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Google Workers Urge C.E.O. To Pull Out of Pentagon A.I. Project

Summary: In an interview in November, Mr. Schmidt acknowledged “a general concern in the tech community of somehow the military-industrial complex using their stuff to kill people incorrectly, if you will.” He said he served on the board in part “to at least allow for communications to occur” and suggested that the military would “use this technology to help keep the country safe.”

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Facebook CEO says no plans to extend all of GDPR globally

Summary: SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Facebook Inc ( FB.O ) Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said on Tuesday that he agreed “in spirit” with a strict new European Union law on data privacy but stopped short of committing to it as the standard for the social network across the world.

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Summary: Mar 8, 2018 MechanicsAdded files of “Motor PCB”, some drawings ad 3D models.

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Making the Touch Bar useful by abandoning Apple guidelines

Summary: To my sleepless nights, when I was coding Conky configs in ArchLinux to display on my desktop the most important things: the weather, CPU-usage, IP-address, and a FULL-SCREEN CLOCK, of course — a pride and envy of every nerdy schoolboy.

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Book: Mathematics for Machine Learning

Summary: Introduction and Motivation Linear Algebra Analytic Geometry Matrix Decompositions Vector Calculus Probability and Distribution Continuous Optimization Further Topics

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A man who spent $100K to remove a lie from Google

Summary: They were accompanied by what seemed like just the right cast of characters: Their lawyers were from an elite Chicago firm; their bankers vouched for the millions in their accounts; New York University, where Yalincak was a student, was going to name a building on West 4th Street in Manhattan after the family.

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What Did Ancient Romans Do Without Toilet Paper?

Summary: As peculiar as personal hygiene practices in ancient Rome may seem to us, the historical fact is that Romans successfully and sustainably used tersoriums and washed their clothes in pee for several centuries—far longer than we’ve used toilet paper.

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SteamOS, Linux, and Steam Machines

Summary: At the same time, we’re continuing to invest significant resources in supporting the Vulkan ecosystem, tooling and driver efforts.

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The Worst U.S. Maritime Disaster in Decades

Summary: In the darkness before dawn on Thursday, October 1, 2015, an American merchant captain named Michael Davidson sailed a 790-foot U.S.-flagged cargo ship, El Faro , into the eye wall of a Category 3 hurricane on the exposed windward side of the Bahama Islands.

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Hacking a $30 IoT camera to do more than it’s worth

Summary: In this post, we take a closer look at camera CFW alternative open source firmware install.

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AWS Secrets Manager – Store, Distribute, and Rotate Credentials Securely

Summary: Previously, customers needed to provision and maintain additional infrastructure solely for secrets management which could incur costs and introduce unneeded complexity into systems.

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Netflix FlameScope

Summary: FlameScope was created by the Netflix cloud performance team, so far involving Vadim Filanovsky, myself, Martin Spier, and our manager, Ed Hunter, who has supported the project.

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Show HN: I made a Chrome extension to reveal zero-width characters

Summary: Failed to load latest commit information.

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Fifty or Sixty Years of Processor Development for This?

Summary: Like Rosencranz and Guildenstern, Dennard Scaling and Moore’s Law are dead at the end of Patterson’s historical play, yet interesting things to do with computer architecture remain to be done.

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CockroachDB 2.0 released

Summary: We’ve also watched our distributed SQL database enable exciting new use cases, from a blockchain solution for certifying document authenticity to a system of record for tracking simulations that help optimize oil and gas exploration.

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Suspect in YouTube Shooting Posted Rants About the Company Online

Summary: A news report by The San Diego Union Tribune shows a photo of Aghdam holding a plastic sword and spattered in blood as part of the demonstration by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

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Facebook Scans What You Send Other People on Messenger App

Summary: The company told Bloomberg that while Messenger conversations are private, Facebook scans them and uses the same tools to prevent abuse there that it does on the social network more generally.

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Pharo MOOC

Summary: Luc is the co-author of several research papers advocating the use of dynamic and reflective languages such as Pharo to support live programming of mobile and autonomous robots in an efficient way.

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Instagram’s ‘virtual’ celebrities

Summary: And yet the concept of virtual influencers like Shudu and Miquela is rooted in a much older archetype – the doll, according to Toby Miller, director of the Institute for Media and Creative Industries at Loughborough University London.

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Don’t Fix Facebook, Replace It

Summary: When Mark Zuckerberg, the company’s chief executive, testifies before Congress, which he plans to do this month , lawmakers will no doubt ask how Facebook might restore the public’s trust and whether it might accept some measure of regulation.

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Suspect in YouTube Shooting Angry That Her Videos Had Been ‘De-Monetized’

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JavaScript to Rust and Back Again: A Wasm-Bindgen Tale

Summary: You can call JS methods on a struct and access properties, giving a bit of a “native” feel to the Rust you write once the #[wasm_bindgen] annotations are all hooked up.

Keywords: rust, js, function, webassembly, types

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Microsoft calls for dismissal of U.S. Supreme Court privacy fight

Summary: WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp on Tuesday backed the Justice Department’s request that the U.S. Supreme Court dismiss a case pitting the two against each other over whether prosecutors can force technology companies to hand over data stored overseas after Congress passed a law that resolved the dispute.

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Lessons from “The Profit”

Summary: But instead, of going out of business, the firm covers its losses with entrepreneurs and family members who work without pay, with loans which grow ever larger, and by an occasional demand shock which generates enough surplus revenue to just keep going.

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Instagram deprecates majority of their API

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MailChimp’s Ban on Cryptocurrency Marketing Is Causing Collateral Damage

Summary: Technology analyst Ben Thompson suggested that the decision was motivated by deliverability concerns: MailChimp’s success depends on its emails not being kept out of people’s inboxes by spam filters.

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Beep security update

Summary: Date Reported: 02 Apr 2018 Affected Packages: beep Vulnerable: Yes Security database references: In Mitre’s CVE dictionary: CVE-2018-0492 .

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Facebook to exclude US users from some privacy enhancements

Summary: In a phone interview with Reuters yesterday Mark Zuckerberg declined to commit to universally implementing changes to the platform that are necessary to comply with the European Union’s incoming General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR ).

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Spirit A319 at Boston, Jul 17th 2015, fumes on board, captain died 50 days later

Summary: - TCP, used as additives to all aviation engine oils to reduce wear, are not intended for consumption, acute symptoms include stomach cramping, muscle aches and sinus congestion which may be mistaken for flu or food poisoning and can lead to delayed onset of OPICN (OrganoPhosphate Induced Chronic Neurotoxicity).

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An Update on Our Plans to Restrict Data Access on Facebook

Summary: However, malicious actors have also abused these features to scrape public profile information by submitting phone numbers or email addresses they already have through search and account recovery.

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Facebook Says Up to 87M People’s Data May Have Been Improperly Shared

Summary: He defended the company’s advertising business model, confirmed he wants to stay in charge and disclosed no “meaningful impact” from an online campaign by some users to delete their Facebook accounts.

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Transparent ceramics made with aluminum

Summary: Chances are good that increased demand for the material will drive costs down, and it may not be long before Gorilla Glass is replaced by transparent aluminum smartphone screens that might actually damage the pavement when you drop your phone.

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Michigan OKs Nestlé Water Extraction, Despite Public Comments Against It

Summary: The resulting themes dealt with a range of ideas, from the potential environmental damage of the water plan to calls for a public vote on the increase.

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Writing to the Framebuffer

Summary: Now, you probably realize that for a 1920x1080 display with 4 bytes per pixel, you only need about 8 MB to store the image, but the video RAM in your computer is probably many times that size.

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Introducing Fly Edge Apps

Summary: When a visitor makes a connection to your Edge Application we handle SSL, then route requests into app-specific v8 isolates with a location agnostic set of core libraries.

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Wcc: The Witchcraft Compiler Collection

Summary: wld could for instance process Intel, ARM or SPARC executables from Android, Linux, BSD or UNIX operating systems and transform them into “non relocatable shared libraries”.

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I’m a female chef. Here’s how my restaurant dealt with harassment from customers

Summary: Homeroom’s stated mission is to be the best part of people’s day for both guests and staff, and we are committed to building a restaurant culture that is inclusive, diverse and counter to many damaging industry norms.

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Asian-Americans Suing Harvard Say Admissions Files Show Discrimination

Summary: At stake in the dispute is the secrecy of the university admissions process, especially at elite institutions like Harvard that are competing for a small pool of highly qualified students, and whether and how race and ethnicity play a role.

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Zipline’s Drones Will Deliver Blood in the United States This Year

Summary: While Zipline isn’t making any specific announcements yet, Rinaudo did say that they’re “working closely with a number of different states to demonstrate medical product delivery in suburban and rural areas.”

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Back end development in 2018

Summary: Docker can facilitate you greatly in your development, whether it is replicating the same environment as production, keeping your OS clean or expediting your coding, testing or deployment.

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On how to grow an idea

Summary: To accompany this essay, I’ve created a channel on called “How to grow an idea.” There you’ll find some seeds for thought, scattered amongst other growths: slime molds, twining vines, internet gardens, and starling murmurations.

Keywords: fukuoka, mind, ideas, farming, thinking

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Show HN: RootCause – Record, Replay and Reproduce JavaScript Errors

Summary: You will save tons of time since you no longer have to manually communicate with end users or QA to learn how they triggered that bug.

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Mark Karpelès, ex-CEO MtGox – AMA

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Google Bans Crypto-Currency Mining Extensions from Chrome Store

Summary: “Over the past few months, there has been a rise in malicious extensions that appear to provide useful functionality on the surface, while embedding hidden crypto-currency mining scripts that run in the background without the user’s consent,” Wagner wrote in a blog April 2.

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Brain-stimulation trials get personal to lift depression

Summary: Researchers are excited about the potential of closed-loop systems, but stimulating the brain while recording its internal activity with an EEG is a significant technical challenge, says cognitive neuroscientist Gregor Thut, at the University of Glasgow, UK.

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App Store shrank for first time in 2017 due to crackdowns on spam, clones etc.

Summary: Combined with those apps that weren’t 64-bit compatible and those that hadn’t been downloaded in years, the removals reached into the hundreds of thousands over a 12-month period.

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Police say shooter’s anger over YouTube policies ‘appears to be the motive’

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Improved Docker Container Integration with Java 10

Summary: Until recently, running the JVM in a container presented problems with memory and cpu sizing and usage that led to performance loss.

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Show HN: A React drag-and-drop library

Summary: A fast and lightweight drag&drop, sortable library for React with many configuration options covering many d&d scenarios.

Keywords: container, item, function, undefined, object

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JavaScript: prototype vs. class

Summary: We had to wait 20 years for thatYou can try changing a proto the way we did before and have a barking SuperCat that still has a powerfull MEOW, or do other crazy things, the (prototypal) world is yours now.

Keywords: class, cat, javascript, object, prototype

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Supersonic Flight Prepares for Takeoff Again

Summary: There was the tragic crash of Air France Flight 4590, a Concorde jet that went down in flames just after takeoff in July 2000.

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A new technology, virtual embodiment, challenges our understanding of who we are

Summary: comes after you remove the headset: having been immersed in a comparatively flat computer-generated world, one finds that, in real life, “the most ordinary surface, cheap wood or plain dirt, is bejeweled in infinite detail for a short while.” As we walked, I was spellbound by pine needles and by the texture of concrete.

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