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Poor Grades Tied to Class Times That Don’t Match Our Biological Clocks

Summary: Their findings, published today in the journal Scientific Reports , show that students whose circadian rhythms were out of sync with their class schedules – say, night owls taking early morning courses – received lower grades due to “social jet lag,” a condition in which peak alertness times are at odds with work, school or other demands.

Keywords: students, class, owls, smarr, times

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Internal Facebook posts of employees discussing leaked memo

Summary: “Thinking adversarially, if I wanted info from Facebook, the easiest path would be to get people hired into low-level employee or contract roles.” Another wrote: “Imagine that some percentage of leakers are spies for governments.

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Former Equifax Executive Charged with Insider Trading

Summary: “As alleged in our complaint, Ying used confidential information to conclude that his company had suffered a massive data breach, and he dumped his stock before the news went public,” said Richard R. Best, Director of the SEC’s Atlanta Regional Office.

Keywords: information, ying, sec, equifax, breach

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Giraffes Added to the Endangered Species List

Summary: Some food insecure villagers kill the animals for their meat, but Jani Actman at National Geographic reports many giraffes are slaughtered just for their tails, which are considered a status symbol and have been used as a dowry when asking a bride’s father for his daughters hand in marriage in some cultures.

Keywords: giraffes, giraffe, species, world, endangered

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Wapp – a single-file web framework by the creator of SQLite

Summary: Very small API → easy to learn and use A complete application is contained in a single file Resistant to attacks and exploits Cross-platform → CGI, SCGI, or a built-in web server The MVC design pattern is supported but not required The Wapp framework itself is a single-file TCL script that is “source”-ed, “package require”-ed, or even copy/pasted into the application TCL script 2-clause BSD license

Keywords: application, run, web, wapp, file

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PeerTube: A decentralized video hosting network, based on free software

Summary: Each server operates independently and is managed by a different person or organization, who can therefore apply various moderation and conduct rules, allowing you to find the instance that suits you best.

Keywords: videos, peertube, instance, hosting, video

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MacOS finally gains external GPU support

Summary: The additional horsepower isn’t needed for general use, but the added graphics cards supercharge Macs for VR rendering and gaming.

Keywords: graphics, external, apple, macos, users

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How Cambridge Analytica’s Facebook targeting model really worked

Summary: In 2013, Cambridge University researchers Michal Kosinski, David Stillwell, and Thore Graepel published an article on the predictive power of Facebook data , using information gathered through an online personality test.

Keywords: model, kogan, users, personality, data

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Tesla crash victim had complained about auto-pilot in same location

Summary: This past November, he got a job as an Apple engineer and bought his new Tesla, posting a picture on his Facebook page.He showed the SUV to his friends and former co-workers; we spoke with two outside Electronic Arts on Wednesday.

Keywords: tesla, walter, huang, noyes, crash

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A Forgotten Drink That Caffeinated North America for Centuries

Summary: Cassina, or black drink, the caffeinated beverage of choice for indigenous North Americans, was brewed from a species of holly native to coastal areas from the Tidewater region of Virginia to the Gulf Coast of Texas.

Keywords: cassina, tea, ilex, north, aiton

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NHL stunner: A 36-year-old accountant who has never played pro stars in win

Summary: Foster is one of a small group of “emergency backup” goaltenders who are kept on hand, usually in the press box or the stands, in the highly unlikely event both regular goalies on the roster are hurt or otherwise unavailable.

Keywords: foster, hockey, blackhawks, game, played

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Introducing TensorFlow.js: Machine Learning in JavaScript

Summary: If you’re watching the livestream for the TensorFlow Developer Summit , during the TensorFlow.js talk you’ll find a demo where @dsmilkov and @nsthorat train a model to control a PAC-MAN game using computer vision and a webcam, entirely in the browser.

Keywords: model, browser, tensorflow, api, models

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Summary: Now, the first victims of this policy are getting the news, and responding in kind by attempting to read the riot act to a Twitter account whose avatar is a monkey with a hat.

Keywords: mailchimp, blockchain, policy, ico, account

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The joy of max()

Summary: [Posted March 28, 2018 by corbet] LWN recently looked at the kernel’s max() macro and the effort put into ensuring that it would evaluate to a “constant expression” as seen by the compiler.

Keywords: max, lwn, patch, posted, effort

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Zstandard v1.3.4 – faster everything

Summary: nameratiocompressiondecompressionzstd 1.3.4 –fast=51.996770 MB/s2060 MB/slz4 MB/s3700 MB/szstd 1.3.4 –fast=42.068720 MB/s2000 MB/szstd 1.3.4 –fast=32.153675 MB/s1930 MB/slzo1x 2.09 -12.108640 MB/s810 MB/szstd 1.3.4 –fast=22.265610 MB/s1830 MB/squicklz 1.5.0 -12.238540 MB/s720 MB/ssnappy MB/s1820 MB/szstd 1.3.4 –fast=12.431530 MB/s1770 MB/szstd 1.3.4 -12.877470 MB/s1380 MB/sbrotli 1.0.2 -02.701410 MB/s430 MB/slzf 3.6 -12.077400 MB/s860 MB/szlib 1.2.11 -12.743110 MB/s400 MB/sApplications which were considering Zstandard but were worried of being CPU-bounded are now able to shift the load from CPU to bandwidth on a larger scale, and may even vary temporarily their choice depending on local conditions (to deal with some sudden workload surge for example).

Keywords: compression, long, speed, zstd, cli

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Marta, file manager for macOS, goes beta

Summary: The new version of Marta introduces read support for a number of archive formats besides zip , including, but not limited to tar , bz2 , rar , xar , iso out of the box.

Keywords: marta, queue, release, task, features

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Lsofgraph – Convert lsof output to graph of processes, pipes, fifos and sockets

Summary: Failed to load latest commit information.

Keywords: mar, latest, commit, unix, layout

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Python Idioms in Rust

Summary: While Rust does have additional complications coming from it’s infamous borrow checker and the complexity of generics, I’ve found that what you gain in expressiveness is worth the tradeoff.

Keywords: rust, python, functions, tuples, found

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Swift for TensorFlow

Summary: Whereas prior solutions are designed within the constraints of what can be achieved by a (typically Python or Lua) library, Swift for TensorFlow is based on the belief that machine learning is important enough to deserve first-class language and compiler support.

Keywords: tensorflow, machine, design, swift, open

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Sl: a mirror version of ls

Summary: It is supposed to cure your bad habit of mistyping [ ls ] by running an ASCII rendition of a steam locomotive through your terminal.

Keywords: ls, sl, steam, code, locomotive

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Hello, and welcome to DNS

Summary: Finally, there is a section on optional elements like EDNS, TSIG, Dynamic Updates and DNSSEC RFCs, especially earlier ones, tend to describe servers that perform both authoritative and resolver functions.

Keywords: dns, zone, query, authoritative, record

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Texas woman sentenced to 5 years in prison for voting while on probation

Summary: Mason was indicted on a charge of illegal voting in Tarrant County, Tex., last year and found guilty by State District Judge Ruben Gonzalez on Thursday, despite her protestations that she simply was not aware that she was barred from casting a ballot and never would have done it had she known.

Keywords: voter, mason, prison, election, john

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Magic Leap Ships First Set of Devices Under Tight Security Constraints

Summary: Brian Schwab, director of Magic Leap’s interaction lab, urged developers not to fill up people’s field of vision with so many digital objects that they’d lose a sense of the real world.

Keywords: leap, magic, developers, company, devices

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Facebook ‘ugly truth’ growth memo haunts firm

Summary: Facebook has been under intense scrutiny since it acknowledged that it had received reports that a political consultancy - Cambridge Analytica - had not destroyed data harvested from about 50 million of its users years earlier.

Keywords: facebook, people, memo, image, company

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Someone bought my Twitter account 10K fake/bot followers

Summary: I suppose a good place to start would be this tweet from Stanford professor, Johan Ugander — it is part of a tweetstorm connected to “The Follower Factory” and I would encourage you to read the thread in its entirety:

Keywords: twitter, accounts, followers, account, spam

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Another chapter on Facebook’s privacy woes is being written in Latin America

Summary: The Brazilian Public Prosecutor’s Office started an investigation to clarify if Cambridge Analytica (CA) had illegal access to Facebook’s private information from millions of Brazillians through their subsidiary, a Sao Paulo-based consulting group named A Ponte Estratégia Planejamento e Pesquisa LTDA.

Keywords: facebook, analytica, cambridge, news, fake

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Nicotinamide riboside effects on aging similar to caloric restriction

Summary: But a new CU Boulder study published today indicates that when people consume a natural dietary supplement called nicotinomide riboside (NR) daily, it mimics caloric restriction, aka “CR,” kick-starting the same key chemical pathways responsible for its health benefits.

Keywords: nr, blood, pressure, study, health

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You Can Always Get What You Want, But Not What You Need (2016) [video]

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Million-dollar Strads fall to modern violins in blind ‘sound check’

Summary: In 2014, Claudia Fritz, a musical acoustician at Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris, and Joseph Curtin, a leading violinmaker in Ann Arbor, Michigan, reported that in a double-blind test with 13 modern instruments and nine Old Italians, 10 elite violinists generally preferred the new violins to the old .

Keywords: violins, listeners, sound, instrument, modern

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File consistency (2015)

Summary: That speaker also noted that version control systems were particularly bad about this, and that the developers had a pretty lax attitude that made it very easy for the authors to find a lot of issues in their tools.

Keywords: filesystem, error, errors, file, write

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ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2018 review: The only laptop in a professional’s paradise

Summary: This method of navigation isn’t the most comfortable for me, but I can understand how some would prefer it to even the modestly sized trackpad that sits just beneath the keyboard (Ars’ Peter Bright is, like many others, an avid TrackPoint user ).

Keywords: carbon, lenovo, thinkpad, palladino, valentina

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Facebook-Linked Marketer Acxiom Plunges After Policy Shift

Summary: The firm’s founder, Kyle Funck, pointed to Acxiom’s reliance on new products and upselling to drive growth, saying these are difficult to maintain in a competitive environment.

Keywords: acxiom, facebook, shares, percent, company

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Learn How to Fold a World-Record-Setting Paper Airplane

Summary: Thrown by football player Joe Ayoob, the glider, named “Suzanne,” after Collins’ wife, flew 226 feet, 10 inches (69.14 meters) before gracefully making its way into history.

Keywords: collins, paper, planes, air, plane

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The Most Common Type of Incompetent Leader

Summary: A young friend recently remarked that the worst boss he ever had would provide him with feedback that always consisted of “You’re doing a great job.” But they both knew it wasn’t true — the organization was in disarray, turnover was excessive, and customers were not happy.

Keywords: leadership, absentee, leaders, organization, impact

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Scientists say we’re on the cusp of a carbon dioxide–recycling revolution

Summary: Science talked with one of the study’s authors, materials scientists and graduate student Phil De Luna at the University of Toronto in Canada, about how CO 2 recycling works—and what the future holds for these technologies.

Keywords: energy, carbon, technology, idea, molecules

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Creator of “Ren and Stimpy” Accused of Preying on Underage Girls

Summary: In an email reviewed by BuzzFeed News, Rice told Byrd in 2008 that Kricfalusi “was doing all sorts of bizarre stuff- waiting naked in his living room for when I let myself into his house to work in the morning, walking around with his weiner hanging out of his pants, telling me that his friend’s advice to ‘get’ me was to just rape me one day.”

Keywords: kricfalusi, rice, byrd, told, artist

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I’ve just learned Rust and I think I’m in love

Summary: Therefore, rather than you spending lots of time trying to reproduce the exact circumstances under which a runtime concurrency bug occurs, incorrect code will refuse to compile and present an error explaining the problem.

Keywords: rust, code, easy, cargo, make

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Tesla Looked Like the Future, Now Some Ask If It Has One

Summary: Tesla’s reversal of fortune is a jolt for both the company and its chief executive, who had built a reputation not only as a visionary but also as an achiever, masterminding an automotive brand, breaking ground on a battery plant that would be the world’s biggest building, and launching rockets through his SpaceX venture.

Keywords: tesla, company, model, musk, cars

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Universal Sentence Encoder

Summary: Authors: Daniel Cer , Yinfei Yang , Sheng-yi Kong , Nan Hua , Nicole Limtiaco , Rhomni St. John , Noah Constant , Mario Guajardo-Cespedes , Steve Yuan , Chris Tar , Yun-Hsuan Sung , Brian Strope , Ray Kurzweil

Keywords: transfer, learning, sentence, word, models

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Show HN: ShivyC – Hobby C compiler created in Python

Summary: ShivyC is a hobby C compiler written in Python that supports a subset of the C11 standard and generates reasonably efficient binaries, including some optimizations.

Keywords: shivyc, jan, il, generation, code

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Interpretable Machine Learning: A Guide for Making Black Box Models Explainable

Summary: Machine learning models are already used to choose the best advertisement for you, it filters out spam from your emails and it even assesses risk in the judicial system which ultimately can have consequences for your freedom.

Keywords: machine, learning, book, models, interpretable

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What the FOSTA/SESTA anti-sex trafficking bill means for sex workers

Summary: One New York Times piece from 2017 quotes a sergeant in the San Jose human trafficking unit as saying that with the removal of Backpage, street-based sex workers were more common, and that the department got far fewer tips, making his job even more difficult.

Keywords: sex, trafficking, workers, section, bill

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Automatically “block” people in images using a pretrained neural network

Summary: If you found this project helpful, any monetary contributions to the Patreon are appreciated and will be put to good creative use.

Keywords: mar, object, version, objects, working

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Draft, Gitkube, Helm, Ksonnet, Metaparticle, Skaffold – Comparison of K8s Tools

Summary: Architecture The metaparticle library for the corresponding language have required primitives and bindings for building the code as a docker image, pushing it to a registry, creating k8s yaml files and deploying it onto a cluster.

Keywords: cluster, helm, kubernetes, docker, deploy

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The Game of Everything, Part 3: Civilization and the Narrative of Progress

Summary: Matthew Kapell, for instance, in indelible academic fashion labels Civilization a “simulacram” of the “American monomythic structure.” Such essays often have more of an ideological axe to grind than does the game itself, and strike me as rather unfair to a couple of designers who at the end of the day were just making a good-faith attempt to portray history as it looked to them.

Keywords: progress, history, world, civilization, game

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Facebook employees in disbelief memo was leaked, think spies might be to blame

Summary: Wrote another: ‘How fucking terrible that some irresponsible jerk decided he or she had some god complex that jeopardizes our inner culture and something that makes Facebook great?’”

Keywords: facebook, employees, company, bosworth, wrote

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If You’ve Met Aliens While on DMT, These Scientists Would Like to Hear from You

Summary: Ten years ago, I smoked what Terence McKenna would have called a “heroic” dose of DMT from a volcano style vaporizer in a cabin in the woods.

Keywords: dmt, survey, experience, hopkins, met

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Notice to stakeholders: withdrawal of the UK and EU rules on .eu domain names

Summary: As of the withdrawal date, undertakings and organisations that are established in the United Kingdom but not in the EU, and natural persons who reside in the United Kingdom will no longer be eligible to register .eu domain names or, if they are .eu registrants, to renew .eu domain names registered before the withdrawal date.

Keywords: date, kingdom, united, withdrawal, domain

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Time for developers to address the chaos of Node.js and NPM

Summary: For his part, Schlinkert insists that “the NPM ecosystem is fostering creativity,” but that the proliferation of type checking packages is a JavaScript problem—which, given the lack of a standard library, is not a wrong conclusion to draw.

Keywords: package, npm, packages, problem, schlinkert

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Judge rules California coffee shops must display cancer warnings

Summary: The Hill 1625 K Street, NW Suite 900 Washington DC 20006 | 202-628-8500 tel | 202-628-8503 fax

Keywords: hill, cancer, publishing, subsidiary, judge

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Experiment, Measure, Repeat

Summary: Francesco Negri spoke about it in another post ) Use a data-driven approach : collect data and plot the experiment metrics; to create awareness, make them easily visible to everyone.

Keywords: experiment, experimentation, success, internal, goal

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Cobalt Robotics Raises $13M from Sequoia for Indoor Security Robots

Summary: Cobalt makes a roving, robotic security guard that can detect intruders, water leaks and make sure employees are safe in the office.

Keywords: cobalt, capital, make, leaks, ventures

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The Illusion of a Profitable Amazon Prime Now and Prime Fresh

Summary: Unexpectedly, this post briefly trended on the front page of Hacker news and I received good feedback and fair criticism about my analysis.

Keywords: prime, amazon, delivery, costs, orders

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Amazon’s Music Storage service will remove MP3 files on April 30th

Summary: Your Amazon Music digital purchases will continue to remain securely stored for playback and download – no further action is required to retain those.

Keywords: music, amazon, songs, storage, uploaded

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Coffee sold in California must carry cancer warning, judge rules

Summary: Ruling in favour of the Council for Education and Research on Toxics, Superior Court Judge Elihu Berle said the companies should not be exempt from the law, as they had failed to prove that the “consumption of coffee confers a benefit to human health”.

Keywords: coffee, acrylamide, health, cancer, chemical

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WRLD and Udacity Create 3D Simulator for Flying and Autonomous Cars

Summary: By enrolling in Udacity Universe, engineers will gain a greater understanding of how vehicles interact with systems at different levels - on the ground, and in the skies - as fleets of cars, people, buildings, and cities come together in one simulated environment.

Keywords: udacity, wrld, world, universe, autonomous

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Runbox is leaving the Facebook platform

Summary: At Runbox we work conscientiously every day to ensure that we act in accordance with our Company Values , and as an extension of these, our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy .

Keywords: runbox, privacy, facebook, platform, hard

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Microsoft is putting Windows on the back burner

Summary: The shakeup includes the formation of two new engineering teams that will prioritize Microsoft’s cloud and artificial intelligence products — a move that should make investors happy, said Brad Reback, a software analyst at Stifel.

Keywords: microsoft, cloud, windows, nadella, company

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The Rise of Worse Is Better (1991)

Summary: Both early Unix and C compilers had simple structures, are easy to port, require few machine resources to run, and provide about 50%-80% of what you want from an operating system and programming language.

Keywords: design, thing, unix, system, simplicity

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