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How Google Chrome’s ad blocker works

Summary: EasyList and EasyPrivacy is built-in to many popular ad blocking extension including uBlock Origin and AdBlock Plus, as well as in privacy oriented apps and web browsers.

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Video editing with Python

Summary: Installation by hand: download the sources, either from PyPI or, if you want the development version, from GitHub , unzip everything into one folder, open a terminal and type:

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“Invisible Electrostatic Wall” at 3M adhesive tape plant (1996)

Summary: People got interested, and so someone came with a voltmeter, and after throwing a couple more, they checked for voltage, and there was a residual charge after they finally caught on on a plastic sheet to prevent immediate grounding.

Keywords: film, air, spool, charge, charged

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XXY Oscilloscope

Summary: It turns sharp corners in the signal into curves, loops or ringing artefacts.

Keywords: left, audio, oscilloscope, signal, channel

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The Shallowness of Google Translate

Summary: In the wake of the FBI’s highly unusual public statement opposing the release of the memo (and placing it at odds with the White House), The Washington Post ’s Matt Zapotosky plucked from the archives an anecdote in which Wray was ready to resign over Bush-era surveillance overreaches, along with—wait for it—James Comey and Robert Mueller.

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Best practices for user account, authorization and password management

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HiFive – RISC-V-based Linux development board

Summary: SiFive will be hosting our first hackathon March 12-14, 2018 in Portland, Oregon in conjunction with the Embedded Linux Conference !

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Progressing from Tech to Leadership

Summary: Over the past two decades and a change, I went from writing CGI scripts and setting up WAN routers for a chain of shopping malls, to doing pentests for institutional customers, to designing a series of network monitoring platforms and handling incident response for a big telco, to building and running the product security org for one of the largest companies in the world.

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Geoffrey Hinton spent 30 years on an idea many other scientists dismissed

Summary: Engineers at Google Brain, the company’s deep learning AI branch, led by the division’s senior fellow, Jeff Dean, fed millions of random, unlabelled video frames from YouTube through the new supercomputer and programmed it to make sense of what it saw.

Keywords: hinton, ai, time, neural, learning

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ECMAScript 2018: final feature set

Summary: Free ReasonML newsletter

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Sedate a Plant, and It Seems to Lose Consciousness. Is It Conscious?

Summary: Continue reading the main story Now, a study published recently in Annals of Botany has shown that plants can be frozen in place with a range of anesthetics, including the types that are used when you undergo surgery.

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FAA Issues Emergency Order of Revocation Against TapJets

Summary: WASHINGTON –The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued an Emergency Order of Revocation against TapJets, Inc. of Spring, Texas and Fargo, North Dakota, for allegedly conducting passenger-carrying flights using unqualified pilots and operating unauthorized aircraft.

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The Opium Wars Still Shape China’s View of the West

Summary: “Historians of China,” he continues, “rarely mention that any respectable person in Europe or America could walk into a pharmacy in 1900 and routinely buy a range of hashish pastes, exotic psychedelics or morphine (together with a handy injection kit), and that opium products were widely on sale in Britain”.

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Switch to Windows 95

Summary: This is done with the “jump if zero” (JZ) instruction and that’s where the problem is - Windows 95 RTM will return 3 in AL and 95 in AH, which together makes up the value 5F03h in register AX.

Keywords: windows, jump, version, build, builds

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Safari Password Generation

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Turning a Job Opening into a Dream Job for Top Talent

Summary: Companies using the golden handcuffs strategy often pay 150%–300% market range — or even lottery-ticket money for select talent with proven skills in hot research areas like machine learning, AR, VR, blockchain or drones.

Keywords: developers, senior, developer, junior, ll

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Computer Architecture – ETH Zürich – Fall 2017

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The Largest Number of Scientists in Modern U.S. Is Running for Office in 2018

Summary: The Orange County Republican, who has served two terms from California’s 45th Congressional District, so routinely votes against climate change legislation that she has a paltry 4 percent lifetime score on the League of Conservation Voters’ ranking.

Keywords: science, action, running, candidates, scientists

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Cops won’t need a warrant to pull the data off an autonomous car

Summary: The case involves phone company records and a string of robberies in Michigan around 2010, but Carpenter essentially asks, does law enforcement need a warrant to be able to access potentially intimate location information?

Keywords: data, law, enforcement, av, ars

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Japan’s SS-520 CubeSat Launch Vehicle Achieves Success on Second Try

Summary: Photo: JAXA When dealing with shared rides, delays are a common occurrence which can be problematic for operators since they need their satellites in orbit to generate revenue, adding another factor in opting for a dedicated launch rather than a possibly cheaper, but more uncertain secondary payload slot.

Keywords: launch, stage, orbit, vehicle, satellite

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iMac Pro 18-core Follow Up Review

Summary: I suspect many computations and applictions will be in the middle of that range depending on how well they can take advantage of multiple cores, but there will certainly be some hot rod uses that get closer to that 79% end of the scale (and may do even better).

Keywords: cores, pro, imac, benchmark, performance

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How it works: Compiler Explorer

Summary: Compiler Explorer started out as me manually running a single instance with no load balancer: I’d just ssh on and git pull to upgrade.

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Slack: Other browsers require significant effort so we’re focused on Chrome

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Amazon Aurora Postgres: First Thoughts

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Standard SQL features where PostgreSQL beats its competitors

Summary: BOOLEAN Aggregates Since SQL:2003 1999 2001 2003 2005 2007 2009 2011 2013 2015 2017 MariaDB MySQL 8.4[0] PostgreSQL SQLite DB2 LUW Oracle SQL Server [0] Only EVERY(), which returns UNKNOWN if everything is NULL.

Keywords: filter, count, boolean, select, domain

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JITing PostgreSQL using LLVM [pdf]

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The Famine Ended 70 Years Ago, but Dutch Genes Still Bear Scars

Summary: John M. Greally, the director of the Center for Epigenomics at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, noted that blood is made up of many different types of cells, each with its own epigenetic profile.

Keywords: methyl, dutch, cells, groups, lumey

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FOSDEM 2018 – Live Streaming

Summary: schedule

Keywords: schedule, february, brussels

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Mazda hopes to achieve 56% thermal efficiency with gasoline engine

Summary: Speaking at a tech forum in Tokyo, Mazda powertrain chief Mitsuo Hitomi said that the main goal with Skyactiv-3 is to increase the engine’s thermal efficiency to roughly 56 percent.

Keywords: engine, mazda, efficiency, make, automotive

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Sequoia Capital plans $8B global fund, eyes China investors

Summary: Sequoia’s China founding partner Neil Shen, one of the best-known venture capitalists in the country, is actively tapping potential investors including state-backed ones for the global fund, said the people, who declined to be named as the fundraising plans were confidential.

Keywords: fund, billion, sequoia, global, china

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In Praise of Theory in Design Research: How Levi-Strauss Redefined Workflow

Summary: …to provide a framework for explaining to the client what these crease-types truly and profoundly meant – I stole a concept from the French philosopher Deleuze: for him le pli , or fold, describes the way we swallow the exterior world, invert it, and then flip it back outwards again, and, in so doing, form our own identity.

Keywords: participants, research, users, tools, workflows

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With ePrivacy looming, German publishers scramble to get users logged in

Summary: Amazon’s ad business grew 60 percent this quarter The looming ePrivacy Regulation is creating a new battleground in Europe: the race to own consumer login systems, for better or worse.

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Simple blood test spots dementia protein

Summary: If confirmed by further research, this long-sought test could help in the increasingly desperate search for therapies that halt the progression of dementia, which affects tens of millions of people worldwide.

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How Backblaze Got Started (2017)

Summary: He has been a speaker at GigaOm Structure, Ignite: Lean Startup, FailCon, CloudCon; profiled by Inc. and Forbes; a mentor for Teens in Tech; and holds 5 patents on security.

Keywords: backup, easy, data, people, back

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Hiring Developers: look for the ability to abstract and not for experience

Summary: And your current technology stack is also irrelevant, the right candidate with great cognitive capacity will be able to adapt fast, pick up new things and bring new ways and ideas, breaking your team’s or company’s tunnel vision.

Keywords: ability, level, software, mind, developers

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Show HN: Golang automation for mining cryptocurrencies on the Spot Market

Summary: spotminer automates the Packet.netspot market and a cryptocurrency miner so that you can lower the costs of mining in the cloud and access bare metal performance.

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How One Jira Ticket Made My Employer $1MM/Month: 7 Metrics That Actually Matter

Summary: Individuals and interactions over processes and tools Working software over comprehensive documentation Customer collaboration over contract negotiation Responding to change over following a plan I’ll add some more of my favorite dev team values:

Keywords: time, support, tickets, user, bug

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Parallel C++ on AWS Lambda for CRISPR

Summary: And yes, Benchling is hiring engineers to join our small-but-growing-team — if you’re interested in building high-quality tools to power a new generation of research, see our jobs page or contact us .

Keywords: lambda, genome, crispr, infrastructure, aws

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Memory Safety in Rust: A Case Study with C

Summary: All this, of course, comes at the price of fighting with Rust’s borrow checker, both the initial learning curve as well as working around its limitations (see: non-lexical lifetimes ), but for a codebase of sufficient scale, the pain is quite likely worth the payoff.

Keywords: memory, rust, pointer, vector, data

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Summary: If trolls don’t face consequences for asserting invalid software patents, then they will continue to shake down productive companies.

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The Breakneck Rise of China’s Colossus of Electric-Car Batteries

Summary: The next global powerhouse in the auto industry comes from a small city in a tea-growing province of southeast China, where an unheralded maker of electric-vehicle batteries is planning a $1.3 billion factory with enough capacity to surpass the output of Tesla and dwarf the suppliers for battery-powered cars by GM, Nissan and Audi.

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Chrome canary (66) blocks symantec issued SSL certificates

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An Astronaut Who Might Get Us to Mars

Summary: The VASIMR engine at Ad Astra.In a cavernous warehouse behind a strip mall about three miles from the Johnson Space Center, just south of Houston, a Costa Rica–born scientist and former NASA astronaut named Franklin Chang Díaz has been tinkering with an unorthodox idea for the past thirteen years.

Keywords: franklin, space, nasa, plasma, engine

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Etcd 3.3 – Improvements to stability, performance, and more

Summary: In one user’s case, where there were lots of free pages due to frequent snapshots with read transactions, the database size quickly grew from 16 MiB to 4 GiB as a result of large freelist syncs.

Keywords: etcd, client, database, freelist, data

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An industry has developed around the online resale of clothes

Summary: In one photo on her account, Bella sits in a nude, patterned bodystocking priced at $15, teamed with a red wig, chunky black cybergoth boots, blue eyeshadow and bright-red lipstick.

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