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Stripe Billing

Summary: Today, we’re excited to launch Stripe Billing , a new suite of tools to help companies of all sizes automate, optimize, and scale recurring business models.

Keywords: billing, stripe, business, payments, businesses

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Patch runs ed, and ed can run anything

Summary: I found it buried in the HN /new queue as a simple link to the Debian bug tracker .

Keywords: ed, patch, awesome, kind, runs

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Berkeley offers its fastest-growing course – data science – online for free

Summary: The online program is based on the Foundations of Data Science course that Berkeley launched on campus in 2015 and now has more than 1,000 students enrolling every semester.

Keywords: data, science, berkeley, foundations, program

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System Shock 1 source code released under GPL

Summary: The game was initially built with an older version of CodeWarrior, but we tested it with CW 10 Gold Tools (IDE 1.7) and it was able to build a working executable.

Keywords: shockmac, libraries, code, project, file

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Making a Statically-Linked, Single-File Web App with React and Rust

Summary: What this accomplishes is having all of your code, including HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and Rust, packaged into a single file that will run on pretty much any 64-bit Linux system, regardless of the kernel version or installed libraries.

Keywords: run, rust, app, file, static

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Giving up reading news will make us happier

Summary: Unlike reading books and long magazine articles (which require thinking), we can swallow limitless quantities of news flashes, which are bright-coloured candies for the mind.

Keywords: news, thinking, stories, time, memory

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Tesla crash in September showed similarities to fatal Mountain View accident

Summary: He told Dan Noyes Tesla should take a cue from GM’s “Smart Cruise” system that aims cameras at the driver.The company’s promotional video says, “Proprietary software makes sure your eyes are on the road.”

Keywords: tesla, autopilot, driver, crash, mountain

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Redesigning the Scientific Paper

Summary: Instead of building a specialized, stand-alone application, let alone spending man-centuries on it, the IPython team—Pérez was now joined by Brian Granger, a physics professor at California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo; and Min Ragan-Kelley, a Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley working in computational physics—built their notebooks as simple web pages.

Keywords: wolfram, mathematica, notebook, scientific, data

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Why are diapers so expensive?

Summary: Asked why affordability was not on the schedule, Dave Rousse, the president of the nonwoven fabrics industry association, which organized the conference, said it was up to diaper companies to determine “the level of support they are going to give to that sector.”

Keywords: diapers, lalandria, diaper, baby, amound

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The FBI could have broken into San Bernadino shooter’s phone without Apple

Summary: Second, the history in this area demonstrates that “not foolproof” often actually means “completely insecure.” That’s because any system that is designed to allow law enforcement agencies all across the country to expeditiously decrypt devices pursuant to court order will be enormously complex, raising the likelihood of serious flaws in implementation.

Keywords: fbi, access, report, apple, oig

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Google bug bounty for security exploit that influences search results

Summary: I created a fake domain for a UK based retail company that doesn’t operate in the USA, and spun up an AWS server that mimicked the site (primarily through harvesting the legit content and retooling it – i.e. changing currency / address etc.).

Keywords: google, search, xml, sitemap, ping

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How kids in a low-income country use laptops: lessons from Madagascar

Summary: A teacher at work with his class in the Nosy Komba primary school. home the children, like their peers in developed countries, largely used computers to take photos or make videos, listen to music, play games, share content and do homework.

Keywords: children, computers, laptops, school, laptop

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Cloudflare’s new DNS attracting ‘gigabits per second’ of rubbish

Summary: Cloudflare’s new speed and privacy enhancing domain name system (DNS) servers, launched on Sunday , are also part of an experiment being conducted in partnership with the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC).

Keywords: dns, cloudflare, address, traffic, huston

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Why Jewish History Is So Hard to Write

Summary: These are the questions raised by two major new surveys of the subject: “ A History of Judaism ” (Princeton), by Martin Goodman, and “ The Story of the Jews: Volume Two: Belonging, 1492-1900 ” (Ecco), the newest installment of a trilogy by Simon Schama.

Keywords: jewish, jews, history, judaism, schama

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Linux Kernel Lockdown and UEFI Secure Boot

Summary: The first is that some of the features may break things people need - for instance, some strange embedded apps communicate with PCI devices by mmap()ing resources directly from sysfs[2].

Keywords: kernel, boot, lockdown, secure, uefi

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MIT’s student newspaper criticizes MIT’s convenience-based ethics

Summary: Although news organizations churn out frequent stories on U.S. war crimes in the Middle East (between 737 and 1,551 civilians have been killed by U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia), the Institute actively works to support this rampant militarism through the MIT Lincoln Laboratory, a U.S. Department of Defense research center that operates on a billion-dollar budget to develop military technology.

Keywords: mit, saudi, administration, war, arabia

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Apple’s 2019 Mac Pro will be shaped by workflows

Summary: This is why Apple wants to be as explicit as possible now, so that if institutional buyers or other large customers are waiting to spend budget on, say iMac Pros or other machines, they should pull the trigger without worry that a Mac Pro might appear late in the purchasing year.

Keywords: pro, apple, mac, year, customers

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Secret Service Warns of Chip Card Scheme

Summary: Incidentally, if you enjoy reading historical non-fiction, I’d highly recommend Candice Millard ‘s magnificently researched and written book, Destiny of the Republic , about the life and slow, painful death of President James A. Garfield after he was shot in the back by his lunatic assailant.

Keywords: card, chip, payment, cards, service

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Planets evenly spaced on log scale

Summary: The previous post was about Kepler’s observation that the planets were spaced out around the sun the same way that nested regular solids would be.

Keywords: planets, distances, system, spaced, systems

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India’s Central Bank Bans Regulated Entities From Dealing In Virtual Currencies

Summary: The regulator, however, decided that it will promote the use of blockchain – a public ledger that serves as the backbone of bitcoin – in financial services for strengthening transparency and improving inclusion.

Keywords: cryptocurrencies, rbi, central, bank, bitcoin

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React-basic: Description of the conceptual model of React

Summary: For example, in layout algorithms you need to know something about the size of your children before you can completely fulfill their position.

Keywords: state, function, memoization, abstractions, uis

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Coinbase Ventures

Summary: And we’re also eagerly rooting for the best and brightest minds in the crypto space, both in and outside of Coinbase, to develop products and services that create meaningful user and customer value.

Keywords: coinbase, companies, ll, space, invest

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CometML wants to do for machine learning what GitHub did for code

Summary: Mendels tells me that the team signed up about 500 data scientists (including from some top tier tech companies) during its closed beta.

Keywords: code, developers, teams, models, experiments

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Kubernetes Security – Best Practice Guide

Summary: The plugin hooks into the internal Docker API and enforces a set of black and white list rules to restrict what images can be pulled.

Keywords: kubernetes, cluster, security, access, api

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Stuff in Space – realtime 3D map of objects in Earth’s orbit

Summary: Find all objects from this launch…

Keywords: downloading, resources, launch, objects, find

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OpenAI Retro Contest

Summary: While this contest focuses on video game levels, we hope the winning techniques will be applicable to a wide variety of domains.

Keywords: contest, agent, levels, sonic, post

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Portland Anarchist Road Care Fixes Potholes Anonymously (2017)

Summary: Whereas the planet’s other pothole vigilantes rely on mostly passive approaches to draw attention to holes—painting male genitalia around them in the U.K., making them tweet the government when run over in Panama—Portland’s avengers take direct action, using a temporary but well-established mending technique called cold patching .

Keywords: portland, potholes, road, people, city

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Designing better file organization around tags, not hierarchies (2017)

Summary: Furthermore, for personal collections this bit of text doesn’t take up much space compared to bulk media files, and there are strategies to store the data in a more compact way while still maintaining the same conceptual model (discussed later).

Keywords: file, files, hash, system, tag

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The secret life of NaN

Summary: This means the official suggestion in the floating point standard is to leave a qNaN exactly as you found it, in case someone is using it propagate “diagnostic information” using that payload we saw above.

Keywords: bit, nan, values, payload, standard

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Wall Street’s Big Banks Are Waging a Technological Arms Race

Summary: But the separation prevented Goldman from developing the ability to do principal trades in the electronic unit, meaning they couldn’t offer what quants needed: equity swaps that bundle financing and execution costs together.

Keywords: goldman, trading, company, equities, morgan

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Another reason why Docker containers may be slow

Summary: In this article, the author analyzes a similarly mysterious case, where two, supposedly lightweight, processes were killing each other, when running inside Docker on the same machine, even though resource limits were set to very conservative values.

Keywords: kernel, performance, perf, cpu, processes

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Where I started might not be useful to you

Summary: If you play around on it, you might expose your personal data online, or otherwise create a situation where bad people can come in and destroy your stuff and/or use it to attack others.

Keywords: stuff, things, make, thing, time

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Distributed SQLite for Go applications

Summary: This is a consequence of Raft sitting in the CP spectrum of the CAP theorem: in case of a network partition it chooses consistency and sacrifices availability.

Keywords: sqlite, raft, mar, api, dqlite

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Friendica – A Decentralized Social Network

Summary: Tony was an early member of the Friendica/RedMatrix/Hubzilla community who contributed ideas, addons, themes and utility tools.

Keywords: branch, develop, release, code, community

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The unsolved mystery of who owns 221b Baker Street

Summary: It is notorious among anti-corruption activists: In 2015, then-prime minister David Cameron singled out allegations about the property in a speech in Singapore, insisting, “We need to stop corrupt officials or organised criminals using anonymous shell companies to invest their ill-gotten gains in London property.” Two years later, the government cited the buildings in its 2017-2022 Anti-Corruption Strategy (pdf, p.37).

Keywords: nurali, properties, street, baker, aliyev

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How did we end up with containers?

Summary: (I’ve shipped a lot of code with what I thought was good documentation until a user informed me that a script needed wget or something and this apparently wasn’t installed by default.

Keywords: containers, container, build, dependencies, things

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Payment Request API for Apple Pay

Summary: To update the payment details based on the selected shipping address, call updateWith() on the event object with a promise that resolves to a PaymentDetailsUpdate .

Keywords: payment, apple, pay, customer, safari

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Adult Neurogenesis – A Pointed Review

Summary: Carol Dweck’s Mindsetworks helpfully provides an infographic for teachers, urging them to tell their students that each time they set a goal or become motivated to learn a new skill, “a new neuron is formed through a process called neurogeneis” [sic].

Keywords: neurogenesis, adult, brain, humans, studies

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Atomontage: voxel 3D simulation technology for games

Summary: Scalable volumetric sampled geometry is absolutely necessary for creating deeply interactive and detailed virtual worlds, like depicted in popular sci-fi like Ready Player One’s OASIS, Snow Crash’s Metaverse, and The Matrix, Siles said.

Keywords: siles, voxels, graphics, voxel, atomontage

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Extra Technical Obstacles for Facebook Quitters

Summary: ET As frustrations with Facebook Inc. reach a fever pitch following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, some users are having trouble deleting their accounts.

Keywords: facebook, users, issue, appears, touch

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“God is a Verb” by R. Buckminster Fuller (1968)

Summary: Therefore it will be an entirely new era when man finds himself confronted with direct experience with an obviously a priori intellectually anticipatory competency that has interordered all that he is discovering.

Keywords: god, love, verb, reliably, dynamic

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Braille Neue Combines Touchable Braille with Visible Letters

Summary: With an innovation that makes you wonder why no one thought of it earlier, Japanese designer Kosuke Takahashi has created a new typeface that allows everyone equal access to information, whether they can see or not.

Keywords: braille, neue, takahashi, japanese, read

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Tesla is heading for a cash crunch

Summary: Employees at the Fremont plant describe a chaotic workplace in which Silicon Valley ideals of nimble innovation and robotic automation clash with the unglamorous realities of car-making, from the safe use of fork-lift trucks on the shop floor to the dexterous insertion of plastic parts in car interiors.

Keywords: tesla, firm, model, musk, mr

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Protecting GDPR Personal Data with Pseudonymization

Summary: In this post we have shown how to achieve ingestion time pseudonymization of identifier field data using Logstash, and discussed some of the concerns around management of keys to minimise potential exposure to hash reversal techniques.

Keywords: data, personal, key, pseudonymization, gdpr

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EMMC Hacking, or: how oranav fixed long-dead Galaxy S3 phones (2017)

Summary: The research not only applies to Galaxy S3 devices (which are obviously old), as it appears to be relevant for new Samsung eMMC chips, even though they have a slightly different firmware, which will be briefly overviewed.

Keywords: emmc, chip, samsung, firmware, galaxy

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Walt Disney’s MultiPlane Camera (1957)

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How to build your own AlphaZero AI using Python and Keras

Summary: Loss against mini-batch iteration numberThe top line is the error in the policy head (the cross entropy of the MCTS move probabilities, against the output from the neural network).

Keywords: network, neural, file, game, algorithm

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Will This “Neural Lace” Brain Implant Help Us Compete with AI?

Summary: advancement, humans could ultimately expect to be left behind—cognitively, intellectually—“by a lot.” His solution to this unappealing fate is a novel brain-computer interface similar to the implantable “neural lace” described by the Scottish novelist Iain M. Banks in Look to Windward , part of his “Culture series” books.

Keywords: neural, tissue, brain, lace, lot

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How I Find Six Figure Remote Software Developer Jobs

Summary: After answering the question so many times, I decided I should write an article listing the resources I use to find six figure remote Software Developer positions.

Keywords: remote, software, communities, positions, developers

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Summary: will work right out of the box for you Mobile first, mobile only : For now, we’re focusing exclusively on building the best CI system for mobile app devs Open source : Just like fastlane , is open source and community driven Built in the open : Together with all of you, MIT licensed Git first : 100% of your configuration files are stored in git, wherever you want Configuration files first : Human readable and editable config files, fully transparent Self hosted : You should be able to own your CI systems, and scale up as needed Adapters : Store your configuration and artifacts on services you already use, like GitHub or your own git server Visual interface : Thanks to you’ll be able to benefit from fastlane without having to use the terminal

Keywords: fastlane, ci, mobile, open, git

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Decentralization Dilemma

Summary: After spending a few years on a Linux machine, I can safely attest to being someone who is aware of apt-get update or pip install or whatever other commandline knowledge is required for installing/managing software on servers.

Keywords: servers, decentralization, convenience, eventual, running

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We work for Google. Our employer shouldn’t be in the business of war

Summary: Google’s unique history, its motto “don’t be evil”, and its direct reach into the lives of billions of users set it apart.

Keywords: google, technology, project, clear, maven

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Computer system transcribes words users “speak silently”

Summary: In the conference paper, the researchers report a prototype of a wearable silent-speech interface, which wraps around the back of the neck like a telephone headset and has tentacle-like curved appendages that touch the face at seven locations on either side of the mouth and along the jaws.

Keywords: system, researchers, words, device, user

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How I learned to live again, after running a man over

Summary: Before I was old enough to learn I would sit on the cracked red leather seat of Dad’s Austin Cambridge, pretending to change gears, negotiate traffic, double-declutching on steep hills.

Keywords: michael, road, man, life, rawson

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How to Subvert Backdoored Encryption [pdf]

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“Did We Create This Monster?” How Twitter Turned Toxic

Summary: Humans are often to blame for overly broad purges that capture benign content that doesn’t violate policy, such as when YouTube did a sweep for extremist and gun-related videos after the Parkland shooting, deleting specific clips and even entire channels that shouldn’t have been subject to elimination.

Keywords: twitter, company, dorsey, users, safety

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