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Insider trading has been rife on Wall Street, academics conclude

Summary: National Bureau of Economist Research, Working Paper 24089, December, 2017; and “The Relevance of Broker Networks for Information Diffusion in the Stock Market” by Marco Di Maggio, Francesco Franzoni, Amir Kermani and Carlo Summavilla.

Keywords: information, papers, paper, trading, university

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Slack is the opposite of organizational memory

Summary: In economics, total factor productivity is basically wages minus capital, and is flummoxed by the fact that better tools don’t put more money in people’s pockets (employees are generally paid for their time).

Keywords: slack, people, work, jira, chat

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Flat UI Colors – Color palettes for use in projects, designs, presentations

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Strace – My Favourite Secret Weapon (2011)

Summary: Probably because they’re not taught in college, developers are often unaware that these tools exist, which is a shame, as playing with them can give a much deeper understanding of what’s going on and ultimately lead to better code.

Keywords: strace, system, call, program, file

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Protecting sites from Cryptojacking with CSP and SRI

Summary: To take this one step further and ensure absolute protection, you can use Content Security Policy and the require-sri-for directive to make sure that no script is allowed to load on the page without an SRI integrity attribute.

Keywords: file, script, crypto, ico, attack

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How and why we moved to Vue.js

Summary: Taking the Ivan Shamatov’s advice into account, I ran Rails generator for all the trendy frontend things, hoping to implement webpack real quick.

Keywords: code, form, component, jquery, slider

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Answers to front-end developer job interview questions

Summary: JSONP (JSON with Padding) is a method commonly used to bypass the cross-domain policies in web browsers because Ajax requests from the current page to a cross-origin domain is not allowed.

Keywords: function, element, references, javascript, page

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Linux’izing your Windows PC into a dev machine

Summary: From business perspective, it means that you or your employees no longer need to buy shiny yet overpriced Mac because “you need a terminal and SSH ” and “ability to run MS Office”, neither you need to sacrifice lots of productive software and work on Linux only that doesn’t support most of it.

Keywords: windows, docker, run, wsl, linux

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Startup Won’t Give in to Motivational Health Messaging’s $35k Patent Demand

Summary: EFF filed this lawsuit against Global Equity Management (SA) Pty Ltd (GEMSA), an Australian company that sought to use foreign law to censor us from expressing our opinion about its patent.

Keywords: patent, patents, eff, stupid, month

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Show HN: Generating GraphQL servers for Go

Summary: gqlgen will build the entire execution environment statically, allowing go’s type checker to validate everything across the the graph.

Keywords: schema, code, gqlgen, runtime, library

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Why does drug resistance easily evolve but vaccine resistance does not?

Summary: The evolutionary benefit of treating infections early was noted over a century ago [ 50 ], but to reduce costs and side effects, drugs are typically administered therapeutically, meaning only after symptoms of disease arise.

Keywords: resistance, vaccines, pathogen, drugs, vaccine

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How black people still need to outwit racists in rural America

Summary: The premises include a lodging house in Cape Girardeau, a couple of old rest homes in Springfield, and most evocatively, Sara-Lou’s cafe in St Louis, an old diner I found in a state of abject disrepair but still sporting its signage boasting “Chicken Steaks – Frogs”.

Keywords: black, green, missouri, book, town

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The Co-Founder Relationship

Summary: In general the idea of the team going around the leaders to the Board is a big “no no” in startup land, but there are a few places where that needs to happen, like outing illegal or dishonest actions, or harassment.

Keywords: founder, founders, board, talk, conflict

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Containers Will Not Fix a Broken Culture

Summary: Clean abstractions and well-defined handoffs sound great, until you realize that you’re moving the consequences of decisions (and the conflict inherent in any set of tradeoffs) into another part of your stack, which Tim Gross calls “conservation of complexity” .

Keywords: people, devops, good, containers, change

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Udash – Scala and Scala.js Reactive Web Framework

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Self driving cars and beyond

Summary: Discussions focus so much on the tangible artifact — the car itself — but so much more will change beyond the car… from public infrastructure, the automotive value chain, and energy, to finance (including insurance), the justice system, and yes, shopping too.

Keywords: autonomy, ecosystem, technology, cars, change

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BitGrail lost $170M because only client-side validation was used

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Spry Language

Summary: A dynamically typed minimalistic language with a very flexible free form syntax Is truly homoiconic where everything is an AST node No builtin keywords, all computation are functions including assignment Macro like mechanisms for code manipulation Both prefix and infix function syntax including support for Smalltalk keyword syntax Very lightweight lambdas called blocks that are proper closures Uses Smalltalk style non local return Very easy access to C/C++ and Nim eco systems Piggy backs on Nim for things like native threads and high performance garbage collector Core interpreter can be compiled statically to around 100kb in size Interpreter implementation only around 2300 lines of Nim code Can be compiled via C, C++ or JavaScript Has a REPL both on command line (ispry) and here on the website

Keywords: spry, nim, smalltalk, syntax, interpreter

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The Fields Medal should return to its roots

Summary: In long-overlooked archives, I’ve found details of turning points in the medal’s past that, in my view, hold lessons for those deliberating whom to recognize in August at the 2018 International Congress of Mathematicians in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, and beyond.

Keywords: medal, fields, committee, mathematicians, bohr

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Docker for Data Science

Summary: Coming from a statistics background I used to care very little about how to install software and would occasionally spend a few days trying to resolve system configuration issues.

Keywords: docker, data, machine, software, install

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Chrome extension to play Netflix in 1080p

Summary: The core of Netflix playback lies in JavaScript: specifically its “cadmium playercore” JS.

Keywords: feb, profile, netflix, extension, chrome

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Ancient kids’ toys have been hiding in the archaeological record

Summary: Kids must have made those somewhat unevenly shaped jars and bowls, each easily held within a child’s hand, concluded Joe Uziel of the Israel Antiquities Authority in Jerusalem and independent Israeli researcher Rona Avissar Lewis in Palestine Exploration Quarterly.

Keywords: children, garroway, clay, made, years

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Pace Layering: How Complex Systems Learn and Keep Learning

Summary: From all that variety comes driving energy for commerce (the annual model change in automobiles) and the occasional good idea or practice that sifts down to improve deeper levels, such as governance becoming responsive to opinion polls, or culture gradually accepting “multiculturalism” as structure instead of just entertainment.

Keywords: time, culture, pace, layers, slow

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Experimental Drug Promises to Kill the Flu Virus in a Day

Summary: A late-stage trial on Japanese and American flu patients found that for the people who took the Shionogi & Co. compound, the median time taken to wipe out the virus was 24 hours.

Keywords: drug, flu, virus, kill, day

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Four companies dominate our daily lives unlike any other in human history

Summary: The American middle class financed, fought, and won good wars; took care of the aged; funded a cure for polio; put men on the moon; and showed the rest of the world that self-interest, and the consumption and innovation it inspired, could be an engine for social and economic transformation.

Keywords: percent, amazon, billion, facebook, market

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Guide to Take-home Coding Challenges

Summary: Many developers who are new to coding and haven’t worked in a production codebase before don’t have a ton of exposure to either of these, so if you add error handling for edge cases it will show that you thought through a lot of different situations.

Keywords: challenge, code, time, app, make

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CI/CD Is Not a Progression

Summary: Hiding in-progress work behind feature flags — which is often part of continuous deployment — may make adding functionality more cumbersome and, in the case of refactoring, necessitate maintaining multiple code paths to accomplish the same goal.

Keywords: continuous, code, delivery, integration, deployment

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Galois Field in Cryptography (2012) [pdf]

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Opening the Hood of a Word Processor (1984) [pdf]

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Excessive DNS queries for NTP pool addresses

Summary: Yeah, I assumed that NTP servers would have to be pingable (because TCP SYN makes for a terrible way to see if a host is reachable), but it doesn’t necessarily have to be the actual machine running ntpd that sends the ICMP echo reply packet

Keywords: ntp, dns, servers, pool, ping

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A transcriber on the Isle of Man can decipher almost anything

Summary: Courtesy Linda WatsonShe fell into this line of work about a decade ago, when a cousin asked for help deciphering a family will and she discovered that she has a talent for interpreting the strange, scrawling writing of the past.

Keywords: watson, documents, reading, company, austen

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Why Don’t Babies Smile from Birth?

Summary: When my son was born a few months ago, he quickly established himself as the tyrant of our household, one that ruled with a singular phonetic ultimatum (“Oooo—whaaah”), tiny iron fists clutched in fury, and a face that roiled like the churning sea.

Keywords: happy, brain, network, memories, facial

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Why did Microsoft create C#? Wasn’t Java good enough in the 1990s?

Summary: Introducing .NET also addressed some additional Microsoft concerns: it provided a path forward for its aging VB6 rapid development framework, in the form of VB.NET .

Keywords: microsoft, windows, sun, java, language

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Common Lisp Brazil Community

Summary: Suporta programação procedural, orientação a objetos e o paradigma funcional, algo comum a todos os Lisps, por sua próxima relação com a natureza do Cálculo Lambda.

Keywords: lisp, de, common, em, para

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Why people collect art

Summary: He was thrilled that his purchase of it meant that ‘this magnificent marble sculpture, which once delighted the Emperor Hadrian and for a century and a half was a pride of Britain, is now completely “Americanised” – on view for all to see at the Getty Museum’.

Keywords: art, collectors, getty, people, collecting

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Older Entrepreneurs Do It Better

Summary: ET We all know today’s script for entrepreneurial success: A super-bright college student, impatient with classwork, drops out to pursue his big idea.

Keywords: growth, success, prosperity, gathers, smart

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“Some people really benefit from hearing advice that everyone knows…”

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A Russian Train Stop That Serves One Schoolgirl

Summary: Now, Kozlova is the only child left in the village and, according to Russia’s Gudok newspaper, the train is introducing a new, official stop near Poyakanda to help her get to school and back, with time to do her homework at the end of the day.

Keywords: train, school, station, time, kozlova

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Sulong – A high-performance LLVM bitcode interpreter built on the GraalVM

Summary: Many of the other tools such as the optimizer opt , assembler, linker, and backends then operate on the LLVM bitcode, to finally produce machine code.

Keywords: llvm, sulong, bitcode, graal, vm

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In Shanghai, a prototype of a new 24-hour convenience store (2017)

Summary: In a city, one Moby could self-drive to a warehouse to replenish itself while another takes its place (the current model can be controlled remotely or driven by a human; the designers are still finalizing the autonomous technology, and it’s not yet legal for it to drive itself on Chinese roads).

Keywords: store, stores, company, wheelys, small

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IPR Process Saves 80 Companies from Paying for a Sports-Motion Patent

Summary: San Francisco - The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has launched its “ Catalog of Missing Devices ”—a project that illustrates the gadgets that could and should exist, if not for bad copyright laws that prevent innovators from creating the cool new tools that could enrich our lives.

Keywords: copyright, week, taking, policy, law

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An Interview with Tom Quisel, Former CTO of OkCupid (2017)

Summary: Often there is this problem with data science and analytics in general—leaders of the company want answers to a particular question, so they’ll ask for experiments to get at some deeper understanding, but there won’t be specific decisions that they’re trying to make as a result of having that information.

Keywords: people, questions, site, question, users

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Some Notes on the “Andrew Ng” Coursera Machine Learning Course

Summary: The Coursera course is taught by Andrew Ng , Professor at Stanford University, former chief scientist at Baidu and co-founder of the following things:

Keywords: udacity, coursera, learning, machine, ng

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In Running Like A Startup, Nonprofits Find Success

Summary: In 2017, the 97-year-old American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) made headlines when it participated in Y-Combinator’s program in an effort to more efficiently handle its recent quadrupling of members.

Keywords: program, yc, nonprofit, nonprofits, organization

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