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Surgeons urge people to throw out bristle BBQ brushes (2016)

Summary: Hospitals in the Halifax area are seeing at least one or two cases each week, he said, adding that many of the wires can be removed by emergency room physicians but a few “get deeper in and lower down” and require surgery.

Keywords: barbecue, brush, throat, wadden, dempsey

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Uber Is Ripping Off Frequent Riders and Here’s How to Avoid It

Summary: At the same time as I was given an upfront price of $69.04 for a ride to the airport, I pulled up my wife’s account and entered the same information.

Keywords: price, upfront, ride, uber, airport

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FCC Authorizes SpaceX to Provide Broadband Satellite Services

Summary: Space Exploration Holdings, LLC, Application for Approval for Orbital Deployment and Operating Authority for the SpaceX NGSO Satellite System

Keywords: space, holdings, llc, system, satellite

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U.S. To Seek Social Media Details from All Visa Applicants

Summary: Washington (AP) – The State Department wants to require all U.S. visa applicants to submit their social media usernames, previous email addresses and phone numbers, vastly expanding the Trump administration’s enhanced vetting of potential immigrants and visitors.

Keywords: applicants, visa, media, social, documents

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Nintendo Switch is not USB-C compliant

Summary: I don’t know if this is a future planned addon for the Switch or not, but ….* (1b) … in the Alternate Mode Adapter product descriptor (more on this later) it claims it does not need Vbus to operate.

Keywords: dock, switch, power, nintendo, bad

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Wall Street rethinks blockchain projects as euphoria meets reality

Summary: These were among the wave of blockchain tests touted by the financial industry over the past few years, as firms bet the new technology would displace much of the sector’s infrastructure, cutting out middlemen, speeding transactions and reducing costs for things like securities and payments processing.

Keywords: blockchain, da, technology, dtcc, project

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CockroachDB 2.0 Performance Makes Significant Strides

Summary: In an earlier blog post, Real Transactions are Serializable , we explained recent research at Stanford that explored the degree to which weak isolation leads to real-world bugs in 12 eCommerce applications.

Keywords: performance, cockroachdb, throughput, latency, isolation

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Ripple fully funded every live DonorsChoose classroom project yesterday

Summary: Thanks to Ripple’s gift, over the next few weeks tens of thousands more boxes full of supplies will start arriving in classrooms across the country.

Keywords: teachers, ripple, bestschoolday, projects, country

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Show HN: Turn indented text into mind maps

Summary: Color modeBranchLevel

Keywords: modebranchlevel, colors, color

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Organizational Skills Beat Algorithmic Wizardry (2015)

Summary: I’ve worked on large telecommunications systems, console games, blogging software, a bunch of personal tools, and very rarely is there some tricky data structure or algorithm that casts a looming shadow over everything else.

Keywords: organization, blog, care, skill, learn

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Rust 1.25 released

Summary: Rust is a systems programming language focused on safety, speed, and concurrency.

Keywords: cargo, rust, default, library, release

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The Art of Assembly Language (1996)

Summary: That puts you into one of three categories: a student who is being forced to read this stuff for a class, someone who picked up this book by accident (probably because you have yet to be indoctrinated by the world at large), or one of the few who actually have an interest in learning assembly language.

Keywords: assembly, language, programs, text, time

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How to Quit a Top Tier Tech Job

Summary: Believing - heck, even toying with the idea - that this is not the best place to work for everyone at all times may be emotionally painful, as it mentally discredits the internal measure of your social status and your own belief system.

Keywords: job, quitting, quit, company, social

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China Is Building a Rain-Making System Three Times as Big as Spain

Summary: Space scientists designed and constructed the chambers using cutting-edge military rocket engine technology, enabling them to safely and efficiently burn the high-density solid fuel in the oxygen-scarce environment at an altitude of over 5,000 metres (16,400 feet), according to the researcher who declined to be named due to the project’s sensitivity.

Keywords: china, chambers, plateau, weather, technology

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React v16.3.0: New lifecycles and context API

Summary: We’ve observed that the interrupting behavior of error handling is often not taken into consideration and can result in memory leaks (something that will also impact the upcoming async rendering mode).

Keywords: api, react, components, context, ref

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Notice of Data Breach

Summary: On March 25, 2018, we became aware that during February of this year an unauthorized party acquired data associated with MyFitnessPal user accounts.

Keywords: information, data, myfitnesspal, protect, steps

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How warehouses for personal junk became a $38B industry

Summary: A recent report by the Urban Land Institute and research firm Green Street Advisors predicts that as mobility-on-demand services decrease car ownership, fewer vehicles will equal more space in garages for storage.

Keywords: storage, space, industry, growth, moving

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Canon’s 120MP Camera Sensor

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Facebook Will Cut Off Access to Third Party Data for Ad Targeting

Summary: “Through new partnerships with top online and offline purchase data providers Datalogix, Epsilon, Acxiom, and BlueKai, Facebook is now allowing advertisers to target hashed lists of existing and potential customers, and categories like role-playing gamers or soda drinkers.”

Keywords: facebook, data, advertisers, company, party

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Google removes ‘Kodi’ from search autocomplete in anti-piracy effort

Summary: Google has been increasing its anti-piracy efforts in recent years, banning terms from autocomplete and making changes to its search algorithms in order to demote copyright-infringing material.

Keywords: kodi, google, autocomplete, software, torrentfreak

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‘PC Building Simulator’ Is More Fun Than Building a Real Computer

Summary: PC Building Simulator , which is played from the first-person perspective, starts with my uncle Tim suddenly leaving me in charge of a small computer repair shop with nothing but a late virus removal job and $15 in debt.

Keywords: pc, building, simulator, computer, parts

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SoftBank Group and Saudi Arabia plan to spend $200B building a solar power plant

Summary: Last month, the government awarded ACWA Power a $302 million deal to build Saudi Arabia’s first utility-scale renewable energy plant.

Keywords: saudi, arabia, power, plant, world

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Network of fortified towns indicates Amazon was once heavily populated

Summary: In the centuries just before the arrival of Europeans, Gregorio de Souza and his colleagues wrote in their study, “the whole southern rim of the Amazon was settled by dense populations living in fortified villages.” The researchers estimate that the area may have been home to between 500,000 and one million people.

Keywords: basin, sites, amazon, de, souza

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Swift 4.1 Released

Summary: Use word-size field in native object header for reference counting ( SR-4353 ) Review the efficiency of interacting with the enum discriminator through the witness table ( SR-4332 ) Decide the layout of existential type metadata, including protocol descriptors ( SR-4341 ) Define canonicalization of generic and protocol requirements for order-agnostic mangling ( SR-3733 ) Audit of every runtime function for desirability and behavior ( SR-3735 ) Enforce appropriate constraints on Sequence s and Collection s ( SR-3453 ) Collapse various collection wrappers using conditional conformance ( SR-3458 )

Keywords: swift, release, package, language, condition

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TensorFlow 1.7.0 released

Summary: 4d55397500, Abe, Alistair Low, Andy Kernahan, Appledore, Ben, Ben Barsdell, Boris Pfahringer, Brad Wannow, Brett Koonce, Carl Thomé, cclauss, Chengzhi Chen, Chris Drake, Christopher Yeh, Clayne Robison, Codrut Grosu, Daniel Trebbien, Danny Goodman, David Goodwin, David Norman, Deron Eriksson, Donggeon Lim, Donny Viszneki, DosLin, DylanDmitri, Francisco Guerrero, Fred Reiss, gdh1995, Giuseppe, Glenn Weidner, gracehoney, Guozhong Zhuang, Haichen “Hc” Li, Harald Husum, harumitsu.nobuta, Henry Spivey, hsm207, Jekyll Song, Jerome, Jiongyan Zhang, jjsjann123, John Sungjin Park, Johnson145, JoshVarty, Julian Wolff, Jun Wang, June-One, Kamil Sindi, Kb Sriram, Kdavis-Mozilla, Kenji, lazypanda1, Liang-Chi Hsieh, Loo Rong Jie, Mahesh Bhosale, MandarJKulkarni, ManHyuk, Marcus Ong, Marshal Hayes, Martin Pool, matthieudelaro, mdfaijul, mholzel, Michael Zhou, Ming Li, Minmin Sun, Myungjoo Ham, MyungsungKwak, Naman Kamra, Peng Yu, Penghao Cen, Phil, Raghuraman-K, resec, Rohin Mohanadas, Sandeep N Gupta, Scott Tseng, seaotterman, Seo Sanghyeon, Sergei Lebedev, Ted Chang, terrytangyuan, Tim H, tkunic, Tod, vihanjain, Yan Facai (颜发才), Yin Li, Yong Tang, Yukun Chen, Yusuke Yamada

Keywords: add, support, tensorflow, pass, li

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Proposal: Non-cooperative goroutine preemption

Summary: Non-cooperative preemption is an excellent way to make these preemptible without slowing down the common case, since we would only need to mark their register maps (which would often be empty for functions like memmove since all pointers would already be protected by arguments).

Keywords: preemption, register, stack, code, maps

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Lytro is winding down

Summary: Lytro was founded in 2006 by Executive Chairman Ren Ng, whose Ph.D. research on Light Field imaging won Stanford University’s prize for best thesis in computer science.

Keywords: lytro, field, light, ve, virtual

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The Unnerving Existence of Teen Boss

Summary: One of the most troubling features of life under twenty-first-century American capitalism, I find, is the way that it can limit your sense of human potential; in the process of choosing from among overpriced health-insurance packages, I sometimes forget that it is possible for a government to refuse to allow its citizens to go bankrupt while they’re attempting to stay alive.

Keywords: teen, boss, magazine, money, cover

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Tesla issues its largest recall ever over faulty Model S steering

Summary: “If the bolts fail, the driver is still able to steer the car, but increased force is required due to loss or reduction of power assist,” Tesla wrote in the email to customers.

Keywords: tesla, model, power, email, steering

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Generating $32,000 in 30 days selling a crypto-filled USB stick

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The Story of NESticle, the Ambitious Emulator That Redefined Retro Gaming

Summary: Brad Levicoff of Zophar’s Domain , whose teenage comments on the matter became an important part of the folklore around this story, notes that Moore’s decision to release the source code to NESticle, whatever the reasoning, had a significant impact on console emulation going forward.

Keywords: time, nesticle, game, moore, emulator

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Reddit 1.0 source code

Summary: Failed to load latest commit information.

Keywords: commit, mar, latest, information, time

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iOS 11.3 is available today

Summary: Apps like Boulevard AR can now use ARKit 1.5 to detect vertical planes and show artwork on the wall of a classroom, home or museum.

Keywords: iphone, users, apple, ios, health

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Analysts argue that over-automation is to blame for Tesla problems

Summary: In a rare win for humans over robots in the battle for labor efficiency, Wall Street analysts have laid down a compelling argument that over-automation is to blame for problems at the billionaire Elon Musk’s electric-car company.

Keywords: tesla, robots, musk, model, bernstein

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Festo’s New Bionic Robots Include Rolling Spider, Flying Fox

Summary: The guy in that video who both discovered the spider and invented the original robot ( Ingo Rechenberg , a bionics professor at TU Berlin) was also involved in the design of Festo’s version.

Keywords: festo, flying, bionic, bionics, learning

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Eating out increases levels of phthalates in the body, study finds

Summary: Researchers investigating levels of phthalates in the human body, which have been linked to asthma, breast cancer, type 2 diabetes and fertility issues in the past few years, were found to be nearly 35% higher in participants who had eaten out the previous day compared with those who stayed at home.

Keywords: food, phthalates, levels, chemicals, home

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Walmart in Early-Stage Acquisition Talks with Humana

Summary: ET Walmart Inc. is in preliminary talks to buy insurer Humana Inc., according to people familiar with the matter, a deal that would mark a dramatic shift for the retail behemoth and the latest in a recent flurry of big deals in health-care services.

Keywords: deal, humana, big, walmart, talks

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Fact Checking “The Founder”

Summary: More concerned with keeping parking lots tidy than with the tedious chore of balancing the books, Kroc struggled to pay his own bills, as well as those of the company’s, even after his chief ally, financial mastermind Harry Sonneborn, cooked up the real estate formula that eventually righted the unstable ship.

Keywords: ray, mcdonald, movie, asserts, kroc

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Windows chief Terry Myerson out as Microsoft reorganizes

Summary: The purpose of this team is to drive platform coherence and compelling value across all layers of the tech stack starting with the distributed computing fabric (cloud and edge) to AI (infrastructure, runtimes, frameworks, tools and higher-level services around perception, knowledge and cognition).

Keywords: team, ai, microsoft, windows, cloud

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Summary: Whether we are talking about the length of a line, or the position of a ball in a jar, the mathematical limit doesn’t necessarily correspond to the outcome of a physical supertask.

Keywords: ball, balls, lamp, limit, jar

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Debugging across pipes and sockets with strace [pdf]

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‘Nobody is using it’: Amazon Spark is not taking off with brands, agencies

Summary: Nearly nine months after Amazon launched Spark, agencies, influencers and brands are all still reporting the retail juggernaut’s social media platform is failing to catch on.

Keywords: spark, amazon, brands, influencers, influencer

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The Simple Algorithm That Ants Use to Build Bridges

Summary: Based on those observations, the researchers have created a model that quantifies ants’ sensitivity to foot traffic and predicts when a colony will bridge an obstacle and when it will decide, in a sense, that it’s better to go around.

Keywords: ants, colony, ant, army, bridge

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E.P.A. Prepares to Roll Back Rules Requiring Cars Be Cleaner and More Efficient

Summary: The move — which undercuts one of President Barack Obama’s signature efforts to fight climate change — would also propel the Trump administration toward a courtroom clash with California, which has vowed to stick with the stricter rules even if Washington rolls back federal standards.

Keywords: california, standards, rules, automakers, trump

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Mars One Is a “Money Grab” Where Everyone Loses

Summary: The banner art for its Facebook page declares in big red letters, “COME WITH US.” It’s an irresistible call to action, but people who’ve paid the $40 application fee to be among the first on this trip to Mars say it’s just a smoke screen.

Keywords: mars, company, lansdorp, mission, people

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Adversarial patch

Summary: Brown et al. show how to create stickers (image patches) that can be added to a scene, and force a classifier into reporting a class of the attacker’s choosing.

Keywords: patch, image, patches, toaster, perturbations

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Dear Mark Zuckerberg (2012)

Summary: The execs in the room made clear that the success of my product would be an impediment to your ad revenue financial goals, and thus even offering me the chance to be acquired was a noble and kind move on their part.

Keywords: facebook, platform, product, mark, twitter

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Scala Native 0.3.7

Summary: According to git shortlog -sn –no-merges v0.3.6..v0.3.7, 13 people contributed to this release: Denys Shabalin, Andrei Pozolotin, Eric K Richardson, Kenji Yoshida, Ethan Atkins, Jocelyn Boullier, LeeTibbert, Martin Duhem, Felix Garcia Borrego, Shadaj Laddad, Srepfler Srdan, Sébastien Doeraene, Pawel Batko.

Keywords: native, scala, projects, cross, fix

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TV advertising has hit a wall thanks to streaming options like Netflix

Summary: The advertising industry has long predicted that TV ad revenues would collapse under the weight of cord-cutting and competition from online platforms like Google and Facebook.

Keywords: tv, ad, spending, online, year

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Facebook Executive Defended Data Collection in 2016 Memo, While Warning of Death

Summary: On June 18, 2016 , one of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s most trusted lieutenants circulated an extraordinary memo weighing the costs of the company’s relentless quest for growth.

Keywords: people, facebook, company, work, bosworth

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Qatar’s F-15s Will Feature New ‘Low Profile’ Heads Up Display and New Cockpit

Summary: Combined with the pod’s terrain following radar, the Strike Eagle’s pilot had a whole new level of situational awareness when flying in the dark of night just a couple hundred feet above the ground at high speed.

Keywords: hud, cockpit, eagle, system, strike

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Snap is laying off 100 employees mostly in advertising and sales

Summary: Late last year we asked senior leaders across Snap to look closely at their teams to ensure they had the right resources and organizations to support their missions,” Chief Strategy Officer Imran Khan said in a statement.

Keywords: company, snap, employees, thursday, khan

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The mystery of the three hares (2009)

Summary: The earliest known examples of the motif date back to the 6th Century AD and are on the ceilings of Buddhist cave temples in Dunhuang, China - an important trading post.

Keywords: found, devon, greeves, symbol, motif

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Use Turbo Modula-2 Instead of Turbo Pascal Under CP/M? (2013)

Summary: There is a manual available online, which while a poor scan, is certainly good enough to teach the language and TM-2 is similar enough to TP that it should be fairly easy to make the switch.

Keywords: turbo, code, pascal, tp, native

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How React Increased Animation Performance Using Fiber

Summary: When performUnitOfWork() finishes all the work for the current update, it returns null and leaves the pending changes to the DOM in pendingCommit .

Keywords: fiber, root, tree, children, update

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Tesla Asks for Model 3 Factory Volunteers to Prove ‘Haters’ Wrong

Summary: Doug Field, the engineering chief, told staff that if they can exceed 300 Model 3s a day, it would be an “incredible victory” at a time when short-sellers and critics are increasingly doubting the company’s ability to fulfill CEO Elon Musk ’s vision of building a mass-production electric-vehicle manufacturer.

Keywords: model, tesla, production, field, company

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Patriot Missiles Are Made in America and Fail Everywhere

Summary: “There is little evidence to prove that the Patriot hit more than a few Scud missiles launched by Iraq during the Gulf War,” a summary of the investigations concluded dryly, “and there are some doubts about even these engagements.”

Keywords: missile, saudi, missiles, patriot, riyadh

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The manned elevators of NYC (2017)

Summary: An old elevator makes a sort of music: the reassuring low hum of the motor, the gentle creaks of turning wheels, the click as each floor goes by, the jingle of the gate closing, like parting a bead curtain or sifting a pile of coins.

Keywords: elevator, rivera, elevators, street, west

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Gene Medic: retro edutainment game for the Atari 2600 in 6502 assembly language

Summary: While some mutations are known to be harmful or helpful others are unknown until the medical literature is consulted or the appropriate biological context is identified in the patient’s electronic health record (EHR).

Keywords: game, patient, health, insurance, atari

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Machine learning driven AWS EC2 scheduler

Summary: It requires a manual analysis using multiple thresholds (max CPU utilization, min duration of inactivity) and consideration for noise to come up with a reasonably accurate recommendation.

Keywords: instances, customers, machine, utilization, schedule

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Show HN: C library for Linux to easily create modular projects

Summary: Libmodule is a C library targeting linux aiming to let developers easily create modular C projects in a way which is both simple and elegant.

Keywords: libmodule, mar, build, projects, actor

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