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Two Photographers Unknowingly Shot the Same Millisecond in Time

Summary: I did a Google search to see how often this happens and could only find one article from 2011 where two photographers filming a surf competition on Huntington Beach ended up catching a virtually identical image of a surfer and its wave action.

Keywords: image, time, lighthouse, photographers, exact

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Some terrible personal news

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All of Oculus’s Rift headsets have stopped working due to an expired certificate

Summary: This comes as the company continues to deliver major software updates that it announced at its most recent developer conference.

Keywords: company, oculus, issue, users, update

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Elementary Knightship found in Conway’s Game of Life

Summary: calcyman wrote: This came out of ikpx (my search program, which is essentially a multithreaded hybrid of LLS and gfind) when I fed one of Tom Rokicki’s long partials into it…

Keywords: march, pm, joined, posts, edited

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Keybase is now supported by the Stellar Development Foundation

Summary: Beyond Lumens, your Stellar wallet can hold a currency you like (dollars, euros, litecoin), issued by “anchors” you choose to trust.

Keywords: stellar, keybase, bitcoin, team, trust

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California to Introduce ‘Right to Repair’ Bill

Summary: California joins 17 other states who have introduced similar legislation, which includes: Washington, Massachusetts, Vermont, New York, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Virginia.

Keywords: repair, consumers, people, eggman, service

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Unexpected challenges of making money on the internet

Summary: We use Stripe to handle payment process and rely on Google/Facebook for authentication, but despite these powerful platforms we still needed to implement access restrictions, cancellation and upgrade flows, customer support touch points, and user profiles to have a robust paid service.

Keywords: kapwing, pay, people, users, payment

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Scrcpy – An app to display and control Android devices

Summary: Just before I started the project, Philippe, a colleague who played with WebRTC , advised me to “manually” decode (using FFmpeg ) and render frames, to avoid any additional latency.

Keywords: device, events, server, keyboard, application

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Writing a Microservice in Rust

Summary: Albeit not be the most scalable option for a real-world application, maud is interesting and clever, allowing us to write HTML templates directly in Rust, using natural control flow.

Keywords: rust, ll, database, return, requests

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Relibc: C Library in Rust for Redox and Linux

Summary: relibc is a portable POSIX C standard library written in Rust.

Keywords: mar, relibc, redox, travis, rmdir

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An argument that companies should pay users for their data

Summary: And yet the idea is gaining momentum in Silicon Valley and beyond: Facebook and the other technological Goliaths offering free online services — from which they harvest data from and about their users — should pay for every nugget of information they reap.

Keywords: data, facebook, users, companies, economy

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Permanent Daylight Saving Time? Florida Says Yes, but It’s Not So Simple

Summary: (Asked on Wednesday whether Mr. Scott would sign it, and why or why not, his press secretary, Lauren Schenone, said only, “The governor will review the bill.”) The margins of victory in both chambers were overwhelming — 33 to 2 in the Senate and 103 to 11 in the House — and the measure has considerable public support.

Keywords: time, saving, daylight, florida, states

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Vim-db: Modern database interface for Vim

Summary: Connections are specified with a single URL, rather than prompting you for 14 separate variables All interaction is through invoking :DB , not 53 different commands and 35 different maps (omitting many of the more esoteric features, of course) Supports a modern array of backends, including NoSQL databases: MongoDB MySQL PostgreSQL Redis Sqlite Your own easily implemented adapter

Keywords: db, mar, url, vim, postgresql

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How to Write CSS That Works in Every Browser, Even the Old Ones

Summary: She is a member of the CSS Working Group, and speaks at many conferences including An Event Apart, SXSW, Fluent, Smashing Conf and more.

Keywords: css, browser, write, including, jen

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What Airbnb Did to New York City

Summary: “ I can imagine that for New York, part of a kind of grand settlement on this would boil down to legalizing short term rentals for fewer than 30 days, which are currently basically always illegal,” Wachsmuth said.

Keywords: airbnb, city, york, wachsmuth, home

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Building bots to mend badges, or how to get your GitHub account suspended

Summary: In my case, announcing it as automated helps explain why they are receiving the pull request (especially when the bot finds an abandoned repo or a maintainer gets false impression that I’m a user of their code).

Keywords: pull, bot, requests, github, code

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Into the Breach’s interface was a nightmare to make and the key to its greatness

Summary: Making clearly defined attack types meant throwing out some complex weapon effects, such as hitting a star- or triangle-shaped area, because Davis didn’t like the game turning into an exercise in mentally rotating shapes to work out the results of a shot.

Keywords: game, ma, davis, weapon, unit

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Best-selling introductory psychology books give misleading view of intelligence

Summary: To identify factual inaccuracies, Warne’s team used as a benchmark a consensus statement on intelligence research published in 1997 by Linda Gottfredson et al, and a 1996 APA report on the state of the field .

Keywords: intelligence, books, warne, textbooks, fallacies

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Brain tissue samples suggest we stop growing new neurons in our early teens

Summary: Perhaps future work will reveal what mechanisms animals are using to generate new neurons into adulthood, as well as how the human brain might be taught to master this challenging feat, scientists said.

Keywords: neurons, brain, neurogenesis, work, human

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A non-profit that figured out how to massively cut suicide rates in Sri Lanka

Summary: The comparison of getting policy change rather than helping person-by-person The importance of working with locals in places like India and Nepal, rather than coming in exclusively as outsiders What are the benefits of starting your own non-profit versus joining an existing org and persuading them of the merits of the cause?

Keywords: people, leah, suicide, robert, wiblin

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Show HN: Tinder Revenue Estimate

Summary: To make sens of that, I’m taking te assumption that they always have more than 3 million subscribers at any time, regardless of churn (new customers replacing those who cancel at a higher rate).

Keywords: average, tinder, paid, subscription, months

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Awesome Developer Streams: curated list of awesome developers that stream

Summary: PROTIP: Search this page for subjects you’d be interested in watching live, like JavaScript, DataViz, IoT, Rust, and so on.

Keywords: streaming, javascript, development, streams, links

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LLVM 6.0.0 Release

Summary: Special thanks to the release testers and packagers: Andrew Kelley, Bero Rosenkränzer, Brian Cain, Diana Picus, Dimitry Andric, Jonas Hahnfeld, Michał Górny, Simon Dardis, Sylvestre Ledru, Takumi Nakamura, and Vedant Kumar!

Keywords: release, improved, community, llvm, https

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3D Lightning (2013)

Summary: Things that would otherwise seem impossibly unlikely, like two people in completely different places getting a photo of the same lightning bolt, suddenly pop up all the time.

Keywords: bolt, lightning, images, close, distance

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Agatha Christie’s life rivaled the mysteries she created

Summary: Young Agatha was imaginative but practical, a skillful nurse during World War I who wished for a domestic life as a wife and mother - and got it, after marrying Archie Christie and giving birth to their only child, Rosalind.

Keywords: christie, agatha, life, thompson, novels

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Less is Exponentially More (2012)

Summary: You need building blocks such as an idea about how types behave, and syntax that works well in practice, and some ineffable thing that makes libraries interoperate well.

Keywords: language, talk, types, type, programmers

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Vulkan 1.1 Released

Summary: The new specification offers new ways to exploit GPU parallelism and support for protected content - enabling advanced video processing in Vulkan for things like VR Cinema,” said Graham Deacon, vice president of PowerVR Marketing at Imagination.

Keywords: vulkan, support, khronos, api, open

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Can retrocausality solve the puzzle of action at a distance?

Summary: But there are elements that remind us of Newton’s response ‘I do not feign hypotheses.’ The contemporary ‘shut-up-and-calculate’ interpretation of quantum mechanics (as the physicist David Mermin called it) denies that physics is in the business of describing a real world, in order to avoid any literal commitment to Schrödinger’s ‘magic’.

Keywords: bell, quantum, einstein, experiment, alice

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Symbolic Execution: Intuition and Implementation

Summary: Although I believe they could greatly benefit from what the program analysis community has to offer, this knowledge seems to be stuck in academia, hidden behind technical jargon, and kept out of reach from all but the most dedicated enthusiasts.

Keywords: symbolic, program, stack, values, instruction

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Comparing AWS Lambda performance of Node.js, Python, Java, C# and Go

Summary: Yun is the VP of Engineering APAC at Contino — a global consultancy that enables highly regulated organizations accelerate innovation through modernized software delivery.

Keywords: performance, core, languages, lambda, aws

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‘Blockchain’ is meaningless

Summary: “Finally, immutability implies permanence, and there’s no guarantee that ledger records created and kept on chain will last, even with lots of copies around, because of technological obsolescence and the fact that incentives to keep the system going may die off after a time,” she said.

Keywords: blockchain, bitcoin, technology, data, ledger

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Why GitHub Won’t Help with Hiring

Summary: On the other hand, neither John Carmack nor Jeff Dean even have GitHub profiles that I can find - despite them both being well known for their work on equally successful closed source projects like Doom and Google.

Keywords: github, developers, source, profiles, projects

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Every Good Regulator of a System Must Be a Model of That System (1970) [pdf]

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Primer on Go Assembly

Summary: As we’ve seen earlier in this chapter, and to avoid unnecessary overhead, functions that cannot possibly outgrow their stack are marked as NOSPLIT as a hint for the compiler not to insert these checks.

Keywords: stack, sp, function, argument, bytes

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Node v9.8.0

Summary: [ 6ae2cafde3 ] - buffer : coerce offset to integer (Ruben Bridgewater) #18215 [ 6d17383041 ] - buffer : fix typo in lib/buffer.js (Ujjwal Sharma) #19126 [ 4b34b2e185 ] - build : fix gocvr version used for coverage (Michael Dawson) #19094 [ a938e52ffe ] - build : disable openssl build warnings on macos (Ben Noordhuis) #19046 [ 44d80c5620 ] - build : fix coverage after gcovr update (killagu) #18958 [ 28a5362e83 ] - build : fix lint-md-build dependency (Joyee Cheung) #18981 [ e74e422a53 ] - (SEMVER-MINOR) crypto : add cert.fingerprint256 as SHA256 fingerprint (Hannes Magnusson) #17690 [ 056001dc8f ] - (SEMVER-MINOR) deps : cherry-pick 0bcb1d6f from upstream V8 (Jakob Kummerow) #18212 [ 1fadb2edb4 ] - doc : fix/add link to Android info (Vse Mozhet Byt) #19004 [ 68524610f2 ] - doc : remove subsystem from pull request template (Rich Trott) #19125 [ d3a70e9cd4 ] - doc : remove tentativeness in (Rich Trott) #19123 [ f03079fce6 ] - doc : update cc list (Ruben Bridgewater) #19099 [ 9d2de16b13 ] - doc : add introduced_in metadata to (Rich Trott) #19113 [ ae2dabb8fc ] - doc : new team for bundlers or delivery of Node.js (Michael Dawson) #19098 [ 0e4f4266a1 ] - doc : add simple example to rename function (punteek) #18812 [ e42600fc4b ] - doc : add missing Returns in fs & util (Sho Miyamoto) #18775 [ 4ecf5bbe74 ] - doc : fix a typo in util.isDeepStrictEqual (Sho Miyamoto) #18775 [ cab6c8e95c ] - doc : add URL.format() example (Zeke Sikelianos) #18888 [ a4462b7944 ] - doc : fix n-api asynchronous threading docs (Eric Bickle) #19073 [ bfa894cf37 ] - doc : add MoonBall to collaborators (Chen Gang) #19109 [ 77154cd65d ] - doc : update list of re-exported symbols (Richard Lau) #19013 [ 459f2095a1 ] - doc : Readable unpipe on Writable error event (George Sapkin) #18080 [ 68c1337819 ] - doc : add RegExp Unicode Property Escapes to intl (Vse Mozhet Byt) #19052 [ 71d09ecbf1 ] - doc : make the background section concise and improve its formality (Wilson) #18928 [ 951054004d ] - doc : lowercase primitives in test/common/ (Vse Mozhet Byt) #18875 [ 5b8c97f6bc ] - events : show throw stack trace for uncaught exception (Anna Henningsen) #19003 [ 0789eeceb6 ] - http : prevent aborted event when already completed (Andrew Johnston) #18999 [ ae4d83facf ] - http : prevent aborted event when already completed (Andrew Johnston) #18999 [ 50d1233935 ] - http2 : no stream destroy while its data is on the wire (Anna Henningsen) #19002 [ 551d9752c8 ] - http2 : fix flaky test-http2-https-fallback (Matteo Collina) #19093 [ 8bc930c269 ] - http2 : fix endless loop when writing empty string (Anna Henningsen) #18924 [ aa0fca9426 ] - http2 : use original error for cancelling pending streams (Anna Henningsen) #18988 [ 447136999d ] - http2 : send error text in case of ALPN mismatch (Anna Henningsen) #18986 [ ef8f90f34e ] - http2 : fix condition where data is lost (Matteo Collina) #18895 [ e584113b66 ] - lib : re-fix v8_prof_processor (Anna Henningsen) #19059 [ 12856b0dd2 ] - lib : change hook -> hooks in code comment (Daniel Bevenius) #19053 [ db8d197e79 ] - lib,test : remove yoda statements (Ruben Bridgewater) #18746 [ 59547cc438 ] - loader : fix –inspect-brk (Gus Caplan) #18949 [ 39e032fe86 ] - module : fix main lookup regression from #18728 (Guy Bedford) #18788 [ f3e3429296 ] - module : support main w/o extension, pjson cache (Guy Bedford) #18728 [ 95f6467ffd ] - module : fix cyclical dynamic import (Bradley Farias) #18965 [ 5c4f703607 ] - n-api : update reference test (Gabriel Schulhof) #19086 [ 1b32fc3276 ] - n-api : fix object test (Gabriel Schulhof) #19039 [ ef4714c2b6 ] - net : inline and simplify onSocketEnd (Anna Henningsen) #18607 [ 28880cf89d ] - perf_hooks : fix timing (Timothy Gu) #18993 [ 96f0bec48b ] - repl : make last error available as _error (Anna Henningsen) #18919 [ 420d56c2ea ] - src : don’t touch js object in Http2Session dtor (Ben Noordhuis) #18656 [ f89f659dcf ] - src : remove unnecessary Reset() calls (Ben Noordhuis) #18656 [ 67a9742aed ] - src : prevent persistent handle resource leaks (Ben Noordhuis) #18656 [ 08bcdde888 ] - (SEMVER-MINOR) src : handle exceptions in env->SetImmediates (James M Snell) #18297 [ cc52dae7c4 ] - src : #include \ “ to iculslocs (Steven R. Loomis) #19150 [ 2f17c52674 ] - src : use std::unique_ptr for STACK_OF(X509) (Ben Noordhuis) #19087 [ f10470ce2d ] - src : refactor GetPeerCertificate (Daniel Bevenius) #19087 [ 4fae6e3904 ] - (SEMVER-MINOR) src : make process.dlopen() load well-known symbol (Ben Noordhuis) #18934 [ 89edbae7ab ] - (SEMVER-MINOR) src : clean up process.dlopen() (Ben Noordhuis) #18934 [ 08b83ee27a ] - src : refactor setting JS properties on WriteWrap (Anna Henningsen) #18963 [ 4d5cd5c6c5 ] - src : fix error message in async_hooks constructor (Daniel Bevenius) #19000 [ 6787913a68 ] - test : add more information to assert.strictEqual (Ujjwal Sharma) #19162 [ ee653ecd09 ] - test : move require http2 to after crypto check (Daniel Bevenius) #19111 [ 5bbf009c1d ] - test : check symbols in shared lib (Yihong Wang) #18806 [ d8833762cb ] - test : refactor test-async-wrap-getasyncid (Santiago Gimeno) #18727 [ 23107ba7b1 ] - test : remove assert message and add block scope (wuweiweiwu) #19054 [ cc90bbd0f4 ] - test : fix flaky inspector-stop-profile-after-done (Rich Trott) #18126 [ 8d595bb25c ] - test : check endless loop while writing empty string (XadillaX) #18924 [ a4550069ca ] - test : allow running with NODE_PENDING_DEPRECATION (Anna Henningsen) #18991 [ fd27165f73 ] - test : specify ‘dir’ for directory symlinks (Kyle Farnung) #19049 [ eca333a6e8 ] - test : refactor test after review (Andrew Johnston) #18999 [ c943cd09a7 ] - test : fix repl-tab-complete –without-ssl (Daniel Bevenius) #17867 [ f864509991 ] - test,benchmark : use new Buffer API where appropriate (Сковорода Никита Андреевич) #18980 [ 479b622e49 ] - tls,http2 : handle writes after SSL destroy more gracefully (Anna Henningsen) #18987 [ 3d4cda3a7d ] - (SEMVER-MINOR) trace_events : add file pattern cli option (Andreas Madsen) #18480 [ 3e8e1524ac ] - util : use blue on non-windows systems for number (Gus Caplan) #18925

Keywords: doc, fix, test, src, add

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Heredity Beyond the Gene

Summary: Classical genetics draws a fundamental distinction between the “genotype” (that is, the set of genes that an individual carries and can pass on to its descendants) and the “phenotype” (that is, the transient body that bears the stamp of the environments and experiences that it has encountered but whose features cannot be transmitted to offspring).

Keywords: offspring, effects, maternal, paternal, males

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The Quantum Thermodynamics Revolution (2017)

Summary: Shrinking technology — a single-ion engine and three-atom fridge were both experimentally realized for the first time within the past year — is forcing them to extend thermodynamics to the quantum realm, where notions like temperature and work lose their usual meanings, and the classical laws don’t necessarily apply.

Keywords: quantum, information, thermodynamics, energy, work

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There was an attack against the Proton network

Summary: The issue is understood and we are working on restoring services.

Keywords: moment, outage, experiencing, services, system

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It has gotten much easier to wage record-breaking DDoSes

Summary: As Ars reported last week, DDoSers last month started bouncing specially developed traffic off of so-called memcached servers, which then respond by bombarding a targeted third party with a malicious flood that’s thousands of times the size of the original payload .

Keywords: servers, attacks, memcached, code, targeted

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Honda Needs a Tune-Up (2008)

Summary: Posted in Humor , Music , Physics 42 Comments This is the story of how Honda engineers screwed up a big expensive project with a simple arithmetic mistake, tried to fudge their result with sound editing software, and congratulated themselves for being totally awesome.

Keywords: honda, version, road, clip, audio

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Google Engineers Think This 72-Qubit Processor Can Achieve Quantum Supremacy

Summary: “It’s a huge jump in the number of qubits on a chip, and they are arranged in a 2 dimensional layout, which complicates controlling the system,” Michele Mosca, a physicist at the University of Waterloo’s Institute for Quantum Computing, told me in an email.

Keywords: quantum, processor, google, qubits, supremacy

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Early owners of Tesla’s Model 3 are reporting quality problems

Summary: In addition to a sunken hood, a San Jose man said on the message board that a parking brake error keeps popping up, the driver side interior trim was not assembled correctly, and both headlight housings are protruding from the body panels, when they’re supposed to be flush.

Keywords: tesla, model, car, quality, problems

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The real reason for large DDoS attacks? It’s IP Spoofing, not memcached

Summary: In principle, the IP ranges of FooCorp can change over time, but such events should require informing carriers, presenting Letter of Authorization and validating IRR databases (see also RADb ).

Keywords: ip, internet, source, spoofing, attacks

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Bringing Back Skeuomorphic Design

Summary: See, I was recently commissioned to come up with a redesign of the calendar and note-taking app Opus One and I was excited to share this particular bit of work— not only because I really liked how it came out, but because it represented the sort of work I have always loved doing: Themed UI carefully crafted to create a memorable experience through textures, lighting and dimensionality.

Keywords: design, interface, fun, skeuomorphic, ui

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No hugging: are we living through a crisis of touch?

Summary: There is as yet no scientific data to connect declining touch to the rise of mobile technology or social media, but Field’s descriptions of people wrapped in their own worlds rather than each other, sitting in isolation, bowed over screens, a huddle unto themselves, are evocative and familiar.

Keywords: touch, people, mcglone, hug, field

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Open Source Apps (2013)

Summary: Similarly, more and more developers are experimenting with selling hardware at a profit with free apps as the differentiator (appropriately, Nest launched their second product just today) Oracle offers a basic version of MySQL under a GPL license, with additional closed source – and expensive!

Keywords: cost, market, software, good, apps

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Standardizing lessons learned from AMP

Summary: In January we announced that we plan to use Web Packaging as recommended by the W3C TAG finding for providing privacy preserving pre-loading together with being able to serve AMP content under the publisher URLs.

Keywords: web, amp, user, google, content

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How to Clone Mineral Water (2012)

Summary: After just twenty minutes aging in bottle, your guests will be enjoying the citrusy top notes characteristic of Badoit, the pleasant mineral tang of Perrier, or the slight saltiness of Vichy — each the liquid equivalent of Dolly the sheep .

Keywords: water, mineral, lersch, martin, cloned

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Rust needs to run, and be easy to use, on every platform

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What is Money? (1913)

Summary: From the frequency with which these tablets have been met with, from the durability of the material of which they are made, from the care with which they were preserved in temples which are known to have served as banks, and more especially from the nature of the inscriptions, it may be judged that they correspond to the medieval tally and to the modern bill of exchange; that is to say, that they are simple acknowledgments of indebtedness given to the seller by the buyer in payment of a purchase, and that they were the common instrument of commerce.

Keywords: coins, gold, silver, credit, weight

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Crellvm: Verified Credible Compilation for LLVM

Summary: The first three authors contributed equally and are listed alphabetically In Proceedings of the 39th annual ACM SIGPLAN conference on Programming Languages Design and Implementation ( PLDI 2018 ).

Keywords: llvm, verified, bugs, kim, level

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Rarely-Asked Questions (2006)

Summary: Clark, Civilisation White, Medieval Technology and Social Change McEvedy, Penguin Atlases of Ancient and Medieval History Laslett, The World We Have Lost Bernal, The Extension of Man Franklin, Autobiography Girouard, Life in the English Country House Pirenne, Mohammed and Charlemagne Runciman, The Fall of Constantinople Cipolla, Guns, Sails and Empires Hadas, A History of Rome Oman, The Art of War in the Middle Ages Vasari, Lives of the Artists Bovill, The Golden Trade of the Moors Caesar, Gallic Wars Kuhn, The Copernican Revolution

Keywords: history, teachers, philosophy, startup, learn

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Starsky Robotics (YC S16) Drove a Fully Driverless Truck and Raised $16.5M

Summary: In September, we completed the longest end-to-end autonomous trip — ever .After Hurricane Irma hit southwestern Florida, we used one of our trucks to help aid the recovery efforts, hauling water 68 miles without human intervention — an industry record.

Keywords: truck, starsky, robotics, industry, trucks

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SAS is on the brink of something

Summary: With the accession of Dr. Oliver Schabenberger from chief of research, product development, and most recently, CTO, to the post of COO (reporting only to Dr. Goodnight), SAS has completed a changing of the guard that began three years ago.

Keywords: sas, open, python, viya, source

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America Is Giving Away the $30B Medical Marijuana Industry

Summary: Scientists and physicians are free to apply to the Food and Drug Administration and DEA for trials on Schedule I substances, and there are labs with licenses to produce LSD and Ecstasy for that purpose, but anyone who seeks to do FDA-approved research with marijuana is forced to obtain the plants from a single source: Uncle Sam.

Keywords: marijuana, research, craker, cannabis, dea

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The spread of true and false news online

Summary: In particular, more robust identification of the factors of human judgment that drive the spread of true and false news online requires more direct interaction with users through interviews, surveys, lab experiments, and even neuroimaging.

Keywords: false, news, rumor, true, cascades

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Proseline – Git for prose, in the browser

Summary: I plan to offer a service that makes Proseline work available whether you’re online or offline, for a low monthly fee.

Keywords: proseline, work, project, drafts, create

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Building a Content-Based Search Engine II: Extracting Feature Vectors

Summary: The first 7 dimensions that describe a pixel in the context of its frame have yielded high effectiveness for the task of retrieving visually similar images (cf.

Keywords: video, vectors, pixel, time, visual

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Single Family Homes in Santa Clara County: March 2018 Report

Summary: The title or escrow company will then ensure the deed is recorded with the county assessor’s office or courthouse, depending on where you live.

Keywords: title, property, deed, condos, price

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End-To-end Audiovisual Speech Recognition

Summary: To the best of our knowledge, this is the first audiovisual fusion model which simultaneously learns to extract features directly from the image pixels and audio waveforms and performs within-context word recognition on a large publicly available dataset (LRW).

Keywords: model, audiovisual, feb, audio, features

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