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Fred’s ImageMagick Scripts

Summary: It supplements the description of the following scripts below with more mathematical detail: spectrum, fftconvol, fftdeconvol, fftfilter, cepstrum, camerablur, cameradeblur, normcrosscorr and notch.

Keywords: image, modified, applies, september, effect

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Look for the duct tape

Summary: Next I tried to pop up a level to give a general tenet instead of just a laundry list of dumb things I had worked around, and looking around at the public furniture in the town square, it came to me: look for the duct tape.

Keywords: things, duct, tape, system, tools

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TLS 1.3 approved

Summary: A URL of this Internet Draft is: Technical Summary This document specifies version 1.3 of the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol.

Keywords: tls, document, registry, protocol, future

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Sex Workers Say Porn on Google Drive Is Suddenly Disappearing

Summary: Then it happened to me.” She said she tried to send a video to a client that she’d successfully sent to one other person before, but this time, she received an error message, saying that the item may violate Google’s Terms of Service, with a link to request a review.

Keywords: google, drive, content, adult, told

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Is Facebook Really Scarier Than Google?

Summary: Fil Menczer, Professor of Informatics and Computer Science at Indiana University, told Nautilus , in a discussion about his work on fake news , that the algorithms used on social media platforms, like Facebook, bias our decision-making in ways that exploit our socio-cognitive biases—but search engines like Google aren’t entirely innocent .

Keywords: facebook, google, social, chollet, posted

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Facebook was warned about app permissions in 2011

Summary: We also asked why Facebook users should trust Zuckerberg’s claim, also made in the CNN interview, that it’s now ‘open to being regulated’ — when its historical playbook is packed with examples of the polar opposite behavior, including ongoing attempts to circumvent existing EU privacy rules .

Keywords: data, facebook, made, app, analytica

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Managing database schema changes without downtime

Summary: This lack of information, especially, not knowing when stuff ran makes creating clean systems for dealing with schema changes hard to build.

Keywords: migrations, schema, run, migration, column

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New research suggests new ways to nurture gifted children

Summary: But as Stuart Ritchie of the University of Edinburgh points out in “Intelligence”, researchers in cognitive science agree that general intelligence—not book-learning but the ability to reason, plan, solve problems, think abstractly and so on—is an identifiable and important attribute which can be measured by IQ tests.

Keywords: children, tests, university, gifted, intelligence

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Fediverse – Federated social networks running on free open software

Summary: Socialhome Federated personal profile with social networking functionality, suitable for image based content

Keywords: social, platform, networking, hubzilla, free

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Thunderbird 52.7.0 released

Summary: Fixed Better error handling for Yahoo accounts

Keywords: fixed, filter, message, windows, mac

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DIY makers who build their own watches

Summary: He started reading forums, researching tools and materials, and checking out where parts could be acquired, such as cases, dials, hands, strap and movement.

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Show HN: Tech Companies That Won’t Delete Your Information

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Facebook tracks your private calls

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Justice Dept. Revives Push to Mandate a Way to Unlock Phones

Summary: Craig Federighi, the senior vice president of software engineering at Apple, stressed the importance of strengthening — not weakening — security protections for products like the iPhone.Credit Ralph Orlowski/Reuters According to several people familiar with the new round of deliberations, those three men have been participating in a series of workshops convened at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology by Daniel Weitzner , a computer science professor.

Keywords: security, data, access, problem, devices

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Cluster and app management services in Docker Cloud are shutting down on May 21

Summary: Estimated reading time: 1 minute Important Cluster and application management services in Docker Cloud are shutting down on May 21.

Keywords: docker, cloud, applications, manage, platform

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Summary: But by affirming the jury’s verdict, the majority implicitly draws the line between protectable and unprotectable expression “so broadly that future authors, composers and artists will find a diminished store of ideas on which to build their works.” Oravec v. Sunny Isles Luxury Ventures, L.C., 527 F.3d 1218, 1225 (11th Cir.

Keywords: copyright, majority, court, ruling, give

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The Bitter Truth of Learning: It’s Tough, Unpleasant, and Often Pointless

Summary: There were several answers of varying depth, but Ryan Budney’s response (actually there were two; one being more accessible) was the most comprehensive, which goes to great lengths explaining the underlying mathematics.

Keywords: learning, things, ideas, fun, deep

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Newsgroups and the Internet Archive: I Made a Difference

Summary: All I had to do was download all newsgroup postings and index them.Well I wrote some Python code which did multiple threads, and got a Giganews Diamond account which allowed a lot of threads and unlimited downloads.

Keywords: newsgroup, drive, index, search, download

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Problems coming for online publishing

Summary: I think the best push-back I got there came from Esteban Kolsky , ( @ekolsky ) who (as I recall anyway) saw less than full moral equivalence between what Facebook and Cambridge Analytica did to screw with democracy and what the New York Times and other ad-supported pubs do by baring the necks of their readers to dozens of data vampires.

Keywords: data, readers, facebook, personal, publishers

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How Calls for Privacy May Upend Business for Facebook and Google

Summary: There are other avenues still, said Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, the chief marketing officer of Mozilla, the nonprofit organization behind the popular Firefox browser, including advertisers and large tech platforms collecting vastly less user data and still effectively customizing ads to consumers.

Keywords: data, privacy, facebook, consumers, people

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Hollywood’s support For SESTA is about filtering the Internet

Summary: “Any start-up has access to low cost and virtually unlimited computing power and to advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and filtering software,” wrote Oracle Senior VP Kenneth Glueck.

Keywords: hollywood, internet, sesta, letter, copyright

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Leaked email shows how Cambridge Analytica and Facebook first responded in 2015

Summary: Wylie has said he “made Steve Bannon’s psychological warfare tool,” referring to Trump’s former chief strategist’s involvement with the group, backed by the GOP megadonor Robert Mercer and his family.

Keywords: facebook, cambridge, analytica, data, wrote

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How Bangladesh vanquished diarrhoea

Summary: Bangladesh has a thriving boring industry—teams of men who will drill tube wells dozens or hundreds of feet deep, depending on the height of the water table and levels of arsenic in the area.

Keywords: bangladesh, people, water, trishal, pumps

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Post-SESTA/FOSTA Self-Censoring for Twitter, Reddit, and Other Social Media

Summary: They use tracking cookies, among other methods, to build insanely complex “advertising profiles”—basically, repositories of personal information that link you, geolocations to do with you, websites you visit, etc, all together.

Keywords: tweets, reddit, delete, ll, file

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The New Law That Killed Craigslist’s Personals Could End the Web as We’ve Known

Summary: What it will do is create “an enormous chilling effect on speech in America,” as sites move to squelch anything remotely related to a liability and “powerful political” forces weaponize it against minority voices.

Keywords: sex, fosta, trafficking, prostitution, craigslist

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Cambridge Analytica raided by UK data watchdog

Summary: The UK’s data watchdog, the ICO, finally obtained a warrant to enter and search the offices of Cambridge Analytica late Friday — carrying out an evidence gathering sweep of the company into the small hours of Saturday morning.

Keywords: data, facebook, ca, ico, political

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Our suite of Ethereum security tools

Summary: To build a secure Ethereum codebase: get familiar with known mistakes to avoid, run a static analysis on every new checkin of code, fuzz new features, and verify your final product with symbolic execution.

Keywords: evm, contract, code, manticore, tools

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The Eccentric Lives of Steinhaus, Banach and Ulam (2014)

Summary: New York based sociologist Susan H. Case, a survivor of the attacks on the World Trade Center wrote one volume of poems in which she compares the devastation caused by 911 to the end of the Lviv School.

Keywords: banach, lviv, war, time, scottish

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The peculiarities of the US financial system make it ideal for money laundering

Summary: In one undercover operation publicized by 60 Minutes , journalists approached American lawyers to set up companies to hide assets in the US “without detection” on behalf of a fictitious African minister who had mysteriously accumulated millions of dollars.

Keywords: money, shell, companies, corporations, criminal

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Publish on Your Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere

Summary: (also to Google Buzz til it shutdown) note (and article titles), reply , RSVP posts are snowflake copied by the personal site server to Twitter with permashortlink citation links/references (see Whistle for details) back to the original.

Keywords: posse, content, twitter, site, services

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What Could You Build with Just $10,000?

Summary: Rather than sinking sums into dubious digital ads, he struck partnerships with prominent influencers and offered them an ongoing royalty structure that would pay out every month that a subscription stayed active.

Keywords: startups, business, capital, sales, dollars

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Squared Digit Sum

Summary: For a proof that the claim is true in general, see “A Set of Eight Numbers” by Arthur Porges, The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol.

Keywords: values, cycle, numbers, claim, code

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US Military Scientists Generate Voices Remotely via Laser

Summary: The underlying science is sound, though, and it’s very possible that American troops might find themselves literally firing off balls of plasma full of warnings, instructions, among other effects, to protesters, other forces, or even enemy personnel sometime in the next decade.

Keywords: system, military, lasers, effects, range

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Powerful flare from star Proxima Centauri detected with ALMA

Summary: An earlier paper that also used the same ALMA data interpreted its average brightness, which included the light output of both the star and the flare together, as being caused by multiple disks of dust encircling Proxima Centauri, not unlike our own solar system’s asteroid and Kuiper belts.

Keywords: proxima, science, alma, flare, national

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Group Normalization

Summary: This limits BN’s usage for training larger models and transferring features to computer vision tasks including detection, segmentation, and video, which require small batches constrained by memory consumption.

Keywords: gn, batch, bn, normalization, group

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Seattle’s New Normal: Homelessness Is Now Middle Class

Summary: The upshot: something about you (poor mental abilities, genetic corruptions, culture of poverty, cosmic bad luck), and not the system itself, is responsible for your exclusion from this massive and easily accessible middle class.

Keywords: class, middle, dog, driver, lyft

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A Short History of Women at Los Alamos National Laboratory

Summary: Other female Lab Fellows include Michelle Thomsen (1997), Merri Wood-Schultz (2001), Bette Korber (2002), Carol Burns (2003), Jane Nordholt (2006), Joyce Guzik (2006), Antoinette Taylor (2009), Brenda Dingus (2011), Cheryl Kuske (2013), Jaqueline Kiplinger (2014) and Jennifer Hollingsworth (2016).

Keywords: women, los, alamos, laboratory, lab

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NASA’s Curiosity Rover Just Spent Its 2,000th Day on Mars

Summary: Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS This week, NASA’s nuclear-powered rover celebrated its 2,000th Martian day (or Sol) on the Red Planet, but don’t expect a pit stop any time soon.

Keywords: curiosity, rover, nasa, mars, sharp

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Economists See Merit in Trump’s Trade Case Against China

Summary: Even free traders and internationalists agree China’s predatory trade practices—which include forcing U.S. business to transfer valuable technology to Chinese firms and restricting access to Chinese markets—are undermining both its partners and the trading system.

Keywords: china, trade, started, chinese, trump

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How organised crime took over Russia

Summary: Vastly expensive (the largest cost upwards of $250,000, at a time when the average wage was close to a dollar a day) and stupendously tacky , these monuments showed the dead with the spoils of their criminal lives: the Mercedes, the designer suit, the heavy gold chain.

Keywords: russian, crime, organised, russia, police

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Tim Cook wants ‘well-crafted’ privacy regulations after latest Facebook scandal

Summary: Cook making these statements in China might raise some eyebrows, as Apple recently handed over control of Chinese iCloud accounts to China-based data servers to comply with local law.

Keywords: cook, facebook, china, people, didn

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How Laissez-Faire Made Sweden Rich (2013)

Summary: That goes for Nils von Rosenstein, an enlightenment proponent who led the Swedish Academy; and the famous poet Johan Henrik Kellgren, who attacked religious mysticism and conservatives in his plays and poems, and explained why the market should be liberalized in economic essays.

Keywords: sweden, government, swedish, liberal, people

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Is Ada a failed language?

Summary: Improving the tooling support requires a tremendous effort from all members of the Ada community (and I think AdaCore ’s dedication to broaden their presence on Github is a great move!).

Keywords: ada, language, support, programming, licensing

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Gallup Study Shows Well-Being in Decline Across America

Summary: It examines how people feel in their day-to-day lives across key dimensions of well-being, including physical health and wellness; having supportive personal and family relationships; financial and economic security; having a sense of purpose; and connection to one’s community.

Keywords: states, happiness, state, america, levels

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Group Opposing Sex Work Gave Money to Prosecutors: Got Stings Against Johns

Summary: A legal scholar interviewed by The Intercept said he thinks that by calling consensual prostitution “trafficking,” the prosecutors’ behavior doesn’t only appear to violate those rules of professional conduct, subsequently hurting the right of the accused to a fair trial.

Keywords: sex, demand, abolition, county, prosecutors

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For the U.S. And China, a Technology Cold War That’s Freezing Over

Summary: The Electro Acoustic Center at Qualcomm’s headquarters in La Jolla, Calif. President Trump recently blocked a hostile takeover bid by Broadcom to buy Qualcomm.Credit Graham Walzer for The New York Times “The U.S. and China have so intertwined their science and technology systems through trade and investment and cooperative research — but see each other, and continue to see each other, as strategic competitors and adversaries,” said Adam Segal, a tech and security expert at the Council on Foreign Relations.

Keywords: china, chinese, american, tech, qualcomm

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Cloth: ClojureScript and Clojure library for interacting with Ethereum

Summary: Since it’s still fairly early API is likely to change a lot in particular with regular clojure support.

Keywords: signer, clojure, namespace, code, signers

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GhostMiner: Cryptomining Malware Goes Fileless

Summary: In the past, malware researchers such as Xavier Mertens ( @xme ) suggested that defenders can use scripts similar to the “competitors killer” we’ve found as an IOC list to detect systems compromised by malicious miners.

Keywords: miners, miner, malicious, mining, task

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