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SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy successfully launches

Summary: From here, the rocket’s payload (read: the aforementioned Tesla, pictured below as the nosecone seperates) will pass through the Van Allen belt — a zone of charged particles and extreme radiation surrounding Earth.

Keywords: spacex, rocket, payload, falcon, space

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Grammarly shared its tokens with all websites

Summary: Description #1 (, Feb 2 2018) Description #2 (, Yesterday) Description #3 (, Today)

Keywords: taviso, description, yesterday, today, feb

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Perspective: Streaming pivot visualization via WebAssembly

Summary: A streaming data visualization engine for Javascript, Perspective makes it simple to build real-time & user configurable analytics entirely in the browser.

Keywords: perspective, browser, engine, web, component

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Mozilla announces an open gateway for the internet of things

Summary: Second, Mozilla is working on a Web of Things Gateway so that you can replace your Amazon Echo, Philips Hue hub, Apple TV and Google Home with an open device.

Keywords: things, devices, mozilla, connected, web

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In Baltimore, Brazen Officers Took Every Chance to Rob and Cheat

Summary: Defense lawyers say the two detectives on trial were not involved in the unit’s most egregious crimes, and have questioned the motivations of the parade of disgraced officers and convicted drug dealers who have testified against them.

Keywords: gun, officers, unit, detectives, police

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Show HN: Cross-platform desktop applications with PyQT

Summary: The next steps are to let you create an installer for Ubuntu (Linux), then code signing, then automatic updates.

Keywords: feb, project, open, windows, code

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Show HN: Ask a Dev

Summary: We’re not partnered, sanctioned, or affiliated with our public meeting places: we’re just normal customers, so please plan to patronize.

Keywords: ruby, javascript, rails, years, join

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Introduction to LLVM [video]

Summary: The goal of this talk is to introduce programmers with C++ experience to tool building with LLVM.

Keywords: llvm, expectation, provided, building, examples

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The marbled crayfish is a mutant species that clones itself

Summary: In their new study, published in the journal Nature Ecology and Evolution, the researchers show that the marbled crayfish has spread across Madagascar at an astonishing pace, across an area the size of Indiana in about a decade.

Keywords: crayfish, marbled, species, lyko, genome

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Snap Revenue Surges 72% on User Growth, Advertising Gains

Summary: The numbers on Tuesday may help some on Wall Street revisit their original thesis on the company: that Snapchat, already popular with young people, has enough growth potential to carve out a solid slice of a digital ad market dominated by Facebook and Google.

Keywords: company, snap, million, analysts, snapchat

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I reported a critical bug and now they started a police investigation on me

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The outdoor community made water filtration a must for a reason

Summary: While most giardia, e. coli, cyrptosporideum, and waterborne pathogens induce fairly minor illnesses in adults, the effects can be much more severe if the infected person suffers from immunosuppression, is very young or old, or, as with my friend, is simply unlucky.

Keywords: water, study, welch, linck, sources

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Reason ML toolchain

Summary: It was created by the same people that brought us React.js as a way to improve how front end developers write code by avoiding lots of bugs caused by Javascript not having a sound type system.

Keywords: reasonml, ocaml, bucklescript, js, refmt

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How Rust Is Tilde’s Competitive Advantage [pdf]

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Watch the SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket Launch Today

Summary: “It basically gives them another tool in their toolbox for accomplishing the space community’s goals,” said Phil Larson, an assistant dean at the University of Colorado’s engineering school who previously worked as a senior manager of communications and corporate projects at SpaceX.

Keywords: spacex, heavy, rocket, falcon, musk

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An Introduction to Cache-Oblivious Data Structures

Summary: It’s pretty easy to see why this algorithm is cache optimal: Assuming the array is contiguous in memory, we’ll make use of every byte from every block we read, except for the ends.

Keywords: tree, memory, block, read, blocks

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Do you need a blockchain?

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What I learned from watching my iPad’s slow death

Summary: Credit Illustration by Jon Han Fifteen years ago, before I would replace a desktop computer or a laptop, it would have quite conspicuously broken down, its fans getting louder, its spinning hard drive grinding to a halt.

Keywords: ipad, device, apple, screen, years

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SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch webcast (live 12:45 PST)

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SpaceX successfully deploys the Star man

Summary: Media captionA car, a golf ball, a pie… the oddities sent into space over the years.Having such a large and powerful rocket should open up some fascinating new possibilities for Mr Musk and his SpaceX company.

Keywords: falcon, rocket, musk, heavy, media

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C++ Coroutine Theory (2017)

Summary: In this series I will cover how the underlying mechanics of C++ Coroutines work as well as show how they can be used to build useful higher-level abstractions such as those provided by the cppcoro library.

Keywords: coroutine, frame, function, operation, execution

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Apple Backs AV1: What Does This Mean for the Future of Video Codecs

Summary: Earlier this month, Apple joined the Alliance for Open Media (AOM), which is working on the next-generation AV1 video compression standard.

Keywords: hevc, apple, patent, aom, devices

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Flyover video of Jupiter’s Europa

Summary: NASA engineer Kevin Gill stitched together images from two 1998 observations of Europa by the Galileo spacecraft to create this super smooth flyover video of the icy Jovian moon.

Keywords: images, resolution, mercator, moon, kilometers

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Apple’s Failure to Check Kill Syscall Privilege “Not a Security Issue”

Summary: Re: How to safely kill all processes owned by a user on macOS Subject : Re: How to safely kill all processes owned by a user on macOS From: Daniel Peebles < email@hidden > Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2017 13:08:24 +0000 Authentication-results: symauth.service.identifier; dkim=pass header.s=20161025 header.v=1 header.a=rsa-sha256 Delivered-to: email@hidden Delivered-to: email@hidden Dkim-signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed;; s=20161025; h=mime-version:references:in-reply-to:from:date:message-id:subject:to :cc; bh=b9d+OAjaUuRdEGzloJx5g2oAax2HIKHcFyhmH7WP71I=; b=OwZo2bKqGpCGF/SFZWOnONN46B7srndbHQzufyUH46oDOAxymZaXnEhJVyDCv+hrOa 89++7DnZMvJ1I6w2MLPdvI2n74dbcZZmoIBemnq4UJRiMpRB5uf7gQ9y7zy4I1ucumyI VDHfVfpfZFN57ch7we8yn7d0Z4tSeHXjyEd/5nq4aGy3wIXLrBajeYOVylEH8SASvWiI CBCzs3Nnqx00Edz7L4leqqppjPcRgVqLlMoEpSdAkLOnhA3HZVbHnv4qGzDIT+N2ezAk Ul5NsBH+3gjif0yfvZMQT64q9+NSdGvAA9CcheJuP/SAolfd0nfIzPzeCKavYj421Fcn hROQ==

Keywords: processes, hidden, kill, owned, safely

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WrkRiot CEO Pleads Guilty to Defrauding Employees

Summary: As part of his guilty plea, Choi admitted that while attempting to recruit potential employees, he made false and misleading statements about various topics, including his educational and professional history, and the amount of his wealth.

Keywords: company, choi, attorney, employees, california

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Interpreting a market plunge

Summary: It might not wish to be seen to be beholden to markets: willing to slash rates or take other action the moment stock indexes slip (particularly if the personnel making monetary-policy decisions are relatively new to their roles and keen to establish their independence).

Keywords: economy, stock, mood, past, central

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Eloquent JavaScript 3rd Edition Draft

Summary: The first two lines give two memory locations their starting values: total will be used to build up the result of the computation, and count will keep track of the number that we are currently looking at.

Keywords: javascript, program, language, programming, programs

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Deploying a ReasonML React app with Docker

Summary: Razzle is a tool which abstracts all the Server Side Rendering configuraton, it has an extension which works with ReasonReact as well: .

Keywords: reasonml, app, reasonreact, hasura, build

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People who are less willing to apologize also tend to be less self-compassionate

Summary: On top of confirming that self-compassionate people tend to apologize more often than those who are overwhelmed by the shame of their mistakes, these findings also provide key insights into the psychological processes behind the behaviors that can make or break a relationship.

Keywords: people, apologize, relationship, mistakes, shame

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CloudBees acquires Codeship as devops consolidates

Summary: The move underscores a trend of smaller vendors in the world of services for developers getting snapped up by larger players, Labrouey noted, in part to improve momentum and business growth.

Keywords: cloudbees, developers, company, today, codeship

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6.4 Earthquake hits Taiwan

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Is-Vegan – Helps you to find out which food ingredients are vegan

Summary: We created the blacklist keeping in mind that veganism in dietary terms, it denotes the practice of dispensing with all products derived wholly or partly from animals.

Keywords: feb, ingredients, added, list, test

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Oceans and Lakes Are Becoming ‘Dead Zones’ Again

Summary: Matters are even more urgent than before, because scientists have discovered that some cyanobacteria ( Microcystis and Planktothrix , which dominate in the Western Basin and Sandusky Bay) produce liver toxins that the World Health Organization considers dangerous even in minute concentrations.

Keywords: lake, water, erie, lakes, oceans

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Bret Victor – Inventing on Principle (2012) [video]

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How to Design a New Chip on a Budget

Summary: But stories I’ve heard suggest that a simple ASIC (say one that is a few square millimeters in size, fabricated using the 250-nm technology node) might cost a few thousand bucks for a couple dozen samples.

Keywords: design, asic, fpgas, chip, cost

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Mixpanel analytics accidentally slurped up passwords

Summary: Upon investigating further, we realized that, because of the way we had implemented Autotrack when it launched in August 2016, this could happen in other scenarios where browser plugins (such as the 1Password password manager) and website frameworks place sensitive data into form element attributes.

Keywords: mixpanel, data, sdk, issue, autotrack

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Would College Students Retain More If Professors Dialed Back the Pace?

Summary: In a case of literary serendipity, right after I read Beck’s piece, I stumbled onto an essay called “The Simplest Course I Ever Taught” in The Chronicle of Higher Education by Paula Marantz Cohen , dean of the Pennoni Honors College and professor of English at Drexel University.

Keywords: read, teaching, students, cohen, college

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Newly Discovered Form of Water Ice Is ‘Really Strange’

Summary: Dr. Jeanloz said the agreement between experiment and prediction offered promise that scientists are beginning to understand the basic physics of how molecules in general behave under changing temperatures and pressures well enough for practical use.

Keywords: ice, superionic, water, scientists, ions

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Napoleon’s Equine Strategy in 1813 (2013)

Summary: [28] To achieve this, Napoléon’s orderly officer, Baron d’Hautpoul, was authorised on 20 March 1813 to reconnoitre Mainz and it’s environs to assess the number of suitable draught horses in private hands, together with the provision of harness, saddles and equipment.

Keywords: horses, napoléon, fol, army, men

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Capsule networks can overcome some shortcomings of CNNs

Summary: See this great post by S. Chilamkurthy to see how diverse and complex the architectures for semantic segmentation can get.CapsNets were first introduced in 2011 by Geoffrey Hinton, et al., in a paper called Transforming Autoencoders , but it was only a few months ago, in November 2017, that Sara Sabour, Nicholas Frosst, and Geoffrey Hinton published a paper called Dynamic Routing between Capsules , where they introduced a CapsNet architecture that reached state-of-the-art performance on MNIST (the famous data set of handwritten digit images), and got considerably better results than CNNs on MultiMNIST (a variant with overlapping pairs of different digits).

Keywords: capsule, figure, capsules, boat, rectangle

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Show HN: Tet – A todo app that deletes your tasks at the end of the day

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UK Hacker Won’t Be Extradited to the US Because American Prisons Are ‘Medieval’

Summary: Love, who holds dual citizenship in the UK and Finland but resides in Britain, was arrested in 2013 for allegedly hacking into sensitive computer systems in the US, including those of the FBI, NASA, and the US Army.

Keywords: love, computer, lauri, uk, extradition

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A Driver’s Suicide Reveals the Dark Side of the Gig Economy

Summary: Continue reading the main story On Monday morning, Doug Schifter, a livery driver in his early 60s, killed himself with a shotgun in front of City Hall in Lower Manhattan, having written a lengthy Facebook post several hours earlier laying out the structural cruelties that had left him in such dire circumstance.

Keywords: drivers, york, taxi, city, schifter

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Mexicans Afraid of Being in America Create Farm Worker Shortage – Crops Suffer

Summary: To make the jobs more attractive, farmers are offering salaries above minimum wage, along with paid time off and 401(k) plans, but even that’s not proving enough.

Keywords: shortage, farmers, prices, california, impact

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Double Pendulum Visualization

Summary: I’ve been playing around with the Hamiltonian Physics Solver I wrote using TensorFlow to create some visualizations of the double pendulum system.

Keywords: pendulum, flip, chaotic, double, initial

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Show HN: Browser extension to read HN comments for any url, in ClojureScript

Summary: Looped In is a browser extension that displays Hacker News comments for the current webpage in a sidebar.

Keywords: feb, license, version, looped, changelog

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How to learn Deep Learning in 6 months

Summary: And in about 26 weeks since the time you started, and if you followed all of the above religiously, you will have a solid foundation in deep learning.

Keywords: learning, deep, time, learn, foundation

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Venus flytraps don’t eat the insects that pollinate them

Summary: “These findings answer basic questions about the ecology of Venus flytraps, which is important for understanding how to preserve a plant that is native to such a small, threatened ecosystem,” says Elsa Youngsteadt, a research associate at North Carolina State University and lead author of a paper on the work.

Keywords: venus, flytrap, flytraps, plant, species

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Java 9 has six weeks to live

Summary: If you care about security updates, you need to be prepared to switch to Java 10 shortly after it is release on 20th March.

Keywords: java, release, security, updates, obsolete

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As Bitcoin Bubble Loses Air, Frauds and Flaws Rise to Surface

Summary: A new virtual currency, Proof of Weak Hands Coin, whose creators referred to it as a Ponzi scheme on Twitter and use a pyramid as a website logo, raised $800,000 before hackers got into its systems last week and drained its funds.

Keywords: virtual, currency, currencies, bitcoin, coin

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Walmart has acquired VR startup Spatialand

Summary: But in an interview, Finnegan said her group is focused on retail experiences that may not go mainstream for five to 10 years, and she believes virtual reality may fit into that bucket.

Keywords: reality, virtual, walmart, spatialand, company

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Live Views of Starman

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Falcon Heavy Demonstration Mission [pdf]

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