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Cancer ‘vaccine’ eliminates tumors in mice

Summary: Gambhir is the founder and equity holder in CellSight Inc., which develops and translates multimodality strategies to image cell trafficking and transplantation.

Keywords: cells, tumor, tumors, cancer, immune

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Firefox 59 to strip path information from referrer values for 3rd parties

Summary: To make things worse, browsers also send a referrer value when requesting sub-resources, like ads, or other social media snippets integrated in a modern web site.

Keywords: data, referrer, browsing, site, firefox

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The full-time job of keeping up with Kubernetes

Summary: Another secret and largely underappreciated ingredient to Kubernetes success is the CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) releasing it under Apache-2.0, an open source license that inspires religious arguments over claims that it is an antidote to a long-brewing commercial software patent cold war among tech giants.

Keywords: kubernetes, release, community, cluster, clusters

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India Wants to Give Half a Billion People Free Health Care

Summary: If passed by the Indian Parliament and properly funded, the new program would be a vast expansion of health coverage, allowing people to visit the country’s many private hospitals for needs as varied as cancer treatment and knee replacements.

Keywords: health, government, poor, care, program

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Shotcut: Free, open source, cross-platform video editor

Summary: Supports resolutions up to 4k and capture from SDI, HDMI, webcam, JACK & Pulse audio, IP stream, X11 screen and Windows DirectShow devices.

Keywords: mlt, shotcut, dan, lead, audio

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Baltimore Cops Kept Toy Guns to Plant Just in Case They Shot an Unarmed Person

Summary: Clockwise from top left: Marcus Taylor, Daniel Hersl, Maurice Ward, Jemell Rayam, Evodio Hendrix, Wayne Jenkins and Momodu Gando.

Keywords: police, baltimore, officers, shot, gun

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Boosting teeth’s healing ability by mobilizing stem cells in dental pulp

Summary: They are also developing an alternative delivery system that is more amenable to modern dental practices: The chosen drug will be dissolved in a gel that is injected into a cavity and bathed with ultraviolet light to solidify it—a quick and easy procedure similar to one dentists already use to seal and repair teeth.

Keywords: teeth, sharpe, stem, cells, drugs

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Worries Grow That the Price of Bitcoin Is Being Propped Up

Summary: Long before news of the subpoena, Bitfinex, which is believed to host more trading than any other Bitcoin exchange in the world, had gained a reputation for a lack of transparency and a confusing structure , with European executives, offices in Asia and registration in the Caribbean.

Keywords: tether, bitfinex, virtual, currency, price

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An introduction to Reactive Programming

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EBay to Ditch PayPal for Dutch Payment Processor Adyen

Summary: In its earnings report Wednesday, EBay said gross merchandise volume, a key metric of the value of goods sold on the site, rose 10 percent to $24.4 billion in the fourth quarter, as the number of active buyers on the platform increased.

Keywords: ebay, paypal, payments, adyen, rose

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Unboxing Our New Desktop Pick and Place Machine

Summary: There is a lack of support (it seems problematic across the low-end desktop pick and place category) but we’ve worked hard to create a workflow where we can really build a lot of boards flexibly and quickly.

Keywords: machine, place, pick, build, tape

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Startup Investor School: The Basics of Seed Investing

Summary: The class leads up to Y Combinator’s famous Demo Days on March 19 and 20, where YC’s latest batch of startups present their companies to a room full of investors.

Keywords: startup, investors, school, investor, seed

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Telegram removed from the App Store for ‘inappropriate content’

Summary: Durov also founded VKontakte Russia’s largest social network, and originally launched Telegram “to build a means of communication that can’t be accessed by the Russian security agencies.”

Keywords: telegram, app, store, messaging, content

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How does ‘class-passing’ actually work?

Summary: We’re chatting in a WeWork co-working office in the pricey Dumbo neighbourhood, where Baird is the CEO and founder of BlocPower , a clean-energy startup that has raised over $1m in funding from some of Silicon Valley’s biggest names – including Andreessen Horowitz, which has invested in the likes of Twitter and Airbnb.

Keywords: faridi, baird, school, tighe, reyes

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TDLib – Build Your Own Telegram Client

Summary: TDLib takes care of all network implementation details, encryption and local data storage , so that developers can dedicate more time to design, responsive interfaces and beautiful animations.

Keywords: telegram, tdlib, apps, api, android

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Spectre/Meltdown Pits Transparency Against Liability

Summary: Rewards transparency with indemnity against yet-to-be-discovered bugs in the design source Burdens any residual proprietary elements with the full liability of fitness for purpose Simultaneously conserves a guarantee that a product is free from defects in materials and workmanship in either case

Keywords: hardware, code, open, source, bugs

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Live Computer Vision Coding

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Alphabet’s earnings miss profit estimates as spending grows

Summary: (Reuters) - Google parent Alphabet Inc missed quarterly profit forecasts as steady ad sales growth was offset by increased spending to promote its consumer gadgets, YouTube video app and cloud computing services, the U.S. technology company said on Thursday.

Keywords: billion, google, alphabet, percent, sales

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No Cutting Corners on the iPhone X

Summary: Machines exist and/or are calibrated to make those screens, so keeping edges squared requires fewer manufacturing changes and less talent along the pathway to production.

Keywords: corners, design, shape, apple, screen

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WxPython 4.0.0 Released

Summary: Using DCs as context managers is not required, but can be handy in the rare cases where something holds on to a DC for too long, perhaps unintentionally.

Keywords: fix, fixed, methods, type, method

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Apple Reports First Quarter Results

Summary: “Thanks to great operational and business performance, we achieved all-time record profitability during the quarter, with EPS up 16 percent,” said Luca Maestri, Apple’s CFO.

Keywords: company, apple, risks, including, billion

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Things are going so well we’re doing a hiring freeze

Summary: The momentum of growth assumes control of the ship quickly, if you don’t dare wrestle back the wheel.

Keywords: basecamp, work, ve, things, business

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Summary: Apps created in Amazon Sumerian will run in any browser that supports WebGL or WebVR graphics rendering, including Daydream, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and iOS mobile devices.

Keywords: amazon, aws, net, income, operating

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Announcing Linode Block Storage Volumes

Summary: Block Storage Volumes are highly available with 3x synchronous replication.

Keywords: volumes, storage, block, linode, online

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Backblaze Hard Drive Stats for 2017

Summary: Each entry consists of the date, manufacturer, model, serial number, status (operational or failed), and all of the SMART attributes reported by that drive.

Keywords: drives, drive, hard, data, failure

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A mutational timer is built into the chemistry of DNA

Summary: More information: “Dynamic Basis of dG-dT misincorporation via tautomerization and ionization,” Isaac J. Kimsey, Eric S. Szymanski, Walter J. Zahurancik, Anisha Shakya, Yi Xue, Chia-Chieh Chu, Bharathwaj Sathyamoorthy, Zucai Suo, and Hashim M. Al-Hashimi.

Keywords: dna, bases, replication, states, errors

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SpaceX Rocket Survives Experimental High-Thrust Landing at Sea

Summary: This first stage already had one launch and landing under its belt coming in to today: It also helped loft the NROL-76 spy satellite for the United States National Reconnaissance Office back in May 2017.

Keywords: spacex, landing, today, stage, company

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Bulma: A CSS framework to consider

Summary: In Bulma we’ve got access to styles for all the native form elements, including their error state, help texts, variety of beautiful buttons and easy to use inputs with icons inside.

Keywords: bulma, css, framework, form, components

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An abandoned lifeboat at world’s end (2011)

Summary: Ernest Shackleton’s voyage from Elephant Island to South Georgia, across 800 miles of the same seas, is routinely lauded as one of the greatest of all feats of seamanship, after all – and it was accomplished by men who were properly supplied, fully equipped, and who sailed, moreover, in an enclosed boat provided with a deck casing that prevented waves from slopping onboard.

Keywords: bouvet, island, crawford, boat, men

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Airbnb CFO Departs Amid Tensions, Leaving IPO Timeline Unclear

Summary: Tosi, who was CFO at Blackstone Group and one of the most visible executives on Wall Street before joining Airbnb in 2015, learned of Chesky’s decision to name Johnson as operating chief on Monday evening, said people familiar with the matter.

Keywords: airbnb, tosi, chesky, company, chief

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Introducing the premium full-archive search endpoint

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MIT IQ: The MIT Intelligence Quest

Summary: MIT IQ will also rely on the foresight and passion of philanthropists who see the promise of using advances in intelligence to solve humanity’s greatest problems.

Keywords: mit, intelligence, work, iq, machines

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Diamond – fast search across all your cloud services

Summary: Use Diamond to search for files and emails across Google Drive, Gmail, Dropbox, Outlook, and more.

Keywords: diamond, search, files, google, dropbox

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Application Security in a DevOps Environment

Summary: The problem with most systems is they display this data to the security team, and rarely support getting that information to the people who have the power (and responsibility) for patching those instances in a way that integrates with their workflow.

Keywords: security, team, teams, appsec, time

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Building a Full-Text Search App Using Docker and Elasticsearch

Summary: For this project, we’ll be populating our library with 100 classic books, including texts such as The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes , Treasure Island , The Count of Monte Cristo , Around the World in 80 Days , Romeo and Juliet , and The Odyssey .

Keywords: elasticsearch, search, add, app, book

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Spying on a Ruby process’s memory allocations with eBPF

Summary: On Linux ~4.4+, you have this feature called “uprobes” which let you attach code that you write to an arbitrary userspace function.

Keywords: function, class, process, program, memory

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HyperNormalisation by Adam Curtis (2016) [video]

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Josephine is closing its doors

Summary: At this point, our team has simply run out of the resources to continue to drive the legislative change, business innovation, and broader cultural shift needed to build Josephine.

Keywords: josephine, business, meals, community, cooks

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Where Dutch directness comes from

Summary: From that moment on, “Calvinism dictated the individual responsibility for moral salvage from the sinful world through introspection, total honesty, soberness, rejection of ‘pleasure’ as well as the ‘enjoyment’ of wealth,” writes Breukel in an article on Dutch business culture published on her website.

Keywords: dutch, don, people, netherlands, breukel

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Taxi deregulation coming to Finland

Summary: This wil also be visible in the job market as Kovanen and FixuTaxi alone is seeking to add some one hundred new franchisees during 2018, as well as hire 200 employees to drive the company’s own fleet.

Keywords: transportation, market, taxi, fixutaxi, helsinki

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BitScope: 3000-core Raspberry Pi cluster computer

Summary: The Raspberry Pi modules let developers figure out how to write this software and get it to work reliably without having a dedicated testbed of the same size, which would cost a quarter billion dollars and use 25 megawatts of electricity.”

Keywords: raspberry, bruce, pi, bitscope, cluster

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The four motivators (2016)

Summary: Which brings us to this Christmas holiday, where I had a few hours here and there to catch up on reading, and I set out to learn about the quality revolution in manufacturing (generally agreed to have started in Japan, albeit with ironic American influence).

Keywords: special, quality, deming, book, work

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Asking the Right Questions About AI

Summary: These are rarely new problems; rather, the formal process of explaining our desires to a computer — the ultimate case of someone with no cultural context or ability to infer what we don’t say — forces us to be explicit in ways we generally aren’t used to.

Keywords: people, model, ai, good, ml

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A Eulogy for the Headphone Jack

Summary: To any headphone jack, all audio is raw in the sense that it exists as a series of voltages that ultimately began as measurements by some tool, like a microphone or an electric guitar pickup or an EKG.

Keywords: headphone, sound, jack, voltage, voltages

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Everyone Else Is Trash

Summary: Bjergsen is responsible for some of the greatest highlights in League history, Svenskeren is a crafty jungler, Biofrost is an outstanding support who’s only in his second year as a pro, and Hauntzer does a great job of staying ice-cold in the top lane.

Keywords: tsm, ve, league, team, year

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The Case for React-Like Web Components

Summary: My favorite feature of React is the emphasis on building small blocks of UI in JSX , and then combining those pieces together to create an app.

Keywords: web, components, html, button, react

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Measuring QUIC vs TCP on mobile and desktop

Summary: In a recent paper published at the ACM Internet Measurement Conference 2017, we worked to address these issues, and provided a comprehensive evaluation of QUIC’s performance and how it compares with TCP.

Keywords: quic, tcp, figure, performance, bandwidth

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The Book That Colored Charles Darwin’s World

Summary: Syme’s guide, a facsimile of which will be released in early February by Smithsonian Books, contains samples, names, and descriptions of a hundred and ten colors, ranging from Snow White to Asparagus Green to Arterial Blood Red to, finally, Blackish Brown.

Keywords: darwin, syme, color, colors, kelley

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Worries Grow That the Price of Bitcoin Is Being Propped Up

Summary: Long before news of the subpoena, Bitfinex, which is believed to host more trading than any other Bitcoin exchange in the world, had gained a reputation for a lack of transparency and a confusing structure , with European executives, offices in Asia and registration in the Caribbean.

Keywords: tether, bitfinex, virtual, currency, price

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Google Parent Alphabet and Aramco in Talks to Build Tech Hub in Saudi Arabia

Summary: ET Saudi Arabia’s state-owned oil giant and Google parent Alphabet Inc., two of the world’s biggest companies, are in talks about jointly building a large technology hub inside the kingdom, people familiar with the potential deal said.

Keywords: saudi, oil, google, alphabet, people

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