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U.S. consumer protection official puts Equifax probe on ice

Summary: Three sources say, though, Mulvaney, the new CFPB chief, has not ordered subpoenas against Equifax or sought sworn testimony from executives, routine steps when launching a full-scale probe.

Keywords: cfpb, equifax, credit, bureaus, mulvaney

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Modern CSS Explained

Summary: When you run the CSS postprocessor on this code, the result is the hyphens: auto; line gets replaced with all the appropriate vendor prefixes (as defined in the autoprefixer plugin, which you don’t need to directly manage).

Keywords: css, layout, html, sass, approach

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Intel made smart glasses that look normal

Summary: There is no camera to creep people out, no button to push, no gesture area to swipe, no glowing LCD screen, no weird arm floating in front of the lens, no speaker, and no microphone (for now).

Keywords: vaunt, intel, glasses, display, vonshak

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Cloudflare Terminates Service to Sci-Hub Domain Names

Summary: “The court’s affirmative ruling does not apply to search engines writ large, but only to those entities who have been in active concert or participation with Sci-Hub, such as websites that host ACS content stolen by Sci-Hub,” Ruskin told us at the time.

Keywords: cloudflare, domain, court, provider, active

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Automerge: JSON-like data structure for building collaborative apps

Summary: Automerge is a so-called Conflict-Free Replicated Data Type ( CRDT ), which allows concurrent changes on different devices to be merged automatically without requiring any central server.

Keywords: automerge, object, property, document, state

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3D Color Print

Summary: The HP Jet Fusion 3D 4210/4200/3200 printing solution reinvents how you prototype and produce functional parts, delivering quality output, up to 10 times faster 2 at half the cost 3

Keywords: parts, hp, jet, fusion, color

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Dow plunges 1000 points

Summary: “What we noticed in January was that stocks and bond yields wanted to run through their year-end targets” to start off 2018, said John Augustine, chief investment officer at Huntington Private Bank.

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A C89 compiler that produces executables that are also valid ASCII text files [pdf]

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CRPG Book Released

Summary: It’s something I want to do (and get a lot of messages about it), especially since many reviewers (myself included) aren’t native english speakers, but it’s not easy – the book has over 310,000 words, which is about 23 of the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy!

Keywords: book, volunteers, games, wanted, rpgs

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OpenSC2K – An Open Source Remake of SimCity 2000

Summary: Lots of stuff remains completely unimplemented such as the actual simulation, rendering of many special case tiles and buildings, support for zoom levels and anything else that exists outside of importing and viewing.

Keywords: feb, toggles, display, rendering, clipping

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The Berlin Wall has now been down longer than it was up

Summary: Or take the euro zone, where Germany’s economic weight is creating imbalances (“suddenly Europe is speaking German”, gushed a leading Christian Democrat in 2011) requiring a level of further integration whose necessity its leaders remain slow to contemplate, notwithstanding tentative steps in the right direction in the recent coalition talks.

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StarCraft: Remastered – Emulating a buffer overflow for fun and profit [pdf]

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16 year old app developer: Plagiarist or Prodigy?

Summary: Such kind of people give Women in Code a really, really bad name, because sweetie , it takes tonnes of hardwork, cutting through competition, persistent dealing with sexism and lot of patience to make place for yourself in this male-dominant coveted industry.

Keywords: app, work, people, reddit, dev

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How a Startup from Krakow Got Mentioned in “The Art of Computer Programming”

Summary: With great joy, one day we found among the incoming mail a letter from professor Knuth and one of his famous checks for improving his book.

Keywords: knuth, professor, exercise, programming, computer

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Where the wall once stood

Summary: Der Mauerbau blockierte für Neuköllner die Lohmühlenbrücke , eine wichtige Verbindung über den Kanal.

Keywords: der, die, mauer, das, straße

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Apple Music on Track to Overtake Spotify in U.S. Subscribers

Summary: ET Apple Music is on the verge of overtaking Spotify AB in U.S. paid subscribers, a sign that the music-streaming world’s dominant force is facing growing competition ahead of its hotly anticipated public stock offering.

Keywords: apple, music, subscribers, spotify, figures

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Google dedicates engineering team to accelerate development of WordPress

Summary: The past couple of years have seen significant improvements in the core code, but as the data below demonstrate, WordPress pages still lag behind non-WordPress webpages on most performance indicators.

Keywords: wordpress, google, speed, platform, content

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Android KTX: Kotlin Development for Android

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Mark – A simple and unified notation for both object and markup data

Summary: It can have nested content objects, which is common in all markup formats, and thus allows Mark to convenient represent document-oriented data, which is awkward for JSON.

Keywords: mark, json, object, data, syntax

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Show HN: Algebraic Number Theory in Python 3

Summary: New pull request Latest commit 4b810a0 Feb 5, 2018 louisabrahamadd clean rule

Keywords: feb, commit, rule, latest, factorization

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Pivot – Rows to Columns

Summary: To pivot a table with unknown or dynamic attributes, multisets or document types (XML, JSON) can be used to represent a key-value store in a single column.

Keywords: clause, filter, column, row, pivot

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Writing eBPF tracing tools in Rust

Summary: The issue I see with the Python BPF libraries (which are GREAT, of course) is that while they’re perfect for building tools like tcplife which track tcp connnection lengths, once you want to start doing more complicated experiments like “stream every memory allocation from this Ruby program, calculate some metadata about it, query the original process to find out the class name for that address, and display a useful summary”, Python doesn’t really cut it.

Keywords: rust, bpf, program, data, events

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You thought quantum mechanics was weird: check out entangled time

Summary: So the key to avoiding strange causal behaviour ( steering the future or rewriting the past) in instances of temporal separation is to accept that calling events ‘simultaneous’ carries little metaphysical weight.

Keywords: entanglement, quantum, photon, nonlocality, photons

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Show HN: Online web tools to get your work done faster

Summary: Copyright © 2018,

Keywords: copyright

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An ‘Iceberg’ of Unseen Crimes: Many Cyber Offenses Go Unreported

Summary: A secure room that blocks phone signals at the Computer Forensics Department of the Public Safety Headquarters in Fairfax, Va.Credit Gabriella Demczuk for The New York Times “Suspects take advantage, knowing that ‘Hey, I’m basically committing crimes blindly,’ without the fear of prosecution,” said Capt.

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Fertility rates decrease as rents increase

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S-Expressions (1997)

Summary: The escape conventions within the quoted string are as follows (these follow the “C” programming language conventions, with an extension for ignoring line terminators of just LF or CRLF): \b – backspace \t – horizontal tab \v – vertical tab \n – new-line \f – form-feed \r – carriage-return \” – double-quote \’ – single-quote \ – back-slash \ooo – character with octal value ooo (all three digits must be present) \xhh – character with hexadecimal value hh (both digits must be present) \ – causes carriage-return to be ignored.

Keywords: string, representation, encoding, octet, abc

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Tether says its cryptocurrency is worth $2B–but its audit failed

Summary: “I, and many others, suspect tether is being used to effectively counterfeit hundreds of millions of dollars of perceived value,” wrote security researcher Tony Arcieri in a January blog post.

Keywords: bitfinex, tether, cryptocurrency, audit, friedman

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Guide to Writing Dockerfiles for Go Web-Apps

Summary: We’ll incrementally build a basic Dockerfile for Go, with live reloading and package management , and then extend the same to create a highly optimized production ready image with ~100x reduction in size.

Keywords: build, image, binary, run, docker

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How I sold my stock options

Summary: The company was backed by many of the leading funds (Kleiner, Google, Goldman Sachs, Tomasz’s Redpoint, Rob Ward’s Meritech), so it seemed like a good asset to use as an investment capital in my new firm.

Keywords: company, investors, important, shares, learned

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// If this happens, I am going to quit and become a barista

Summary: For an icon at position (10, 10), the resulting log message is (10.0000003.3,10.0000003.3) , which is longer than the allotted worst-case string.

Keywords: format, string, characters, decimal, places

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A Tale of Two Moons: Peter Lik’s Photographs Called Out by Science

Summary: Well, a few days ago the Fstoppers gang (Lee Morris, Patrick Hall, David Strauss, and Mike Kelley) did a video segment called “ How Fake Is This Photo by Peter Lik?

Keywords: moon, lik, photograph, moonlit, dreams

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Training an AI to convert design mockups into HTML and CSS

Summary: Also thanks to Qingping Hou, Charlie Harrington, Sai Soundararaj, Jannes Klaas, Claudio Cabral, Alain Demenet and Dylan Djian for reading drafts of this.

Keywords: features, markup, network, neural, word

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Dow Plunges 1,175, the Biggest Point Drop in History

Summary: “I think we are in a changing environment where it looks like we’re going to have a bit higher inflation and so that has markets on edge,” Gus Faucher, chief economist of the PNC Financial Services Group, told NPR’s Windsor Johnston.

Keywords: stock, market, monday, dow, percent

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DPD courier who was fined for day off to see doctor dies from diabetes

Summary: Field described Lane’s death as “a new low for the gig economy” and called on Theresa May to urgently introduce new legislation to protect “this small army of workers at the bottom of the pile … who are being badly exploited”.

Keywords: dpd, lane, don, drivers, time

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Stocks are rolling over, Dow falls 1,500 points

Summary: Yahoo Finance’s Dion Rabouin on Monday rounded up some of the common themes making investors nervous right now, which notably includes questions over whether cutting taxes at this stage in the economic recovery was a prudent move from the Trump administration.

Keywords: market, monday, dow, points, markets

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Ivory investigator killed in Kenya

Summary: Our correspondent says Bradley Martin had spent decades risking his life to secretly photograph and document illegal sales of ivory and rhino horn, travelling to China, Vietnam, and Laos to pose as a buyer and establish the details of black market prices.

Keywords: illegal, ivory, martin, bradley, rhino

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Apple’s Middle Age

Summary: Apple’s sudden insistence on per-week numbers is like a company complaining about currency: sure, it matters, but executives only make a big deal out of it when they are trying to divert attention from something else — in this case, stagnant iPhone unit growth.

Keywords: apple, music, iphone, services, company

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REPL-Driven Development (2017)

Summary: And this is a problem, because both TDD, and Clojure even worse, when you are working at the REPL like I am describing, encourage getting into a fugue state, where you are just sitting there like it is so short term rewarding as a developer.

Keywords: repl, clojure, things, data, java

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Monero Gold integer undeflow scam

Summary: Monero, the most prominent fork of Bytecoin, the result of years of work of a very dedicated community, probably the most anonymous currency in circulation today - in the form of an ERC20-Token?

Keywords: monero, deployed, gold, contract, currency

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CFTC and SEC Testimony on Cryptocurrencies [pdf]

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Even in Denmark, children are career killers for working moms

Summary: A 2013 study of Swedish couples published in the Journal of Labor Economics found that during the 15 years after giving birth, the pay gap between men and women increased by 32 percentage points.

Keywords: women, denmark, work, time, leave

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The Parrot Virtual File System

Summary: Sander Klous, Jamie Frey, Se-Chang Son, Douglas Thain, Alain Roy, Miron Livny, and Jo van den Brand, Transparent Access to Grid Resources for User Software , Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience , 18 (7), pages 787-801, June, 2006.

Keywords: parrot, thain, douglas, doi, pages

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Europe’s new data protection rules export privacy standards worldwide

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Bitcoin sinks below $7000

Summary: Load raw data TimestampOpenHighLowCloseVolume (BTC)Volume (Currency)Weighted Price

Keywords: btc, chart, timestampopenhighlowclosevolume, data, load

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It’s Time to End the Scam of Flying Pets

Summary: This passenger waiting for his flight last weekend was not allowed to board.Credit The Jet Set TV/via Reuters One day, we may all owe a debt of gratitude to Dexter the peacock.

Keywords: animals, people, service, flight, dexter

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Introduction to the Mumps Language (2017) [pdf]

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Forget $9,000… Bitcoin falls below $7,000

Summary: As of publication time, Ethereum had dropped from around $880 to $738.36 in the past 24 hours, while Bitcoin Cash was down about 17 percent during the same period.

Keywords: bitcoin, credit, bank, cryptocurrency, card

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Five tips on making every day count, by Richard Branson

Summary: More and more I am focusing on the big problems that the world faces, such as climate change, human rights and drug policy.

Keywords: make, time, ve, don, day

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Center for Humane Technology

Summary: Unfortunately, these automatic algorithms are easily gamed to manipulate society at a massive scale, because platforms lack the capacity to reliably check for conspiracies, lies, and fake users.

Keywords: technology, facebook, design, society, attention

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Meet India’s Women Open Source Warriors

Summary: “For example, Gargi Sharma has reimplemented kernel process ID management and Vatika Harlalka has worked on the implementation of full dynamic ticks, which reduces the degree to which critical CPU-bound applications are interrupted by the OS,” says Lawall.

Keywords: open, source, women, linux, india

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Dabbling in the Cryptographic World (1999)

Summary: Background Bob (Robert H) Morris was an important contributor to early Unix during the 1970s; he did the first and several subsequent versions of the math library, a variety of interesting text-processing applications like typo and other things, and with Thompson was responsible for the password encryption scheme that is still used today, together with its predecessors.

Keywords: reeds, bob, work, paper, machine

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