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Facebook Container Extension: Take control of how you’re being tracked

Summary: Rather than stop using a service you find valuable and miss out on those adorable photos of your nephew, we think you should have tools to limit what data others can collect about you.

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Oracle Wins Revival of Billion-Dollar Case Against Google

Summary: The damages are likely to be hotly contested, with Oracle wanting more than the $8.8 billion it sought at the trial, and Google arguing the value is minimal, said lawyer Ping Hu, who heads the intellectual property group at Mirick O’Connell in Boston.

Keywords: google, oracle, court, federal, java

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I usually run ‘w’ first when troubleshooting unknown machines

Summary: I’ve found that grepping for “accepted cert” is a great way to look for prior ssh connections (possibly for interactive logins) while discarding a bunch of other stuff that’s relatively uninteresting.

Keywords: box, things, ssh, command, make

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Palantir worked with Cambridge Analytica on the Facebook data it acquired

Summary: Palantir allegedly worked with Cambridge Analytica, the firm at the center of a controversy involving data harvested from Facebook users, according to whistleblower Christopher Wylie.

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Windows 7 patch for Meltdown enabled arbitrary reads and writes in kernel memory

Summary: Unprivileged applications being able to read kernel memory at speeds possibly as high as megabytes per second was not a good thing.Meet the Windows 7 Meltdown patch from January.

Keywords: memory, windows, process, page, system

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How I Erased Facebook Comments and Likes

Summary: My tools of the trade are typically .NET framework based, and I am also not an expert at Javascript, so I fired up Visual Studio, created a new empty project, and dropped a standard WebBrowser control on a blank form.

Keywords: facebook, activity, links, delete, code

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Logs in High Sierra Show Plaintext Password for APFS Encrypted External Volumes

Summary: It may not be noticeable at first (apart from the highlighting I’ve added of course), but the text “frogger13” is the password I used on a newly created APFS formatted FileVault Encrypted USB drive with the volume name “SEKRET”.

Keywords: apfs, logs, encrypted, testing, drive

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Foxconn buys Belkin for $866M

Summary: Belkin’s CEO and founder (35 years on), Chet Pipkin, will continue to operate the company as a wholly owned subsidiary and may join FIT’s management team.

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To Change Habits, Try Replacement Instead

Summary: Research shows that “ thought suppression has counterproductive effects on behaviors .” If you’ve ever desperately told yourself not to scratch that mosquito bite or buy another cactus on Amazon, I’m sure this comes as no surprise.

Keywords: resist, resisting, urge, drink, reading

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We’re building a dystopia just to make people click on ads (2017) [video]

Summary: 1,976,533 views • 22:55

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Arizona Government Suspends Uber’s Self Driving Cars from Roads

Summary: Doug Ducey suspended Uber ’s self-driving vehicle testing privileges Monday in the wake of a pedestrian fatality in a Phoenix suburb last week.

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How Facebook Helps Shady Advertisers Pollute the Internet

Summary: “We require all employees to follow our code of conduct and act in the best interest of both people and advertisers on Facebook.” In February 2017, the company hired Leathern, a 43-year-old South African ad startup founder, who’d drawn attention for writing a series of online posts about what he described as “subprime ads.” His work for Facebook has progressed amid unceasing criticism that the social network is helping create a society in which little can be trusted—a fever that reached a new intensity with the disclosure that a Trump-connected consulting firm, Cambridge Analytica, acquired the data of 50 million users without their permission.

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Google Cloud Text-To-Speech Powered by DeepMind WaveNet Technology

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Waymo teams up with Jaguar to intro a new, premium self-driving car

Summary: This is the sixth model in Waymo’s lineup, including a small car, an SUV, a firefly prototype, a minivan (the Pacifica we’re all familiar with) and a semi-truck for operations.

Keywords: waymo, public, car, krafcik, uber

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Fast, Safe, and Complete(ish) Web Service in Rust

Summary: The SyncArbiter abstraction is provided to easily start a number of copies of one type of actor, each sharing a message queue so that it’s easy to send work to the set (referenced as addr below):

Keywords: rust, http, synchronous, fast, language

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Apple SIM

Summary: Apple SIM allows you to choose from a variety of plans offered by several U.S. carriers.

Keywords: choose, plans, provider, variety, sim

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It’s not just Facebook. Thousands of companies are spying on you

Summary: Surveillance capitalism is deeply embedded in our increasingly computerized society, and if the extent of it came to light there would be broad demands for limits and regulation.

Keywords: data, companies, surveillance, facebook, personal

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Facebook’s Zuckerberg Says the Age of Privacy Is Over (2010)

Summary: That users actually want to share openly, with the world at large, and incidentally (as Facebook’s Director of Public Policy Barry Schnitt told me in December) that it’s time for increased pageviews and advertising revenue, too.

Keywords: facebook, people, privacy, social, information

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Storyboarder: free, cross-platform storyboard tool

Summary: You can also export a contact sheet of your boards as a PDF, and an Animated GIF – perfect for sharing and collaboration.

Keywords: drawing, tools, fast, sensitive, incredibly

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Lockheed Martin has obtained a patent for a compact fusion reactor

Summary: This could also translate to persistent surveillance over broad areas where it might otherwise be difficult to monitor things by air, such as in the vast expanses of the Pacific Ocean , more or less indefinitely, which could be useful for tasks range from tracking potential enemy movements to observing changes in animal populations or water temperature.

Keywords: reactor, fusion, mcguire, system, martin

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Facebook’s Zuckerberg will not appear before British MPs

Summary: Mr Collins, the chairman of the Department for Culture Media and Sport select committee, said: “Given the extraordinary evidence that we’ve heard so far today… it is absolutely astonishing that Mark Zuckerberg is not prepared to submit himself to questioning.

Keywords: cambridge, analytica, mr, company, data

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‘The Gig Economy’ Is the New Term for Serfdom

Summary: Don’t be fooled by the elites’ skillful public relations campaigns—we are watching Mark Zuckerberg, whose net worth is $64.1 billion, mount a massive propaganda effort against charges that he and Facebook are focused on exploiting and selling our personal information—or by the fawning news celebrities on corporate media who act as courtiers and apologists for the oligarchs.

Keywords: drivers, uber, cab, yellow, city

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Uber disabled Volvo SUV’s safety system before fatality

Summary: “The video released by the police seems to demonstrate that even the most basic building block of an autonomous vehicle system, the ability to detect and classify objects, is a challenging task,” Mobileye Chief Executive Officer Amnon Shashua wrote on Intel’s website.

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Show HN: HN Domain Leaderboard

Summary: {{ columnNames[header] }} {{ index + 1 }}.

Keywords: domain, column, pts, columnnames, header

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The original pitch for Diablo (1994) [pdf]

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Announcing the Second Edition of “Refactoring”

Summary: ECMAScript 2015 (ES6) introduced a rather good class model, which makes many object-oriented refactorings much easier to express, but still has annoying holes that are built into the fabric of the language from its earliest days.

Keywords: book, refactoring, code, web, language

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Atomically thin LED opens the possibility for invisible displays

Summary: The new work in Nature Communications overcame fundamental barriers in utilizing LED technology on monolayer semiconductors, allowing for such devices to be scaled from sizes smaller than the width of a human hair up to several millimeters.

Keywords: device, light, monolayer, emitting, researchers

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Facebook Goes on a Hiring Spree for Washington Lobbyists

Summary: In the days last fall before Facebook officials were called in to testify on the Russian campaign meddling, the company hired three lobbyists to work on issues that included online advertising and election integrity, according to federal disclosures.

Keywords: company, facebook, data, briefings, zuckerberg

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Update on Async Rendering

Summary: The primary purpose of the upcoming version 16.3 release is to enable open source project maintainers to update their libraries in advance of any deprecation warnings.

Keywords: lifecycle, react, component, rendering, lifecycles

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NASA reveals delay for Hubble successor

Summary: NASA announced the delay on 27 March, saying that engineers needed more time to assemble and test the components of the spacecraft at its main contractor, Northrop Grumman in Redondo Beach, California.

Keywords: nasa, jwst, wfirst, space, project

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Learning to write programs that generate images

Summary: This work was done by Yaroslav Ganin, Tejas Kulkarni, Igor Babuschkin, S. M. Ali Eslami and Oriol Vinyals, with thanks to Oleg Sushkov, David Barker, Matej Vecerik and Jon Scholz for their help with the robot.

Keywords: agent, images, discriminator, brush, trained

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V8 release v6.6

Summary: Warm load : Chrome remembers that the web page was already visited and can retrieve certain assets (e.g. images and script source files) from the cache.

Keywords: code, functions, chrome, async, load

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GIMP 2.10.0 Release Candidate 1 Released

Summary: String freeze has started and GIMP has received updates from: Basque, Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Chinese (Taiwan), Danish, Esperanto, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish.

Keywords: gimp, release, work, color, gegl

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Dark Patterns, the Ratchet

Summary: A good chunk of the consent forms is missing that second option, your only alternative is to figure out how to close the damn dialog without accidentally clicking the button.

Keywords: consent, ratchet, privacy, give, option

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Ibn Battuta and his adventure

Summary: Written in the conventional literary style of the time, Ibn Battuta’s Rihla is a comprehensive survey of the personalities, places, governments, customs, and curiosities of the Muslim world in the second quarter of the fourteenth century.

Keywords: ibn, battuta, journey, time, muslim

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FedEx reserves 20 Tesla Semi all-electric big rig trucks

Summary: FedEx Freight CEO Mike Ducker said in a statement that the company’s investment in this initial reservation is part of its overall efforts to reduce its impact on the environment, however, so it seems likely if this works out it could commit to more.

Keywords: fedex, tesla, initial, trucks, order

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Show HN: Launched my first app where people hum songs for others to guess

Summary: Pre-ordered Free

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Stratechery 4.0

Summary: For now, though, I hope you enjoy the new site: explore the Concepts , Companies , Topics , and play with Search , and do let me know (via Member forum or email, not Twitter) if you find any bugs.

Keywords: stratechery, search, company, page, articles

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Monero Is Less Untraceable Than It Seems

Summary: As discerning dark web drug dealers and pseudonymous hackers have figured that Bitcoin is not magically private money, many have turned to Monero , a digital coin that promises a far higher degree of anonymity and untraceability baked into its design.

Keywords: monero, privacy, transactions, coin, researchers

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Newly-discovered human organ may help explain how cancer spreads

Summary: This organ was likely never seen before because standard approaches for processing and visualising human tissue causes the channels to drain, and the collagen fibres that give the network its structure to collapse in on themselves.

Keywords: channels, theise, tissue, organ, body

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Valve to open source ‘GameNetworkingSockets’ for developers, Steam not required

Summary: This is something we’ve seen lately, with GOG games not having a Linux version due to this very reason like Serious Sam’s Bogus Detour and Heroes of Hammerwatch as two quick examples of this, so it’s quite exciting to hear about.

Keywords: version, steam, protocol, wo, developers

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Lax regulation made it cheaper for China to outsource pork production to the US

Summary: To keep swine alive in overcrowded hothouses, where diseases spread rapidly, pigs are treated with antibiotics, vaccines and insecticides, all of which eventually pass into the lagoons, which have been found to contain toxic chemicals, nitrates, parasites, viruses and more than a hundred strands of antibiotic-resistant microbes, including salmonella, streptococci and giardia.

Keywords: hog, north, smithfield, carolina, farms

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New Leadership Has Not Changed Uber

Summary: Andrew Cuomo of New York, has called for all Ubers, Lyfts and taxis to be outfitted with GPS technology to track congestion and to charge a fee on for-hire vehicles that could help reduce traffic and generate hundreds of millions of dollars for public transportation.

Keywords: uber, transportation, public, drivers, taxis

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Thinking Differently about Thinking: The Mind-Expanding Ideas of Andy Clark

Summary: Previously, Friston had done most of his conceptual thinking on Sundays, alone in his office—a room on Queen Square, furnished in the manner of M’s office in a James Bond film (a standing globe, a cocktail table with several champagne flutes on it, a hanging tapestry, a sofa draped with a shawl).

Keywords: clark, brain, mind, world, friston

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Using React, Firebase, and Ant Design to Quickly Prototype Web Applications

Summary: This means that your users do not need to refresh a page to see updates to the state of the application and it takes no extra effort on your part to make this happen.

Keywords: firebase, react, create, app, design

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Multiple Android apps use combined permissions to siphon personal data

Summary: At VB2017 in Madrid, Polish security researcher and journalist Adam Haertlé presented a paper about a very inept persistent threat.

Keywords: paper, today, malicious, adam, presented

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You will be surprised to see how much Google tracks about you

Summary: Data helps make Google services more useful for you.

Keywords: ve, activity, review, things, make

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Book Review: Twelve Rules for Life

Summary: You think “Why would I want to go into a better job, that’s just the rat race, good thing I’m not the sort of scumbag who’s obsessed with financial success.” When your friends and family members try to point out that you’re getting really bitter and sabotaging your own prospects, you dismiss them as tools of the corrupt system.

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NYT reporter: “81% ICOs were scams”

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Summary: Having long relied on PCI Express, NVIDIA’s goals for their platform began outpacing what PCIe could provide in terms of raw bandwidth, never mind ancillary issues like latency and cache coherency.

Keywords: nvidia, gpu, gpus, system, bandwidth

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Banning Netflix, Amazon from Festivals and Awards Is Wrong

Summary: CLOSE More Options

Keywords: close, options

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The Oforth Programming Language

Summary: Althought imperative, support of functional programming features (and closures using blocks).

Keywords: oforth, foo, object, tasks, fact

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Apple unveils new iPad 9.7“ with Apple Pencil support

Summary: Apple’s iPads and Mac laptops reigned supreme in US classrooms only five years ago, accounting for half of all mobile devices shipped to schools in 2013.

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Show HN: Hotspot 3D – Compare Phones with WebGL

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Foxconn Buys Belkin, Linksys, and Wemo

Summary: Given that there have been other high profile foreign acquisitions shut down under the Trump administration , one shouldn’t consider this purchase safe — especially since it involves networking equipment.

Keywords: foxconn, company, belkin, based, isn

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Relativity Space raises $35M for a new process to build and fly rockets

Summary: The latest round of investment was led by Playground Global, and it included returning participation from Social Capital, Y Combinator, and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

Keywords: rocket, relativity, company, engines, space

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What if China corners the cobalt market?

Summary: Oliver Ramsbottom of McKinsey, a consultancy, says the reason for this relative indifference dates back to the commodities supercycle in 2000-12, when Indonesia and the Philippines ramped up production of class-2 nickel—in particular nickel pig iron, a lower-cost ingredient of stainless steel—until the bubble burst.

Keywords: cobalt, nickel, production, china, evs

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I Hate the News (2006)

Summary: We all got basic intelligence to grasp how things are working in the world, problem is we haven’t sorted out the framework to design ‘dashboard’ for each and all of us - as a driver and passenger - but we have all kind of meters and warning lights piling up almost at random in front of our eyes.

Keywords: news, posted, people, read, october

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Zuckerberg hits users with the hard truth: You agreed to this

Summary: Over the weekend, Android owners were displeased to discover that Facebook had been scraping their text-message and phone-call metadata, in some cases for years, an operation hidden in the fine print of a user agreement clause until Ars Technica reported .

Keywords: facebook, data, sunday, call, information

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Elephant ‘smoking’ footage baffles experts

Summary: Vinay Kumar, a scientist with the Wildlife Conservation Society’s (WCS) India programme, captured the puffing pachyderm while visiting camera traps in the Nagarahole national park in Karnataka state.

Keywords: observed, elephant, charcoal, leaves, india

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“Concerns about privacy tend to be old people issues” (2010) [video]

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What Are ‘Data Brokers,’ and Why Are They Scooping Up Information About You?

Summary: Griffin Boyce, a system administrator at Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, received several hundred dollars in a class action lawsuit settlement from LexisNexis, a corporation that provides business research and risk management services, after trying and failing to fix false information in its records.

Keywords: data, information, brokers, people, credit

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Berkeley Lab Scientists Print All-Liquid 3-D Structures

Summary: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory addresses the world’s most urgent scientific challenges by advancing sustainable energy, protecting human health, creating new materials, and revealing the origin and fate of the universe.

Keywords: water, liquid, berkeley, oil, lab

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Vintage Cassettes: 1963-2010

Summary: April 27, 2013: Added OEM section (AudioMagnetics, Aurex & Toshiba, Kenwood, Konica and Magnax, Luxman, Magna, Nakamichi, PDMagnetics, Pioneer, Yamaha finished.

Keywords: cassettes, eur, added, denon, sony

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Indian Prime Minister accused of spying on citizens using official app

Summary: © Provided by Independent Digital News & Media Limited Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been accused of spying on his citizens through his office’s official smartphone app.

Keywords: modi, data, party, mr, independent

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Sign up for Facebook

Summary: Whenever you “like” a post, comment on a link or share a news story, Facebook learns more about what you are interested in.

Keywords: facebook, location, source, information, guess

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Origami-Folded Hydrogel Paper Instantly Generates 110 Volts of Electricity

Summary: Rows of small hydrogel dots are packed with positively and negatively charged ions that combine together to mimic an electric eel’s cellular structure.

Keywords: gels, eel, electric, power, system

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Kdb+ time-series database available on-demand; free 64-bit personal edition

Summary: This initiative, coupled with our new integrations with Python, Jupyter and various machine learning libraries, removes any barriers for developers who use either q, or other languages, and want to start getting the benefits of kdb+ that are enjoyed by our existing clients.”

Keywords: kx, demand, systems, database, python

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Opentrons raises $10M for scientists to automate lab experiments with robotics

Summary: “We’ve learned so much from our customers about what the right automation solution is for the majority of biologists, and we built OT-2 to those specifications: affordable, easy-to-use, and reliable,” noted Opentrons cofounder and chief product officer Will Canine.

Keywords: opentrons, company, funding, robots, protocols

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North Korea Is Starting Up a Nuclear Reactor

Summary: But if the talks fail, or simply drag on, the reactor could also be part of the justification for military action — at least if the past arguments of Mr. Trump’s newly appointed national security adviser, John R. Bolton, prevail.

Keywords: reactor, north, nuclear, korea, image

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Announcing TypeScript 2.8

Summary: Thanks to a pull request by Wenlu Wang TypeScript 2.8 brings some helpful quick fixes to make it easier to add to your codebase.

Keywords: types, typescript, type, jsx, conditional

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