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Show HN: RoughJS – Create hand-drawn graphics using JavaScript

Summary: The library defines primitives to draw lines, curves, arcs, polygons, circles, and ellipses.

Keywords: svg, web, draw, paths, processing

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Slack’s bait and switch

Summary: However, the XMPP Software Foundation has done a lot of work in recent years to enable protocol extensions that provide features that people have come to expect from chat applications, for example:

Keywords: xmpp, email, chat, slack, people

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Compressing and enhancing hand-written notes (2016)

Summary: Although a true vector space would allow an infinite number of continuously varying pixel intensities, we need to discretize colors in order to store them digitally – typically assigning 8 bits each to the red, green, and blue channels.

Keywords: color, image, colors, page, background

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Rust’s 2018 roadmap

Summary: Part of the goal with the Rust 2018 release is to provide high quality documentation for the full set of new and improved features and the idioms they give rise to.

Keywords: rust, year, work, improvements, edition

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YC Seed Deck Template

Summary: We’re largely focused on preparing companies for their on-stage presentations, but are also working with them on slightly longer decks to use in follow-up conversations with investors.

Keywords: deck, seed, make, founders, add

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Reddit and the Struggle to Detoxify the Internet

Summary: The evidence, as extensive as it was unpersuasive, included satanic rituals, a map printed on a handkerchief, and an elaborate code involving the words “cheese” and “pizza.” In only fifteen days of existence, the Pizzagate subreddit had attracted twenty thousand subscribers.

Keywords: reddit, huffman, people, facebook, trump

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Surprising Things About School

Summary: This content can be removed from Twitter at anytime, get a PDF archive by mail!

Keywords: premium, austenallred, alerts, asked, unlimited

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Concurrency I can finally understand and write correctly

Summary: I was tempted to do the same here, but I couldn’t think of a quick way to do so, and talking to others in the #lobsters channel in IRC, I realised that a simpler recursive solution would work without overflowing the stack (because the problem is small enough, not because a stack-based algorithm is clever).

Keywords: day, function, problem, string, int

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Intel Fights for Its Future

Summary: But rather than going to the Feds to try and scuttle the deal through a long and uncertain process, Intel is rumored to be “working with advisors” (in plainer English, the company’s Investment Bankers) on a countermove: acquire Broadcom .

Keywords: intel, apple, broadcom, company, chips

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New ThinkPad Guts Bring Intel Core I, DDR4, USB 3 to Cult Laptops

Summary: Classic stickers with non-classic portsDepending on the exact model in question these motherboards slot directly into the original chassis but add recent generation Intel Core I processors, DDR4, USB 3.0/3.1, Thunderbolt 3 and more.

Keywords: devices, model, laptop, motherboard, thinkpad

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How to write an IRC bot

Summary: The recommended approach from here is to set up subscriptions to the “Event API”, which involves standing up a web server (with working SSL) on a consistent IP address (and don’t forget to open up the firewall) to receive incoming notifications from Slack.

Keywords: slack, irc, bot, http, open

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Making $60k a month from a podcast on software engineering

Summary: I enjoy healthy mind expansion activities: cooking unintuitive meals, sampling trendy exercise routines, encouraging taboo conversations.

Keywords: daily, se, software, people, engineering

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Trump Issues Order to Block Broadcom’s Takeover of Qualcomm

Summary: President Donald Trump issued an executive order Monday blocking Broadcom Ltd. from pursuing its hostile takeover of Qualcomm Inc. , scuttling a $117 billion deal that had been scrutinized by a secretive panel over the tie-up’s threat to U.S. national security.

Keywords: broadcom, qualcomm, trump, security, national

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Questions for TSA after reports of laptop and phone searches on domestic flights

Summary: The ACLU Foundationof Northern California filed a lawsuit against the TSA on Monday demanding that the government disclose its policies for searching the computers and cellphones of domestic travelers, arguing that anecdotal accounts have raised concerns about potential privacy invasions.

Keywords: tsa, aclu, searches, devices, domestic

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What Works and Why: Opus Magnum

Summary: Opus Magnum is a puzzle game about designing machines that arrange and combine shiny little atoms to turn lead to gold, and other fanciful alchemy.

Keywords: solution, time, opus, make, ve

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Potent malware that hid for six years spread through routers

Summary: This process is triggered when there are signs of an imminent in-system event, such as a system shutdown, and is probably implemented to allow user-mode components of the malware to complete their tasks properly to avoid detection during any forensic research.

Keywords: slingshot, system, data, mikrotik, malicious

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Lyft says its revenue is growing nearly 3x faster than Uber’s

Summary: Of course, neither company needs to release their official financial results for either the quarter or the year, because they’re both still private, but they do tend to enjoy letting a bit of the fiscal cat out of the bag.

Keywords: revenue, lyft, uber, quarter, percent

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Who will steal Android from Google?

Summary: All this might seem like a bunch of useless high-flown speculation (well, I mean, because it is), but it actually affects us down on the ground here at Grab because we have to make important decisions about what technology stacks to use for our mobile apps, which are the windows to the world — channels, that is — for our passengers, drivers, merchants, agents and so on.

Keywords: android, google, native, mobile, facebook

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Coltrane Pitch Diagrams: Wrapping notes around a torus

Summary: After the performance I made my way to the crowd of people chatting by the stage door with the musicians, introduced myself, and asked him to sign my copy of his book.

Keywords: coltrane, version, made, lateef, ring

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Shaderoo: realtime ballpoint effect

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Coronary heart disease is a chronic inflammatory condition

Summary: The limitation of the current plumbing approach (‘unclogging a pipe’) to the management of coronary disease is revealed by a series of randomised controlled trials (RCTs) which prove that stenting significantly obstructive stable lesions fail to prevent myocardial infarction or to reduce mortality.

Keywords: fat, coronary, disease, mortality, cholesterol

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Urn: A Lisp implementation for Lua

Summary: A minimal¹ Lisp implementation, with full support for compile time code execution and macros.

Keywords: lisp, lua, urn, implementation, support

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PyTorch – Internal Architecture Tour

Summary: As you can see, the THStorage holds a pointer to the raw data, its size, flags and also an interesting field called allocator that we’ll soon discuss.

Keywords: tensor, pytorch, data, memory, storage

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Cheap 3D-printed home is a start for the 1B who lack shelter

Summary: Once ICON completes material testing and tweaking of the design, the company will move the Vulcan printer to El Salvador to begin construction.

Keywords: icon, home, company, printing, housing

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Tim Berners-Lee: we must regulate tech firms to prevent ‘weaponised’ web

Summary: Since then, representatives from Facebook, Twitter and Google have been hauled in front of Congress to answer questions over the extent to which their platforms were used in a multi-pronged Russian operation to influence the 2016 presidential election.

Keywords: platforms, web, facebook, social, companies

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Apple to acquire digital magazine service Texture

Summary: Texture brings over 200 of the world’s best magazines to life, providing an easy way for users to read high-quality stories and entire issues of their favorite titles.

Keywords: texture, users, magazines, apple, media

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Why the Tiny Weight of Empty Space Is Such a Mystery

Summary: This idea motivated the physicists Peter Graham, David Kaplan and Surjeet Rajendran to discover a new cosmic bounce model , though they’ve yet to show how the vacuum dilution in the contracting universe might have worked.

Keywords: energy, vacuum, space, universe, empty

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Four Years After Declaring War on Pollution, China Is Winning

Summary: CreditNg Han Guan/Associated PressThe speed of the anti-pollution drive has raised important questions about its human costs.But if China sustains these reductions, recent research by my colleagues and me indicates that residents will see significant improvements to their health, extending their life spans by months or years.

Keywords: china, pollution, years, air, percent

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Modeling Redux with TLA+

Summary: We establish that for the whole spec to be correct, it has to follow how Reducer would init its own values, as well as properly initialize the global stack.

Keywords: state, redux, reducer, spec, stack

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Dropbox Amendment to Form S-1

Summary: In addition, in connection with this offering, we expect that each stockholder that has registration rights will agree not to sell or otherwise dispose of any securities without the prior written consent of the company and the underwriters for a period of 180 days after the date of this prospectus, subject to certain terms and conditions and early release of certain holders in specified circumstances.

Keywords: stock, common, class, shares, offering

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A 1980s study on juvenile crime in Japan sheds light on American gun culture

Summary: “Being able to move your finger on a trigger is not really a skill that wows anyone.” This flew in the face of Beck’s experience in America, where cowboy mythology relied heavily on guns, which were embedded in the idea of American honor and bravery.

Keywords: beck, gang, members, japan, japanese

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AlwaysOnSSL – A free and automated CA

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Walkable Cities Enjoy More Freedom

Summary: Today, 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the levels of social capital in Dresden and Leipzig are still lower than in Munich and Hamburg, which bears its economic as well as political costs .

Keywords: public, city, capital, social, urban

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The problem with the Code of Conduct

Summary: Quickly after I took this decision Wauland was attacked on twitter for their assembly description where they rejected the idea of CoC (see disclaimers) and I decided to wait and post this after 34c3 in order to avoid participating in an escalation that would make it really hard for CCC to run a peaceful event.

Keywords: coc, people, feel, safe, community

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Big Sugar Versus Your Body

Summary: Working with experts and colleagues, I’ve now put together an online guide to cutting back on sugar without spending more money or losing the pleasure of eating.

Keywords: sugar, sweeteners, eat, soda, added

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The Quest for a Universal Translator for Old, Obsolete Computer Files

Summary: The digital world continues to expand and mutate in all sorts of ways that will orphan and otherwise impair file formats and programs—from ones long forgotten to ones that work just fine today but carry no guarantees against obsolescence.

Keywords: digital, walsh, software, files, file

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Semantic Image Segmentation with DeepLab in Tensorflow

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Humble Bundle Books: Artificial Intelligence

Summary: Choose where the money goes – between the publisher, Code for America, and, if you’d like, a charity of your choice via the PayPal Giving Fund .

Keywords: learning, machine, deep, python, artificial

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Comcast ‘blocks’ encrypted email service: Reminder of why net neutrality matters

Summary: So far, individual states have hit back at the net neutrality repeal effort by bringing their own state-level laws into effect, mandating that communications providers treat the internet like any other utility service – like water, gas, and electricity.

Keywords: comcast, internet, neutrality, net, customers

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“Rise and Kill First” Exploring Israel’s Assassination Program

Summary: His activities merit a brief footnote in “Rise and Kill First,” although the Israeli State acknowledged its debt by naming its Wingate Institute Centre for Physical Education and Sport in 1957 in honor of “the Friend.” Another missing element is the Lavon Affair of 1954, when Israel paid Egyptian Jewish agents to bomb American cultural centers to undermine relations between the U.S. and the new regime of Gamal Abdel Nasser.

Keywords: israel, bergman, israeli, jewish, kill

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Tesla GPU Accelerator Bang for the Buck, Kepler to Volta

Summary: In general, and making the big assumption that this pricing is even close to reality, the idea that seems clear is that the Volta chips are providing such a rich set of functionality that they can command a premium over prior Pascal units.

Keywords: tesla, gb, accelerators, pricing, gpu

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Tuples goodness in .NET 4.7.1

Summary: Mostly to be able to identify tuples, instead of using plain object and also work with items using index of some sort.

Keywords: tuples, tuple, interface, nice, object

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20% of all Node.js modules found vulnerable to injection attacks

Summary: Our study suggests that thousands of modules may be vulnerable to command injection attacks and that fixing them takes a long time, even for popular projects.

Keywords: modules, injection, call, analysis, runtime

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Terminal spreading depolarization and electrical silence in death of human brain

Summary: In 3 patients with aSAH, a linear electrode strip (6 platinum/iridium [Pt/Ir] contacts spaced at 10mm; Wyler, Ad-Tech Medical Instrument Corporation, Oak Creek, WI) was placed on the cortical surface of the vascular territory of the aneurysm-carrying vessel following surgery to secure the aneurysm (Fig 1 B).

Keywords: sd, terminal, spreading, depression, brain

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Darts, Dice, and Coins: Sampling from a Discrete Distribution (2011)

Summary: If there were a way to eliminate all of that empty space such that every piece of the target was covered by a rectangle corresponding to some side of the loaded die, then we could just throw a single dart at it and read off the result.

Keywords: die, probability, algorithm, coin, probabilities

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Awesome IRC

Summary: ircd.js - server will allow clients to connect, join channels, change topics; basic stuff InspIRCd - modular, stable, written from scratch ( source ) miniircd - very simple and limited ngIRCd - portable and lightweight for small or private networks ( source ) Hulk - intended for private business use or hobby work Haskell Oragono - modern, experimental server that’s portable and designed around specifications ( source ) charybdis - scalable IRCv3 server

Keywords: irc, source, python, linux, macos

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Why We Don’t Employ Female Developers

Summary: Reshma: “Well, at the fifth grade* level, girls routinely outperform boys in every subject, including math and science, so it’s not a question of ability.” (*UK Year 6)

Keywords: women, degrees, industry, academy, girls

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Synode: understanding and automatically preventing injection attacks on Node.js

Summary: Our study suggests that thousands of modules may be vulnerable to command injection attacks and that fixing them takes a long time, even for popular projects.

Keywords: modules, injection, call, analysis, runtime

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Study: Renters in high-rent cities are as NIMBY as homeowners

Summary: Stone, Clarence N., Stoker, Robert P., Betancur, John, Clarke, Susan E., Dantico, Marilyn, Horak, Martin, Mossberger, Karen, Musso, Juliet, Sellers, Jefferey M., Shiau, Ellen, Wolman, Harold, and Worgs, Donn.

Keywords: journal, urban, housing, press, university

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Gödel’s First Incompleteness Theorem for Programmers

Summary: When I first learned how to prove Gödel’s incompleteness theorems, it was in the context of a metalogic class that dealt with all kinds of confusing and deep topics like Henkin construction and transfinitary logic.

Keywords: return, function, computable, isodd, gödel

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