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A pessimistic vision of India’s looming environmental and economic collapse

Summary: Recently, writing against the backdrop of the unprecedented spike in Delhi’s air pollution, Raghu Raman, the president of Reliance Industries’ risk, security & new ventures division and former CEO of India’s National Intelligence Grid (NATGRID), put forward a starkly apocalyptic vision of the country’s future:

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Migrating to Python 3 with pleasure

Summary: Previously different modules used custom ways to point types in doctrings (Hint: pycharm can convert old docstrings to fresh typehinting).

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Early Facebook and Google Employees Form a Center for Humane Technology

Summary: In January, two big Wall Street investors asked Apple to study the health effects of its products and to make it easier to limit children’s use of iPhones and iPads.

Keywords: facebook, children, technology, center, social

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RustBelt: securing the foundations of the Rust programming language

Summary: 66 ACM New York, NY, USA table of contents doi> 10.11453158154 Author Tags

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Donkey Kong scoreboard strips high score claim

Summary: Billy Mitchell has been a polarizing figure in the tight-knit world of classic video game high scores since well before he appeared as Steve Wiebe’s antagonist in the 2007 documentary The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters .

Keywords: kong, mitchell, donkey, evidence, mame

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LLVM for Grad Students (2015)

Summary: Emery Berger pointed out that dynamic binary instrumentation tools, like Pin , are still the right choice if you need to observe architecture specifics: registers, the memory hierarchy, instruction encoding, etc.

Keywords: llvm, pass, code, ir, compiler

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Spain cracks King Ferdinand’s 500-year-old code

Summary: Image copyrightRadio Television EspanolaImage caption The men used “over 200 symbols” to communicate with each other A 500-year-old secret code used in letters between one of Spain’s most famous monarchs and a military commander has been cracked.

Keywords: letters, spain, ferdinand, code, century

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Single Page Application Is Not a Silver Bullet

Summary: And it really helped – the user was able to see the markup (though it does not work on old mobile devices), but the problem is that before the javascript is downloaded, parsed and executed, so React can add event listeners and your page is finally interactive, a lot of time actually passes.

Keywords: time, lot, problem, application, big

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Exploiting modern microarchitectures: Meltdown, Spectre, and other attacks [pdf]

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Microsoft Office could be a bigger productivity drain than Candy Crush

Summary: Design a pretty graph, search the internet for cartoons for a presentation, use a price-comparison site to book some travel, craft an eloquent post on LinkedIn, and office life starts to look mildly entertaining — even if there isn’t much time left to do the jobs for which we’re paid.

Keywords: productivity, jobs, office, smith, book

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MIT 6.S099: Artificial General Intelligence

Summary: This class takes an engineering approach to exploring possible research paths toward building human-level intelligence.

Keywords: learning, mit, ai, intelligence, deep

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Talks I have given

Summary: This potentially self-destructive behavior seems likely to have unwanted side-effects like spontaneous righteous indignation, superfluous historical metaphor, and near-lethal exposure to tangential anecdote — and yet I find myself compelled to enable it by collecting my erstwhile scattered talks.

Keywords: talk, slides, talks, trilogy, dtrace

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In a society obsessed with success, how do we come to terms with failure?

Summary: I’d spend the day at school dreading the start of gym, the hour at which Janice would try to make me do an insane release on the bars, or take a sketchy tumbling pass from the foam pit to the hard floor, or throw me up on the beam again and demand the resurrection of those back flips.

Keywords: sport, janice, failure, time, gymnast

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Venice without water

Summary: Yes, look at these famed Venetian gondolas helplessly abandoned on the docks, as the low tides caused by Wednesday’s ‘super blue blood moon’ dried up the canals, robbing gondoliers of their money and residents of their transportation.

Keywords: low, pinto, city, vincenzo, tides

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Show HN: Simple Print – Convert web articles into printable PDFs

Summary: Convert web articles into printable PDFs

Keywords: convert, printable, pdfs, web, articles

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Micro-op fusion in x86

Summary: I tried manually unrolling the loop and doing other sort of things, but as what I understand in my toy examples latency of the memory operations (even though data should be in the L1-cache) are big enough to hide the inefficiencies in fetch and decode bandwidth.

Keywords: fused, number, instructions, code, performance

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25 Days of ReasonML

Summary: I’m definitely interested in investing more of my time in learning and building things in ReasonML, and I’ve started to take an active part in the community.

Keywords: reasonml, code, javascript, set, module

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​Pipenv: One Year Later and a Call for Help

Summary: The project will be fine without any additional contributors — but the level of quality we are striving for requires more development man hours than our team is capable of producing at this time.

Keywords: project, pipenv, team, python, packaging

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Revisiting ‘Monadic Parsing in Haskell’

Summary: To be fair, the Applicative abstraction hadn’t been discovered yet, and this is also the reason why the authors define mzero and mplus (which they call (++) ) instead of the more general Alternative methods empty and (<|>) .

Keywords: haskell, applicative, parser, parsing, don

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Stripping CO2 from the air and using it to produce carbon-neutral fuel

Summary: Photograph: It’s nothing much to look at, but the tangle of pipes, pumps, tanks, reactors, chimneys and ducts on a messy industrial estate outside the logging town of Squamish in western Canada could just provide the fix to stop the world tipping into runaway climate change and substitute dwindling supplies of conventional fuel.

Keywords: emissions, carbon, negative, technologies, air

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Ten Years of Instapaper

Summary: By the end of the year, we also added the first proper offline mode, more fonts, the Archive section, “Give me something to read” (the precursor to the current Daily/Feature content), tilt-scroll and our first business model–a separate version of the app called Instapaper Pro which cost $9.99.

Keywords: instapaper, app, support, store, added

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SENS Research Foundation Receives $2.4M Ethereum Donation from Vitalik Buterin

Summary: Their focus on creating solutions to the diseases of aging, one of the greatest problems facing humanity, is very much in line with my goal to positively impact the lives of millions of people around the world,” said Vitalik Buterin.

Keywords: research, sens, foundation, diseases, aging

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TensorFlow on Mobile: TensorFlow Lite

Summary: The interpreter ensures minimum load, initialization and execution delay by using static graph ordering and custom memory allocator.

Keywords: models, tensorflow, mobile, api, neural

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The Piranha of Portugal: the Greatest Counterfeiter of All Time (2014)

Summary: As in all of these cases, whether it be counterfeiting currency, pumping and dumping, forging corporate books, hiding money in offshore accounts, or any of the other financial schemes that crooks are heir to, it was hubris and greed which undid Reis.

Keywords: reis, portugal, banknotes, banco, angola

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Slack is not for me

Summary: Despite the taming tactics, the organization (roughly 300 employees large) implicitly understands Slack to be grounds for unfettered access to each other; requiring only a few key strokes to summon peers.

Keywords: slack, communication, person, time, tool

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Thunderbolt 3 Unblocker

Summary: This project provides a kernel extension that unblocks unsupported Thunderbolt 3 peripherals (such as the Razer Core) on macOS.

Keywords: feb, project, kernel, refactoring, separate

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Government to borrow nearly $1 trillion this year 84 percent jump from last year

Summary: Investors are concerned about all the additional borrowing and the likelihood of higher inflation, which is why the interest rates on U.S. government bonds hit the highest level since 2014.

Keywords: debt, borrowing, treasury, fiscal, year

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Bitcoin has a huge scaling problem–Lightning could be the solution

Summary: To unlock those funds, Bob and Charlie would have to work together, generating a single bitcoin transaction that’s signed by both of their private keys.

Keywords: bob, alice, transaction, bitcoin, bitcoins

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Why are successful professionals still working 70 hours a week?

Summary: Executive Summary In the old days, if you were a white-collar worker, the deal was that you worked as hard as you could at the start of your career to earn the right to be rewarded later on, with security of tenure and a series of increasingly senior positions.

Keywords: work, insecure, professional, organizations, firm

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The World Might Be Better Off Without College for Everyone

Summary: Plenty of college graduates couldn’t make sense of a table explaining how an employee’s annual health-insurance costs varied with income and family size, or summarize the work-experience requirements in a job ad, or even use a newspaper schedule to find when a television program ended.

Keywords: students, education, college, hours, years

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Sweden is deporting entrepreneur for lowering his own salary

Summary: Sweden’s strict rules in the area are designed to stop workers being exploited, but Ismail pointed out that he was in no way forced into his decision, and that it was simply a conscious choice by a young company to sacrifice in the short term for long-term gain.

Keywords: ismail, order, sweden, birka, entrepreneur

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Show HN: I implemented seamless copy and paste of images, and wrote a tutorial

Summary: In our case, we utilized Gimp to draw a closed loop around the kitten in a separate layer, and then finished the mask by performing a simple flood fill, as is illustrated below.

Keywords: image, gradients, poisson, blending, source

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Tesla Model 3 Teardown by Engineering Firm Reveals Flaws Like ‘A Kia in the 90s’

Summary: In addition to the fit and finish issues, Munro also talks about how hard it’s going to be to tear into the Model 3, calling it a “miserable job,” and labeling Tesla engineers as “definitely electronics snobs.” He backs this up by showing how difficult it is to get to the “Front Trunk First Responder Loop,” which shuts off the high voltage system and disables the airbags.

Keywords: munro, rear, company, car, front

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The search for Jackie Wallace

Summary: From the interstate ramp heading west, he had caught a glimpse of a living room of sorts, with men resting on ragged couches and old easy chairs circled around a camp stove and rickety tables.

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The U.S. government is set to borrow nearly $1 trillion this year

Summary: Those deficits and the debt that keeps rising is a serious problem, not only in the long run, but right now,” Harvard economist Martin Feldstein, a former Reagan adviser, told Bloomberg .

Keywords: debt, borrowing, treasury, trump, year

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Things that were more likely to kill you in 1970s Britain than today

Summary: “The main strain of flu that year affected older people more than the young, which likely contributed to the high number of winter deaths,” says Dr Annie Campbell, from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Keywords: deaths, people, death, winter, rates

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Show HN: A Tetris clone written in ES6 using React

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Three Meanings of E=mc²

Summary: Image credit: Ray Shapp / Mike Luciuk; modified by E. Siegel.If we want to conserve energy, we have to understand that gravitational redshift (and blueshift) must be real.

Keywords: energy, mass, einstein, mc², particle

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An Updated Analysis for the “Giving Up on Julia” Blog Post

Summary: 3-Feb-2018 8:00 PM PST – clarified the reason for not including certain performance results from the other blog and added references to array & string formatting packages (feedbacks from Christopher Rackauckas & Scott Jones) 4-Feb-2018 11:25 AM PST – updated Julia project lines of code statistics based on release-0.6 branch; updated notes about Markdown vs. reStructuredText after doing more research.

Keywords: julia, code, author, μs, language

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Why do we keep designing streets for speed?

Summary: Bryan has also held leadership positions with the Cities of Carlsbad, Fremont and Fresno where he has inspired bold visions and big campaigns and aligned them with a strategic implementation plans that delivered numerous projects to enhance safety, livability and economy.

Keywords: speed, safety, limits, fatalities, communities

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