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Publishers Haven’t Realized How Big a Deal GDPR Is

Summary: If you then, as a publisher, just implement GDPR by taking advantage of all the exceptions or loopholes, so that you continue to load 38 trackers into your site and do it like it’s all ‘business as usual’, you will be fighting against this trend.

Keywords: data, people, gdpr, consent, google

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How to keep your ISP’s nose out of your browser history with encrypted DNS

Summary: Why repeat the process multiple times when you can just query your local network’s dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) settings to point everything at one successful installation as a DNS server?

Keywords: dns, traffic, internet, encrypted, services

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List of command line tools for manipulating CSV, XML, HTML, JSON, INI, etc.

Summary: “isql is a program that allows the user to issue arbitrary SQL commands”.Binary GNU Recutils “[A] set of tools and libraries to access human-editable, plain text databases called recfiles.

Keywords: json, custom, output, input, csv

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In 2004, Zuckerberg Broke Into a Facebook User’s Private Email Account (2010)

Summary: The unquestioned fact is that since leaving Harvard for Silicon Valley nearly six years ago, Mark has led Facebook’s growth from a college website to a global service playing an important role in the lives of over 400 million people.”

Keywords: mark, crimson, tim, zuckerberg, story

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America should borrow from Europe’s data-privacy law

Summary: Tim Cook, the chief executive of Apple (which, admittedly, has sold itself on the idea that its customers’ data should not be a source of profit), has called privacy a “human right”.

Keywords: data, america, firms, privacy, gdpr

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Nikon versus Canon: A Story of Technology Change

Summary: The little button/lever below the chrome one on the left is the emergency manual shutter release.Annotation: By contrast, Canon used tried and true celebrity endorsement from non-photographers (mostly sports) highlighting ease of use and broad appeal.All along Nikon was incredibly innovative with consumer cameras where they felt they could “experiment”.

Keywords: nikon, canon, annotation, system, cameras

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Robert Langlands, who linked number theory, analysis, and geometry (2015)

Summary: In 1994, functoriality was used by British mathematicians Andrew Wiles and Richard Taylor to solve a famous, 330-year-old brain teaser known as “Fermat’s Last Theorem” — an achievement celebrated in the mathematical world like a Super Bowl winning touchdown.

Keywords: langlands, math, mathematics, number, theory

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Middle-Class Families Increasingly Look to Community Colleges

Summary: Byria Hamblin, a graduate of Lone Star College, near Houston, did not let that happen during her two years there, and she is a now a political science major at Tulane University in New Orleans.

Keywords: college, students, community, school, year

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The enemy within: Gut bacteria drive autoimmune disease

Summary: To shed light on this link, a Yale research team focused on Enterococcus gallinarum, a bacterium they discovered is able to spontaneously “translocate” outside of the gut to lymph nodes, the liver, and spleen.

Keywords: autoimmune, gut, yale, bacteria, disease

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The Subway Is So Late, It’s Making New Yorkers Early

Summary: Mr. Emig, a bond trader who lives on Staten Island and is running as a Democrat to represent the 11th Congressional District, does much of his campaign emailing from the tiny benches in the cafeteria of the elementary school his twins attend in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, where he sits after he arrives from his office in Manhattan.

Keywords: time, subway, early, brooklyn, city

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Smoked foods are tastier, less harmful with a tip from the auto industry

Summary: They optimized filters made from zeolite, a porous aluminosilicate mineral, with the goal of maximizing the removal of carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) from smoke.

Keywords: smoke, foods, parker, smoked, chemical

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Show HN: Phoenix 2.6 – a macOS window and app manager scriptable with JavaScript

Summary: highly customisable, write your own configuration bind keyboard shortcuts and system events to your callback functions control and interact with your screens, spaces, mouse, apps and windows log messages, deliver notifications or display content as modals run external commands

Keywords: phoenix, install, xcode, app, javascript

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Do You Trust This Computer? [video]

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RSS is undead

Summary: But with the right business model in place, there could be enough users to make such a renewed approach to streams viable for companies, and that is ultimately the critical ingredient you need to have for a fresh news economy to surface and for RSS to come back to life.

Keywords: rss, users, protocol, feeds, content

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Denver Post Rebels Against Its Hedge-Fund Ownership

Summary: It has won nine Pulitzer Prizes, including in 2013 for its coverage of the mass shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colo. Alden Global Capital took control of the paper in 2010 after acquiring its bankrupt parent company, MediaNews Group, and runs it through a subsidiary, Digital First Media.

Keywords: post, newspaper, denver, media, paper

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The joy of index cards (2009)

Summary: Luhmann (cited in the Grauniad article) developed [an intricate system of organising his information->] and even went so far as to describe it as a collaborator in his work.

Keywords: index, card, cards, http, article

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Evolution of the English Alphabet

Summary: Many linguists provided feedback throughout the project, including Peter T. Daniels, one of the world’s foremost experts on writing systems.

Keywords: letters, latin, chart, free, alphabet

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Haxing Minesweeper

Summary: After tweeting that screenshot I saw this blog post by @DidierStevens where he shows a video on hacking Minesweeper with Mimikatz from @gentilkiwi.

Keywords: field, registry, api, game, mine

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Why I’m Using the Cerny Method of Game Development

Summary: It sounds harsh, but remember the entire point of Cerny Method is to ensure that you don’t find yourself in the situations I described earlier, where you’re in full-blown production mode on a doomed game that will never work.

Keywords: game, production, cerny, method, don

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Smartphone Security: You’ll Never Guess Who Just Messaged You

Summary: Before granting permission, make sure that you are happy with them having complete read and write access to your address book… small apps from unrecognized publishers probably don’t fit that description.

Keywords: app, contact, message, trusted, contacts

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Writing a recursive ascent parser by hand

Summary: This means writing functions instead of filling out a state table, giving things meaningful names, and avoiding too much jargon.

Keywords: elements, parser, reduce, state, rule

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Designing, folding, and flying the finest paper airplanes [video]

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Google bought the Weird Stuff building. Their last day is tomorrow

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Show HN: React Pattern Book – A low maintenance pattern library/style guide

Summary: When sites comprise different technologies or are very large then having this example usage can help achieve design consistency.

Keywords: css, library, pattern, html, components

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Airbus and Boeing are exploring the viability of electric planes

Summary: A handful of firms and regulators hope that the electric revolution in cars will also take to the skies, helping the industry cope with an expected boom in travel and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Keywords: electric, aircraft, norway, air, planes

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Summary: This allows users to pass data to and from their Docs and Sheets to those apps, all from their mobile device.

Keywords: google, docs, apps, sheets, forms

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Blockchain is not only crappy technology but a bad vision for the future

Summary: The number of retailers accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment is declining , and its biggest corporate boosters like IBM , NASDAQ , Fidelity , Swift and Walmart have gone long on press but short on actual rollout.

Keywords: blockchain, trust, software, data, trusted

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Show HN: Bluetooth 5 and Bluetooth Low Energy – A Developer’s Guide

Summary: “Bluetooth 5 & Bluetooth Low Energy: A Developer’s Guide” is an e-book I’ve written for anyone looking to develop for BLE and has experienced pain in finding good resources that cover the basics along with the practical implementation aspects.

Keywords: bluetooth, power, kit, nordic, practical

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Right Click

Summary: This means you’re free to copy and share these comics (but not to sell them).

Keywords: comics, means, free, share, details

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Using Moiré Patterns to Guide Ships

Summary: As you can see in the animated GIF, looking at the boxed area, the slant of the Moiré pattern changes, just as the upper or lower part of the arrow in the shipping light does.

Keywords: combs, moiré, left, patterns, test

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NeXTstation Turbo Color Computer from 1992 Running Nextstep 3.3 (2016) [video]

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China’s Social Credit: Rewards and Punishments

Summary: The exact methodology is a secret — but examples infractions include bad driving, smoking in non-smoking zones, buying too many video games and posting fake news online.

Keywords: people, credit, social, system, citizens

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Fragmenta – A Golang CMS

Summary: Easy deployment - all you need is a database and fragmenta - test it locally with the built-in web server Rich editing using the exact same styles as your website Free and Open Source (MIT) – download a binary or compile it yourself with go get

Keywords: fragmenta, website, pages, app, edit

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Global cyber attack that left U.S. flag on screens

Summary: DUBAI (Reuters) - Hackers have attacked networks in a number of countries including data centers in Iran where they left the image of a U.S. flag on screens along with a warning: “Don’t mess with our elections”, the Iranian IT ministry said on Saturday.

Keywords: attack, iran, affected, computer, including

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If iPads were meant for kids

Summary: I’d have a dashboard view of how long they’re spending in each app, and when they last used it, so I can verify that when they say the spent 15 minutes doing their homework in Lexia, they aren’t trying to hide that they were really playing Angry Birds.

Keywords: kids, ipads, meant, device, app

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Only 12 vaquita porpoises remain, watchdog group reports

Summary: Mongabay contacted Andrea Crosta of the international wildlife trade watchdog group Elephant Action League just before his return to Mexico to hear what he found during his last visit in February 2018.

Keywords: crosta, andrea, mongabay, vaquita, vaquitas

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Attention and Augmented Recurrent Neural Networks

Summary: output textnetwork Bnetwork Ainput audio

Keywords: ainput, output, audio, textnetwork, bnetwork

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BlackBerry claims Snapchat is using its tech

Summary: In essence, BlackBerry claims Snapchat is using its tech to compete with it in the mobile messaging space — its exact words are that it “provides undeserved windfall to Snap.”

Keywords: blackberry, messaging, claims, invented, snapchat

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No, Seriously. Root Cause Is a Fallacy

Summary: Presenters were warm and welcoming with deep insights to share and the attendees full of great questions, appending their own experiences to topics at hand.

Keywords: root, work, whys, ve, thinking

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Perspectives on new stem cells for vision loss paper

Summary: A new paper in this area generated some buzz on top of an earlier recent pub ( mentioned in this post) just a week or so ago about the potential of stem cells for vision loss.

Keywords: cells, stem, vision, loss, work

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