes stating that Web App Manifest and Service Workers are implemented which means multi-platform PWAs are now possible, it’s now time to come back to the real world and see what’s what we have.

Keywords: ios, pwa, web, app, pwas

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Functioning ‘mechanical gears’ seen in nature (2013)

Summary: This is critical for the powerful jumps that are this insect’s primary mode of transport, as even miniscule discrepancies in synchronisation between the velocities of its legs at the point of propulsion would result in “yaw rotation” - causing the Issus to spin hopelessly out of control.

Keywords: gears, issus, gear, scientists, teeth

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Ursula K. Le Guin on “Spare Time”

Summary: Arrested by the implications of one particular question in the survey — “In your spare time, what do you do?” — and by its menu of twenty-seven options, including golf, shopping, and bridge, Le Guin pauses over the seventh offering on the list: “Creative activities (paint, write, photograph, etc.

Keywords: time, spare, le, guin, living

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Claude Shannon built a machine to game roulette (2017)

Summary: Several exciting hours later, as the wintery sky turned dusky, we finally broke off with plans to meet again on roulette.” As one writer, William Poundstone, put it, “Thorp had inadvertently set one of the century’s great minds on yet another tangent.”

Keywords: thorp, shannon, claude, computer, roulette

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Data Brokers: Online Game Revenue Models with AI

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Maersk reinstalled thousands of servers and workstations to fix NotPeyta

Summary: The consequences were felt almost immediately in Maersk’s operations, but Snabe says his company’s employees faced the storm bravely, with minimal impact on the firm’s activity.

Keywords: notpetya, snabe, maersk, company, world

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The User Experience of Lootboxes

Summary: And it’s a shame that such a large part of the industry (Including our two biggest publishers, EA and Activision Blizzard) are so deeply entrenched in these systems as a way to sustain their games.

Keywords: player, lootboxes, players, games, card

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Tether Is Breaking Its Peg to the Dollar

Summary: Because major exchanges, to avoid money transmission laws and other regulations, decided long ago to use Tether instead of Dollars as the base in many cryptocurrency trading pairs.

Keywords: tether, peg, exchanges, pair, scenario

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Google Provides Free Nvidia K80 GPUs for Anyone to Train Deep Learning Models

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Wreck found by reporter may be last American slave ship

Summary: With the nation edging closer to civil war over the slavery issue, Alabama steamboat captain and plantation owner Timothy Meaher made an infamous bet that he could sneak slaves into the country, right under the noses of federal troops at the twin forts that guarded the mouth of Mobile Bay.

Keywords: ship, clotilda, mobile, meaher, wreck

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“Pump-and-Dump” schemes in Telegram groups drive penny crypto coin prices up

Summary: In the movie, Jordan Belfort - owner of the investment firm “Stratton Oakmont” and brilliantly casted by Leonardo DiCaprio - is manipulating the price of penny stocks, where they hold a majority stake.

Keywords: coin, group, pump, price, penny

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In California, Where Cancer Warnings Abound, Coffee Is Next in Line

Summary: Under a state law, cancer warnings already follow Californians when they enter the lobby of apartment buildings, drive into parking garages and sit down at restaurants.

Keywords: cancer, coffee, california, warnings, buildings

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Tarsnap Support for Bitcoin Ending April First

Summary: While I was very enthusiastic about bitcoin as a medium of exchange when Tarsnap started accepting it in March 2014, over the past six months it has become less and less useful for that purpose; scaling problems within the bitcoin network have resulted in transaction costs ballooning out of control, and the high volatility in the BTC:USD exchange rate meant that it was often impossible to carry out USD-denominated transactions without a large element of luck.

Keywords: bitcoin, tarsnap, payments, credit, chrome

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Loss of Locational Privacy While Traveling in Your Automobile (2013) [pdf]

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A Deep Reinforcement Learning Chatbot

Summary: Authors: Iulian V. Serban , Chinnadhurai Sankar , Mathieu Germain , Saizheng Zhang , Zhouhan Lin , Sandeep Subramanian , Taesup Kim , Michael Pieper , Sarath Chandar , Nan Rosemary Ke , Sai Rajeswar , Alexandre de Brebisson , Jose M. R. Sotelo , Dendi Suhubdy , Vincent Michalski , Alexandre Nguyen , Joelle Pineau , Yoshua Bengio

Keywords: learning, reinforcement, deep, models, system

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A Mystery Manuscript Found in a Used Copy of ‘Alice in Wonderland’

Summary: The writing, though difficult to decipher, is an early form of modern English, written in a cursive hand, and it describes a land transfer between two families, the Popeleys and the Appleyards, who lived in a tiny place called Gildersome, in West Yorkshire , England .

Keywords: document, smith, deed, australia, appleyard

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Summary: Songwriter Rodney Jerkins illustrated the discrepancy in September at the Recording Academy’s District Advocacy Day in Los Angeles by sharing an accounting statement for “As Long As You Love Me,” a top 10 hit for Justin Bieber in 2012.

Keywords: songwriters, rate, crb, streaming, music

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How Two Bored 1970s Housewives Helped Create the PC Industry (2015)

Summary: But we’ve forgotten how two women from California ran a firm that pioneered influential practices such as attention to product aesthetics, vertical integration (Vector has its own in-house software developers), and establishing training networks, providing packaged PC solutions, and treating employees like an extended family.

Keywords: vector, lore, company, pc, ibm

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Designing Schemaless, Uber Engineering’s Scalable Datastore Using MySQL (2016)

Summary: We should note that since we surveyed the options more than two years ago and found none applicable for the trip storage use case, we have now adopted both Cassandra and Riak with success in other areas of our infrastructure, and we use them in production to serve many millions of users at scale.

Keywords: trip, schemaless, column, data, index

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Connections between high blood sugar and dementia

Summary: One of his deputies, Rick Gates, once boasted to a group of Washington lobbyists, “You have to understand, we’ve been working in Ukraine a long time, and Paul has a whole separate shadow government structure … In every ministry, he has a guy.” Only a small handful of Americans—oil executives, Cold War spymasters—could claim to have ever amassed such influence in a foreign regime.

Keywords: diabetes, people, alzheimer, insulin, type

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The Quantum Theory and Reality (1979) [pdf]

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Using VirtualBox to install Debian onto an external USB drive for Mac

Summary: If you force an extra installation of GRUB to the EFI removable media path, this should ensure that this system will boot Debian correctly despite such a problem.

Keywords: boot, usb, debian, drive, mac

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Finland to propose that EU abolish daylight savings time

Summary: Opposition to the practice stems mainly from the fact that studies have linked it to a variety of mental and physical health issues, such as fatigue, depression and heart attacks.

Keywords: time, berner, summer, government, practice

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All Your IOPS Are Belong to Us: Case Study in Performance Optimization (2015) [pdf]

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Vernacular Economics: How Building Codes and Taxes Shape Regional Architecture

Summary: Special thanks to Julia Galef’s twitter thread on how payment by number of words and lines shaped the writing styles of historical authors like Charles Dickens and Alexandre Dumas, which provided inspiration for this article.

Keywords: taxes, tax, cc, windows, mansard

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Tools for Thinking and Tools for Systems

Summary: Likewise, if we have tools to help us translate our low fidelity mockups into finished code examples—code from our own codebases mind you, not WYSIWYG generators—then we can work much faster and focus on improving our UI as a whole instead of burrowing our heads into one feature at a time.

Keywords: tools, design, focus, fidelity, mockups

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Making GHC an order of magnitude faster with one neat trick

Summary: Notice that the haskell-like-C code scales much better than the GHC version, probably due to GC effects, and because of better instruction selection with LLVM.

Keywords: code, ghc, performance, haskell, perf

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Micro Soldering Microscopes

Summary: USB out tends to be very laggy and requires special drivers and software support, while HDMI is an industry standard and can work with TVs, monitors, capture cards, and lots more.

Keywords: microscope, working, magnification, lens, distance

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