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Tempe Police Release Video of Uber Accident

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Zuckerberg on Cambridge Analytica situation

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Guide to Slack import and export tools

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Keywords: slack, workspace, data, messages, plans

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Hennessy and Patterson win Turing Award

Summary: Development of MIPS and SPARC While the idea of reduced complexity architecture had been explored since the 1960s—most notably in the IBM 801 project—the work that Hennessy and Patterson led, at Stanford and Berkeley respectively, is credited with firmly establishing the feasibility of the RISC approach, popularizing its concepts, and introducing it to academia and industry.

Keywords: patterson, hennessy, computer, acm, award

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Protecting Security Researchers

Summary: For top bug bounty participants (for Dropbox or just generally), we invite them to visit our offices and give talks, and occasionally set up special internal contracts.

Keywords: security, research, vdp, policy, researchers

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Why I Don’t Sign Non-Competes

Summary: Alphabet, parent company for Google, didn’t need to rely on a non-compete when they went after Uber, suing them for allegedly stealing the intellectual property around their self driving car technology via their hire of Anthony Levandowski.

Keywords: company, employee, agreement, contract, work

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California should emulate Tokyo, where housing stayed ahead of population growth

Summary: The most dramatic change Weiner would make, which is similar to a parallel effort in the state assembly, would be to force cities to allow dense housing development near public transit.

Keywords: housing, tokyo, city, japan, state

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User-defined Order in SQL

Summary: Other fractions may pose more difficulties for the float representation, but from my limited experiments it looks like this way of choosing midpoints works a lot better than taking averages.

Keywords: item, items, float, approach, fractions

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Using old laptop batteries to build homemade powerwalls

Summary: “Approximately 95 percent of consumer batteries sold in the US are not recycled and are ultimately thrown away,” said Call2Recycle CEO Carl E. Smith to Motherboard.

Keywords: batteries, powerwall, powerwalls, store, recycled

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The Tale of Theranos and the Mysterious Fire Alarm

Summary: Now that Theranos has been implicated in massive fraud, that encounter serves as a reminder of the skepticism both journalists and health care consumers need to have in an age when public relations, marketing and advertising try to guide the story and our treatment.

Keywords: theranos, patients, story, finger, blood

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Bird populations in French countryside have fallen by a third in fifteen years

Summary: Dozens of species have seen their numbers decline, in some cases by two-thirds, the scientists said in a pair of studies – one national in scope and the other covering a large agricultural region in central France .

Keywords: national, bird, birds, france, insects

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Sources: Google is buying Lytro for about $40M

Summary: The company’s trajectory since being founded in 2006 (originally as Refocus Imaging) by Ren Ng underscores a few of the ongoing challenges in the startup world: hardware remains hard; VR has not grown as fast as some had thought that it would; and more generally, large platforms will loom as persuasive consolidators especially when conditions for the the first two of those issues become tight.

Keywords: lytro, company, technology, google, million

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The Legitimisation of Have I Been Pwned

Summary: Transparency has been a huge part of that effort and I’ve always written and spoken candidly about my thought processes, how I handle data and very often, the mechanics of how I’ve built the service (have a scroll through the HIBP tag on this blog for many examples of each).

Keywords: hibp, data, breach, people, breaches

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Zuckerberg Has No Way Out of Facebook’s Quagmire

Summary: The anger over the CA incident is akin to the more benign anti-Facebook outbreak in 2014 after revelations that Facebook had been running secret psychological experiments on users, attempting to alter their mood by tweaking their newsfeeds.

Keywords: facebook, data, zuckerberg, people, users

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Facebook Is Not the Internet’s Only Privacy Villain

Summary: “Data brokers are serving a growing clientele eager to know a person’s ethnicity, spending habits, sexual orientation, and specific illnesses such as HIV, diabetes, depression or substance abuse.

Keywords: data, facebook, google, information, companies

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Cloud Identity

Summary: Our single sign-on supports SAML 2.0 and OpenID and works with hundreds of applications out of the box, including SAP SuccessFactors, Salesforce, as well as GCP and G Suite apps like Docs and Sheets.

Keywords: cloud, identity, security, management, apps

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JDK 10: General Availability

Summary: We’ve identified no P1 bugs since we promoted build 46 almost two weeks ago, so that is the official GA release, ready for production use.

Keywords: http, release, jdk, binaries, model

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The Glory That Was Yahoo

Summary: In July 2016, 22 years after it began as a hobby for Stanford graduate students Jerry Yang and David Filo, Yahoo agreed to sell its core operating business to Verizon in what Forbes writer Brian Solomon called “ the saddest $5 billion deal in tech history .”

Keywords: yahoo, company, billion, people, internet

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Death of the sampling theorem?

Summary: As expected, the Wiener filter always improves the SNR (compare red curve with the dotted identity), and more so the more the spectra of signal and noise are different (panels top left to bottom right).

Keywords: noise, signal, tsai, filter, sampling

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Running Java in a Container

Summary: Let’s compare containers and virtual machines, paying particular attention to where in each case the JVM collects its information (i.e., # cores, memory, …):

Keywords: containers, cpu, container, memory, docker

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DeleteFacebook: Perspective from Mastodon

Summary: No real name policies, no dates of birth, no locations — it stores only what is necessary for you to talk to and interact with your friends and followers.

Keywords: facebook, data, mastodon, make, don

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Introducing the LineageOS SDK

Summary: The Lineage platform SDK (LineageSDK for short) is a powerful resource that allows us to both keep our features out of the core Android frameworks (for better security and easier bringup processes) and expose some extra functionality to app developers.

Keywords: api, apis, device, app, lineageos

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Utah governor signs law legalizing ‘free-range parenting’

Summary: Utah lawmakers said they were prompted to pass the law after seeing other states where parents had been investigated and in some cases had their children temporarily removed when people reported seeing kids playing basketball in their yards or walking to school alone.

Keywords: law, utah, kids, things, allowing

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From Rails to Clojure, Then to Java, Then Back to Rails

Summary: While is true that dynamic languages could gain to have more definitions on the data and models used, the fact is that when you program on that environments you build code that is easier to change .

Keywords: rails, java, clojure, code, programming

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Google Cloud Armor

Summary: Cloud Armor benefits from over a decade of experience protecting the world’s largest Internet properties like Google Search, Gmail and YouTube.

Keywords: cloud, armor, rules, security, policy

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Michał Zalewski, Director Information Security Engineering, leaves Google

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Netflix Sans, a new custom typeface

Summary: Daphne Milner — 22 March 2018 Ways of Seeing: Laurie Rowan fills FACT’s architectural space with a troop of exploring characters It’s Nice That has teamed up with Canvas to make a triptych of films which peer inside the walls of three of Britain’s best-loved cultural institutions to turn all your expectations about art galleries upside down.

Keywords: march, netflix, design, sans, designer

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Peer review: the end of an error?

Summary: Subscribe

Keywords: subscribe

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Airborn: Create and edit f​iles online​, securely

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Facebook lost more than Tesla’s market cap

Summary: Facebook shares tumbled 6.8 percent on Monday, the most in almost four years, and the selloff resumed on Tuesday with news that the U.S. Federal Trade Commission is reportedly investigating the handling of user data, and a report that Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos plans to leave.

Keywords: facebook, data, billion, crisis, market

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Some software cannot be used at Google

Summary: The license-compliance checking feature includes an audited “exception” mechanism that can be used to disable the warning or error messages that would otherwise be produced when a particular build target specifies a distribution method that is incompatible with the license of one of its dependencies.

Keywords: build, license, licenses, google, code

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An AI app that generates quizzes from a photograph of a texbook

Summary: Use Questo to generate quizzes whenever you want with just a photo of your textbook , giving you the flexibility and independence you deserve.

Keywords: questo, giving, quizzes, textbook, learn

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Show HN: Sheet2Site – Create Websites Out of Google Sheets

Summary: If you need features like: sorting, filters, custom domain, call to action button, using data from your sheet.

Keywords: sheet, features, button, domain, sorting

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YouTube Will ‘Frustrate’ Some Users with Ads So They Pay for Music

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Dejavu – Web UI for Elasticsearch

Summary: Existing web UIs leave much to be desired or are built with server side page rendering techniques that make it less responsive and bulkier to run (I am looking at you, Kibana).

Keywords: data, dejavu, elasticsearch, docker, csv

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Big Other: Surveillance Capitalism and Prospects of an Information Civilization

Summary: Varian asserts four uses that follow from computer-mediated transactions: ‘data extraction and analysis,’ ‘new contractual forms due to better monitoring,’ ‘personalization and customization,’ and ‘continuous experiments.’ An examination of the nature and consequences of these uses sheds light on the implicit logic of surveillance capitalism and the global architecture of computer mediation upon which it depends.

Keywords: capitalism, surveillance, information, big, google

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Facebook is planning to build a real community with parks, stores and apartments

Summary: Continue reading the main story Willow Village will be wedged between the Menlo Park neighborhood of Belle Haven and the city of East Palo Alto, both heavily Hispanic communities that are among Silicon Valley’s poorest.

Keywords: facebook, company, city, community, park

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Poland’s economic experiment based on Thomas Piketty

Summary: The contrast between the socialist compulsion to spend when times are good and the government program’s focus on domestic resources is, Borowski says, the fundamental contradiction of the PiS economic model: “The prime minister’s diagnosis – that something needs to be done to boost convergence – is correct, but first there have to be blood, sweat and tears.”

Keywords: morawiecki, government, poland, percent, pis

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“Joy of Cooking” versus the Food Scientist

Summary: In an edition of “Joy of Cooking” from the early sixties, she and Marion Becker advised that “well-grown minimally processed foods are usually our best sources for complete nourishment.” With uncanny foresight, on the book’s very first page, they also issued readers a warning: “The sensational press releases which follow the discovery of fascinating fresh bits and pieces about human nutrition confuse the layman,” they wrote.

Keywords: wansink, joy, recipes, study, becker

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Researchers Learned to Use Facebook ‘Likes’ to Sway Your Thinking

Summary: The studies relied on data collected by a Facebook app called myPersonality , a 100-question quiz developed by the Psychometrics Center that assessed a person’s openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness and neuroticism, traits commonly referred to in the academic community by the acronym Ocean.

Keywords: facebook, data, cambridge, researchers, model

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YouTube’s fake views economy

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The stability implications of the US nukes’ burst-height compensating super-fuze

Summary: The inability of Russia to globally monitor missile launches from space means that Russian military and political leaders would have no “situational awareness” to help them assess whether an early-warning radar indication of a surprise attack is real or the result of a technical error.

Keywords: warheads, nuclear, missile, russian, warhead

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Robots are not very good at picking strawberries yet

Summary: Dan Charles/NPR “The fact of the matter is, if we don’t solve the problem of this labor shortage with automation, the industry’s up for a big challenge ahead.

Keywords: dan, berries, strawberry, caption, robot

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Wyoming Passes Forward-Thinking Computer Science Education Bill

Summary: Matt Mead’s signature on Senate File 29 on Wednesday afternoon finalized a three-year process for transforming the state into one of the biggest promoters of K-12 computer science education in the country.

Keywords: science, computer, state, balow, education

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‘Christianity as default is gone’: the rise of a non-Christian Europe

Summary: Europe’s march towards a post-Christian society has been starkly illustrated by research showing a majority of young people in a dozen countries do not follow a religion.

Keywords: religious, young, adults, religion, uk

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The woman who saved Stephen Hawking’s voice and gave the tech to those in need

Summary: “Initially I was in awe of the fact that I’m talking to one of the most brilliant people on Earth,” Nachman, director of the anticipatory computing lab at Intel Corporation, tells The Current ’s guest host Laura Lynch.

Keywords: technology, voice, people, work, hawking

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No Longer a Secret: How Israel Destroyed Syria’s Nuclear Reactor

Summary: Now, a Haaretz investigation goes behind the scenes of the 2007 strike on ‘The Cube,’ shortly before it became an active nuclear reactor: From the intelligence failures and American foot-dragging, to the arguments at the top levels and the threats of a total war with Syria

Keywords: israeli, nuclear, reactor, strike, scenes

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Police Release Video of Fatal Uber Autonomous Car Collision

Summary: Video of the fatal crash involving a self-driving Uber car shows the critical moments just before the vehicle makes contact with a pedestrian walking her bike across a dimly lit road.

Keywords: video, uber, vehicle, police, tempe

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Experimenting with Light Fields

Summary: To demonstrate the potential of this technology, we’re releasing “Welcome to Light Fields,” a free app available on Steam VR for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

Keywords: light, fields, vr, space, world

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A Man Who’s Spent $70k Playing a Mobile Game

Summary: Ace Research Institute analyst Hideki Yasuda estimates that revenue from the game is likely to top $1 billion in the year ending in March—meaning it brings in an average of more than $2.5 million every day.

Keywords: game, year, unit, order, characters

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Benchmarking OS primitives

Summary: However this is not a practical solution as it leaves your system completely unprotected, and makes things like file search close to unusable.

Keywords: windows, linux, macos, performance, benchmark

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American cockroaches thrive in cities thanks to their long genomes

Summary: The team proposes that future research will better clarify the evolutionary relationship between cockroaches and termites, and may provide helpful information for controlling both pests.

Keywords: cockroach, american, genome, cockroaches, researchers

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China is now home to some of the world’s most powerful supercomputers

Summary: He talks of making China a “cyber superpower”—one that, within a dozen years, will lead the world in artificial intelligence, quantum computing, semiconductors and the coming “5G” generation of mobile networks, not to mention synthetic biology and renewable energy.

Keywords: world, china, list, fastest, american

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Japan’s older hikikomori live in isolation, shunning society for years

Summary: There are more than half a million hikikomori in Japan — according to the latest government survey published in 2016 — defined as people who have stayed home for more than six months without going to school or work and interacting with no one other than family.

Keywords: hikikomori, parents, people, society, survey

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Building Container Images Securely on Kubernetes

Summary: So I isolated the problem, put it in a container and ten minutes after I dove into the rabbit hole I realized it was the fact that Docker sets paths inside /proc to be masked and readonly by default, preventing me from mounting.

Keywords: docker, make, containers, unprivileged, user

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US officials: Kaspersky “Slingshot” report burned anti-terror operation

Summary: Kaspersky’s report showed Slingshot had targeted computers in countries where ISIS, Al Qaeda, and other radical Islamic terrorist groups have a presence or recruit: Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Keywords: special, operations, jsoc, qaeda, al

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How Hard Is It to Get a Cartoon into the New Yorker? (2011)

Summary: Even many of the magazine’s most iconic cartoons, Charles Addams’ skier (the tracks on either side of the tree), Thurber’s decapitated fencer (” touché “), and almost everything Peter Arno drew were written by someone else.

Keywords: yorker, cartoon, mankoff, cartoonists, cartoonist

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Why I deleted Facebook

Summary: I thought I was just being polite, accepting friend requests, but I didn’t know who most of them were, so it was very insincere.

Keywords: thought, facebook, friends, hit, posts

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Node.js v9.9.0

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Complex Animals Led to More Oxygen, Says Maverick Theory

Summary: Timothy Lyons , a geologist at the University of California, Riverside, thinks that multiple independent lines of evidence point to oxygen in the environment as the trigger for the evolutionary cascade Butterfield describes.

Keywords: oxygen, butterfield, animals, evolution, lyons

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