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Let’s talk about usernames

Summary: So far, everything I’ve suggested is good general-purpose advice, but this is starting to get into things which are specific to particular languages, scripts or geographic regions, and should only be done with care and with the potential tradeoffs in mind (forbidding confusable Latin characters may end up with a higher false-positive rate than you’d like, for example).

Keywords: usernames, username, email, addresses, unicode

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German court rules Facebook use of personal data illegal

Summary: BERLIN (Reuters) - A German consumer rights group said on Monday that a court had found Facebook’s use of personal data to be illegal because the U.S. social media platform did not adequately secure the informed consent of its users.

Keywords: facebook, data, users, court, service

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Facebook lost around 2.8M U.S. users under 25 last year

Summary: Young people offer a good barometer for what is popular, but more importantly for Facebook, losing out on the next generation of internet users in the U.S. is troubling for the company’s long-term dominance.

Keywords: facebook, users, emarketer, percent, decline

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Lessons from Optics, the Other Deep Learning

Summary: To design something like this, you start with basic stackup, usually named after the famous person who invented it, you simulate it to determine how it falls short of your requirements, then insert additional components to correct the shortcomings.

Keywords: optics, deep, phenomenon, light, mental

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The Long, Slow Decline of BitTorrent (2017)

Summary: Though the risk of using BitTorrent is small, especially if done intelligently, streaming sites are seen as far safer because they don’t (or at least shouldn’t) download anything to the computer or require the user to re-share the content, greatly expanding their potential legal liability.

Keywords: bittorrent, piracy, pirate, streaming, legitimate

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Appropriate Uses for SQLite

Summary: SQLite is a good fit for use in cellphones, set-top boxes, televisions, game consoles, cameras, watches, kitchen appliances, thermostats, automobiles, machine tools, airplanes, remote sensors, drones, medical devices, and robots: the “internet of things”.

Keywords: sqlite, database, data, server, sql

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Unilever threatens to pull its ads from Facebook and Google over ‘toxic content’

Summary: “Fake news, racism, sexism, terrorists spreading messages of hate, toxic content directed at children — parts of the internet we have ended up with is a million miles from where we thought it would take us,” Weed said in a speech at the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Leadership Meeting in Palm Desert.

Keywords: facebook, content, weed, google, year

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Picture of a Single Atom Wins Science Photo Contest

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My professional opinion as a blockchain researcher: I don’t see the point (yet)

Summary: To me, it all seems another gold craze, stoked not only by the usual crowd of techno-babblers keen on latching on the latest buzzword, but also by certified wingnuts from the long-discredited hyper-libertarian Austrian school of economics, kept buoyant by half-baked comparisons to “unreliable” “paper money” (which is nevertheless very effectively backed by the government’s universal tendency to require said paper money for taxes, not to mention the inconvenient fact that if societal trust erodes sufficiently for paper money to lose its value, it’s highly unlikely an arbitrary string of ones and zeros in an arbitrary hard disk somewhere would fare much better), spotty comparisons of current economic system to few exceptions where hyperinflation was allowed to run rampant , and perhaps most of all, by simple wishes that the persons currently propping up the belief in blockchains will not be the last ones who are blinded by the latest buzzword and get-rich-quick scheme.

Keywords: blockchain, blockchains, trust, technologies, money

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Cloud TPUs in Beta

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Hidden work when launching a SaaS

Summary: Create an account and start a trial with our payment provider when customer account created Charge sales tax for users in Texas Which means we needed to know where our customer lives, so building out a form, database table, and workflow to allows users to display and edit their address Synced with our payment provider and update sales tax accordingly

Keywords: work, invoice, display, app, customer

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SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy center booster lacked ignition fluid to re-light engines

Summary: The center core booster of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy didn’t land on a floating sea platform as intended during last week’s first test flight because it ran out of ignition fluid, company Chief Executive Elon Musk said Monday.

Keywords: falcon, spacex, musk, platform, heavy

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Go accepts patches from GitHub pull requests now

Summary: CONTRIBUTING: remove Pull Request bit …

Keywords: close, request, github, pull, pr

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ZFS 128 bit storage: Are you high? (2004)

Summary: In particular,it has been shown that 1 kilogram of matter confined to 1 literof space can perform at most 10 51 operations per secondon at most 10 31 bits of information [see Seth Lloyd,“Ultimate physical limits to computation.”

Keywords: storage, bits, kg, oceans, capacity

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How Apple Plans to Root Out Bugs, Revamp iPhone Software

Summary: For example, last year’s iOS release didn’t initially include previously touted features that would let consumers send money via iMessage or synchronize full text message histories among Apple devices.

Keywords: apple, features, iphone, company, software

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Why the world needs OpenStreetMap (2014)

Summary: They use this information to suggest tags for your photograph, but it would be possible to use neighborhood boundaries in a more subtle way in order to effect anything from traffic patterns to real estate prices, because when a map provider becomes large enough, they become the source of “truth”.

Keywords: map, google, time, openstreetmap, data

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Equifax under pressure after data breach update

Summary: It added that it believed that the additional driver licence data exposed - which is reported to have involved issue dates and the states that granted them - was “extremely minimal”.

Keywords: breach, uk, information, equifax, previously

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The diabolical genius of the baby advice industry

Summary: The genre expanded greatly during the 19th century, as urbanisation and industrialisation broke apart the extended families through which advice had previously been communicated, from grandmothers, mothers, and aunts – and as male paediatricians, who were starting to preside over a field traditionally dominated by midwives, sought to burnish their authority with parenting systems bearing the hallmarks of modern science.

Keywords: baby, parents, parenting, babies, children

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Fizz Buzz in Tensorflow (2016)

Summary: interviewer: Before you get too far astray, the problem you’re supposed to be solving is to generate fizz buzz for the numbers from 1 to 100.

Keywords: interviewer, output, fizz, training, buzz

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Inspector – A drop-anywhere C++ REPL

Summary: include/inspectorsplit inspector.cpp into prompt/repl part Jul 27, 2017 libfix exiting repl Feb 8, 2018 pythonfix exiting repl Feb 8, 2018 scriptsadd python to buildsystem Jul 25, 2017 testinspector: Replace RPC client with simple TCP client.

Keywords: jul, feb, client, part, exiting

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The Tripartite Identity Pattern (2008)

Summary: Public identifiers are usually linked to a detailed user profile, where further identity differentiation is available; ‘Is this the same John Smith from New York that also wrote the review of the great Gatsby that I like so much?’ ‘Is this the Mary Jones I went to college with?’

Keywords: user, identifier, identity, identifiers, public

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Speeding Up Ruby with Shared Strings

Summary: After this change, we don’t need to copy any memory because the hash keys can point directly in to the underlying character array inside the Ruby string object:

Keywords: string, ruby, strings, memory, extension

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Amazon laying off corporate employees in rare cutback

Summary: Hundreds of layoffs are modest for a company that is now the second-largest U.S.-based corporate employer, and pales in comparison to adjustments in recent years that saw Microsoft and Boeing eliminate thousands of jobs in a single cutting drive.

Keywords: company, amazon, employees, layoffs, seattle

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I Wrote Down Everything I Learned While Programming for a Month

Summary: I have a mad hope that by simply recognizing the new information and paying attention to them with respect, we can become truly one with them, and that the idea of learning will then find its true likeness within us.

Keywords: learning, attention, learn, day, learned

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Electron Band Structure in Germanium, My Ass (2001)

Summary: My careful theoretical modeling and painstaking experimentation reveal 1) that my equipment is crap, as are all the available texts on the subject and 2) that this whole exercise was a complete waste of my time.

Keywords: germanium, temperature, exponential, resistivity, order

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Advantages of monolithic version control

Summary: Also, thanks to Leah Hanson, Mindy Preston, Chris Ball, Daniel Espeset, Joe Wilder, Nicolas Grilly, Giovanni Gherdovich, Paul Hammant, and Simon Thulbourn for finding typos and other mistakes in this post.

Keywords: projects, monorepo, version, repo, repos

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FCC report finds almost no broadband competition at 100Mbps speeds

Summary: But that was apparently incorrect, as the FCC now tells us that the chart has always included satellite within its count of how many providers serve each Census block at different speeds.

Keywords: percent, fcc, broadband, speeds, data

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Sweden tried to drop Assange extradition in 2013

Summary: The UK supreme court ruled last week in relation to a case about the Chagos Islands that diplomatic cables published by WikiLeaks are admissible as evidence in the dispute over creating a marine protection zone in the British territory.

Keywords: case, cps, assange, swedish, wrote

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Show HN: Turn your GitHub Gist into a live dashboard

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Marrying Vega and Zen: The AMD Ryzen 5 2400G Review

Summary: Intel did have a second generation eDRAM product , where that 128 MB of extra memory acted like a true level 4 cache, allowing it to be used a lot more, however the release was muted and very limited: for embedded systems only, and again, focused onr one customer.

Keywords: amd, graphics, performance, ryzen, benchmark

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Who is the longest-serving programmer?

Summary: By then I was chief programmer at COSSOR (I was the only one)… Today I have personal interests in real time programming specifically the ARDUINO range and although I am unemployed at present I am actively seeking employment in the Electronic industry,and until I drop dead I’ll continue to work.

Keywords: programming, years, computer, program, system

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The Meta-Problem of Consciousness [pdf]

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Instacart has raised another $200M at a $4.2B valuation

Summary: Despite plenty of uncertainty swirling around Instacart and its complex relationship with Whole Foods — now owned by Amazon — investors still seem to not be too worried, and are pouring a fresh big round of financing into the startup that values it at $4.2 billion.

Keywords: instacart, amazon, foods, time, prime

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Breaking Textbook RSA Used to Protect the Privacy of Millions of Users

Summary: We also present a novel attack on QQ Browser’s use of textbook RSA that is distinguished from previous research by its simplicity.

Keywords: browser, rsa, textbook, qq, users

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Zombie Processes Are Eating Your Memory

Summary: I immediately saw that CcmExec.exe (part of Microsoft’s System Management Server ) had 508,000 handles open, which is both a lot also amazingly close to my zombie count.

Keywords: process, zombies, zombie, memory, processes

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Background removal with deep learning

Summary: With these assumptions in mind, we embarked on a journey of research, implementation and hours of training to create a one click easy to use background removal service.

Keywords: model, results, images, training, image

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Inside Facebook’s Hellish Two Years–and Mark Zuckerberg’s Struggle to Fix It All

Summary: Very soon after the election, a team of employees started working on something called the News Feed Integrity Task Force, inspired by a sense, one of them told WIRED, that hyperpartisan misinformation was “a disease that’s creeping into the entire platform.” The group, which included Mosseri and Anker, began to meet every day, using whiteboards to outline different ways they could respond to the fake-news crisis.

Keywords: facebook, company, news, zuckerberg, people

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Chinese local governments rush to admit fake data

Summary: The policy shift is promoting honesty in data reporting among local governments because it is also being reflected in a change in the priorities in evaluating the job performances of bureaucrats.

Keywords: local, government, revenue, governments, fiscal

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How Myanmar forces burned, looted and killed in a remote village

Summary: Kevin Jon Heller, a University of London law professor who served as a legal associate for convicted war criminal and former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic, said an order to clear villages by military command was “unequivocally the crime against humanity of forcible transfer.”

Keywords: rohingya, buddhist, police, men, inn

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Haskell developer experience in NixOS

Summary: NixOS developers came up with a very handy tool that will let us parse our cabal file and generate exact equivalent in Nix.

Keywords: nix, project, haskell, nixos, packages

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London City Airport Shut as WW2 Bomb Found in Thames

Summary: Image copyrightPAImage caption Passengers were turned away from the airport and all flights were stopped Spurs fan David, 52, was booked to fly to Milan on Monday before taking a connecting train to Turin ahead of the Champions League away match.

Keywords: airport, image, bomb, caption, london

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Hacker News comments are assigned reading for UC Berkeley CS 10 course

Summary: We will be using Pair Programming, described best by Laurie Williams, a computer science professor at North Carolina State University: “Two programmers working side-by-side, collaborating on the same design, algorithm, code or test.

Keywords: computing, students, programming, final, work

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GitLab Pages Security Issue Notification

Summary: This issue allows an attacker to discover DNS records already pointing to the GitLab Page IP address which haven’t been claimed and potentially hijack them.

Keywords: gitlab, pages, dns, records, custom

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Adventures in Autorouting (2017)

Summary: Computers have recently gotten very good at teaching themselves how to find solution paths though astronomically huge search spaces defined by geometry and arbitrary rule sets.

Keywords: time, board, topor, diptrace, autorouter

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Safe injection sites in San Francisco could be first in the US

Summary: The facilities provide a safe space where people can consume previously obtained drugs, such as heroin and fentanyl, under the supervision of staff trained to respond in the event of an overdose or other medical emergency.

Keywords: san, francisco, drug, facilities, people

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C++ implementation of the Jupyter kernel protocol

Summary: The easiest way to get started with a new kernel is to inherit from the base interpreter class xeus::xinterpreter and implement the private virtual methods:

Keywords: kernel, xeus, library, jupyter, implementing

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Apple HomePod – The Audiophile Perspective and Measurements

Summary: When this tiny unobtrusive speakers sound so good, and are so versatile, grabbing a few of these to scatter around the house so you can enjoy some great audio in other rooms isn’t a bad move — provided you’re already part of the Apple Ecosystem.

Keywords: homepod, room, speaker, frequency, measurements

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Can Eurostar Compete with Airlines on Speed and Price?

Summary: That simply isn’t the case anymore.” According to Guillaume Pepy of the French national railway SNCF, Smith said, “with longer check-in and security times, they were finding the cut-off was at least four and sometimes even over five hours, a limit that their popular Paris- Perpignan Route just exceeds.”

Keywords: london, train, hours, service, rail

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The American “Empire” Reconsidered

Summary: Colonising the New World stretched the resources of the colonial powers, produced a European-wide fiscal crisis at the close of the eighteenth century, and gave colonists in the British, French, and Spanish empires the ability, and eventually the desire, to claim independence.

Keywords: colonial, states, world, phase, empire

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Were There Really Arrow Storms?

Summary: It’s essentially a flurry of arrows and spears at a range of inside 20 yards, flat trajectory, full impact shots, and then at it in a melee of axes, knives and clubs.

Keywords: arrows, archers, bow, infantry, minute

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Validating email addresses: A journey down RFC5321 [video]

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Get started with KVM and Kubernetes

Summary: Sometimes I provision VMs in “the cloud” by clicking a few buttons in a UI or invoking a remote API - but am rarely concerned with the finer grain details such as which hypervisor is being used.

Keywords: ip, vm, run, kvm, address

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Mentor organizations for Google Summer of Code 2018

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Lazy deserialization

Summary: This looked remarkably promising, given that most of these sites are heavy JS users and these numbers can thus be seen as a (fuzzy) lower bound of potential memory savings for the web in general.

Keywords: deserialization, lazy, code, snapshot, objects

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Mercedes-Benz Confirms It Will Skip Detroit Auto Show in 2019

Summary: Zetsche was a keynote speaker at CES in 2015, where he discussed autonomous-driving technology and showed the Mercedes F 015 concept vehicle , hinting at a future of rolling luxury lounges that could chauffeur passengers around without a human driver.

Keywords: show, detroit, auto, ces, year

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Summary: Since this is a already know vulnerability with existing attacks/pocs, I’ve decided to upload a trimmed down version of the (ddos/waf evasion, proxy jumping, c2 mode - is removed).

Keywords: attack, tcp, time, session, victim

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Show HN: Remote Desktop from any browser

Summary: We charge on the number of different desktops you connect to.Upgrade or Downgrade anytime.

Keywords: trial, billed, annually, days, start

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The Economy Is Full of Cryptocurrency and Collective Delusion

Summary: We have talked a fewtimes around here about a socialist republic that has been hit hard by sanctions imposed by the U.S. government and that, in response, is planning to issue its own cryptocurrency to raise money.

Keywords: valuable, coin, bonds, government, city

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1960s Kodachrome photos of London’s East End

Summary: “…the photographer knows he’s getting the last shots of those wharves, steamers and warehouses before they are replaced by imagined hotels and marinas, the proto-blueprint for the new world dominated by leisure, tourism and heritage replicas.

Keywords: granick, east, color, london, end

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“A thread on the best reading lists I’ve come across so far.”

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The Evolution of the Physicist’s Picture of Nature

Summary: It was always possible for the pure mathematician to come along and make the theory sound by bringing in further steps, and perhaps by introducing quite a lot of cumbersome notation and other things that are desirable from a mathematical point of view in order to get everything expressed rigorously but do not contribute to the physical ideas.

Keywords: theory, picture, electron, quantum, physical

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The way we run Exist

Summary: Though we thought early on that we wanted to get VC funding and grow our company to be enormous and sell it off, we realised quickly enough that we’re actually not willing to make the compromises required to go down that path.

Keywords: data, exist, users, access, make

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Techniques of Systems Analysis (1957) [pdf]

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Optimizely’s decision to ditch its free plan

Summary: Trained statisticians would tear the average marketer’s A/B test to shreds, and it seems Optimizely has finally decided to call time of death on oversimplified CRO attempts.

Keywords: optimizely, testing, plan, platform, personalization

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