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Show HN: Observable Notebooks

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AMD Returns to Full-Year Profitability, Forecasts Strong 2018

Summary: For the full year 2018, AMD expects double digit percentage growth in revenue compared with 2017, and a gross margin rate in excess of 36 percent.

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Why Create a New Unix Shell?

Summary: (Oil also has some similarity to CoffeeScript , which smoothed over some of JavaScript’s rough edges and added syntactic sugar, but didn’t stray from its core execution model.

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Twitter Followers Vanish Amid Inquiries into Fake Accounts

Summary: The company’s heightened campaign against bots comes as federal lawmakers and law enforcement officials in two states are scrutinizing Devumi and its competitors online, where numerous websites sell fake followers or engagement on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and other social media platforms.

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Show HN: A Decentralized StatusPage on IPFS

Summary: Keep your StatusPage on the permanent web.

Keywords: statuspage, dstatuspage, access, decentralized, daemon

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Tech Start-Up Fires Engineers Amid Union Organizing Effort

Summary: Lanetix had engineers and a supervisor working out of an an office in Arlington, Va., in the metropolitan Washington, D.C., area, but the company recently took that location off its website and added “Eastern Europe (coming soon),” Fiedler told Bloomberg Law.

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Uber Bike – A New Way to Commute or Explore

Summary: Next slideBefore you hit the road, take a minute to read a few tips that can help keep you safe while you ride.

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LibreOffice 6.0 released

Summary: The upcoming release of LibreOffice Viewer for Android will be able to create new documents, will offer a tab-based toolbar with formatting options, and will let users add pictures either from the camera or from a file stored locally or in the cloud.

Keywords: libreoffice, writer, added, cloud, documents

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Facebook User Growth, Time Spent Fall on News Feed Changes

Summary: Facebook’s year was marred by challenges that led Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg to rethink the company’s main product, the news feed, to focus on “meaningful” social interaction.

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Free Software Foundation Receives $1M Donation from Pineapple Fund

Summary: BOSTON, Massachusetts, USA – Tuesday, January 30, 2018 – The Free Software Foundation (FSF) announced it has received a record-breaking charitable contribution of 91.45 Bitcoin from the Pineapple Fund, valued at $1 million at the time of the donation.

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Amazon HQ2 finalists should refuse tax breaks, say nearly 100 economists

Summary: Worse, they divert funds that could be put to better use underwriting public services such as schools, housing programs, job training, and transportation, which are more effective ways to spur economic development.”

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Orcas can imitate human speech, research reveals

Summary: Dr Irene Pepperberg, an expert in parrot cognition at Harvard University, also described the study as exciting, but said: “A stronger test would have been whether the various sounds produced could be correctly classified by humans without the models present for comparison.”

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Amazon Health

Summary: The effort announced today is in its early planning stages, with the initial formation of the company jointly spearheaded by Todd Combs, an investment officer of Berkshire Hathaway; Marvelle Sullivan Berchtold, a Managing Director of JPMorgan Chase; and Beth Galetti, a Senior Vice President at Amazon.

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C++ and the Culture of Complexity (2013)

Summary: Again, not to make excuses for my inexcusable behavior of writing complicated and experimental code out of vanity, but I honestly feel that I have been tempted to do so by a culture that was indifferent to gratuitous complexity at best, encouraging it at worst.

Keywords: language, assignment, semantics, object, reference

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Google and Facebook are watching our every move online

Summary: Don’t be fooled by claims of self-regulation, as any useful long-term reforms of Google and Facebook’s data privacy practices fundamentally oppose their core business models: hyper-targeted advertising based on more and more intrusive personal surveillance.

Keywords: data, google, facebook, privacy, advertising

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Andrew Ng launches $175M AI fund

Summary: He also stressed that part of his staff is dedicated to thinking about the societal impact of AI, with a special focus on retraining the existing workforce to create “not just a wealthier but also fairer society.”

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Announcing TypeScript 2.7

Summary: Second, thanks to a separate pull request by Orta Therox , file names and positions are formatted in such a way that common terminals (including the one embedded in Visual Studio Code) can allow a Ctrl+Click, Cmd+Click, Alt+Click, etc.

Keywords: typescript, type, properties, types, property

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Fujifilm to take over Xerox in $6.1B Deal

Summary: (Reuters) - Japan’s Fujifilm Holdings is set to take over Xerox Corp in a $6.1 billion deal, combining the U.S. company into their existing joint venture to gain scale and cut costs amid declining demand for office printing.

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Patchwork – Decentralized messaging and sharing app built on Secure Scuttlebutt

Summary: A decentralized messaging and sharing app built on top of Secure Scuttlebutt (SSB).

Keywords: jan, private, code, messages, oct

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Ticks may be the next global health threat

Summary: The World Health Organisation views CCHF virus as having a high chance of causing human disease epidemics and has accordingly directed considerable funding towards finding a treatment, although to date none have been developed.

Keywords: ticks, disease, tick, humans, spread

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“You’re on the verge of losing everything but you don’t understand why”

Summary: “From the moment Tony claimed Universal Credit last year, he suffered the consequences of its arbitrary rules and procedures, and so was immediately plunged into further rent arrears and other debt.”

Keywords: work, ca, benefits, rent, council

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GRV – Git Repository Viewer

Summary: New pull request Latest commit f62bc68 Jan 30, 2018 rgburkeAdd download instructions to README

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Programming the Linux Framebuffer

Summary: I started by bringing my configuration up to date on the Chromebook and noticed again how good it feels to type on the console with such low latency .

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Discontinue support for weak cryptographic standards

Summary: We hope that, given approximately a year to prepare, developers and users are able to upgrade their operating systems, libraries, and client software to be compatible with these changes.

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How China Spied on the African Union’s Computers

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Do or undo – there is no VACUUM

Summary: Although I did much of the basic design work, the development lead for this project is Amit Kapila, who has been assisted by Dilip Kumar, Kuntal Ghosh, Mithun CY, Ashutosh Sharma, Rafia Sabih, and Beena Emerson.

Keywords: row, transaction, table, vacuum, postgresql

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Why Did a Billionaire Give $75M to a Philosophy Department?

Summary: Miller agrees with the president of Johns Hopkins University, Ronald J. Daniels, when he says, “Philosophy matters…The contemporary challenges of the genomics revolution , the rise of artificial intelligence , the growth in income inequality , social and political fragmentation , and our capacity for devastating war all invite philosophical perspective.”

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Diablo creator David Brevik is back with a new game: It Lurks Below

Summary: His side-scrolling 2D game will let players explore procedurally generated levels populated with randomized monsters to fight and items to collect.

Keywords: lurks, brevik, games, game, graybeard

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A Turkish physicist wrote research papers in prison

Summary: On 20 December, a court declared him guilty of being a member of a terrorist organization and sentenced him to six years of imprisonment — but released him early owing to the time he had already served in prison while awaiting trial.

Keywords: prison, university, research, kaya, time

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The perplexing life of Ernő Rubik (1986)

Summary: Maybe any good citizen of the Hungarian People’s Republic, walking through the spacious old stucco building, would have been disconcerted by the bourgeois touches the workmen were adding: a three-car garage (with a Mercedes-Benz already parked inside), a glass- enclosed porch with a pleasant view of the front garden, a remodeled kitchen, an entirely new upper floor for the two children, an office for Rubik, a sauna and swimming pool in the basement–not a bad imitation of a villa in the decadent West.

Keywords: cube, rubik, puzzle, laczi, toy

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Like an AI Could Ever Spot Sarcasm

Summary: Using the cuDNN -accelerated TensorFlow deep learning framework and our GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GPUs, the researchers trained neural networks to recognize that incongruity in datasets that included everything from tweets to movie reviews to dialogue from the 1990s TV sitcom,“Friends.”

Keywords: sarcasm, bhattacharyya, tweets, researchers, snark

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After alleged ‘bait and switch,’ Nevada DMV cancels $78M IT contract

Summary: Having closed its contract on the project to update its 20-year-old system built on old technologies like PowerBuilder and COBOL, the department is now in the midst of a 60-day grace period in which it will choose the next step forward, a DMV spokesperson told StateScoop.

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Hans Peter Luhn and the Birth of the Hashing Algorithm

Summary: During the 1930s, his numerous patents included a foldable raincoat , a device for shaping women’s stockings, a game table , and the “ Cocktail Oracle ”—a guide that told the user what drinks could be made from the ingredients on hand.

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Formula E reveals second-generation car

Summary: Its striking new look includes a ring of lighting around the FIA-mandated halo cockpit protection device, a huge rear diffuser and LMP1-inspired coverage of the front wheels.

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Mechanical Laser Show (2017) [video]

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GDB 8.1 Released

Summary: ), details on how to access GDB’s source repository, locations for development snapshots, preformatted documentation, and links to related information around the net.

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Biker Protestor ‘Throttles’ Traffic Around FCC Headquarters

Summary: Many pundits and companies have tried to illustrate how the net neutrality repeal will affect internet users, but YouTuber Rob Bliss has made one of the best demonstrations yet.

Keywords: bliss, police, traffic, net, neutrality

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Can I buy a GPU yet?

Summary: Everyone’s still off mining magic beans

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Drug companies alleged to have flooded West Virginia with opioid painkillers

Summary: “We will continue to investigate these distributors’ shipments of large quantities of powerful opioids across West Virginia, including what seems to be a shocking lack of oversight over their distribution practices ,” representatives Walden and Pallone told the Gazette-Mail .

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Asana raises $75M Series D round led by Generation Investment Management

Summary: You can’t imagine how happy we felt when CEO Chris Butler-Stroud told us how they use Asana to manage policy and fundraising work: “I can genuinely say that there are more dolphins and whales alive today thanks to Asana.” Our goal with our new round of funding is to bring that power—the capacity to accomplish more—to organizations across industries all over the world.

Keywords: asana, work, teams, management, customers

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SF tourist industry struggles to explain street misery to horrified visitors

Summary: Kelly Powers, associate director of the Hotel Council, said she recently saw an aggressive homeless man approach a little boy walking with his family in Union Square and grab and shake him from behind.

Keywords: hotel, city, san, francisco, homeless

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Archiving the alternative press threatened by wealthy buyers

Summary: The Wayback Machine is often the first stop for researchers seeking content that is no longer available online, so ensuring these sites are available there is an important way to reinforce the notion that this material is not irretrievably gone.

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How much does it cost to build a home in Silicon Valley? (2016)

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What’s North Korea like?

Summary: You mentioned that they think we started it, but you talk about some things that … I read a book about the Korean War 10 years ago, and I was sitting here going, “Wait, that doesn’t sound right.” I mean, of course, I knew that you were putting it in the voice of Kim Jong Il, but the Sinchon Massacre, for example.

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Retrospective: Looking Glass

Summary: The experiments platform we used to deploy Looking Glass, also known as SHIELD , is used to test many things, from simple configuration changes to potential new features, and we measure the effects of those changes in a privacy preserving way.

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A theory of the learnable

Summary: The classes of concepts are appropriate and nontrivial for general-purpose knowledge The computational process by which the machines deduce the desired programs requires a feasible (i.e., polynomial) number of steps.

Keywords: learning, valiant, algorithm, variables, expressions

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Google closes its $1.1B deal with HTC Corp

Summary: Apple released its first system-on-a-chip in 2010, and has added special chips to store fingerprint and payment data, track motion, crunch graphics and run AI algorithms on mobile devices.

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Making network authentication simple in a Bring Your Own Device environment

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New porn laws will mean Pornhub asks for your name and address

Summary: Porn can make you turn your keyboard sideways Credit: GettyHand relief, beating your meat, bashing the bishop – whatever you call it, new laws coming into force in April will change the way Britain w*nks forever.

Keywords: porn, sites, ageid, data, users

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RFC 8314: Use of Transport Layer Security for Email Submission and Access

Summary: Html markup produced by rfcmarkup 1.126, available from

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Postgres Hidden Gems

Summary: @petereisentraut – Unicode table borders @_avichalp Notify/listen @simonw – The fact that GIN indices can make LIKE queries run fast even if the % isn’t just at the end of the string @javisantana – it has a statistics system to plan queries that can be used by the user when accuracy does not matter, for example, use “explain select * from table” to replace count() or use “_postgis_selectivity” to know how many points fall into a bbox.

Keywords: psql, hidden, functions, features, fact

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The Economics of Privacy (2005)

Summary: Values, personal information privacy, and regulatory approaches , Communication of the ACM archives Vol 38, Issue 12, December 1995, Georgia Tech, March 2004.

Keywords: privacy, information, economic, economics, marketing

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Language at the End of the World

Summary: Katherine Routledge, a pioneering ethnographer of Easter Island life, was told by her informants that the Rapanui would use these earth ships to “gather and act the part of a European crew, one taking the lead and giving orders to the other.” 2 In this way, they communed with “the men who came from far away” who “had pink cheeks and said they were gods.” 3

Keywords: island, rongorongo, script, rapanui, easter

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The History of Kaiser Permanente

Summary: America’s entry into World War II brought tens of thousands of workers — many of who were inexperienced and in poor health already — pouring into the Kaiser Shipyards in Richmond, Calif., Portland, Ore., and Vancouver, Wash., to meet the nation’s demand for big Liberty Ships, aircraft carriers, and the like.

Keywords: kaiser, health, garfield, workers, permanente

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The Kessler Syndrome Explained (2014)

Summary: NASA says “in 2005, a study by Liou and Johnson using the LEGEND model showed that even if no future launches occurred, collisions between existing satellites would increase the 10-cm and larger debris population faster than atmospheric drag would remove objects.”

Keywords: debris, kessler, space, earth, syndrome

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10,000 steps a day: Might there be something better?

Summary: Image caption Some of the volunteers who took part in our test Dave said: “I’m very aware that I’m not as fit as I used to be and I’ve put a lot of weight on,” while Judy confessed: “My only activity at the moment is knitting.”

Keywords: steps, day, group, active, activity

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How a Fine-Dining Empire Made the Southwest Palatable to Outsiders (2016)

Summary: Harvey House menus included items like Cold Vichyssoise, Poached Eggs à la Reine, Guacamole Monterey, Filet Mignon, Stuffed Zucchini Andalouse, Veal Scallopini, Cauliflower Polonaise, Curry of Lamb, Wild Canadian Goose, and Lemon Chiffon Cheese Cake.

Keywords: harvey, fe, santa, company, fred

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This Conversation Is Going Nowhere

Summary: Beloved consumer products like Venmo and Twitter were originally available only via SMS, then adapted to more conventional interfaces as the needs of their users outpaced their purposeful simplicity.

Keywords: people, digit, ui, make, money

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Show HN: A HN/Reddit-style site for scientific pre-prints and publications

Summary: The Case for Learned Index Structures Tim Kraska, Alex Beutel, Ed H. Chi, Jeffrey Dean, Neoklis Polyzotis

Keywords: arxiv, kraska, dean, ed, lempitsky

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Partial Application and Lambda Parameter Syntax for JavaScript

Summary: Oh the things we’ll accomplish together A not-so-long time ago in a place not necessarily all that far away, Kent C. Dodds created babel-plugin-macros out of thin air and a little inspiration .

Keywords: application, time, partial, plugin, function

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