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Apple Plans to Use Its Own Chips in Macs from 2020, Replacing Intel

Summary: Apple’s decision to switch away from Intel in PC’s wouldn’t have a major impact on the chipmaker’s earnings because sales to the iPhone maker only constitute a small amount of its total, said Kevin Cassidy, an analyst at Stifel Nicolaus & Co. A bigger concern would be if this represents part of a wider trend of big customers moving to designing their own components, he said.

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Grindr Shares Personal Information With Third-Parties

Summary: DataSent to third-parties using unsafe HTTP ⚠ and HTTPSSent to third-parties using HTTPS onlyGrindr (App Name)Adrta, Google,Liftoff,, Mobfox, Mopub, OpenX, SmatooAdColony, Adsafeprotected, Apple, AppsFlyer, Apptimize, Crashlytics, Facebook, Fqtag, Kochava, Localytics, Moatads, TreasureDataPrecise GPS PositionAdrta,Liftoff, Mopub, Nexage, OpenXApptimize, Localytics, Treasure DataGenderAdrta, Mopub, SmatooApptimize, LocalyticsHIV StatusApptimize, LocalyticsLast Tested DateApptimize, LocalyticsEmailLocalyticsAgeMopub, SmatooApptimize, LocalyticsHeightApptimize, LocalyticsWeightApptimize, LocalyticsBody TypeApptimize, LocalyticsPosition (sexual)Apptimize, LocalyticsGrindr Profile IDAdColony, Apptimize, Crashlytics, Localytics, TreasureDataTribe (Bear, Clean Cut, Daddy, Discreet, Geek, Jock, Leather, Otter Poz, Rugged, Trans, Unknown)MopubApptimize, LocalyticsLooking For (Chat, Dates, Friends, Networking, Relationship, Right Now, Unkown)MopubApptimize, LocalyticsEtchnicityMopubApptimize, LocalyticsRelationship StatusMopubApptimize, LocalyticsPhone IDLiftoff, Adrta, Mopub, SmatooAdColony, Kochava,Advertising IDAdrta,Liftoff, Mopub, Mopub, Nexage, OpenX, SmatooAdColony, Adsafeprotected, AppsFlyer, Apptimize, Facebook, Fqtag, Localytics, Maxads, TreasureDataPhone CharacteristicsAdrta,Liftoff, Mopub, OpenX, SmatooAdColony, AppsFlyer, Apptimize, Facebook, Maxads, TreasureDataLanguageLiftoff, Mopub, Nexage, SmatooAdColony, AppsFlyer, Apptimize, Facebook, Maxads, TreasureDataActivityApp-measurement, Apptimize, Facebook, TreasureDataPicturesMessages content

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DNS Performance compared: CloudFlare x Google x Quad9 x OpenDNS

Summary: Our test was very simple and we performed 70 DNS lookups throughout the course of an hour for different popular domains (google, facebook, twitter, gmail, etc).

Keywords: ms, cloudflare, opendns, cleanbrowsing, dns

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The End of Windows

Summary: In the critical choice today of digital ecosystems, Microsoft has an unmatched advantage in work and productivity experiences, and has a unique ability to drive unified services for everything from tasks and documents to entertainment, games and communications.

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A Workshop on Linux Containers: Rebuild Docker from Scratch

Summary: We have a Vagrantfile for you to run using your favorite virtual machine hypervisor (NOTE: not yet fully tested).

Keywords: workshop, feb, module, python, linux

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UN: Facebook has turned into a beast in Myanmar

Summary: During a press conference the chairman of the mission, Marzuki Darusman, said that social media had “substantively contributed to the level of acrimony” amongst the wider public, against Rohingya Muslims.

Keywords: myanmar, facebook, rohingya, hate, speech

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Sinclair Made Dozens of Local News Anchors Recite the Same Script

Summary: But asking newscasters to present the material themselves is not something that Kirstin Pellizzaro, a doctoral candidate at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, remembered from her experience as a producer at a Sinclair-owned news station in Kalamazoo, Mich., from 2014 to 2015.

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Full article on | 378 Points and 313 Comments leaks millions of customer records

Summary: KrebsOnSecurity learned about the breach earlier today after being contacted by security researcher Dylan Houlihan , who said he initially notified Panera about customer data leaking from its Web site back on August 2, 2017.

Keywords: panera, customer, records, site, data

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Stock Markets Tumble Amid Worries Over Tech Firms and Trade Tensions

Summary: “People think that tech is going to go from the Wild West to a much more regulated, scrutinized environment,” said Dan Suzuki, an equity strategist with Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Keywords: market, percent, trump, trade, monday

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The differences between tinkering and research (2016)

Summary: In other words, researchers put the thing they have done into context.For example, almost seven years ago I made some experiments with evolving neural networks to play Super Mario Bros, and published a paper on this .

Keywords: research, people, work, tinkering, good

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How to Easily Detect Objects with Deep Learning on Raspberry Pi

Summary: If you’re impatient scroll to the bottom of the post for the Github Repos Detecting Vehicles on the Road of Mumbai The raspberry pi is a neat piece of hardware that has captured the hearts of a generation with ~15M devices sold, with hackers building even cooler projects on it.

Keywords: object, detection, image, objects, raspberry

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OpenBSD 6.3 released

Summary: Our developers are: Aaron Bieber, Adam Wolk, Alexander Bluhm, Alexander Hall, Alexandr Nedvedicky, Alexandr Shadchin, Alexandre Ratchov, Andrew Fresh, Anil Madhavapeddy, Anthony J. Bentley, Antoine Jacoutot, Anton Lindqvist, Ayaka Koshibe , Benoit Lecocq, Bjorn Ketelaars, Bob Beck, Brandon Mercer, Brent Cook, Brian Callahan, Bryan Steele, Can Erkin Acar, Carlos Cardenas, Charles Longeau, Chris Cappuccio, Christian Weisgerber, Christopher Zimmermann, Claudio Jeker, Dale Rahn, Damien Miller, Daniel Boulet, Daniel Dickman, Daniel Jakots, Darren Tucker, David Coppa, David Gwynne, David Hill, Denis Fondras, Dmitrij Czarkoff, Doug Hogan, Edd Barrett, Eric Faurot, Florian Obser, Florian Riehm, Frederic Cambus, Gerhard Roth, Giannis Tsaraias, Gilles Chehade, Giovanni Bechis, Gleydson Soares, Gonzalo L. Rodriguez, Helg Bredow, Henning Brauer, Ian Darwin, Ian Sutton, Igor Sobrado, Ingo Feinerer, Ingo Schwarze, Inoguchi Kinichiro, James Turner, Jason McIntyre, Jasper Lievisse Adriaanse, Jeremie Courreges-Anglas, Jeremy Evans, Job Snijders, Joel Sing, Joerg Jung, Jonathan Armani, Jonathan Gray, Jonathan Matthew, Joris Vink, Joshua Stein, Juan Francisco Cantero Hurtado, Kazuya Goda, Kenji Aoyama, Kenneth R Westerback, Kent R. Spillner, Kevin Lo, Kirill Bychkov, Klemens Nanni, Kurt Miller, Landry Breuil, Lawrence Teo, Luke Tymowski, Marc Espie, Marco Pfatschbacher, Marcus Glocker, Mark Kettenis, Mark Lumsden, Markus Friedl, Martijn van Duren, Martin Natano, Martin Pieuchot, Martynas Venckus, Mats O Jansson, Matthew Dempsky, Matthias Kilian, Matthieu Herrb, Mike Belopuhov, Mike Larkin, Miod Vallat, Nayden Markatchev, Nicholas Marriott, Nigel Taylor, Okan Demirmen, Otto Moerbeek, Pascal Stumpf, Patrick Wildt, Paul Irofti, Pavel Korovin, Peter Hessler, Philip Guenther, Pierre-Emmanuel Andre, Pratik Vyas, Rafael Sadowski, Rafael Zalamena, Remi Locherer, Remi Pointel, Renato Westphal, Reyk Floeter, Ricardo Mestre, Richard Procter, Rob Pierce, Robert Nagy, Robert Peichaer, Sasano Takayoshi, Scott Soule Cheloha, Sebastian Benoit, Sebastian Reitenbach, Sebastien Marie, Stefan Fritsch, Stefan Kempf, Stefan Sperling, Steven Mestdagh, Stuart Cassoff, Stuart Henderson, Sunil Nimmagadda, T.J. Townsend, Ted Unangst, Theo Buehler, Theo de Raadt, Tim van der Molen, Tobias Stoeckmann, Todd C. Miller, Todd Mortimer, Tom Cosgrove, Ulf Brosziewski, Uwe Stuehler, Vadim Zhukov, Vincent Gross, Visa Hankala, Yasuoka Masahiko, Yojiro Uo [ prev in list ] [next in list] [prev in thread] [ next in thread ]

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Tesla driver reproduces fatal autopilot accident [video]

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Laptop explodes while charging at Letchworth business

Summary: Steve Paffett – owner of Allplas – says his business could be out of action for six months after his HP laptop caught fire while left on charge, with the blaze destroying his office based off Works Road.

Keywords: fire, steve, charge, laptop, left

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MIT AGI: Boston Dynamics [video]

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Rental car companies have been waging a quiet legislative war against start-ups

Summary: “However,” the statement said, “we believe the playing field should be level and fair for everyone involved in ground transportation — and that’s especially true when it comes to safety issues like designated pick-up airport locations as well as any legal restrictions concerning manufacturer vehicle recalls.”

Keywords: car, turo, rental, companies, company

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China Slaps Tariffs on U.S. Products

Summary: Mr. Trump’s threatened tariffs on $60 billion worth of other Chinese-made products are likely to prompt more retaliation from China, which could single out more valuable American exports such as soybeans and hurt Apple and other companies that rely heavily on Chinese consumers.

Keywords: tariffs, china, products, trump, chinese

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Parallel tasks in Python: concurrent.futures

Summary: The ProcessPoolExecutor uses the multiprocessing module, which is not affected by GIL (Global Interpreter Lock) but also means that only picklable objects can be executed and returned.

Keywords: returns, map, future, futures, python

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A Visual History of Eve: 2014 - 2018

Summary: Discussed in July 2017 , this version was moved to Rust for faster performance.

Keywords: notebookgrid, performance, evecardwikimarkdowneve, tablesfivesquaremadlibs, tableevewhendo

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Massive Breach in Panera Bread

Summary: There is a publicly available, completely unauthenticated API endpoint that allows anyone to access the following information about anyone who has ever signed up for an account to order food from Panera Bread: 1.

Keywords: username, cardnumber, false, true, null

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Why we rewrote Lua in JS (2017)

Summary: First class functions and closures A versatile data structure: the table Vararg expressions Lexical scoping Iterators Coroutines (see below)

Keywords: lua, js, browser, code, coroutines

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Schools Struggle with Vaping Explosion

Summary: “I’m afraid that we’re going to be hooking a new generation of kids on nicotine, with potentially unknown risks,” said Dr. Mark L. Rubinstein, the lead author of the study and a professor of pediatrics at the University of California, San Francisco.

Keywords: vaping, students, school, devices, percent

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IIHS: Model S has higher collision claim frequencies than comparable luxury cars

Summary: Electric vehicles as a class aren’t known for their speed, but that’s not the case with the Model S. Tesla calls it “the quickest production car in the world” in promotional literature.

Keywords: higher, claim, electric, vehicles, model

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Stock and Bond Markets Dethroned: Private Fundraising Is Now Dominant

Summary: ET When the messaging app Telegram set out to raise billions of dollars this year for a project to launch a cryptocurrency, it shunned the stock market and instead invited a select group of firms to invest in its virtual coins.

Keywords: private, investors, project, finances, invited

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Bitcoin Mining Hardware Accelerator with Optimized Message Datapath

Summary: SURESH; Vikram ; (Hillsboro, OR) ; SATPATHY; Sudhir ; (Hillsboro, OR) ; MATHEW; Sanu ; (Hillsboro, OR)

Keywords: hillsboro, suresh, mathew, satpathy, sanu

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What Color is Your Function? (2015)

Summary: For now, I won’t precisely define “painful”, but just imagine that the programmer has to jump through some kind of annoying hoops every time they call a red function.

Keywords: functions, function, language, red, call

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A Garage Sale Find of Rare Beatles Photos Took Collector on Magical Mystery Tour

Summary: Concurrently, Seabury’s notion that the photographs deserved “some attention” was moving forward in the form of an exhibition to be called “Lost and Found Beatles” and scheduled to open on August 29, 2016, the 50th anniversary of the Candlestick show, at The Reclaimed Room Gallery in San Francisco.

Keywords: weill, eric, seabury, beatles, sheet

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Scale-invariant instantons and the complete lifetime of the standard model

Summary: We also clarify previously incomplete treatments of related issues pertaining to global symmetries, gauge fixing, and finite mass effects.

Keywords: uncertainty, mass, published, αs, american

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Women Aren’t Always Sentenced by the Book. Maybe Men Shouldn’t Be, Either

Summary: Legal scholar Dan Markel and his co-authors wrote in a 2009 book that family ties should be considered only with great caution to ensure equal treatment and to avoid continuing patriarchal norms or creating a “class of persons who are immune from incarceration” and therefore desirable hires for criminal outfits.

Keywords: women, sentencing, guidelines, men, federal

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Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s hardest year, and what comes next

Summary: And there’s been a big rise of isolationism and nationalism that I think threatens the global cooperation that will be required to solve some of the bigger issues, like maintaining peace, addressing climate change, eventually collaborating a lot in accelerating science and curing diseases and eliminating poverty.

Keywords: people, facebook, lot, world, time

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Tesla’s Musk Takes Charge of Model 3 Production as Problems Persist

Summary: Read comments from top tech and industry leaders

Keywords: industry, leaders, read, comments, tech

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Behind the scenes at YC Demo Day [video]

Summary: At the end of each batch the accelerator hosts its Demo Days, where the audience is filled with investors looking to fund the next big thing.

Keywords: demo, days, companies, audience, invited

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Chrome Is Scanning Files on Your Computer

Summary: Martijn Grooten, the editor of Virus Bulletin and organizer of one of the premiere antivirus conferences in the world, told me in a Twitter chat that the behavior of the Chrome Cleanup Tool was “sensible.”

Keywords: chrome, google, computer, tool, cleanup

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“The street finds its own uses for things” (2012)

Summary: The microcassette recorder, originally intended for on-the-jump executive dictation, becomes the revolutionary medium of magnitizdat , allowing the covert spread of suppressed political speeches in Poland and China.

Keywords: gibson, future, fiction, city, things

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Snap expects layoffs to save $34M a year

Summary: SNAP, -8.88% said in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing late Friday that it expects to save $34 million a year as a result of 220 recent layoffs.

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The Story of a Voice: HAL in ‘2001’ Wasn’t Always So Eerily Calm

Summary: For a character that’s been endlessly caricatured — in “The Simpsons,” “South Park,” television commercials — HAL has inspired a surprisingly rich range of adjectives over the years.

Keywords: hal, kubrick, rain, mr, voice

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Tesla owner almost crashes on video trying to recreate fatal Autopilot accident

Summary: Now another Tesla owners tried to film his Model S following the same lane change scenario on Autopilot in an almost identical section of road in Chicago and it might show exactly what happened during the accident:

Keywords: autopilot, driver, line, tesla, accident

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Nutrition offers its resignation, and the reply

Summary: Admittedly, in retrospect, many of us were incompetent, were biased or outright corrupted by power interests, or pursued personal food ideologies that had no basis in data.

Keywords: nutrition, healthy, food, don, research

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Assessing Shooting Performance in NBA and NCAA Basketball

Summary: If we restrict to all shots under 6 feet in each dataset, the NCAA still has a slightly higher FG% than the NBA (59% vs. 58%), but depending on how the recording systems work, the accuracy gap at short distances might be significantly smaller than the graph would have you believe.

Keywords: nba, college, players, shots, data

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Show HN: See GitHub issues on a Kanban board

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Linux Set to Shed Nearly 500k Lines of Code by Dropping Old CPUs

Summary: The good news is that dropping support for these eight obsolete CPU ports lightens up the Linux kernel by about 467,668 lines of code.

Keywords: cpu, architectures, kernel, linux, ports

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Show HN: JobInChain – Find a Job as a Blockchain Developer

Summary: description Permanent cloud Full time remote

Keywords: cloud, description, tierion, full, francisco

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The winning 8 kilobyte demo from 2018 Revision: One of Those Days

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London murder rate overtakes New York for first time ever

Summary: © Provided by Independent Digital News & Media LimitedLondon has overtaken New York City’s murder rate for the first time in contemporary history as the capital has been overwhelmed with a spate of stabbings.

Keywords: london, york, murder, stabbings, fatal

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