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Sandboxed Mac apps can record screen any time without you knowing

Summary: Read password and keys from password managers Detect what web services you use (e.g. email provider) Read all emails and messages you open on your Mac When a developer is targeted, this allows the attacker to potentially access sensitive source code, API keys or similar data Learn personal information about the user, like their bank details, salary, address, etc.

Keywords: mac, screen, user, app, read

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The insane amount of backward compatibility in Google Maps

Summary: Even with Apple who is doing a fantastic job of keeping their phones updated, you may notice that many sites and apps have started dropping support for the iPhone 5, which is still a totally capable device.

Keywords: google, maps, app, works, ios

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How did Google Talk change from a dream to a nightmare?

Summary: So you have to use the Google Hangouts on a separate tab in the browser, or it gets juxtaposed to your Gmail, which will slow your lastest i5 laptop down and makes your fan whirr like crazy just to have one conversation.

Keywords: google, messages, client, hangouts, talk

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Nuklear: A single-header ANSI C GUI library

Summary: This is a minimal state immediate mode graphical user interface toolkit written in ANSI C and licensed under public domain.

Keywords: library, mode, header, jan, feb

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In web design, everything easy is hard again

Summary: I’ve kept my examples to the most basic of web implementations, and I haven’t touched on Javascript, animation, libraries, frameworks, pre-processors, package managers, automation, testing, or deployment.

Keywords: years, web, work, things, websites

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Quiet for Android – TCP over sound

Summary: Similar to a QR code, short packets of data can be encoded into streaming or recorded audio and can then be later decoded by this package.

Keywords: mode, quiet, frame, package, android

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An opinionated guide to Haskell

Summary: I have no real love for YAML, and in fact I think custom configuration formats are completely fine, but the primary advantage of hpack is the ability to specify things like GHC options and default language extensions for all targets at once, instead of needing to duplicate them per-target.

Keywords: haskell, type, extensions, stack, ghc

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PopcornNotify – Send simple emails and text messages from one API

Summary: Pricing: API keys cost $10 for each 1,000 messages and last one year.

Keywords: api, key, cost, buy, keys

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Concerns that social media causes childhood depression

Summary: A Glasgow University study found many teenagers are so invested in social media and so worried about missing out on posts, they log on in the middle of the night in order to get updates , leading to sleep deprivation.

Keywords: children, social, media, online, health

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26% of violent crime convicts account for 63% of violent crime conviction (2014)

Summary: This study used merged Swedish nationwide longitudinal registers, including data on parents and criminal convictions, over a span of 32 years, to describe the distribution of violent crime in the total population and personal risk factors for individual persistence in violence among the offenders.

Keywords: violent, crime, convictions, risk, factors

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E-Stop and Fuel, software that keeps you awake at night

Summary: The first piece of software that had the remarkable property of being able to interfere with my sleep schedule was when you looked at it from the outside trivially simple: I had built a complex CAD/CAM system for metalworking, used to drive lathes and mills retrofitted with stepper motors or servos to help transition metal working shops from being all manual to CNC.

Keywords: software, output, machine, bit, port

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Multifamily Passive House in Vancouver

Summary: According to Green Energy Futures , Scott Kennedy of Cornerstone told 8th Avenue that they could save $450,000 on mechanical systems and another $150,000 on natural gas if they built to a passive house standard.

Keywords: house, passive, cornerstone, architects, standard

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Foxconn unit to cut over 10k jobs as robotics take over

Summary: TAINAN, Taiwan – Foxconn’s panel arm Innolux is planning to slash more than 10,000 jobs this year as part of the company’s aggressive efforts to increase the use of automation in manufacturing, said Honorary Chairman Tuan Hsing-Chien on Tuesday.

Keywords: innolux, oled, foxconn, led, display

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Using k-d trees to efficiently calculate nearest neighbors in 3D vector space

Summary: When prototyping UI, I usually stick to the named CSS colors and wait for our design team to pick out some seemingly-random looking hex values that end up being perfectly complementary every time.

Keywords: colors, tree, bmatrix, color, distance

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Nematode Neural System Uploaded to a Computer and Trained to Balance a Pole

Summary: Mathias Lechner, Radu Grosu and Ramin Hasani wanted to find out, whether the neural system of C. elegans, uploaded to a computer, could solve this problem – without adding any nerve cells, just by tuning the strength of the synaptic connections.

Keywords: computer, worm, pole, elegans, neural

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Feasibility of low-level GPU access on the Web

Summary: Finding a whole new local maxima is hard because it means that the previous API designers (Khronos, Microsoft, Apple) either haven’t discovered it or simply discarded it for being inferior.

Keywords: api, web, vulkan, existing, performance

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Graal: How to use the new JVM JIT compiler in real life [video]

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Cognitive Ability and Vulnerability to Fake News

Summary: Repeating a false claim increases its believability, giving it an air of what Stephen Colbert famously called “truthiness.” Known as the illusion of truth effect , this phenomenon was first demonstrated in the laboratory by Hasher and her colleagues.

Keywords: subjects, fake, cognitive, statements, news

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A Tiny Hedge Fund Made 8,600% on a Vix Bet

Summary: The executives wouldn’t comment publicly on the exact mechanics of the trade or its profit, but they were detailed in a research note published by an adviser to the firm, Pravit Chintawongvanich of Macro Risk Advisors.

Keywords: volatility, vix, ibex, market, fund

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GDPR: sorting the fact from the fiction

Summary: If this kind of misinformation goes unchecked, we risk losing sight of what this new law is about – greater transparency, enhanced rights for citizens and increased accountability.

Keywords: gdpr, fines, organisations, law, fact

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The Rise of China and the Fall of the ‘Free Trade’ Myth

Summary: Belying predictions of doom, China has again demonstrated the power of what Dower, speaking of Japan, called “national pride — acute, wounded, wedded to a profound sense of vulnerability.” The United States never knew this single-minded ambition of the historical loser to avenge his losses; American leaders now reckon with it at home, in the wake of a nationalistic backlash against free trade and globalization.

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Visual Group Theory: What is a group? (2016) [video]

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Putting 500k People’s DNA Online

Summary: Amazon, the global internet retailer, was opening a massive 950,000-square-foot distribution center, one of its first in California, and hiring more than 1,000 people here.“This opportunity is a rare and wonderful thing,” San Bernardino Mayor Pat Morris told a local newspaper at the time.

Keywords: data, biobank, genetic, blood, reading

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Partisan: Enabling Cloud-Scale Erlang Applications

Summary: The second scenario demonstrates that distributing traffic over multiple connections enables Partisan to perform up to 18x better under normal conditions, and up to 30x better in situations with network congestion and high concurrency.

Keywords: partisan, erlang, network, distributed, applications

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Opioid epidemic costs West Virginia $8.8B annually, study says

Summary: The study takes into account what states are spending on health care and substance abuse treatment, criminal justice costs and lost worker productivity, as well as the societal burden of fatal overdoses.

Keywords: west, virginia, epidemic, study, opioid

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Summary: The story follows Takeshi Kovacs, a former special ops soldier turned terrorist/freedom fighter and played by Joel Kinnaman, who is resleeved after his stack was kept on ice for over 200 years in order to solve the murder of one of the world’s oldest and richest men, Laurens Bancroft (James Purefoy).

Keywords: takeshi, series, altered, carbon, world

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The Economist house-price indices

Summary: Ten years ago they reached similarly dizzying heights against rents and incomes in Spain, Ireland and some American cities, only to endure a brutal collapse.

Keywords: prices, house, rents, cities, back

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China Will Overtake the US in AI, said Alphabet’s Eric Schmidt

Summary: Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt said at the Artificial Intelligence and Global Security Summit on Wednesday that China is quickly catching up with the U.S. on AI and is about a decade away from dominating the industry.

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Giftedness and Genius: Crucial Differences (1996) [pdf]

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Summary: This feature also needs to be used with great caution (especially in privileged programs) because programs which fail to observe errors may continue operating forward very incorrectly; you’ve lost the ability to catch it failing, and provide care by fixing the problem.

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HR has lost the trust of employees

Summary: Fowler explained that for these groups, they often have lower levels of social capital and relationships in a workplace, making work challenges both harder to handle due to a lack of peer support as well as having “dramatically worse outcomes” if they are not improved.

Keywords: hr, company, employees, work, workers

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Why the Culture Wins: An Appreciation of Iain M. Banks

Summary: The most influential example of this is undoubtedly Frank Herbert’s Dune , which imagines an advanced galactic civilization, but where society is dominated by warring “houses,” organized as extended clans, all under the nominal authority of an “emperor.” Part of the appeal obviously lies in the juxtaposition of a social structure that belongs to the distant past – one that could be lifted, almost without modification, from a fantasy novel – and futuristic technology.

Keywords: culture, social, society, banks, people

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No Causal Effect of Music Practice on Ability (2014) [pdf]

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A Stall-Free Real-Time Garbage Collector for Reconfigurable Hardware (2012) [pdf]

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Protonmail Online Security Guide for Journalists

Summary: The reality is that in journalism, attacks can come from any direction and by any method: A local police chief you’re investigating can monitor your movements, a disgruntled subject can break into your Twitter account, or a government agency can try to subpoena your email contacts .

Keywords: encryption, account, protonmail, passwords, encrypted

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Rocket Lab Reveals Secret Engine and “Kick Stage” for the Electron Rocket

Summary: With additional launch agreements already signed by the likes of NASA, Moon Express, Planet, Spire Global, and Spaceflight Industries, the future of Rocket Lab looks bright—and the secret kick stage the company built just makes Electron that much more attractive to customers looking to place something in space.

Keywords: rocket, small, stage, lab, launch

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Self-Control in Chimpanzees Relates to General Intelligence

Summary: Michael J. Beran x Search for articles by this author Affiliations Department of Psychology and Language Research Center, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA 30302, USA

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Jordan Peterson’s book is a bestseller – except where it matters most

Summary: The Times doesn’t say specifically where the numbers come from: “Rankings reflect unit sales reported on a confidential basis by vendors offering a wide range of general interest titles.” It cites “thousands of diverse selling locations” and mentions independent book stores, chains of varying sizes, ebook sellers, and more.

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Save the CR100

Summary: corner_back wrote: I see from a help topic that you can setup an iphone or android device as a dedicated controller (only sonos app available on home screen/ requires password and funky button presses to access normal phone operating mode), so I wonder if that means that the annoying time delay is eliminated ?

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