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AV1: A new general-purpose video codec developed by the Alliance for Open Media

Summary: LM ModeThor CfLDaala CfLHEVC CCPAV1 CfLPrediction DomainspatialspatialfrequencyspatialspatialCodingnonenonesign bitindex + signsjoint sign + indexActivation MechanismLM_MODEthresholdsignalbinary flagCFL_PRED (uv-only mode)Requires PVQnonoyesnonoDecoder modeling?yesyesnononoAbove: A summary of the characteristics of various Chroma from Luma (CfL)implementations.

Keywords: chroma, luma, prediction, cfl, daala

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Color: From Hex codes to Eyeballs

Summary: Repeating this process every 5nm with about 10 test subjects, a graph emerges showing the amounts of red (700nm), green (546nm), and blue (435nm) light needed to reconstruct the appearance of a given wavelength.

Keywords: color, spectral, light, space, values

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Android container in Chrome OS

Summary: /var/run/arc : A tmpfs that holds several mount points from other containers for Chrome <=> Android file system communication, such as dlfs , OBB, and external storage.

Keywords: namespace, mount, container, android, init

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Post-Mortem and Security Advisory: Data Exposure After Outage

Summary: In addition to the measures mentioned above, we are planning a number of short and long term improvements that are aimed at making our system more resilient and preventing similar outages from happening.

Keywords: database, data, production, logs, user

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Reverse Engineering WhatsApp Web

Summary: Tokens are a long list of 151 strings in which the indices matter: [None,None,None,“200”,“400”,“404”,“500”,“501”,“502”,“action”,“add”, “after”,“archive”,“author”,“available”,“battery”,“before”,“body”, “broadcast”,“chat”,“clear”,“code”,“composing”,“contacts”,“count”, “create”,“debug”,“delete”,“demote”,“duplicate”,“encoding”,“error”, “false”,“filehash”,“from”,“”,“group”,“groups_v2”,“height”,“id”, “image”,“in”,“index”,“invis”,“item”,“jid”,“kind”,“last”,“leave”, “live”,“log”,“media”,“message”,“mimetype”,“missing”,“modify”,“name”, “notification”,“notify”,“out”,“owner”,“participant”,“paused”, “picture”,“played”,“presence”,“preview”,“promote”,“query”,“raw”, “read”,“receipt”,“received”,“recipient”,“recording”,“relay”, “remove”,“response”,“resume”,“retry”,“”,“seconds”, “set”,“size”,“status”,“subject”,“subscribe”,“t”,“text”,“to”,“true”, “type”,“unarchive”,“unavailable”,“url”,“user”,“value”,“web”,“width”, “mute”,“read_only”,“admin”,“creator”,“short”,“update”,“powersave”, “checksum”,“epoch”,“block”,“previous”,“409”,“replaced”,“reason”, “spam”,“modify_tag”,“message_info”,“delivery”,“emoji”,“title”, “description”,“canonical-url”,“matched-text”,“star”,“unstar”, “media_key”,“filename”,“identity”,“unread”,“page”,“page_count”, “search”,“media_message”,“security”,“call_log”,“profile”,“ciphertext”, “invite”,“gif”,“vcard”,“frequent”,“privacy”,“blacklist”,“whitelist”, “verify”,“location”,“document”,“elapsed”,“revoke_invite”,“expiration”, “unsubscribe”,“disable”]

Keywords: read, tag, bytes, string, byte

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Testimony of Mark Zuckerberg – Hearing Before US House of Representatives [pdf]

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Credit Card Signatures Are About to Become Extinct in the U.S

Summary: The charge card dates back to the 1920s, when stores started issuing embossed metal plates with paper signature strips that allowed customers to add purchases to their ledger and settle the bill later.

Keywords: signatures, card, signature, transactions, merchants

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Microplastics found in 93% of bottled water tested in global study

Summary: “Our love affair with making single-use disposable plastics out of a material that lasts for literally centuries — that’s a disconnect, and I think we need to rethink our relationship with that,” says Prof. Sherri Mason, a microplastics researcher who carried out the laboratory work at the State University of New York (SUNY).

Keywords: water, orb, microplastics, particles, plastic

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Facebook urged to make GDPR its “baseline standard” globally

Summary: “[Facebook] are really arguing ‘we are too big to comply with data protection law’,” Dehaye told a UK parliamentary committee last month , discussing how difficult it has been to get the company to divulge information it holds about him.

Keywords: data, facebook, gdpr, privacy, users

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ZFS on Linux: Unlistable and disappearing files

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Show HN: Wey – A fast, open-source Slack desktop app

Summary: Fast open source Slack desktop app, written in Node.js with native UI powered by the Yue library .

Keywords: wey, slack, messages, users, information

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Go-internals: Chapter 2, “Interfaces” released

Summary: In this case, we do so by loading the effective address ( LEAQ ) of “”.adder+28(SP) at the top of the frame, so that argument #1 becomes &adder (if you’re a bit confused regarding the semantics of LEA vs. MOV , you may want to have a look at the links at the end of this chapter for some pointers).

Keywords: interface, call, method, type, compiler

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Instagram ranked worst social network for young people’s mental health

Summary: Recommendations included introducing pop-ups on sites such as Twitter and Facebook warning users about heavy usage - which the RSPH said was supported by seven in 10 people surveyed - and social media platforms discreetly signposting help to those potentially suffering from mental health issues.

Keywords: health, people, social, media, platforms

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Original Windows File Manager with enhancements

Summary: When you submit a pull request, a CLA-bot will automatically determine whether you need to provide a CLA and decorate the PR appropriately (e.g., label, comment).

Keywords: windows, source, master, current, file

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The Mathematics of 2048: Optimal Play with Markov Decision Processes

Summary: This observation is important in practice for reducing the size of the models so that they can be solved efficiently, and it makes for more legible diagrams, but it is not essential for us to move on to our second set of MDP concepts.

Keywords: state, game, states, tile, policy

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Summary: It runs free software and offers an increasing number of services ranging from a calendar or jabber server to a wiki or VPN.

Keywords: freedombox, server, host, home, vpn

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Project from Hell (2008)

Summary: 6 million lines of code C++ based 50,000+ classes C++ flavour in use is obsolete, locked into compiler version, which is only distributed with one (unmaintained) Operating System.

Keywords: software, people, version, time, team

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OpenAI Charter

Summary: We anticipate needing to marshal substantial resources to fulfill our mission, but will always diligently act to minimize conflicts of interest among our employees and stakeholders that could compromise broad benefit.

Keywords: agi, research, ai, mission, safety

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Lessons Learned Reproducing a Deep Reinforcement Learning Paper

Summary: Right: policy entropy from a successful Pong training run.When you do see something suspicious in metrics recorded, remembering to notice confusion , err on the side of assuming it’s something important rather than just e.g. an inefficient implementation of some data structure.

Keywords: time, run, project, learning, ve

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BranchScope: A New Side-Channel Attack on Directional Branch Predictor

Summary: The researchers suggest that a similar combination of solutions would be needed for BranchScope; some software can be modified to eliminate branches, and hardware could be altered to partition the speculative execution data structures on the processor so that one process could not attack another.

Keywords: branch, processor, speculative, execution, spectre

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Weirdstuff Warehouse is closed

Summary: Customers looking to purchase any goods typically found at Weirdstuff Warehouse, please contact Outback Equipment Company at (408) 886-3751 as we sold all of our inventory to them on April 9, 2018.

Keywords: weirdstuff, trademark, domains, warehouse, domain

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Escaping Poverty Requires Almost 20 Years with Nearly Nothing Going Wrong

Summary: He writes that the upper class of FTE workers, who make up just one-fifth of the population, has strategically pushed for policies—such as relatively low minimum wages and business-friendly deregulation—to bolster the economic success of some groups and not others, largely along racial lines.

Keywords: temin, sector, workers, class, group

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Uber enters dockless bike wars with Jump acquisition

Summary: ET Uber Technologies Inc. has agreed to buy an on-demand electric-bike outfit that could help the ride-hailing company expand its service to customers traveling short distances.

Keywords: uber, jump, deal, customers, bikes

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A Quantum Computer Simulator in 150 Lines of Python

Summary: If you are interested in a efficient, high performance, hardware accelerated quantum computer simulator written in Rust, please check out QCGPU

Keywords: commit, latest, quantum, computer, jan

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Tinn: A tiny neural network library written in C99

Summary: Failed to load latest commit information.

Keywords: apr, mar, latest, commit, neural

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A List of Chrome DevTools Tips and Tricks

Summary: The second one lets you trigger a state for the selected element, so you can see the styles applied when it’s active, hovered, on focus.

Keywords: element, console, panel, css, elements

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Don’t just shorten your URL, make it suspicious and frightening (2010)


Keywords: url, make, enter, shady, http

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OkCupid’s “Removed” Visitor API

Summary: However, they gave no answer for why unnecessary data was being provided .A couple months ago, I met a woman on OKCupid who was also a developer.

Keywords: data, okcupid, api, provided, visitor

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FreeCAD 0.17 “Roland” released

Summary: So if you are not willing to migrate it manually (expect having to delete some stuff and recreate it), it would be best to keep a working version of v0.16 on the side to edit your old documents.

Keywords: freecad, partdesign, supports, release, migrate

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Time for third-party data brokers to emerge from the shadows?

Summary: As such, data brokers have highly detailed profiles on billions of individuals, comprising age, race, sex, weight, height, marital status, education level, politics, shopping habits, health issues, holiday plans, and more.

Keywords: data, facebook, brokers, users, categories

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A Python Interpreter Written in Python (2016)

Summary: At this point, we can begin to see how this structure is extensible: we can add methods on the interpreter object that describe many more operations (as long as we have a compiler to hand us well-formed instruction sets).

Keywords: interpreter, python, instruction, stack, code

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ACE Submarine Cable Cut Impacts Ten Countries

Summary: And while Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire) is connected to ACE, the observed disruption begins several hours after the other affected countries, and lasts significantly longer, which could indicate that it is actually unrelated to the reported cable cut.

Keywords: cable, countries, submarine, ace, impact

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Age and High-Growth Entrepreneurship

Summary: These findings strongly reject common hypotheses that emphasize youth as a key trait of successful entrepreneurs.

Keywords: successful, young, findings, entrepreneurs, age

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Gut microbes are vulnerable to wide range of drugs

Summary: William Gearty at Stanford University in California and his colleagues found that of the four groups of marine mammals in the oceans today, three have evolved an average mass of about 500 kilograms: sea cows; seals and their relatives; and toothed whales such as dolphins.

Keywords: credit, colleagues, university, team, authors

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Do What You Love and Starve? (2006)

Summary: More important, not only do salaries in “cool” careers tend to be low, employers in those fields know they can get away with treating their employees shabbily because zillions of other capable people are panting for the opportunity to work 60 hours a week for $27,521 (with no benefits) rarely getting praise in exchange for the good feeling of knowing they’re playing an infinitesimal role in saving the spotted owl or whatever, even though they may never get closer to an owl than to a pile of accounts receivable statements.

Keywords: people, business, work, job, find

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Elm at Pacific Health Dynamics

Summary: With a much more structured foundation, I started developing patterns for Child to parent communication, our various types of Components matured, and I tackled generic Forms over and over, which I’m still unhappy with.

Keywords: elm, time, story, started, talk

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Home Values Are Rising by $800 a Day in San Jose

Summary: Zillow senior economist Aaron Terrazas said, “For homeowners that have already or are very close to paying off a mortgage, this supplemental ‘income’ – especially if allowed to accumulate over several years – can essentially serve as a kind of second job that pays directly to a homeowner’s bottom line, without nearly as much actual work involved in collecting it.”

Keywords: san, typical, zillow, homeowners, gains

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A Wandering Mind Is an Unhappy Mind (2010) [pdf]

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RFC 7858: DNS over TLS (2016)

Summary: [ Docs ] [ txt | pdf ] [ draft-ietf-dpri… ] [ Tracker ] [ Diff1 ] [ Diff2 ] Updated by: 8310 PROPOSED STANDARD

Keywords: txt, updated, produced, proposed, markup

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Rust Formal Verification Working Group

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Probes Point to Northrop Grumman Errors in January SpaceX Spy-Satellite Failure

Summary: ET Government and industry experts have tentatively concluded that engineering and testing errors by Northrop Grumman Corp. caused a U.S. spy satellite to plummet into the ocean shortly after a January launch, according to people familiar with the details.

Keywords: satellite, january, separate, people, northrop

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Leap Motion designed a $100 augmented reality headset with hand tracking

Summary: While we haven’t gotten to try the headset, Leap Motion design VP Keiichi Matsuda has posted some very cool early videos shot through a prototype — including demonstrations of handling a holographic cube and pulling up a virtual wrist display.

Keywords: leap, motion, headset, design, hand

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Finding Dmitry: The Magical Story of a Russian Boy’s Photos

Summary: We went ici-skating at the VDNKh Park, to a wonderful and typical Russian Banya in a wooden house, booked only for us… and where we received the full treatment including the leaves flagellation “inflicted” by Dmitry himself!

Keywords: dmitry, pictures, moscow, school, story

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Mythology About Security

Summary: The best we could do was to leave enough hooks into the wire protocol that kerberos support could be added as a source level “patch” (even calls to functions to use strong authentication/encryption by providing an external library would have made it covered under export control).

Keywords: security, internet, export, system, mit

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An interactive guide to learning Rust

Summary: srcchange request calling alittle Mar 31, 2018 .gitignoreworking stuff functioned Jun 5, 2017 Cargo.lockupdate to simpler reqwest and a compiler error Mar 31, 2018 Cargo.tomlupdate to simpler reqwest and a compiler error Mar 31, 2018 README.mdUpdate Apr 9, 2018

Keywords: branch, cargo, latest, mar, rust

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Crystals That May Have Helped Vikings Navigate Northern Seas

Summary: A study published Wednesday in Royal Society Open Science advances this idea, suggesting the Vikings had a high chance of reaching a destination like Greenland in cloudy or foggy weather if they used sunstones and checked them at least every three hours .

Keywords: vikings, calcite, sun, crystals, study

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Course: Mathematics for machine learning

Summary: We start at the very beginning with a refresher on the “rise over run” formulation of a slope, before converting thi … more Commitment 4 weeks of study, 3-5 hours/week Subtitles English This course introduces the mathematical foundations to derive Principal Component Analysis (PCA), a fundamental dimensionality reduction technique.

Keywords: learning, data, machine, algebra, linear

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Show HN: Turn Touch wooden smart home remote now shipping

Summary: Built to last Mahogany and rosewood are dense hard woods that hold up to shocks, drops, and dirt.

Keywords: remote, touch, turn, single, devices

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Spyce Kitchen, a robotic chef built by four recent M.I.T. grads

Summary: The makings of a Moroccan bowl—pre-measured chickpeas, chopped tomatoes, olives, currants, and freekeh, dispensed from individual hoppers—travelled across a mechanized track, Rube Goldberg style, and into a nonstick barrel-shaped pot heated over an induction panel.

Keywords: spyce, boulud, farid, kitchen, bowl

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Rational: Or why am I bothering to rewrite nanomsg?

Summary: Sadly, this initial effort, while it worked, scaled incredibly poorly — even so-called “modern” operating systems like macOS 10.12 and Windows 8.1 simply melted or failed entirely when creating any non-trivial number of threads.

Keywords: nanomsg, state, socket, system, file

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Incrementally Improving the DOM

Summary: Last time , I tried to convince you that you might not need the virtual DOM, and that many common UI patterns can be reproduced with a completely static page, with changes only happening at the leaves of the tree - attributes and text nodes.

Keywords: change, incremental, function, dom, functions

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Tracking is the opposite of freedom

Summary: Recently India has started tracking its citizens with their fingerprints, every thing they buy, every place they visit, every money transaction, everything.

Keywords: citizens, good, greater, tracking, government

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The 10-Year Baby Window That Is the Key to the Women’s Pay Gap

Summary: One explanation is that the modern economy requires time in the office and long, rigid hours across a variety of jobs — yet pay gaps are smallest when workers have some control over when and where work gets done .

Keywords: women, pay, gap, children, time

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85,000-year-old Finger Bone Complicates Understanding of African Migration

Summary: “Excursions of Homo sapiens into the Near East, Arabia, and as far as eastern Asia would have been assisted by favorable rainfall, which created well-watered zones that had previously (and subsequently) been quite arid,” says Smithsonian Institution paleoanthropologist Rick Potts, who has extensively studied paleoclimate in Africa, by email.

Keywords: years, finger, bone, africa, homo

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Don’t Do for Money What Others Do for Love

Summary: The Devil Wears Prada, 2006Now you, dear reader, appreciate that jobs can be paid in different forms of currency: money, flexibility, power, prestige, fun, and more.

Keywords: people, jobs, love, work, job

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What makes a tree a tree?

Summary: In plants that exist today, secondary growth probably had a single evolutionary origin, although the now-diminutive club mosses and horsetails invented their own version some 300 million years ago, enabling the extinct Lepidodendron , for example, to grow more than 100 feet tall.

Keywords: trees, tree, wood, plants, years

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Crispr’d Food, Coming Soon To A Supermarket Near You

Summary: “Bioengineered foods are defined by containing genetic material that could not otherwise have been conventionally bred or obtained in nature,” says Deepti Kulkarni, who joined law firm Sidley Austin after years in the FDA’s Office of Chief Counsel.

Keywords: agency, editing, foods, crispr, genetic

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The Guardian covertly sends your data to 58 tracking services

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The World’s Emptiest Airport Is a Red Flag

Summary: Overseeing a ceremony in August 2010 to release water into a newly carved-out harbor basin, Rajapaksa reportedly told the gathered crowd that the port’s construction recalled the same feelings of pride and victory as the end of the three-decade civil war between separatist Tamil Tigers and the government in 2009.

Keywords: hambantota, sri, port, development, airport

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How the Reformulation of OxyContin Ignited the Heroin Epidemic [pdf]

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Carbon Black S-1

Summary: The occurrence of a natural disaster, power failure or an act of terrorism, vandalism or other misconduct, a decision by a third party to close a facility on which we rely without adequate notice, or other unanticipated problems could result in lengthy interruptions in provision or delivery of our products, potentially leaving our customers vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Keywords: stock, company, shares, common, security

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Bitmovin raises $30M Series B for ‘next-gen’ online video software

Summary: To that end, the Bitmovin founder says customers include Sling, Periscope, The New York Times, ProSiebenSat.1, Red Bull Media House, FuboTV, RTL and iflix.

Keywords: video, bitmovin, company, companies, streaming

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Reverse Engineering WhatsApp

Summary: Tokens are a long list of 151 strings in which the indices matter: [None,None,None,“200”,“400”,“404”,“500”,“501”,“502”,“action”,“add”, “after”,“archive”,“author”,“available”,“battery”,“before”,“body”, “broadcast”,“chat”,“clear”,“code”,“composing”,“contacts”,“count”, “create”,“debug”,“delete”,“demote”,“duplicate”,“encoding”,“error”, “false”,“filehash”,“from”,“”,“group”,“groups_v2”,“height”,“id”, “image”,“in”,“index”,“invis”,“item”,“jid”,“kind”,“last”,“leave”, “live”,“log”,“media”,“message”,“mimetype”,“missing”,“modify”,“name”, “notification”,“notify”,“out”,“owner”,“participant”,“paused”, “picture”,“played”,“presence”,“preview”,“promote”,“query”,“raw”, “read”,“receipt”,“received”,“recipient”,“recording”,“relay”, “remove”,“response”,“resume”,“retry”,“”,“seconds”, “set”,“size”,“status”,“subject”,“subscribe”,“t”,“text”,“to”,“true”, “type”,“unarchive”,“unavailable”,“url”,“user”,“value”,“web”,“width”, “mute”,“read_only”,“admin”,“creator”,“short”,“update”,“powersave”, “checksum”,“epoch”,“block”,“previous”,“409”,“replaced”,“reason”, “spam”,“modify_tag”,“message_info”,“delivery”,“emoji”,“title”, “description”,“canonical-url”,“matched-text”,“star”,“unstar”, “media_key”,“filename”,“identity”,“unread”,“page”,“page_count”, “search”,“media_message”,“security”,“call_log”,“profile”,“ciphertext”, “invite”,“gif”,“vcard”,“frequent”,“privacy”,“blacklist”,“whitelist”, “verify”,“location”,“document”,“elapsed”,“revoke_invite”,“expiration”, “unsubscribe”,“disable”]

Keywords: read, tag, bytes, string, byte

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Solid ship ballast from the age of sail tells surprising stories about history

Summary: To better understand ballast’s part in the introduction of new species to Newfoundland, Lindroth broadened his study to include the coastal regions of southwest England, where most of the European fishing fleet was based.

Keywords: ballast, newfoundland, ships, flint, europe

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Email doesn’t disappear – a reponse to Facebook’s message deletion

Summary: However, it turns out that insiders with privileged access can change history for somebody else, creating an effect similar to gaslighting where you can no longer confirm your recollection of what was once said.

Keywords: messages, email, deleted, message, change

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DeepMarks: A Digital Fingerprinting Framework for Deep Neural Networks

Summary: The proposed framework embeds the fingerprints in the Probability Density Function (pdf) of trainable weights by leveraging the extra capacity available in contemporary DL models.

Keywords: deepmarks, model, models, networks, deep

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