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Users Abandon Facebook After Cambridge Analytica Findings

Summary: As a political science teacher at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Mr. Musgrave, 36, feels a professional responsibility to keep abreast of the news and academic chatter hurtling at him in the form of tweets.

Keywords: facebook, social, people, platform, analytica

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Krita 4.0 – A painting app for cartoonists, illustrators, and concept artists

Summary: The new splash screen for Krita 4.0, created by Tyson Tan, shows Kiki among the plum blossoms.

Keywords: krita, text, windows, tool, brush

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The health care toll today’s work culture exacts on employees

Summary: Dying for a Paycheck , published by HarperBusiness and released on March 20, maps a range of ills in the modern workplace — from the disappearance of good health insurance to the psychological effects of long hours and work-family conflict — and how these are killing people.

Keywords: people, workplace, health, stress, companies

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Cutting ‘Old Heads’ at IBM

Summary: Under the federal WARN Act , adopted in the wake of huge job cuts and factory shutdowns during the 1980s, companies laying off 50 or more employees who constitute at least one-third of an employer’s workforce at a site have to give advance notice of layoffs to the workers, public agencies and local elected officials.

Keywords: ibm, company, employees, workers, job

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Firefox Product Roadmap

Summary: Updates to our content painting system will allow the main thread, and thus the browser UI and focused tab, to stay responsive, and changes to our networking stack will result in faster page loads.

Keywords: firefox, users, web, browser, page

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Evolution Is the New Deep Learning

Summary: As a fun add-on, we’ve created a demo that turns this task around: The user can set the desired degree for each attribute, and the system finds the closest celebrity match, as determined by the evolved multitask learning network.

Keywords: language, learning, research, dl, neuroevolution

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Guccifer 2.0 Slipped Up and Revealed He Was a Russian Intelligence Officer

Summary: Guccifer 2.0, the “lone hacker” who took credit for providing WikiLeaks with stolen emails from the Democratic National Committee, was in fact an officer of Russia’s military intelligence directorate (GRU), The Daily Beast has learned.

Keywords: guccifer, dnc, intelligence, russia, gru

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D3.js 5.0 is out

Summary: For example, you can no longer mix integers and percentages in rgb(…), and it correctly handles whitespace, decimal points, number signs, and other edge cases.

Keywords: method, selection, data, transition, color

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TCP Tracepoints have arrived in Linux

Summary: Thanks to Cong and Song, and also David S. Miller (networking maintainer) for accepting these and providing feedback on the ongoing tcp tracepoint work.

Keywords: tcp, tracepoints, kernel, sock, tracepoint

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Summary: Engine, a group advocating on behalf of smaller Internet companies, argues that Silicon Valley behemoths like Google, Facebook and Twitter can handle more lawsuits and the legal uncertainty that would smother a startup.

Keywords: section, internet, law, online, companies

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GitLab 10.6 released with CI/CD for GitHub

Summary: A few releases ago, we shipped Static Application Security Testing (SAST) , which automatically finds vulnerabilities in any new code changes in a merge request.

Keywords: gitlab, merge, api, projects, project

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Mozilla Presses Pause on Facebook Advertising

Summary: When Facebook takes stronger action in how it shares customer data, specifically strengthening its default privacy settings for third party apps, we’ll consider returning.

Keywords: facebook, settings, data, privacy, default

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Number systems of the world, sorted by complexity of counting (2006)

Summary: ComplexityRankLanguageLanguage Family, SubfamilyNative speakerspopulationSpoken Area 1 Huli (new)Trans-New Guinea, Main Section70,000Papua New Guinea 2 Ndom (new)Trans-New Guinea, Kolopom450Frederik Hendrik Island(near New Guinea) 3 Nimbia Afro-Asiatic, Chadic?Nigeria 4 Hindi Indo-European, Indo-Iranian182,000,000Northern India 5 Tzotzil Mayan, Cholan-Tzeltalan265,000Mexico 6 Ainu (language isolate)15Hokkaidô (Japan) 7 Alamblak Sepik-Ramu, Sepik1,500Papua New Guinea 8 Nahuatl Uto-Aztecan, Southern Uto-Aztecan1,377,000Mexico 9 Malagasy Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian10,156,900Madagascar 10 Yoruba Niger-Congo, Atlantic-Congo20,000,000Nigeria, Benin 11 Welsh (Traditional) (new)Indo-European, Celtic580,000Wales (U.K.) 12 Breton Indo-European, Celtic500,000Brittany (France) 13 Manx Indo-European, Celtic0Isle of Man (U.K., extinct) 14 Scots Gaelic Indo-European, Celtic94,000Scotland (U.K.) 15 Georgian South Caucasian, Georgian4,103,000Georgia 16 Danish Indo-European, Germanic5,292,000Denmark 17 Javanese Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian75,500,800Java (Indonesia) 18 Latin Indo-European, Italic0Italy (extinct) 19 French Indo-European, Italic72,000,000France 20 Zulu Niger-Congo, Atlantic-Congo9,142,000South Africa 21 Basque Basque580,000Basque (France, Spain) 22 Arabic Afro-Asiatic, Semitic0West Asia, North Africa (ancient) 23 Ganda Niger-Congo, Atlantic-Congo3,025,440Uganda 24 Maltese Afro-Asiatic, Semitic370,000Malta 25 Assyrian Afro-Asiatic, Semitic217,000Iraq 26 Kurmanji Indo-European, Indo-Iranian7,000,000Turkey 27 Dutch Indo-European, Germanic20,000,000Netherlands 28 German Indo-European, Germanic98,000,000Germany 29 Swahili Niger-Congo, Atlantic-Congo5,000,000Kenya, Tanzania 30 Ojibwa Algic, Algonquian50,000Canada, U.S. 31 Italian Indo-European, Italic37,000,000Italy 32 Spanish Indo-European, Italic332,000,000Spain, Latin America 33 Swiss French Indo-European, Italic1,272,000Switzerland 34 Tigrinya Afro-Asiatic, Semitic6,060,000Eritrea, Ethiopia 35 Turkish Altaic, Turkic59,000,000Turkey 36 Balkan Romani Indo-European, Indo-Iranian1,000,000Former Yugoslavia 37 Hungarian Uralic, Finno-Ugric14,500,000Hungary 38 Tagalog Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian17,000,000Philippines 39 Polari (unclassified)0U.K.

Keywords: austronesian, guinea, ancient, china, japanese

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Facebook tracks all calls and messages on Android

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Cow Game Extracted Facebook Data

Summary: But lawmakers whiffed on striking agreements on two of their biggest priorities of the last six months: stabilizing the individual health insurance markets under the Affordable Care Act and resolving the status of young undocumented immigrants protected under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

Keywords: facebook, data, app, user, cow

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A Visiting Star Jostled Our Solar System 70,000 Years Ago

Summary: Eric Mamajek, the lead author of the 2015 study, said the new paper is solid, and that it was written by “some of the world’s experts on dynamics in the Solar System.” He said stars pass through the Sun’s Oort Cloud fairly regularly on geologic timescales involving millions of years.

Keywords: star, objects, scholz, sun, cloud

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Show HN: Transfer files to mobile device by scanning a QR code from the terminal

Summary: The choice will be remembered and you will never be prompted again, unless you pass the -force argument, or delete the .qr-filetransfer.json file that the program stores in the home directory of current user.

Keywords: mar, transfer, wifi, qr, network

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Video suggests huge problems with Uber’s driverless car program

Summary: “One of my big concerns about this incident is that people are going to conflate an on-the-spot binary assignment of fault with a broader evaluation of the performance of the automated driving system, the safety driver, and Uber’s testing program generally,” said Bryant Walker Smith, a law professor at the University of South Carolina.

Keywords: uber, car, driver, vehicle, cars

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Hedge-fund managers that do the most research will post the best returns

Summary: A February 2018 study by Yale and AQR found that hedge funds trade more aggressively — and more profitably — in stocks with less sell-side analyst coverage, when greater information asymmetry benefits sophisticated investors.

Keywords: information, funds, public, hedge, sec

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BMW says electric car mass production not viable until 2020

Summary: FRANKFURT (Reuters) - BMW ( BMWG.DE ) will not mass produce electric cars until 2020 because its current technology is not profitable enough to scale up for volume production, the chief executive said on Thursday.

Keywords: bmw, electric, battery, technology, production

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The Myth of Authenticity Is Killing Tex-Mex

Summary: The technique and history behind this exalted hunk of beef ( Institutional Meat Purchase Specification 120 , to be precise, a boneless cut from a cow’s pectoral muscle) encompasses so much of what it means to eat well in Texas — and that narrative has been bought wholesale not just by outsiders, but by Texans themselves.

Keywords: texas, food, barbecue, taco, mexican

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Using Technical Debt in Your Favor

Summary: It’s impossible to know what a good design is unless you know all the requirements For the purpose of this post, let’s call a “task” anything that can drive you to write code to solve a problem, either in a micro or macro level.

Keywords: design, technical, code, debt, arrow

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A Q&A with Mark Zuckerberg About Data Privacy

Summary: Even if you solve the problem going forward, there’s still this issue of: Are there other Cambridge Analyticas out there, or other Kogans who, when the platform worked a certain way in the past, were there apps which could have gotten access to more information, and potentially sold it without us knowing, or done something that violated people’s trust?

Keywords: people, data, facebook, make, important

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Facebook was warned in 2011 of data loopholes exploited by Cambridge Analytica

Summary: VIENNA – Facebook was warned in 2011 of the loopholes exploited by U.K. data firm Cambridge Analytica (CA) but said it saw no need to change its policies, an Austrian privacy campaigner said on Wednesday.

Keywords: data, facebook, schrems, protection, ca

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Exploring Word2Vec

Summary: The purpose of this post is to explore one of the most widely used word representations in the natural language processing industry today.Word2Vec was created by a team of researchers led by Tomas Mikolov at Google.

Keywords: word, vector, context, words, layer

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Trump Hits China With Stiff Trade Measures

Summary: Mr. Trump’s announcement was welcomed by a leading Democratic trade hawk in the Senate, Sherrod Brown of Ohio, who said the tariffs were a first step toward a comprehensive response to China that should also include increased screening of foreign investment in the United States to ensure it does not hurt American jobs.

Keywords: china, trade, tariffs, goods, chinese

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NLP with spaCy

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Understanding CPU port contention

Summary: I continue writing about performance of the processors and today I want to show some examples of issues that can arise in the CPU backend.

Keywords: loads, cycles, instructions, port, ports

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Telegram: 200M Monthly Active Users

Summary: Since the day we launched in August 2013 we haven’t disclosed a single byte of our users’ private data to third parties.

Keywords: telegram, people, users, app, freedom

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The Declining Value of a CS Master’s Degree

Summary: Whereas MS degrees used to be a means for departments to begin vetting future PhD students, I believe that the purpose has, in some ways, shifted to be a cash cow for the university in question.

Keywords: ms, students, february, program, march

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Intel’s Chipped Chips

Summary: The damaged chip would simply be tested, stamped ‘ CS ‘ and stuck in a kit, ths saving Intel money and keeping a working processor from being wasted.

Keywords: intel, processor, kit, university, chips

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Next-Gen Display: MicroLEDs

Summary: Though it’s difficult to see microLEDs being practical for screens much bigger than smartphones, there are plenty of smaller displays that desperately need brightness and efficiency, especially for smart watches and augmented-reality systems.

Keywords: display, displays, microled, plessey, apple

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Steinhaus Longimeter

Summary: The longimeter, invented by Hugo Steinhaus, is a device for measuring the length of a curve drawn on paper.

Keywords: longimeter, curve, steinhaus, grid, length

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Data on 1.2M Facebook users from 2005 (2011) [use url in thread]

Summary: Last week, a Facebook dataset was released by a group of researchers (Amanda L. Traud, Peter J. Mucha, Mason A. Porter) in connection with their paper studying the role of user attributes – gender, class year, major, high school, and residence – on social network formations at various colleges and universities.

Keywords: data, facebook, researchers, information, users

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Google Chrome’s next update will finally block autoplay videos that have sound

Summary: These changes were originally scheduled for Chrome 64 , which arrived in January with an option to permanently mute annoying websites that abuse autoplay videos with the sound on by default.

Keywords: sound, autoplay, chrome, videos, google

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In field tests, device harvests water from desert air

Summary: By running a test device on a rooftop at Arizona State University in Tempe, Wang says, the team “was field-testing in a place that’s representative of these arid areas, and showed that we can actually harvest the water, even in subzero dewpoints.”

Keywords: water, system, work, wang, air

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SCL – A Very British Coup

Summary: Liam O Hare on the deep connections between Cambridge Analytica’s parent company Strategic Communication Laboratories (SCL Group) and the Conservative Party and military establishment, ‘Board members include an array of Lords, Tory donors, ex-British army officers and defense contractors.

Keywords: scl, british, analytica, cambridge, conservative

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Zuckerberg Breaks Silence on Facebook Crisis as Criticism Grows

Summary: Facebook Inc. CEO Mark Zuckerberg broke his silence on the crisis over political-advertising firm Cambridge Analytica’s access to user data on the social network, outlining concrete steps the company is taking to make sure such a leak doesn’t happen again.

Keywords: facebook, zuckerberg, company, information, post

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Facebook cannot act in your best interest

Summary: So it is in Facebook’s interest to maintain their existing density of advertisements, and instead have users spend more time on it.

Keywords: facebook, advertisements, users, show, time

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Show HN: Asynchronous HTTP/2 client for Python 2.7

Summary: For a minimal set of “integration tests”, a Go web server is included in test_server that simply echoes back what it receives.

Keywords: setup, nov, tests, run, python

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The Red Wedding Problem: Write Spikes at the Edge and a Mitigation Strategy [pdf]

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MIT’s Soft Robotic Fish Explores Reefs in Fiji

Summary: SoFi, MIT’s soft robotic fish, is designed to provide close-range, minimally disruptive observations of all the fascinating and adorable animals that live underwater.

Keywords: fish, sofi, mit, animals, underwater

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Cloudflare CEO: Why we’re switching to ARM-based servers

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It certainly looks bad for Uber

Summary: I don’t think a vehicle should have failed in so simple a way as this, but most of these cars in testing still get software crashes which shut them down entirely on a fairly frequent basis, and the safety drivers take over safely.

Keywords: uber, safety, lidar, cars, driver

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Zuckerberg and Sandberg can’t be trusted to handle data leak fallout

Summary: Facebook’s top executives can’t be trusted to handle the social media company’s data leak fallout, CNBC’s Jim Cramer says.

Keywords: social, data, cramer, handle, trusted

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Efficient Recurrent Neural Networks using Structured Matrices in FPGAs

Summary: Experimental results on actual FPGA deployments shows that the proposed framework achieves a maximum energy efficiency improvement of 35.7$\times$ compared with ESE.

Keywords: mar, rnns, efficiency, neural, degradation

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Riot, Blizzard, Twitch and others are teaming up to fight toxic gaming behavior

Summary: We’ve learned a lot.” She added that Riot’s player behavior team, once among the more prominent voices in this discussion, stepped back from the public eye a couple years ago because they realized that their own efforts weren’t quite hitting the mark.

Keywords: voll, online, fair, play, alliance

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The problem with Facebook

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Now would be a good time for Mark Zuckerberg to resign

Summary: The laser-based Aquila internet glider is a wonderful science project but strikes me as something of a Spruce Goose situation: Underserved communities would be served better by, off the top of my head, grants offsetting large broadband providers’ advantages in infrastructure contracts, or just paying for laying fiber or building towers.

Keywords: facebook, failed, attempts, zuckerberg, platform

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Hacking Engineers and Engineering Media

Summary: A surprising number of people with little subject matter expertise have strong opinions on highly technical topics Why is the media distributor (social network, news organization) putting this piece of content in front of me?

Keywords: content, media, social, news, side

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Logging in large mathematical models

Summary: You can’t simply write a large numeric array to a text file: neither a human nor a computer can easily read that.

Keywords: diag, diags, large, values, inputs

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At the Mars conference, Jeff Bezos Hosted Roboticists, Astronauts and more

Summary: The reporter, Jack Nicas, left, with the robotics pioneer Takeo Kanade.CreditJack Nicas/The New York TimesOn Tuesday at about 5:45 a.m., more than a dozen attendees gathered onone lawn and craned their necks toward the sky, looking for the Humanity Star , a satellite covered in mirrors that one of them, Peter Beck, had launched into orbit.

Keywords: bezos, york, attendees, space, mars

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EFF and 23 Groups Tell Congress to Oppose the CLOUD Act

Summary: This week, Senators Hatch, Graham, Coons, and Whitehouse introduced a bill that diminishes the data privacy of people around the world.

Keywords: data, privacy, consumer, european, bill

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Atlanta city government systems down due to ransomware attack

Summary: According to a report from Atlanta NBC affiliate WXIA , a city employee sent the station a screen shot of a ransomware message demanding a payment of $6,800 to unlock each computer or $51,000 to provide all the keys for affected systems.

Keywords: city, atlanta, ransomware, spokesperson, message

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Alan Kay’s: Why is FP seen as the opposite of OOP rather than an addition?

Summary: cf McCarthy “Situations, Actions, and Causal Laws” Stanford, 1963 prompted by Marvin Minsky for “Symbolic Information Processing”.

Keywords: john, time, computation, systems, histories

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Genetic analysis of tiny mummified skeleton from the Atacama Desert

Summary: Antonio Salas Ellacuriaga, a geneticist at the University of Santiago de Compostela in Spain who was not involved in the new study, called it “a very beautiful example of how genomics can help to disentangle an anthropological and archaeological dilemma.”

Keywords: ata, dna, mutations, skeleton, study

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Where to Score: Classified Ads from Haight-Ashbury

Summary: Produced in Haight-Ashbury, with contributions by Bruce Conner, Rick Griffin, and Allen Ginsberg, among others, the underground newspaper became exceedingly popular among counterculture communities.

Keywords: oracle, san, francisco, jordan, score

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Walmart Launches Small Army of Autonomous Scanning Robots

Summary: Martin Hitch is the chief business officer at Bossanova, the San Francisco company that made the robot.

Keywords: robot, walmart, espinoza, job, sees

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Blazor 0.1.0 released: web apps in the browser with .NET and WebAssembly

Summary: In this release we’ve laid the ground work for the Blazor component model and added other foundational features, like routing, dependency injection, and JavaScript interop.

Keywords: component, blazor, app, page, project

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Why we still can’t stop plagiarism in undergraduate computer science

Summary: And like any other form of anonymous online abuse, repeatedly reading personal attacks and other vitriol about yourself as part of your job carries a large mental health cost.

Keywords: plagiarism, students, cases, time, software

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