Top Posts for April 1, 2018 Fast, privacy-first consumer DNS service

Summary: In our conversations with browser, operating system, app, and router manufacturers nearly everyone lamented that, even with a privacy-first service like , DNS inherently is unencrypted so it leaks data to anyone who’s monitoring your network connection.

Keywords: dns, service, cloudflare, internet, network

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My Sony “smart” TV has updated itself and tried to force me to use a new app

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Web Application Penetration Testing Cheat Sheet

Summary: ToolDescriptionRecon-NGOpen source reconnaissance framework created by Tim ‘Lanmaster53’ Tomes, maintained by a community of developers on MaltegoMaltego is an interactive data mining tool that renders directed graphs for link analysis.theharvestertheHarvester is a tool for gathering e-mail accounts, subdomain names, virtual hosts, open ports/ banners, and employee names from different public sourcesI thought about including a detailed section on OSINT in this cheat sheet, but at this time I’ve decided not to since I believe it deserves its own cheat sheet (perhaps later down the line).

Keywords: application, burp, target, testing, web

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Life is Short (2016)

Summary: The “flow” that imaginative people love so much has a darker cousin that prevents you from pausing to savor life amid the daily slurry of errands and alarms.

Keywords: life, bullshit, time, things, people

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Why “blockchain” is BS in 4 slides

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Nuclear fusion on brink of being realised, say MIT scientists

Summary: The project, a collaboration between scientists at MIT and a private company, will take a radically different approach to other efforts to transform fusion from an expensive science experiment into a viable commercial energy source.

Keywords: fusion, energy, process, produce, power

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Study finds increased possibility of information leaking around Fed meetings

Summary: But new research from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business finds evidence that suggests Federal Reserve insiders systematically engaged in informal or discreet communication with the financial sector around the time of important policymaking meetings, increasing the probability of at least accidental leaks.

Keywords: fed, meetings, rides, york, federal

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Recursive drawing

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Prototyping a YC Startup Each Day

Summary: Wiring these up to the front end didn’t take long, because Anvil lets you return live database rows into client code, and then use data bindings to display them in the UI.

Keywords: parking, anvil, location, time, user

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The most honest Ponzi scheme of all time

Summary: Level: 1

Keywords: buy, cryptokitties, fiat, mcafee, bitcoin

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TweetDelete – Automatically delete your posts that are older than a maximum age

Summary: If there’s a problem with our site, you can also revoke permissions for our app via Twitter’s settings page (annoyingly not available from mobile devices) - this makes it impossible for TweetDelete to use your account in future.

Keywords: tweetdelete, tweets, twitter, account, service

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Deprecating Raw Pointers in C++20

Summary: Besides many significant things that were discussed at the meeting like modules, concepts, ranges, The C++ Committee accepted one hugely anticipated feature: deprecation of raw pointers!

Keywords: pointers, raw, pointer, language, alternatives

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‘The China Hustle’, a finance documentary

Summary: So, as David continued trying to raise awareness, he also started short-selling these stocks (“busting these frauds,” as activist short-seller Jon Carnes called it), keeping the profits from the executives of these Chinese companies — and from their U.S. investors.

Keywords: film, people, gibney, david, good

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Why there are so many online mattress-in-a-box companies

Summary: With the online sector projected to grow, there are plenty of people who think they can create a brand that clicks or pioneer a variation on the traditional mattress that will become popular with consumers.

Keywords: mattress, online, companies, mattresses, brands

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How fast is AMP really?

Summary: Pat Meenan was kind enough to share a script for WebPagetest that would pre-warm the connections to the Google CDN so that the experience would more closely resemble what you would expect in the real world.

Keywords: amp, cache, page, google, library

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Reverse engineering the Notability file format

Summary: I do find it kind of frustrating that all these mobile drawing apps (Squid, Notability, Goodnotes, etc) use proprietary file formats and you can’t convert between them without reverse engineering.

Keywords: file, format, notability, data, floats

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You have options – Why we left the U.S. and moved back to Europe

Summary: Shortly after our son’s birth, I graduated, got a decent job as a Software Engineer at a bigger and more stable company, (after the startup suddenly fell apart, which is also a fun story I like to tell and will write about sometime) and my wife was pregnant with our daughter.

Keywords: ve, florida, time, birth, people

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Apple Is Looking for Linux Kernel Developers

Summary: Quite surprising, but we’ll see if anything notable comes of this… At first I was thinking maybe it was in relation to Apple’s oversight with the CUPS print server or LLVM compiler, but these job descriptions are clearly focused on the embedded driver development angle.

Keywords: apple, job, linux, kernel, thinking

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FRA1 Block Storage Issue

Summary: Our engineering team continues troubleshooting to resolve the issue impacting Block Storage in our FRA1 region, where one cluster is affected.

Keywords: update, issue, storage, block, region

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Former Uber Backup Driver: ‘We Saw This Coming’

Summary: There is a difference, in other words, between Uber and many of its major competitors in the self-driving race: Firms like Waymo, GM, and Ford are either carmakers selling private vehicles or software companies betting that this technology will help them secure space in the automated mobility market of the future.

Keywords: uber, technology, vehicle, company, kelley

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As Facebook Struggles, Rivals’ Leaders Stay Mostly Mum

Summary: “It has been really hard for executives to turn their back on the gold mine of big data even in the face of compelling arguments to do so,” said Roger McNamee, an early investor in Facebook and a mentor of Mr. Zuckerberg’s before becoming one of the company’s most vocal detractors.

Keywords: facebook, companies, data, executive, internet

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Turn TensorFlow functions into mathematical notations and diagrams

Summary: The library will set the tensorflow name, and output a nice 3D diagram showing the dimensions of the placeholder.

Keywords: align, tensorflow, function, tensor, dimensions

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History of Spring Framework and Spring Boot

Summary: From coding standards, idioms, through a fair criticism of entity beans, unit testing, design decisions, persistence, caching, EJBs, model-2 presentation tier, views, validation techniques, to performance, the reader takes a trip to the wonderland of project development reality, constraints, risk and again, best practices.

Keywords: spring, boot, framework, support, java

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The real threat to Facebook is the Kool-Aid turning sour

Summary: And it all culminated with BuzzFeed publishing a leaked “growth at all costs” internal post from Facebook VP Andrew “Boz” Bosworth that substantiated people’s worst fears about the company’s disregard for user safety in pursuit of world domination.

Keywords: facebook, leaks, work, people, company

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Gron: A command line tool that makes JSON greppable

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‘Transit-Oriented Teens’

Summary: Young adults have more opportunities than before to get immersed in matters of bus ridership declines and contentious housing bills—topics the TOTs pry open and endlessly litigate, through memes and regular rapid-fire comments, often splitting into various political factions.

Keywords: group, members, eldred, meme, memes

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NTSB ‘unhappy’ with Tesla release of investigative information in fatal crash

Summary: In its blog post, Tesla appeared to offer a defense for itself after the fiery wreck left the Model X — which sells for $70,000 — a crumpled shell; its front end was shredded, and the frame was charred.

Keywords: tesla, crash, autopilot, driver, ntsb

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Aarch64 support added

Summary: add net default: gateway Waiting for DAD to complete for statically configured addresses… Building databases: dev, utmp, utmpx.

Keywords: configured, controller, netbsd, starting, root

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Record Set as India Produces 100 Billionth Unit of Renewable Energy in a Year

Summary: India’s renewable energy production now stands well ahead of the total electricity generation of relatively populous developing nations like the Philippines, or small but advanced economies like Belgium.

Keywords: renewable, energy, generation, india, solar

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How Fortnite leveled up, broke records, and changed gaming

Summary: A recent record-breaking Twitch stream — which saw 628,000 people tuning in at once on March 14 to watch Drake play a game called Fortnite with a bevy of his gamer friends — was a coup on multiple fronts.

Keywords: fortnite, game, battle, royale, play

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Conway notation

Summary: 329–358, 1970. pdf available online Louis H. Kauffman, Sofia Lambropoulou: On the classification of rational tangles.

Keywords: tangles, edit, tangle, number, operations

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The Panopticon Singularity (2002)

Summary: Unlike today’s simple anti-shoplifting tags in books and CD’s, the next generation will be cheap (costing one or two cents each), tiny (sand-grain sized), and smart enough to uniquely identify any individual manufactured product, by serial number as well as type and vendor.

Keywords: panopticon, surveillance, cameras, singularity, years

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Buzzword Convergence: Making Sense of Quantum Neural Blockchain AI

Summary: But in training neural nets to handle multiscale features in images, one seems to end up with scale invariance similar to what one sees at critical points in spin systems, or their quantum analogs, as analyzed by renormalization group methods.)

Keywords: quantum, neural, blockchain, things, people

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Show HN: Moustique – C++14 coroutine-based non-blocking IO on Linux

Summary: Moustique (~200 LOC) provides a coroutine-based interface to non-blocking/asyncronous read write operation on linux sockets.

Keywords: latest, apr, moustique, tcp, echo

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MacroBase: Prioritizing Attention in Fast Data

Summary: MacroBase has found previously unknown behaviors in several domains, including online services, mobile devices, user analytics, automotives, and manufacturing.

Keywords: macrobase, analytics, engine, online, data

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Tiangong-1 Re-Entry Live Updates

Summary: Potential reentry points and whether the final ground track is over inhabited or uninhabited areas will determine the risk to a specific location.

Keywords: reentry, space, debris, time, station

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Wristband Lets the Brain Control a Computer with a Thought and a Twitch

Summary: An answer to that question can be found nine stories up in Midtown Manhattan, where elevator doors open onto the offices of CTRL–Labs, a jumble of lab benches and computer screens occupied by a highly energized group that is engaged in manipulating robot arms and soldering circuit boards.

Keywords: motor, muscle, computer, hand, fibers

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China’s fragility is as worrying as its strength

Summary: There are growing problems in Chinese society that could weaken the government’s ability to hold the country together: enormous economic disparities, endless corruption and smoldering discontent in the Xinjiang Uighur Tibet autonomous regions to name a few.

Keywords: china, xi, chinese, india, indian

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Emails suggest reviews from the Wirecutter are “pay to play” (2014)

Summary: I used it as inspiration to my staff as what we should do when providing reader service.I’m reaching out because we’ve had a lot of great success with our readership with our standing desk article that features NextDesk and I wanted to see if there was a way we could try to work together on promoting and supporting the guide we did.

Keywords: wirecutter, desk, nextdesk, standing, desks

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Sinclair’s script for stations [video]

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Summary: What are you working on this week?

Keywords: working, askculture, week

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A revolution in our sense of self

Summary: Instead, over recent decades, AI researchers have made advances by building machines that learn not from people but from direct confrontation with huge quantities of data: images, speech waves, linguistic corpora, chess games and so on.

Keywords: anna, thoughts, actions, thought, mind

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The Tetris Challenge, Julia Edition

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Tarsnap pricing change

Summary: One thing people criticized the design for in 2009 was the fact that prices were quoted in picodollars; this is something I have insisted on retaining for the past eight years.

Keywords: tarsnap, patrick, pricing, attodollars, picodollars

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