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I wandered off and built an IDE

Summary: The idea struck me like a lightning bolt: I could put a small database engine (SQLite) into my plugin, load Excel data into it and query the crap out of it six ways from Sunday.

Keywords: excel, data, anna, ast, people

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Comcast, AT&T and Verizon pose a greater surveillance risk than Facebook

Summary: But contractual tweaking does little to change the privacy risks that techno-sociologist Zeynep Tufekci calls “an all too natural consequence of Facebook’s business model, which involves having people go to the site for social interaction, only to be quietly subjected to an enormous level of surveillance”.

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Another Tesla on autopilot steers towards a barrier

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Facebook was in talks with hospitals about a proposal to share data

Summary: While the data shared would obscure personally identifiable information, such as the patient’s name, Facebook proposed using a common computer science technique called “hashing” to match individuals who existed in both sets.

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Japanese anime director Isao Takahata has died

Summary: Image copyrightShutterstockImage caption Grave of the Fireflies told the story of two siblings trying to survive during World War Two The duo went on to co-found Studio Ghibli, and were described by local media as both friends and rivals.

Keywords: studio, mr, takahata, ghibli, tale

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Facebook retracted Zuckerberg’s messages from recipients’ inboxes

Summary: But it’s alarming that Facebook didn’t disclose the retractions or plans for a Unsend button until forced, and scrambling to give everyone the feature seems like an effort to quiet users’ anger over the situation.]

Keywords: facebook, messages, zuckerberg, users, inboxes

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FCC approves SpaceX plan for satellite broadband network

Summary: Although we still have much to do with this complex undertaking, this is an important step toward SpaceX building a next-generation satellite network that can link the globe with reliable and affordable broadband service, especially reaching those who are not yet connected.

Keywords: spacex, satellites, launch, fcc, satellite

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Google seeks to limit ‘right to be forgotten’ by claiming it’s journalistic

Summary: Guidelines provided by the court direct the search engine to balance these rights when making a decision whether or not to delist, with primacy given to privacy except where it is overridden by a “preponderant interest of the general public.”

Keywords: google, search, journalism, court, forgotten

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Summary: The legislation, featured prominently in the popular Netflix documentary “I am Jane Doe,” amends the Communications Decency Act, which has shielded website operators from state criminal charges or civil liability if they facilitate sex ads or prostitution.

Keywords: sex, backpage, website, marketplace, department

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Destroy All Software screencasts free this week

Summary: The 90 classic Destroy All Software screencasts explain advanced programming practices via concrete examples: testing , design , fluency with tools like Unix shells , and other topics.

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Systems built on trust, norms, and institutions function better than blockchain

Summary: The number of retailers accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment is declining , and its biggest corporate boosters like IBM , NASDAQ , Fidelity , Swift and Walmart have gone long on press but short on actual rollout.

Keywords: blockchain, trust, software, data, trusted

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AWS Explained: The Basics

Summary: This kind of flexibility democratizes access to compute resources and allows anyone with the right idea to build it and scale it millions of users without spending a dime up-front.

Keywords: aws, services, cloud, instances, access

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Confessions of an Unreal Engine 4 engineering firefighter

Summary: If you constantly find yourself arguing with those at your side about implementation details but know when to compromise and are able to do so in a way that boosts morale instead of degrading it, there is a good chance you are a mid-level engineer transitioning to either senior-level or becoming a lead but are simply lacking the skill experience to see it through.

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Full article on | 255 Points and 69 Comments immutable data structures for Rust

Summary: Rust, being what it is, does a good job of discouraging this kind of behaviour, and keeping it strictly controlled when it’s necessary, but the standard library doesn’t provide collection data structures which are optimised for immutable operations.

Keywords: data, log, structures, structure, means

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Want to Be Happy? Think Like an Old Person

Summary: Helen Moses, who lives at the Hebrew Home at Riverdale, enjoys the finer things, like socializing with Howie Zeimer, her companion of eight years, listening to music, and getting her nails done.Photo

Keywords: year, mekas, moses, life, photo

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Apps of a Feather

Summary: Automatic refresh of your timeline just won’t work: there is no web server on your mobile device or desktop computer that Twitter can contact with updates.

Keywords: twitter, notifications, updates, push, apps

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Raspberry Pi microSD card performance comparison

Summary: Since the Pi’s microSD I/O is often the major bottleneck (especially now that the onboard LAN and WiFi have upped their bandwidth by at least 2x over the previous generation), it’s important to get every bit of speed out of the card that runs the OS as is possible.

Keywords: pi, raspberry, microsd, performance, model

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The Stack Overflow Age

Summary: Stack Overflow was better because it was free, but it had a ton of other “innovations” (which I put in quotes because we stole them from other Internet pioneers) which made it a much, much better site for getting answers to programming questions.

Keywords: stack, overflow, programmers, answers, site

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Let’s Stop Giving Retailers a Free Pass on Data Breaches

Summary: But while the Facebook story has shaken the business and political worlds for days, these other data security lapses, affecting millions of U.S. consumers, have barely made a ripple.

Keywords: data, breach, retailers, facebook, security

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SpaceX can’t broadcast Earth images because of a murky license

Summary: The director of NOAA’s Commercial Remote Sensing Regulatory Affairs (CRSRA) office says her staff was not aware of the unlicensed cameras on numerous earlier launches.

Keywords: spacex, orbit, license, noaa, commercial

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A dozen black holes may lie at the centre of our galaxy

Summary: The supermassive black hole at the centre of the Milky Way, known as Sagittarius A* (Sgr A*), is surrounded by a halo of gas and dust that provides the perfect breeding ground for the birth of massive stars.

Keywords: black, holes, binaries, hole, centre

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A Virtual Machine

Summary: We’ve spent a lot of time talking about how to represent a program as a sequence of bytecode instructions, but it feels like learning biology using only dead stuffed animals.

Keywords: stack, instruction, vm, instructions, bytecode

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Tom Lehrer at 90: a life of scientific satire

Summary: Although Lehrer is absurdly omitted from the Encyclopaedia Britannica (unlike his friend, the lyricist and composer Stephen Sondheim), his scathing creations remain one of the most original — not to mention mathematically elegant — bodies of artistic work to come out of the United States in the twentieth century.

Keywords: lehrer, song, songs, harvard, von

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Facebook will add “unsend” feature after secretly deleting Zuckerberg’s messages

Summary: While the company’s terms of service does not specify policies around deleting messages that do not violate community standards, the act has been criticized as a potential breach of trust, particularly at a time when Facebook is experiencing a massive fallout after the Cambridge Analytica data mishandling scandal and is under multipleinvestigations .

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Dear Developer, the Web Isn’t About You

Summary: Oh, and because we don’t want to be going all the way back to Mog hitting Gog over the head with a handy stone, and proclaiming that little patch of scrubland HIS (inadvertently inventing the first nation state) we’re just going to concentrate on the last 100 years.

Keywords: html, people, site, web, things

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Older Americans Are ‘Hooked’ on Vitamins

Summary: In Search of the Magic Bullet A big part of the problem, Dr. Kramer said, could be that much nutrition research has been based on faulty assumptions, including the notion that people need more vitamins and minerals than a typical diet provides; that megadoses are always safe; and that scientists can boil down the benefits of vegetables like broccoli into a daily pill.

Keywords: supplements, vitamins, vitamin, studies, prevent

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Mill: Better Scala Builds

Summary: This means that most people writing SBT custom tasks do not bother caching as aggressively as they could be (using FileFunction.cached is awkward, picking filesystem names is hard) and portions of your build tend to re-evaluate over and over even if no inputs changed.

Keywords: mill, sbt, build, tasks, things

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NixOS 18.03 Released

Summary: For example, stdenv now sets the environment variable SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH to a deterministic value, and Nix has gained an option to repeat a build a number of times to test determinism.

Keywords: default, release, nixos, package, option

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Socioeconomic sorting at the metropolitan level is making America more polarized

Summary: Magnets for the affluent (Issi Romem)The graph above tells the basic story, charting the difference in median household incomes for in-migrants and out-migrants of metro areas arrayed by their averagehome values.

Keywords: metros, moving, expensive, coastal, people

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Myanmar group questions Zuckerberg’s claim on Facebook hate speech prevention

Summary: The group — which includes hate speech monitor Myanmar ICT for Development Organization and the Center for Social Integrity — explained that some four days elapsed between the sending of the first message and Facebook responding with a view to taking action.

Keywords: facebook, myanmar, messages, people, zuckerberg

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Apple’s New Ad Conversion Tracking Will Benefit User Privacy

Summary: I can’t see Google and Facebook being thrilled about implementing support for this, but given the recent scandal involving Cambridge Analytica , Apple should have extra leverage to push them in this direction.

Keywords: advertising, apple, user, apis, app

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Multi-user VR experiences with A-Frame (2017)

Summary: Neal Stephenson envisioned this set of shared, persistent, and interconnected 3D virtual spaces and called it the metaverse ; today we are building it with HTML, JavaScript, and A-Frame.

Keywords: component, avatar, sharedspace, room, avatars

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TMobile confirms they store passwords in plaintext, don’t see why it’s a problem

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Great Vowel Shift

Summary: have argued that the rapid migration of peoples from northern England to the southeast following the Black Death caused a mixing of accents that forced a change in the standard London vernacular.

Keywords: english, vowel, middle, shift, vowels

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Free speech cannot be sacrificed to strike fake news

Summary: The Hill 1625 K Street, NW Suite 900 Washington DC 20006 | 202-628-8500 tel | 202-628-8503 fax

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C++17 Compiler Bug Hunt

Summary: Recently, I have run into quite a few issues with different C++17 compilers (actually, I found that none of the compilers-I-tried is really C++17 compliant yet); after the number of problems grew over a half-a-dozen – I thought “Hey, if all I have is lemons – I have no choice but to make lemonade out of them!”.

Keywords: ithare, bugs, code, compiler, bug

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New features from the last few versions of Git

Summary: Doing so allows us to avoid the repeated stat() calls, making the work proportional to the number of changed files, not the total size of the repository.

Keywords: git, source, lines, show, diff

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iOS, the Future of MacOS, Freedom, Security and Privacy (2017)

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China Bans Online Bible Sales as It Tightens Religious Controls

Summary: The Quran was also sold online , perhaps reflecting Islam’s status as a faith practiced by minorities who sometimes enjoy more privileges than the majority ethnic Chinese population.

Keywords: report, chinese, china, million, government

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Homeland Security to Compile Database of Journalists, Bloggers

Summary: The DHS wants to track more than 290,000 global news sources, including online, print, broadcast, cable, and radio, as well as trade and industry publications, local, national and international outlets, and social media, according to the documents.

Keywords: media, coverage, sources, including, news

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Germs That Love Diet Soda

Summary: And now, new research suggests that some of the additives that extend the shelf life and improve the texture of these foods may have unintended side effects — not on our bodies directly, but on the human microbiome , the trillions of bacteria living in our guts.

Keywords: microbes, food, diff, disease, people

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Supply and Demand Does a Poor Job of Explaining Depressed Wages

Summary: One of these is a study by economists Doruk Cengiz, Arindrajit Dube, Attila Lindner and Ben Zipperer, which looked at state-level evidence and found no negative effect of mandated pay increases on employment.

Keywords: wage, market, labor, evidence, model

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Ethereum’s Compact Merkle Trie

Summary: As modified is vague, and the term Patricia tree is commonly used in reference to at least two subtly different things, I’ll prefer compact Merkle trie .

Keywords: node, key, trie, keys, child

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The resolver now supports DNS over Twitter

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Western Digital WD Black 3D NAND SSD Review

Summary: The new WD Black and SanDisk Extreme PRO SSDs are based on the same platform as the SN720 business/OEM SSD Western Digital announced earlier this year.

Keywords: pro, western, digital, black, wd

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The Agile Fluency Model

Summary: However, for smaller organizations that already emphasize Lean principles and systems thinking, who are predisposed to distribute decision-making to teams, and who value visionary approaches and innovative processes, the Strengthening zone offers a bold challenge and an intriguing puzzle.

Keywords: team, teams, fluency, agile, zone

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Database constraints: The last line of defense

Summary: As it’s always great to get out in person and chat with people about Postgres and their experience in scaling their database , many remarked that the talk could be useful to others that weren’t there.

Keywords: constraints, data, database, time, ensure

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Breaches of Unsecured Protected Health Information

Summary: Milligan Chiropractic Group, Inc. d/b/a Del Mar Chiropractic Sports GroupCAHealthcare Provider264003/30/2018TheftLaptopNoCambridge Health AllianceMAHealthcare Provider228003/28/2018Hacking/IT IncidentOtherNoWalmart Inc.ARHealthcare Provider74103/26/2018Unauthorized Access/DisclosureEmail, OtherNoMississippi State Department of HealthMSHealthcare Provider3079903/26/2018Unauthorized Access/DisclosureEmailNoNational Mentor Healthcare, LLC.MAHealthcare Provider101503/21/2018LossOther Portable Electronic DeviceNoMentor ABI, LLCMAHealthcare Provider99403/21/2018LossOther Portable Electronic DeviceNoCenter for Comprehensive Services, Inc.MAHealthcare Provider117603/21/2018LossOther Portable Electronic DeviceNoCareMeridian, LLCMAHealthcare Provider192203/21/2018LossOther Portable Electronic DeviceNoPrimary Health Care, Inc.IAHealthcare Provider1031303/16/2018Unauthorized Access/DisclosureEmailNoNorth Texas Medical Center TXHealthcare Provider335003/15/2018Unauthorized Access/DisclosureOtherNoUnitedHealth Group Single Affiliated Covered Entity MNHealth Plan175503/15/2018Unauthorized Access/DisclosurePaper/FilmsNoSaint Francis HospitalGAHealthcare Provider141203/14/2018Improper DisposalOtherNoSerene Sedation, LLCMDHealthcare Provider520703/14/2018Hacking/IT IncidentNetwork ServerNoSpecial Agents Mutual Benefit AssociationMDHealth Plan1394203/13/2018Unauthorized Access/DisclosurePaper/FilmsNoATI Holdings, LLC and its subsidiaries ILHealthcare Provider3513603/12/2018Hacking/IT IncidentEmailNoBarnes-Jewish St. Peters HospitalMOHealthcare Provider1504603/12/2018Unauthorized Access/DisclosureNetwork ServerNoBarnes-Jewish HospitalMOHealthcare Provider1843603/12/2018Unauthorized Access/DisclosureNetwork ServerNoThe Arc of Erie CountyNYHealthcare Provider375103/09/2018Unauthorized Access/DisclosureOtherNoinSite Digestive Health CareCAHealthcare Provider142403/09/2018TheftPaper/FilmsNoFront Range Dermatology Associates, P.C.COHealthcare Provider107003/07/2018Unauthorized Access/DisclosureElectronic Medical Record, Email, LaptopNoJohn J. Pershing VA Medical CenterMOHealthcare Provider184303/07/2018Unauthorized Access/DisclosurePaper/FilmsNoMemorial Hospital at GulfportMSHealthcare Provider151202/28/2018Unauthorized Access/DisclosureEmailNoSt.

Keywords: medical, health, incidentnetwork, electronic, portable

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Glow in the dark display

Summary: When the project began, I started with great enthausiasm, made the LED driver PCB’s, programmed a microcontroller, doing the mechanics, and wrapped 10 pieces of glow in the darkl tape around a 55cm long PVC pipe.

Keywords: display, clock, make, project, code

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Show HN: Glyph – Static Site Generator Powered by GitHub Issues and Pages

Summary: The ideal scenario would be that Travis auto builds the blog as soon as an issue is created or updated and pushes the generated files into the repo.

Keywords: github, glyph, blog, issues, site

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Show HN: FileNation – A simple way to send files using IPFS

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T-Mobile Austria is apparently storing customer passwords in plain text

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Early Days: The VIC-20 Programmer’s Reference Guide

Summary: Continuing in the theme of “how I got started”, a couple of days ago, I wrote about how my first computer was a VIC-20 and it was basically impossible to kill it short of physically hurting it.

Keywords: back, machine, book, time, things

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SBFT: A Scalable Decentralized Trust Infrastructure for Blockchains

Summary: SBFT latency to commit a smart contract execution and make it final is sub-second, this is more than $10\times$ speedup compared to Ethereum current $>15$ second block generation for registering a smart contract execution and several orders of magnitude speedup relative to Proof-of-Work best-practice finality latency of one-hour.

Keywords: sbft, contract, ethereum, smart, execution

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Facebook is unfixable. We need a nonprofit, public-spirited replacement

Summary: NAFTA 2.0, the return of the TPP, mobile phone surveillance, copyright term extension, class actions targeting movie downloads: Canadians’ digital liberties have never been under more pressure than they are today.

Keywords: facebook, today, nonprofit, canadians, digital

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A French King Who Believed He Was Made of Glass

Summary: As the Glass Men drew the attention of scholars from many fields, a debate swelled over whether its study belonged in the realm of medicine or faith, whether it was a disease of the body or the soul.

Keywords: glass, body, men, king, life

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Ajit Pai’s “Harlem Shake” video preparations must remain secret, FCC says

Summary: “Curious as to whose idea this was, I filed a FOIA for emails between The Daily Caller and the FCC, as well as any talking points regarding this huge PR coup,” MuckRock Executive Editor JPat Brown wrote yesterday .

Keywords: fcc, video, pai, emails, marshall

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Tracing doping use by amateur athletes from wastewater

Summary: Baz-Lomba JA, Salvatore S, Gracia-Lor E, Bade R, Castiglioni S, Castrignanò E, Causanilles A, Hernandez F, Kasprzyk-Hordern B, Kinyua J, McCall A-K, van Nuijs A, Ort C, Plósz BG, Ramin P, Reid M, Rousis NI, Ryu Y, de Voogt P, Bramness J, Thomas K. Comparison of pharmaceutical, illicit drug, alcohol, nicotine and caffeine levels in wastewater with sale, seizure and consumption data for 8 European cities.

Keywords: samples, wastewater, event, compounds, sample

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