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A Reimplementation of Winamp 2.9 in HTML5 and JavaScript

Summary: While the Winamp name, interface, and, sample audio file are surely property of Nullsoft, the code within this project is released under the MIT License .

Keywords: winamp, file, skin, audio, browser

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Chrome 68 will mark all HTTP sites as “not secure”

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Crushed wood is stronger than steel

Summary: Michaela Eder, a plant biomechanics researcher at the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces in Potsdam, Germany, notes that compressing the wood to increase its density should naturally improve its strength — but it was unclear how much the entanglement of the nanofibres contributed.

Keywords: wood, material, lignin, cellulose, team

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Why Toys?

Summary: Notes Two examples: Facebook was a way for people to waste time while Apple helped hackers build home computers before there was any business case for it.

Keywords: things, companies, toy, toys, people

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Twitter Soars After Surprise Sales Gain, First Real Profit

Summary: Twitter also hasn’t fully addressed its problem of automated bots and harassment on the site, and the departure of Chief Operating Officer Anthony Noto could mean Dorsey’s attention is divided as he also juggles leadership of Square.

Keywords: twitter, million, users, percent, company

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Google is buying Chelsea Market building for over $2B

Summary: The transaction would give an early boost to the city’s investment-sales market, which saw only one single-building deal exceed $2 billion in 2017 – HNA Group’s purchase of 245 Park Avenue.

Keywords: google, avenue, market, chelsea, property

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European Parliament requests recommendation to end biannual clock change

Summary: The European Parliament’s Research Service published a study on EU summer-time arrangements last October, which found that the health implications of Daylight Saving Time are “more severe” than previously thought.

Keywords: time, summer, european, change, parliament

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Science’s Pirate Queen

Summary: Between 2012 and 2013, Elsevier and the AAP also opposed and lobbied against three bills — the FederalResearchPublicAccessAct , PublicAccess to Public Science Act , and FairAccesstoScience and TechnologyResearch — all of which proposed making it mandatory that copies of papers from federally funded research be deposited in an Open Access repository after some period.

Keywords: elbakyan, access, open, elsevier, research

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Key iPhone Source Code Gets Posted Online

Summary: But it has taken particular care to keep iBoot secure and its code private; bugs in the boot process are the most valuable ones if reported to Apple through its bounty program , which values them at a max payment of $200,000.

Keywords: code, ios, apple, iboot, source

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“We Are Morons” – A quick look at the Win2k source (2004)

Summary: The amount of networking code here is small enough for Microsoft to easily check for any vulnerabilities that might be revealed: it’s the big applications that pose more of a risk.

Keywords: code, microsoft, hack, comments, undocumented

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Scientists find massive reserves of mercury in permafrost

Summary: Edda Mutter, science director for the Yukon River Inter-Tribal Watershed Council, said the new study demonstrates thawing permafrost could have grave consequences for local ecosystems and indigenous communities in the northern hemisphere.

Keywords: mercury, permafrost, study, northern, research

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Julia v0.7.0 Release Notes

Summary: JeffBezanson stevengj Sacha0 StefanKarpinski andreasnoack timholy tkelman fredrikekre ararslan rfourquet jiahao jakebolewski vtjnash nalimilan mbauman amitmurthy ViralBShah simonbyrne andyferris waldyrious KristofferC ihnorton simonster ScottPJones omus bkamins lindahua Keno TotalVerb quinnj carlobaldassi staticfloat pabloferz jw3126 vchuravy musm nolta MikeInnes malmaud c42f bjarthur yurivish traktofon spurll pkofod mauro3 KlausC kmsquire catawbasam jayschwa ivarne IainNZ GlenHertz giordano felipenoris mbaz dcjones bicycle1885 alyst ajkeller34 SaschaMann mshr-h magistere wavexx thofma srp dlfivefifty skariel eschnett samoconnor ninjin PallHaraldsson oxinabox nsmith5 mlubin miguelraz chakravala MichaelHatherly mpastell marius311 kleinhenz Ken-B jpfairbanks garrison HarrisonGrodin helgee ethomag dpsanders JackDevine davidavdav cdsousa cormullion cjprybol ChristianKurz BrandonEdwards blakejohnson a-hofer ArchRobison afniedermayer

Keywords: deprecated, favor, argument, type, function

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Exploring ReasonML and functional programming

Summary: You should know how to program, e.g. in a mainstream language such as Java, JavaScript, C#, Python, C/C++, PHP, Ruby, Go, etc.

Keywords: programming, reasonml, javascript, exploring, java

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Air Force Strike Takes Out SpaceX’s Floating GovSat Booster

Summary: Whatever the case, no vessels approached the rocket in the water while it was there, and SpaceX’s ‘Go Searcher’, one of the company’s work horses for supporting their drone ships to and from offshore landings,just arrived back in Port Canaveral after an engine issue – with no booster in tow.

Keywords: spacex, booster, air, force, water

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How to Know When a Child’s Flu Turns Serious

Summary: And while the vast majority of otherwise healthy children will ride out a bout of influenza and recover rather quickly, a small number will develop potentially life-threatening complications that require immediate medical attention, Dr. Schaffner said.

Keywords: children, child, parents, influenza, flu

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GrubHub Drivers Ruled Contractors

Summary: Charlotte Garden, an associate law professor at Seattle University, said Corley’s decision is a “doubly big” win for GrubHub due to California’s relatively high standard for establishing workers as independent contractors.

Keywords: grubhub, lawson, uber, california, ruling

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The rise and fall of 18F

Summary: This sharp decline represents a significant erosion of technical talent in the federal government and, if it continues, will likely impede the ability of the Trump administration to use technology to implement its agenda over the next few years.

Keywords: government, administration, agencies, trump, federal

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The Kubernetes Effect

Summary: Only two years ago it had to compete and prove to be better than CoreOS’s Fleet, Docker Swarm, Cloud Foundry Diego, HashiCorp’s Nomad, Kontena, Rancher’s Cattle, Apache Mesos, Amazon ECS, etc.

Keywords: kubernetes, container, primitives, application, patterns

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Musk explains why SpaceX prefers clusters of small engines

Summary: One of the most striking aspects of this week’s launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket is the number of engines the triple-core booster used to reach orbit.

Keywords: rocket, engines, falcon, heavy, musk

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Chinese police don high-tech glasses to nab suspects

Summary: In a scene reminiscent of the dystopian sci-fi television show “Black Mirror”, officers in the central city of Zhengzhou are wearing the digital shades amid the crush of travellers heading home during Chinese New Year, the busiest time for the country’s transit system.

Keywords: facial, police, technology, recognition, system

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A todo list for new ASP.NET Core projects

Summary: To save myself the trouble of having to write shared sort/filter/paginate code for each project, I decided to package my solution into a nuget - Sieve .

Keywords: authentication, project, code, globally, cierge

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U.S. senators ask consumer watchdog head for details on Equifax probe

Summary: The letter adds to mounting pressure on Mick Mulvaney, the interim head of the CFPB, to resume a full-scale probe into the company after Reuters reported that the bureau had pulled back from an investigation into how hackers were able to steal data Equifax had gathered on around 143 million Americans.

Keywords: cfpb, equifax, mulvaney, probe, data

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Interactive GPU Programming, Part 2: Hello OpenCL

Summary: Although most concepts of OpenCL are similar to what we’ve seen with CUDA, the environment setup is a bit more detailed.

Keywords: platform, opencl, amd, platforms, gpu

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Practical, unsexy steps to become a millionaire

Summary: Harnessing the power of compound interest and picking amazing businesses, Warren is today the third richest man in the world.

Keywords: people, income, money, don, business

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Qt Creator 4.6 Beta Released

Summary: We also added separate highlighting of function definitions and fixed some issues with saving header files on Windows while Clang has a grip on them.

Keywords: qt, clang, model, creator, code

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Show HN: HNBuddy – A fast and elegant HN client for iOS

Summary: “L xvh wklv dss hyhubgdb, dqg L oryh lw!“J.

Keywords: app, hyhubgdb, quality, einstein, guy

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Home-made drones now threaten conventional armed forces

Summary: Lieutenant-General Stephen Townsend, a former commander of Operation Inherent Resolve, America’s anti-IS campaign, has called weaponised drones “the number one threat facing soldiers fighting IS”.

Keywords: drones, drone, attack, american, small

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Why Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google Need to Be Disrupted

Summary: The American middle class financed, fought, and won good wars; took care of the aged; funded a cure for polio; put men on the moon; and showed the rest of the world that self-interest, and the consumption and innovation it inspired, could be an engine for social and economic transformation.

Keywords: percent, amazon, facebook, billion, market

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Show HN: Carbon Doomsday – Graph and API of Earth’s Carbon Dioxide

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On a small Greek island, practitioners of an ancient whistling language

Summary: According to Meyer, the first “undisputable historical proof” of a whistled registrar is a written testimony by two Franciscan priests who accompanied French mercenary Jean de Béthencourt as he conquered the Canary Islands under the command of Spanish Queen Isabel.

Keywords: whistling, antia, language, whistle, village

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Torresian crows have learned how to make a meal of cane toads

Summary: The torresian crow ( Corvus orru ) pictured spent nearly 40 minutes manipulating its victim beside Lake Kurwongbah north of Brisbane.

Keywords: toad, toads, crow, crows, glands

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Being a perfectionist is an obstacle and how to beat it

Summary: Whether you are working on a sculpture, a screenplay, an edit, a grading, a web app… new ideas come as we put our mind to it.

Keywords: work, weeks, ideas, constant, working

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Y Combinator Is Launching a “Grad School” for Booming Startups

Summary: Y Combinator has long been associated with startups that initially consist of a couple of young, technical people who are willing to devote their entire existence to their brainchild—which grinds down operating costs and allows them to reach what Graham famously called “ramen profitability.” By the time a company is a candidate for the Growth Stage Program, the important thing is to realize you can’t do everything yourself.

Keywords: combinator, yc, program, founders, companies

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Companies from the YC Winter 2018 Batch

Summary: You pick a goal (optimize gut health, get essentials, or improve performance), and they send liquid supplements that are built for you, based on scientific research.

Keywords: read, techcrunch, building, legal, companies

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Advanced SQL window function quiz

Summary: These interactive tutorials will test your knowledge of window functions (postgres) by quizzing you on cat data.

Keywords: sql, functions, knowledge, window, databases

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Show HN: Thanks – See which NPM dependencies are seeking donations

Summary: If you’re an open source author who accepts donations, add yourself to the thanks CLI by modifying this file , and sending a pull request!

Keywords: feb, open, source, install, run

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Intense laser experiments provide evidence that light can stop electrons

Summary: The team were able to make the light so intense in the current experiment by focussing it to a very small spot (just a few micrometres - millionths of a metre - across) and delivering all the energy in a very short duration (just 40 femtoseconds long: 40 quadrillionths of a second).

Keywords: light, laser, energy, radiation, reaction

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The Amazon-Ification of Whole Foods

Summary: In the broader context of Amazon’s ambitions—to build an operating system for the home, to expand into pharmacies and health care , to become a hit-making television production studio —this is the logical next step in turning Prime into the ultimate “life bundle,” a single membership program to bind consumers to every possible commercial need.

Keywords: amazon, foods, reading, continue, delivery

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Eating Leafy Greens Each Day Tied to Sharper Memory, Slower Decline

Summary: And, as NPR has reported , there’s evidence that a Mediterranean-style diet — which emphasizes a pattern of eating that is rich in fish, nuts, vegetables and whole grains — may help stave off chronic diseases.

Keywords: greens, morris, cognitive, healthy, decline

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Adding Context to CockroachDB’s Article “Your Database Should Work Like a CDN”

Summary: The reason Google created Spanner (the inspiration for Cockroach) was that developers found it hard to build reliable systems with weak consistency models.

Keywords: data, databases, consistency, personal, cockroach

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Writing Dockerfiles for Node.js Web Apps

Summary: This post is filled with examples ranging from a simple Dockerfile to multistage production builds for Node.js web apps.

Keywords: build, files, image, production, dockerfile

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The red and green specialists: why human colour vision is so odd

Summary: Similarly, humans indicate emotions through colour changes to our faces that relate to blood flow, being paler when we feel sick or worried, blushing when we are embarrassed, and so on.

Keywords: vision, colour, wavelengths, colours, red

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Detroit has outlawed Airbnb for R1 and R2 zoning

Summary: Our city’s archaic legislative website makes it very difficult for Detroiters to search for agenda items and to find information on how our representatives have voted.

Keywords: airbnb, city, detroit, zoning, ordinance

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Rollup now has code-splitting and we need your help

Summary: This has been the most popular feature request for a long time, since it lets complex apps load quickly in smaller increments while still leveraging Rollup’s obsessive focus on efficiency.

Keywords: rollup, support, opencollective, long, ve

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Show HN: – A neural network that has learned to insult

Summary: For HackMIT 2016, we decided to train a neural network to learn how to insult people.

Keywords: opinions, hackmit, neural, clicking, ended

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What is an MVP for a B2B startup?

Summary: I don’t doubt that there might be a few hotel executives that are willing to bet on this, and sign up at this very early stage at a discounted price, but contrary to the belief of many others, this is really unlikely, and it’s not worth spending too much effort on considering the expected return.

Keywords: startup, hotel, people, don, startups

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Q1 2018 Funding Announcement

Summary: Clojure companies and individual developers sign up for a monthly contribution, and we pick projects to fund each quarter.

Keywords: projects, funding, figwheel, clojurescript, clojure

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57% of Americans Have Less Than $1,000 in Savings (2017)

Summary: Its content is regularly featured on top-tier media outlets, including MSN, MONEY, AOL Finance, CBS MoneyWatch, Business Insider and dozens of others.

Keywords: percent, savings, residents, percentage, money

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Couple that paid $90k for a private street in SF is forced to give it back

Summary: The street’s enhanced security and isolated location at the top of the peninsula have attracted some of the wealthiest and most powerful politicians in California over the years, including Sen. Dianne Feinstein and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Keywords: cheng, street, terrace, presidio, couple

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Plagiarism software unveils one of Shakespeare’s sources

Summary: Martin Meisel, professor of dramatic literature emeritus at Columbia University, said in another review that the book is “impressively argued.” He added that there is no question the manuscript “must have been somewhere in the background mix of Shakespeare’s mental landscape” while writing the plays.

Keywords: shakespeare, mccarthy, north, words, manuscript

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Twilio Demonstrates Why Courts Should Review Every National Security Letter

Summary: San Francisco, California—The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) sued the Justice Department today to obtain records that can shed light on whether the FBI is complying with a Congressional mandate that it periodically review and lift National Security Letter (NSL) gag orders that are no longer needed.

Keywords: fbi, government, eff, frontier, electronic

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What It’s Like to Live in a Surveillance State

Summary: Any such violation, or simply being a Uighur artist or wealthy businessman, can lead to indefinite detention in what the government euphemistically calls “political training centers” — a revival of punitive Maoist re-education camps — secured by high walls, razor wire, floodlights and guard towers.

Keywords: xinjiang, uighur, chinese, uighurs, china

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North Korea’s Hacker Army

Summary: Unlike their counterparts elsewhere, who might seek to expose security vulnerabilities, steal corporate and state secrets, or simply sow chaos, North Korean hackers have a singular purpose: to earn money for the country, currently squeezed by harsh international sanctions for its rogue nuclear program.

Keywords: jong, korea, north, kim, south

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Increase in suicides the months after the death of Robin Williams in the US

Summary: Oversights in media reporting regarding the death of Robin Williams stands in contrast to another high profile US entertainment star suicide, Kurt Cobain, lead singer of the enormously popular rock band Nirvana, in 1994.

Keywords: suicide, suicides, williams, media, death

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An Update to Our Event Ticket Reseller Policy

Summary: Marketers are increasingly turning to Google’s machine learning to meet consumer expectations and grow their business, faster.

Keywords: learning, machine, faster, read, post

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Abricotine – WYSIWYM Markdown editor – open source and cross platform

Summary: Preview any image or iframe content (such as Youtube videos), math written with LateX, checklists and anchors.

Keywords: text, document, preview, write, content

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A geographer’s theory of regional inequality as a cause of revolt

Summary: Rodriguez-Pose and two LSE colleagues, Simona Iammarino and Michael Storper, proposed some ideas for them in a 2017 paper , but most of them are in the “easier said than done” category: Improving government quality and eradicating corruption, investing more in infrastructure, overhauling educational systems, cutting red tape to stimulate business growth.

Keywords: regional, places, populist, left, people

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HP EliteBook: A friend to the User

Summary: The rear cover is secured by simple Phillips screws, and they’re even held captive so you don’t need to worry about putting them back in the right place or losing them.

Keywords: device, cover, elitebook, hp, motherboard

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iPhone Source Code Gets Posted Online in ‘Biggest Leak in History’

Summary: But it has taken particular care to keep iBoot secure and its code private; bugs in the boot process are the most valuable ones if reported to Apple through its bounty program , which values them at a max payment of $200,000.

Keywords: code, ios, apple, iboot, source

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Progress Continues on Firmware Updates

Summary: Intel continues to work closely with industry partners to protect customers against the security exploits disclosed by Google Project Zero.

Keywords: intel, updates, industry, partners, security

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New York Times Co. Subscription Revenue Surpassed $1B in 2017

Summary: A version of this article appears in print on , on Page B3 of the New York edition with the headline: Subscriptions Top $1 Billion For Times Co.. Order Reprints | Today’s Paper | Subscribe

Keywords: million, revenue, percent, company, quarter

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