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It’s time to head back to RSS?

Summary: Even with minimal tweaking, though, returning to RSS this week offered up a few fun surprises I never would have seen otherwise: the Yankees getting in trouble for player beer-foam art; an American contending for the world chess championship; the latest on Ben Affleck’s hilariously oversized back tattoo.

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Facebook Secretly Saved Videos Users Deleted

Summary: Cambridge Analytica’s effect on the election is still disputed, but if there’s one thing everyone can agree is true in the wake of the scandal over its data-harvesting, it’s that we’ve paid far too little attention to the scale and scope of the data that Facebook has collected on us over our years of platform use.

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I almost lost my hearing from the lid on the tank of a toilet

Summary: This content can be removed from Twitter at anytime, get a PDF archive by mail!

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You can’t Rust that

Summary: The last year has been fun because I could build a lot for really nice stuff for Sentry in Rust and for the first time the development experience was without bigger roadblocks.

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An Update on Last Week’s Accident

Summary: The driver had about five seconds and 150 meters of unobstructed view of the concrete divider with the crushed crash attenuator, but the vehicle logs show that no action was taken.

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OVH CEO: Unlike Amazon, Google, “we will never be in competition with you”

Summary: Klaba also noted that “OVH is the only European company that provides cloud services on the global scale,” adding, “we just invested $1.5bn in infrastructure - 300,000 servers deployed, 27 data centers across 12 locations on three continents, 13Tbps of network capacity, 32 PoPs.

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Time to talk about why so many postgrads have poor mental health

Summary: “Decent funding which runs until their subimission [ sic ] deadline, coupled with a culture shift to less focus on publications in certain journals defining success.”

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Voyager 1 Fires Up Thrusters After 37 Years

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Summary: Now, we intend to use the name Mozilla as the generic term referring to web browsers derived from the source code of Netscape Navigator.

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APFS encrypted plaintext password found in another log file

Summary: I have found that the install.log will only get wiped out upon major re-installation (ie: 10.11 -> 10.12 -> 10.13), therefore these plaintext passwords will hang around for quite a bit longer than a few weeks!

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Why Apple and Microsoft Are Healthier Than Facebook

Summary: Apple’s closest equivalent in terms of data collection, sharing and “pass-through” to app developers is Google, which offers roughly the same array of services (plus search) and also owns mobile and desktop operating systems.

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Modern PHP without a framework

Summary: Though it can be a bit more complex, a real app should be configured to automatically use a streaming emitter for large downloads, and the Zend blog shows how you can accomplish that .

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Startups not status: Japan’s top grads rethink success

Summary: Japan’s version of Silicon Valley is buzzing with startups that specialize in fields such as wealth management, health care, home sharing and space debris collection.

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GameNetworkingSockets – Reliable and unreliable messages over UDP

Summary: Connection-oriented protocol (like TCP) … but message-oriented instead of stream-oriented Mix of reliable and unreliable messages Messages can be larger than underlying MTU, the protocol performs fragmentation and reassembly, and retransmission for reliable Bandwidth estimation based on TCP-friendly rate control (RFC 5348) Encryption.

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How Do You Make or Maintain Friends? Put in the Time

Summary: These answers come from a newly published report in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships by Jeffrey Hall , a professor of communications studies at the University of Kansas.

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Facebook Employees Are Reportedly Deleting Controversial Internal Messages

Summary: Facebook employees are deleting potentially controversial comments and messages from the company’s internal communications systems, after the leak of a 2016 memo in which Vice President Andrew Bosworth appeared to place growth priorities ahead of public safety concerns .

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A lambda calculus for quantum computation

Summary: The simulator relies on a quantum version of McCarthy’s nondeterministic operator AMB, which ambiguously returns one of its arguments.

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Blueprint of a distributed social network on IPFS, and its problems

Summary: The dat protocol, for example, features mutable content as it is roughly based on bittorrent (if I understood everything correctly, feel free to point out mistakes).

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Non-uniform memory access meets the OOM killer

Summary: “You can OOM a single NUMA node” thus entered my list of things to worry about when a box seems to have plenty of memory but still goes off and slaughters innocent (but big) processes.

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Gradual Programming

Summary: The manifesto presented in the remainder of this note stems mostly from my personal experience—I’ve been programming for just over a decade now in games (Lua, C), websites (PHP, JS), high-performance/distributed systems (C++, Go, Rust), compilers (Standard ML, OCaml), and data science (Python, R).

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The Profile Engine has now been donated to the Internet Archive

Summary: Profile Engine has millions of regular users who will be keen to try your new version and we hope this opportunity will spark innovation and people will find creative new ways to search this free, public data.

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OpenTTD 1.8.0-RC1

Summary: Bankruptcy is now checked before reoccurring infrastructure costs are paid, so AI companies running on tight budget no longer close down as fast.

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Show HN: Nothing.js – A chainable mock object which always returns itself

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Into the Forbidden Zone: Varosha, Ghost City of Cyprus

Summary: Almost 40 years without human intervention have resulted in the streets becoming overgrown with lush vegetation (3) ; former shops and bars disintegrating in the hot sunshine (4) ; signs becoming simply vacant spaces in the sky (5) ; and former apartments turning into the homes of pigeons and crows (6) .

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Google is shutting down its URL shortening service

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Prince of Persia Ported to the BBC Micro

Summary: Kieran had mentioned his interest in the 6502 Apple source code for Prince Of Persia, and expressed some mad ideas to get it working on the BBC Micro, which seemed like crazy talk back then since the two machines are similar in some ways but very different in others.

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Falling Chinese Space Station to Crash This Weekend

Summary: Numerous factors influence the rate of the space station’s descent, and ESA today had to modify its estimates because a storm of solar particles was not as strong as anticipated .

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It’s weirdly hard to steal Mark Zuckerberg’s trash

Summary: Here was a guy who created one of the biggest mass surveillance operations in human history: A digital Oppenheimer, too naive or narcissistic to own the horrific consequences of his invention, who instead apparently sees the spread of global fascism and the unraveling of democracy as a mere engineering and PR problem.

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Show HN: Auditus – Ebook to Audiobook Conversion

Summary: Enter Book Title Here

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A circuit-like notation for lambda calculus (2015)

Summary: These last two don’t happen to satisfy the aesthetic that I personally was aiming for: they use color to represent variable names, whereas I wanted something that would be closer in spirit to De Bruijn indices, providing computational meaning by the careful placement of symbols or wires – but they are nifty nonetheless.

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Redemption of a Lost Prodigy

Summary: The adolescent prodigy Saul Lipshutz in 1960, before he gave up the violin and changed his name to Chandler.Credit Paterson Evening News Photo Collection, via The Passaic County Historical Society On his boat recently, Mr. Chandler discussed his brush with classical music greatness, finishing half a pack of smokes over three hours.

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First clear evidence cell phone radiation can cause cancer in rats

Summary: This week, following three days of live-broadcast peer review sessions, experts concluded that a pair of federal studies show “clear evidence” that cell phone radiation caused heart cancer in male rats.

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Biologist E.O. Wilson suggests ‘moon shot’ conservation effort

Summary: Wilson made his comments during a panel discussion, “Climate Change, Biodiversity, and the Future of Conservation in America,” that also included Jonathan Jarvis , director of the National Park Service during the Obama administration.

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Well-Kept Gardens Die by Pacifism (2009)

Summary: Any political enemy I have on a mailing list who’s popular enough to be dangerous is probably not someone who would abuse that particular power of censorship, and when they put on their moderator’s hat, I vocally support them—they need urging on, not restraining.

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TensorFlow Model Analysis – A library for evaluating TensorFlow models

Summary: It allows users to evaluate their models on large amounts of data in a distributed fashion, using the same metrics defined in their trainer.

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Internet access is quietly changing Seattle’s tent cities

Summary: When Seattle librarians visited the gated cluster of tents and tiny houses that make up Camp Second Chance in White Center, they brought Star Wars comics, Dean Koontz books and Jon Krakauer’s “Into the Wild” for homeless campers to check out.

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Apple Pippin (1996)

Summary: Instead, it attempted to use the system as a set-top box for a television set or VGA display, to be distributed to its partners’ respective client bases in order to interface with a variety of vertically marketed interests , such as catalogs, databases, Internet content, and so on.

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Show HN: Lag Radar Chrome Extension from Dan Abramov’s Beyond React 16 Demo

Summary: (See our source code if you like, its open source) You should see the radar appear Now you can toggle it on or off using ctrl + R If you refresh your page or navigate away you’ll need to click the icon to reactivate again (we try not to inject ourselves into every page, that would be douchey) Also try dragging the box around Enjoy tuning up your apps!

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